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That’s a funny story that HotRod1964, one of my Twitter buddies, sent me the other day. It’s quite a long story but I’ll try to make it short.

Basically, our friend went to the Apple Store to kill time for an hour. While in the Apple Store he talked with one of the employees and showed him his jailbroken iPod Touch. The employee then called up the manager who wanted our friend to turn his “illegal” iPod in.

So what did Mr Manager do? He called the mall cops, who pretty much told him to F off as there was no reason why he would have the power of taking our friend’s iPod from him.

You can read the full story below:

Went to local APP STORE about 2 weeks ago. For nothing other then I was in the area and had an hour to kill. Figured I’d browse around. Obviously, they were very polite and a salesperson approached me to see if I needed some help (store was not busy at all). Told him “Nope, just browisng”. Being that they were not busy he starts asking me what type of comp I have, what kind of phone and etc…When I told him I dont have an iphone he asked why and if I was interested in 1. I explained why and told him I am not interested due to apples unwillingness to allow owners to ‘do their own thing’ and that I have no intention of paying for an iphone if apple is going to handcuff me….he kept going on and on about what I was missing out on……I then told him I was more then happy with my new droid and I was more then happy with my Itouch. he said “Oh, so you do have an iTouch then?” I said yep and pulled it out. Flipped the case open and hit the home button and he saw my lockscreen, which is the Grateful Dead with some other ‘goodies’ on there. he sort of stepped back and his eyes popped wide. he asked if he could look at it..I would NOT hand it to him, but what the hell, it is my device so screw em….I slid the lockscreen to access the device and very obviously (i’m sure he knew as soon as he saw my lockscreen) at first look he knew it was JB’d. he didnt say anything other then going sort of quiet and saying “wow”……He walked away…..I was then approached by the manager. He said ” I was informed you have an ILLEGAL iTouch”…..I replied “I do have an iTouch but that it was not ILLEGAL”. he then asked if it was ‘modified’…..I said ( and happily I may add) “Yep, it IS MODIFIED…You should get one yourself as you dont know what you are missing out on”….he then said “Sir, that is an ILLEGAL device”….I said “Your NUTS….It is my device I paid for. I own it and can do anything I damn well please with it”…..he then said “Sir, the device you have IS illegal….I must now ask you to turn over the ILLEGAL device at once”. I responded and said “Dude, your nuts, it is not illegal and if you think I am giving it to you, I have a bridge in the sahara desert I’d like to sell you”….he then said “sir, if you refuse to turn over your ILLEGAL device I must have a copy of your drivers license”……I said ” Dude, you really are nuts..your not taking my itouch and you have no right to ask for my DL”..he then said I had to either give him my itouch or my DL or he will contact security…LOL..Oh boy..the MALL POLICE!!!…..I told him “go right ahead..I’ll make myself comfy and wait”…..Instead of the MALL POLICE..and actual Police Officer came….They spoke to the manager..then came to me…..I told them I am breaking no laws and there is no way in hell anybody is taking my itouch unless the COURTS order me to turn it over…I is my info…take me to court…..Otherwise, get off my friggin back or I will sue apple and file complaints against you as just because you have a badge does NOT give you the right to detain me or ask me to give you my personal possessions unless you can tell me WHAT LAW I AM BREAKING…..They walked away…..talked to the manager…came back and said “sorry for the inconvenience. You have a pleasant day”……and I left………Anyway, just thought I’d share this since I see others posting about geting banned from their stores and etc, and I want to make sure everybody knows..DO NOT LET THEM CON YOU INTO GIVING UP YOUR DEVICE…some are intimidated by the authorities so may give up their device out of ‘fear’….DONT DO IT…..Tell them to explain what law you are breaking and to either arrest you or get F*cked…do not let them CON you into giving up YOUR PERSONAL iphone/itouch!!!!!

  • Not having read the long version yet, I am struggling to understand why the Apple employee thought the mall cop would care that the customer jailbroke his widget? It isn’t like jailbreaking is permanent, it isn’t like the customer stole anything. Just seems over the top and kind of stupid.

  • Paul Blart

    as both a ‘mall cop’ and a long-time jailbreaker, I would have laughed at the Apple Store Manager. There are 3 of us ‘mall cops’ at my location that are proud owners of jailbroken iPhones. As a long time Mac user, I was tempted to apply at the Apple Store. Wonder what would have happened to me once they found out my iPhone is jailbroken. Not to mention all the other family and friends I’ve shown the light to… backgrounder and orbit are enough reasons alone to warrant a jailbreak and is usually all I have to show people to get them onboard. And the custom theme I have usually hooks them too.

    If the manager at the Apple Store knew what all he/she was missing out on, I bet they would jailbreak too.

  • Emac

    Wow at my local Apple Store every employees iPhone is jailbroken.

  • slowhand

    Oh my GOD!
    I have just read the long version of this story…!
    Unbelievable… Just unbelievable…
    That manager should have offered Hotrod a job! But judging by his overall behavior he’s not the brightest guy on the planet… (the manager, of course)

    Some people, man…
    Some people…

  • Jerry


  • Brian

    LMAO, no, not fake. It DID happen. But let me clear up a couple of things…Yes, the Manager did tell me I have an ILLEGAL device…I told him he was NUTS if he thought I was going to give him MY ITOUCH that I OWN and is NOT ILLEGAL….he DID say I have 2 choices…give him the ILLEGAL device or give him my DRIVERS LICENSE…I told him he was NUTS…he said if I didnt comply, he would call the Police.

    I said to myself “oh boy, the MALL POLICE, this should be fun”….but instead of the MALL POLICE, the REAL POLICE showed up.

    I told them to either tell me what LAW I AM BREAKING and to ARREST ME or leave me the F*ck alone….I pointed out that there is NOTHING saying the DEVICE is ILLEGAL and none of my ACTIONS were illegal. I was simply in the mall, like many other people and I got really irate and told them to stop wasting my time, and either arrest me or get out of my face….

    They spoke to the manager briefly, came back to me and said something like “sorry for the inconvenience sir. You have a nice day”..and I left……..

    The bottom line is the MANAGER was a complete moron to even claim the device was ILLEGAL, but I suspect he was hoping I was a moron as well and would simply hand over my device. I suspect (no proof mind you) he has done this before and DID GET DUMBASSES to hand over their device.

    I posted my experience in the hopes it will save 1 person from being ‘strongarmed and bluffed’ in to giving up their idevice. If it helps 1 person, relaying my experience was worth it.

    PEOPLE, lets not get into the long running debate over legalities of jailbreaking and unlocking…that will be up to the courts to figure out…..but, as of right now, if YOU buy an is YOURS..YOU OWN whatever you want with it, as long as it is legal (dont go watching kiddie porn and etc…)THERE IS NO LAW SAYING a JB’d idevice is ILLEGAL so do not let anybody tell you otherwise or to sucker you in to giving it up.

    Oddly, at the very same store, right when 3.1 came out, I was in the store and most of the employees DID have JB’d devices. 1 showed me hers and said ‘most of us have them jb’d….even our managers….just dont let corporate find out’..and then she said ‘I suspect many at corporate have jb’d devices..after all….Jb’ing makes your device more awesome then it already is’….but I doubt you’ll ever get anybody at corporate to admit it as they do let people go if they are caught MODDING DEVICES…..

  • Mark

    People get scared but this is the best thing to do. Either arrest me or leave me the F. Alone. The constition is stronger than any person or law. What a idiot the manager is. The guy should of left. And if manager tried to hold him then he would be in shit too. Good job on standing up to the 50 nice

  • Care

    In my store in Italy the “demo” iPhone is jailbroken…

  • George

    wow.what à Story!

  • Ernesto

    Happened to me too. The manager had my iPhone for a few minutes… Then he called the cops. I told them I was gonna sue the store… They got a little scared and gave me back my iPhone.

  • cybertronix

    Which apple store this story happened !

  • Rachell

    What a moron. I’m wondering which apple store did the story happen. It would be fun if I go to the apple store near by and show them my jailbroken itouch lol

  • Avi Alkalay

    The problem is not the device but the modified software.

    The software (iPhone OS) is property of Apple and you can not do whatever you want with it. It is written in the licence. You can put some sticker on the back of your hardware – this part is yours – but you cannot change bits and bytes of the software (this is what jailbrake actually does) because you have only a license to USE it as long as you follow certain rules.

    Anyway, I’m not a lawyer, just a proud owner of a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone.

  • It would be interesting to know in which Apple Store this story happened.

  • Tony

    Not true. hotrod1964 just wants more followers. If it were true, he would tell us which applestore. Read his past tweets, he has something against geohot. He probably upgraded to 3.1.3 and is now stuck and is trying to bad mouth geohot to push him to jailbreak 3.1.3

  • Fake

    Fake. If it’s true he would have revealed the location of the Apple Srore in the tweet. Fake!

  • Jan Dryk

    Living in a fricking wrong country here in europe the apple store guys themselves have jailbroken devices^.^

  • Brian

    LMAO…Sorry guys, but this DID happen.

    Hell yea, I have a problem with @Geohot.

    What does my problem ( and countless others) have ANYTHING to do with an experience that occured in an apple store??

    You guys are GRASPING..

    I’ll say it again as I obviously do not hide my feelings for @Geohot…..I HATE that sad excuse of a human being..I’ll say it again..I HATE @Geohot…I hate him….I hate him…..

    But what on earth does my hatred of @Geohot have anything to do with what happened at an apple store??

    Nope, sorry, but I am on 3.1.2. I have NOT UPDATED to 3.1.3, but again, what would that have to do with my experience at an apple store??

    You guys wanna think it’s fake..go right ahead…I really dont care..I know the truth and that is good enough for me……And if it saves 1 person from giving up their idevice, then it was worth posting even if 50,000 people think my story is fake……..

    As far as posting ‘which store’, APPLE is the only one this info is being given to……For OBVIOUS reasons!

    Oh yea..did I mention I HATE @Geohot?

    BTW, to others this has happened to..are they full of BS also? Was their experience fake? What does one gain from making something like that up?? NOTHING. I cant think of ANYTHING that benefits me by making up such a story……Trying to get more followers on Twitter?? LMAO…..Has ANYBODY ever seen me ask people to follow me like so many others do? NOPE!! I could care less if I get MORE FOLLOWERS and have NEVER solicited asking for more followers and could care less if I get more followers….hell, I have even BLOCKED some from following me….I dont run a blog..I dont make money on twitter…it doesnt matter if zero people or 5000 people follow me….I gain nothing by having zero or 5000 followers….Hell, I think I have actually blocked maybe 10 – 15 people from following me and I have never asked for people to follow me….So, think of a better lame excuse that is not so easy to shoot down…..

    Looking for more followers on twitter? LMAO….NOPE…SORRY!!!!

    One last thing……Not sure if I mentioned this or not, but just in case….I HATE @Geohot!!!! I DESPISE him with a PASSION!!!!

  • Brian

    “Tony said:
    Not true. hotrod1964 just wants more followers. If it were true, he would tell us which applestore. Read his past tweets, he has something against geohot. He probably upgraded to 3.1.3 and is now stuck and is trying to bad mouth geohot to push him to jailbreak 3.1.3”

    Dude, get real!!! Do you have any idea how long I have been ragging on @Geohot??

    LONG BEFORE this happened at the apple store!!

    Once again, I HATE @Geohot..I DESPISE HIM….I’ve been BADMOUTHING him LONG before this happened and no offense, but BADMOUTHING @Geohot isnt going to force him in to a 3.1.3 JB and even if he did come out with a exploit for 3.1.3, which I have NOT UPGRADED to…..I would not touch his BUGGY CRAP…..In fact, I must have posted over 100 times that I hope @Geohot NEVER puts out another exploit!!!! I’ve said countless times that I think anybody is nuts if they use his BUGGY A$$ CRAP….But you claim I am trying to get @Geohot to do a 3.1.3 JB??? LMFAO!!! Or trying to get more twitter followers??? LMFAOEH….Hell, I may just go in and block these new 7 followers I gained overnight…I COULD CARE LESS about getting more followers on twitter..what a friggin joke!!!

  • Maybe you want tethered jailbreak for your ipod touch from geohot and he wont do it. LOLLL

  • MrSandman

    This begs the question….
    “does jb-king in fact cause Apple OS violations?
    Seems to me that “bits and bytes” altering has not been sufficient for Apple to get the court to decide in their favor, just yet, Anyway”
    People still tell me my iPhone is illegal, but they Are speechless once I show them some of the great movies I have in dTunes. Yes uWatchapp does get them salivating everytime.!
    Lastly, I don’t even care if the story is true or not, I now know what to do and say if any law officer confronts me on my iPhone. They will either whisk me off “downtown” or “apologize for the inconvenience.”

  • MrSandman

    BTW I did my last two jb’s with GeoHot 5 second program…… The simplest trouble-free jailbreak I’ve done. But then again, I only have a 3G/8gig iPhone, nothing fancy like you guys.
    But I repeat that GeoHot Rocks “dev team” too.. They even give him proper respect.!
    Don’t know what Mr. Brian’s beef is all about?

  • Ross

    I thought that 8gb iPods were 2g not 3g

  • Either this is the worst lie or the manager is by far the stupidest person on the planet.

    Apple, and Microsoft are Nazi’s don;t modify anything “ohhh nooo”, who gives a Sh*t Honestly, let people do what they want it’s not hurting anyone. If people are stealing applications, and music, create better security.

    How do we stop bank robbers?

    A giant ass safe, security, camera’s and cops

    how do we stop people from stealing app’s and music?

    Better security.

    If your getting beat by people, this just shows that your in the wrong business. Your product isn’t as secure as you thought. Should we sue Steve Jobs because he allowed people to crack / break his security. No!

    Apple would be stupid to end up in court and loose everything they have, their licensee ect. If you go to court , especially a company like APPLE you better know you’ll win because if you lose a patent or a copyright you lose billions in revenues.

    Apple will only try to make these devices more secure, not put people in jail because they modified their 400- 600 Dollar device, that’s absurd !

  • Dylan

    I was at an Apple store in Walnut Creek, California in da US. They were telling half the ppl there it was illegal and I walked up to the clerk and told her to tell me what law would be broken. An hour and a half l8r,and after flashing around my jailbroken iPod touch they kicked me out, for voiding the warranty, five would have been customers left, and I did get a free iTunes card fom my uncle for Apples Supidity.

  • Dylan


    better security? Dude! U make better security! ppl will always find away to get past EVERY THING! The CIS and other government programs pay ppl like me ( I’m not that good @ all). To do break there security! It happens everyday! If apple don’t want j’b iPhones and touch’s then they might want to stop the shift restore thing in iTunes. Tho they need to back off. they are always
    gonna be hacked & cracked. Weather day like it or not.

  • Nick

    Good story, but the CAPITALS that BRIAN uses to EMPHASIZE a particular word in the sentence loses all credibility.

    FUCK i want to PUNCH brian in the FACE for TALKING like THIS.

  • Sower


  • Sinjin

    It is interesting the comments that are made after Brian told his story. How negative some can be. Of course there is no verification but my opinion is Brian was trying to notify us of an issue and possibly to help those not as strong willed as some of us. Hell some people give their bank accounts to Nigerian thieves. Will this change our feeling about Apple due to one idiot manager. I do not think so. If anything, this was more amusing than anything else. I would not discard that there are some people out there like the manager. Now if Brian is spreading falsehood, then sham on him but either way it was informative and amusing and his comments leave room for some educated discussion about owner rights and the rights of Apple and the software. In any case I would have done the same as Brian since if there was time I would have stuck around to see how the situation unfolds and let the manager prove to others what an idiot he was being. Amusement. Have a great day all!!