I’ve always been a big fan of iPhone tethering, which has saved my butt a few times, especially during my travels. Today, a blog reader by the name of DarkN sent me a really nice tip about MyWi, a jailbreak app that allows you to both tether your iPhone AND create a Wifi Hotspot so you can share your Internet connection with computers around you.


This has to be the most useful app I’ve seen in quite a while. I had heard about MyWi before but I thought it was only an app to tether your iPhone so I didn’t even look at it. But being able to use your iPhone as a wireless hotspot is just amazing!

If you can’t see the benefits of using your iPhone as a wireless router, then let me give you an example. My fiancee and I are currently in Thailand. Unfortunately our hotel doesn’t offer wifi. I do however have a local SIM card and a data plan which I use to tether my iPhone. By creating a wifi hotspot with my iPhone, I literally turn it into a modem/wifi router and my fiancee can now connect to the internet with her iPod Touch.

How to Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Router

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone is jailbroken and that it is running at least OS 3.0.

Step 2: Launch Cydia and search for “MyWi”. If you don’t have Rock installed on your iPhone and you don’t want it, choose the “MyWi (no Rock)” version.

Step 3: Purchase ($9.99) and install MyWi then reboot your iPhone.

Step 4: Launch MyWi and tweak the settings to your liking:

  • Change the hotspot name
  • Change the channel
  • Enable Wep security
  • Enable USB/Bluetooth tethering

That’s it. You should now be able to use your iPhone as a modem and share your internet connection with other computers or iPods around you.

Note that using your iPhone as a wifi router is an absolute battery killer. Make sure it is plugged in so you don’t run out of juice in just a few minutes.

  • Phissith

    Hi Sebastian, I am planing to go to Thailand in a few months. I have MyWi and my iphone is jailbroken. My question is in order for me to use SIM card in Thailand would I or not need to unlock my iphone first? And also did it really work for you in Thailand because I am considering buying a MiFi but I’ll happily stick with MyWi if it work. What service provider did you use while in Thailand?


  • DougM

    To jailbreak an iPhone is to open it up to downloads from Cydia a co-op ap store where there are aps available without their creators having to pay a percentage to Apple or get their approvals.

    Links to Jailbreak software ap: http://www.intelliborn.com/download.html

    MyWi™ 4.0 Will work with all jailbroken iPhones (including 2G/3G/3GS/4) and iPad on 3.1.2 or later.

  • Phissith

    Thanks for the info DoughM but that was not my question. I already have MyWi on my iPhone and am using it right now…..

  • Donna

    Hi There – thanks for the information. Do you have to change your data plan in order to do this?

    • Seven

      No. If you have a Jailbroken iPhone you do not have to lose your unlimited Data plan.
      Just be aware that you’ll more than likely get a SMS from AT&T saying your using our plan to tether your phone and to stop or you plan will be changed to the correct one. It’s a warning basically.
      You can avoid this if you use a proxy. So I’ve red

  • DougM

    Donna, Try it and see, I didn’t….

  • I want wifi

  • milkvae

    tethering iphone will cost extra money to data plan?

  • Move

    Just in case you did not know. Wifi Hotspot is standard feature in Android

  • Amanda

    I was wondering if this jailbreak will affect my phone. I’m on Verizon and I’d like to jailbreak my iPhone 4, but I’m wondering what will happen if I get caught or if my phone gets messed up because of it.

    • efro

      If you do this on AT&T account they will know and charge you astronomical amounts for tethering. Poor little AT&T cant stand that people are doing this. I feel so bad for them. But honestly dont do it they will know and its a nightmare. Especially if you have an unlimited data plan, they will change your plan without your permission and you will never be able to get the unlimited plan back. Not worth it.

      • Sorry buy i disagree with you in this topic ,i got My WI-FI on my iphone 4 ,for several months using every day and my account doesn’t show any charge for this ..

  • Vivek

    I have cydia n trying to load MyWi but an error msg is been displayed showing RESOURCE NOT FOUND. plz help

  • Marcos Hirano

    Can I use MyWi with a no jailbroken iPad?

  • thanks a lot for this Explanation..
    now i have two wifi hotspot…..!!!!

  • oh. how i hope the app is free. too bad