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A very good friend returned from a recent trip to China and called it the country of fakes – from Apple to Blackberry, China had all the recent models of mobile phones cloned and selling at less than half their original prices. They’re not exactly the same as the originals of course, although they look strikingly similar and are built with even more features than the models they’re supposed to be aping.

The fake iPhone for example is available at one-fourth of the price of the original, and it looks and feels like the real deal although those who know their Apple products and are blessed with sharp eyes will realize right off the bat that the dimensions are a bit off (the screen is not as wide as in the original).

While I do admit that Apple does a great job with quality, I do have a grouse against them not only because their products are priced exorbitantly, but also because they don’t standardize their offerings.

In short, it bugs me that I have to pay a bomb to buy from Apple and yet not be able to use their products with other gadgets. When there is no USB port on the new, much-hyped-about iPad, how on earth are you supposed to connect it to most other storage and communication devices?

Well, the fakes take care of that for you – the copycat iPhones include a mini USB connector instead of the iPod dock connector and they also have many more features that the real iPhone does not. Also, if you’re buying a fake iPod, you know you can use it as a mass storage device as well and just plug it to play or load songs from your PC.

And for those of you who worry about the size of the iPhone, well, there’s a miniature alternative available – the CECT m188 is exactly like a dwarf iPhone which is available unlocked and which supports dual SIM cards. It comes with an MP3 and MP4 player and also supports GPRS connectivity.

But even with all this direct attack on, I don’t think Apple has anything to worry about – whatever their faults, you do have to admit that they come out with products of the highest quality with efficient operating systems and attractive features and that look really great. They make great status symbols, and this is one thing the clones can never take away, the power of the brand called Apple.

What Apple does have to worry about is the threat of legitimate competition from manufacturers of other smart phones and gadgets, companies who are known for their status and quality too, and who finally may score over Apple just because they allow for standardization in their products and are not as hoity-toity as Apple.

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  • Hi Sebastien. This will be my first write in your magnificent iPhone blog and also it’s probably one the most comprehensive one that I can find over the net. Just some short notes on the fake iPhone which you just came across.

    The country where I live in also imports and sells these fake iPhones, iPhone Minis, Nokia, Blackberry and so on. The one thing that really differentiates the real and the fake iPhone other than it’s physicality and the icons layout is the touch screen sensitivity.

    The “Slide to Unlock” on the real one never failed me at a single swipe but the fake one? It takes like 3 or more times just to get it unlock and once you’ve managed to do that, you’ll get to see the menu icons that looks like crap.

    Price is more less 1/4 of the actual price but if I would to be given a free set, I can’t think of a good reason why would I wanna use it.

  • Justin

    Do the iclones run the official iPhone os and work with the app store?

  • iPhone 3GS


    No the fakes do not run iPhone OS. Must use Java and only mimic the interface. You cannot run App Store Apps on any of the iPhony’s

  • Irha

    I wanted to ask the same question as Justin. Does anyone know?

  • iPhone 3GS

    @Justin @Irha

    the fakes do not run iPhone OS. they use Java and only mimic the interface. you cannot run App Store apps on the iPhony’s

  • iPhone 3GS


    why did you flag my username for comment approval? because of one comment I made the other day about iH8sn0w? I’ve been a loooooong time follower, reader, and commenter on your blog. I’m actually quite offended by this!

  • Pieter

    No mostly they run a very buggy os.
    It looks te same but lags allot.
    Apple does not allow users to install their iphone os on non apple devices.
    And i think it is not even possible.

    All this plus the most clones use cheap hardware making them unreaible. (drops calls very often for example. )
    the biggest danger is the battery.
    These are often not made by the rules to pass verification and by the rules for example europe. ( were I live).
    So danger for explosion is pretty hig when using for example in the sun or hot places.

    yes they are cheap and nice looking, but you don’t get quality for you money.
    Laggy and dangerous.

    If you want a idevice, buy the real one, you won’t be dissapointed.


  • @Terence Thank you for posting your first comment here. Hopefully it will be the first of many 🙂

  • Sebastien: My wife will be getting her first ever 3GS 2moro after her 2G and I’ll be visiting this site even more frequent. I believe it will be unlocked but not jb’ed and the worst scenario is I don’t know what firmware it will be using.

    Anyway, thx for giving me a warm welcome here. 🙂

  • why do apple invent new iphones that compose of new devices?., people will get confused because the older phones does not have components the same with the newer iphones..

    is there a differences with the iclones and the iphones that the customers can look at?

  • pinknylons

    i recently got one for 80 bucks! Some one got some from Japan or whatever, it’s a really good deal for the price, but it’s kinda small, and mines doesn’t use the apple logo