Did Geohot change his mind? A few weeks ago he said that he would not work on OS 3.1.3 but what he tweeted yesterday suggests otherwise.


Apparently Musclenerd and Geohot are talking to each other to figure out whether his exploit is the same as the one discovered by Sherriff a few days ago.

This unlock would sure be a life saver to the many iPhone owners who “accidentally” updated their device to 3.1.3.

  • Straegle

    damn i hope so!! Just got a 3gs and im stuck on 3.1.3 until then. im bored outta my mind with out it jailbroke!!!

  • Paulius

    Yes it would be life saver for sure 🙂 We all hoping and waiting for this new unlock and jailbreak.

  • Man this guy is a god, just hope he carries on with the ps3 as well as continuing with the iPhones!

  • ryevrah

    Go, George, go! If you can do it, I’ll be able to use my 3G with my SFR sim in France next month. (And also stop kicking myself for having been such a fool to upgrade to 3.1.3. [Problem was that certain apps were no longer working. That’s how Apple snares us…])

  • thefallen

    Bunch of hypocrites… U all praise him now cuz u need him, but once y’all get what u want, you throw him under the bus… Same pattern… Always the same sh*t…

  • Dylan

    tru, but the sh*t they do is god like in a way. That goes for all developers. Creating applications, tweaks, programs, OS’s, and hacks or hack tools, takes for ever. Sometimes years. They have lives, but they make time for EVERYONE ELSE on this planet. They do this for themselves but for us 2. Anywho, I agree, many ppl r hipocrites and want wat they want wen they want it, they expect everything from these awsome ppl (GeoHott, Dev-Team)but I believe they all appriciate what geohott and them do, well some ppl anyway.

  • thefallen

    I’m certainly NOT calling sh*t what all these developers do for the Jailbreak community. When I say “always the same sh*t”, I’m talking about the people who only claim hackers as heroes when they need something, but once they get what they want, they show their real spoiled self and start criticizing what they (users who download what dev’s create) cannot make happen on their own.

  • Hi

    Pls do also work on a jailbreak for the iphone 3gs

  • Ernesto

    I agree with thefallen…

  • Mr. Georges (Geohot) , May i call you the king of the kings?
    Your name is Georges Like mine , so please we are waiting for your magic unlock since weeks, and hoping you are going solve our dump update to 3.1.3 on the coming weekend if God will , in order to start using my 3G iphone on March first in Lebanon , Please do your best to do it and thank you ,

  • Polemicist

    @thefallen Totally agree…

    I look forward to the new JB … I won’t use it myself but I love seeing Apple suffer… 😀

  • udabest

    go geohot go ….. plz go for it …. i’m really looking for it , as i’m unable to use my iphone anymore 🙁 after getting it upgrated to iphone 3g 3.1.3 with baseband 05.12.01 ……

  • John Public

    Is it just me or is this Apple typical behavior, always looking for ways to sanction things (constantly forcing users to update baseband etc). Massive revenue from phones sale is not enough but have to restrict applications and network lock (really what benefit do they get from network lock except causing inconvinience for users) This is like their PC operating system (no wonder it is not as popular as MS). I cant wait for Microsoft to bring out their touch phone products which would be widely used like MS windows. When are they going to learn that they can not sanction the World Wide Web because afterall the internet pretty much paved the way for most technology we have today. Power to the people. 8 ( Simlock

  • thefallen


  • lol I agree with the fallen too!
    Makes sense to me!

  • thefallen

    Thanks to all of those who agreed with me… I’ve seen that happening already so that’s why I point it out…

  • fresh yet funky

    i did my iphone 3g as it got stuck on the start up screen an im quite new to the iphone mafia lol but really want geo to do this unlock as im on contract with orange and the phone iv got is on o2 I wish i could do it myself.So i wanna say a big thank u to Geohot

  • Agapito

    I am so happy that geohot is gonig to try to unlock the 3.1.3 band.
    Tks in advance,

  • Stonehunter

    Geo…you know…with great power comes great responsibility, so may you do the right thing….whatever that means to you

    …solve or banish the community now and/or for all…

  • Ricky

    when iphone was first introduce theres always been a probem when a new update has come
    sev team always give a warning not to update, but still [eople update,,,,,
    i suggest please wait ……..

  • Ricky

    when iphone was first introduce theres always been a probem when a new update has come
    dev team always give a warning not to update, but still [eople update,,,,,
    i suggest please wait ……..

  • priyank

    geohot u r really a life saver for all iphone owners…n me being a student saved my money for 2 years just to get a fucking iphone thru ebay coz i live in India….not i come to knw its out of the box 3.1.3 with bl 05.09….so no way for me…but i m dependent on U and dev-team for my iphone needs…thnx in advance

  • Please George , we still waiting for you. The firmware has been released by Apple company which is 3.2 for the ipad , and you’ve promised us you and sherif hashem that as soon as the apple release the 3.2 you are going to lunch the unlock for the 3.1.3 for iphone 3g and 3gs.
    Therefore, we have no doubt that you have the unlock for it , and we’ve been waiting a lot for it , hence, it is time to lunch it and save us please . Do your best please to lunch it this month and thank you in advance.

  • Farkas Izabell

    The quickest unlocking website I’ve ever use is attt-iphoneunlocking.