I’ve always been a big fan of iPhone tethering, which has saved my butt a few times, especially during my travels. Today, a blog reader by the name of DarkN sent me a really nice tip about MyWi, a jailbreak app that allows you to both tether your iPhone AND create a Wifi Hotspot so you can share your Internet connection with computers around you.


This has to be the most useful app I’ve seen in quite a while. I had heard about MyWi before but I thought it was only an app to tether your iPhone so I didn’t even look at it. But being able to use your iPhone as a wireless hotspot is just amazing!

If you can’t see the benefits of using your iPhone as a wireless router, then let me give you an example. My fiancee and I are currently in Thailand. Unfortunately our hotel doesn’t offer wifi. I do however have a local SIM card and a data plan which I use to tether my iPhone. By creating a wifi hotspot with my iPhone, I literally turn it into a modem/wifi router and my fiancee can now connect to the internet with her iPod Touch.

How to Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Router

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone is jailbroken and that it is running at least OS 3.0.

Step 2: Launch Cydia and search for “MyWi”. If you don’t have Rock installed on your iPhone and you don’t want it, choose the “MyWi (no Rock)” version.

Step 3: Purchase ($9.99) and install MyWi then reboot your iPhone.

Step 4: Launch MyWi and tweak the settings to your liking:

  • Change the hotspot name
  • Change the channel
  • Enable Wep security
  • Enable USB/Bluetooth tethering

That’s it. You should now be able to use your iPhone as a modem and share your internet connection with other computers or iPods around you.

Note that using your iPhone as a wifi router is an absolute battery killer. Make sure it is plugged in so you don’t run out of juice in just a few minutes.

  • Toto

    Im using my iPhone with telcel (Mexican carrier). And I red in some forums that even if you had the unlimited data plan, you could get extra charges by using thethering, because something relatedti the ports that these conections use.
    Could this be true?


    • Andrew V Lavigne

      Well yes and no, i singed up for the 20 dollar teathering plan with 2g’s of data, i eneded up going over my usage and they automaticly set me up for the 45 dollar a month plan with 4 g’s of data. so no you actually wont get charged but they will upgrade you if your using to much of the internet, also another thing you should know is something called the fair usage plan, this states you have only a specific amount of date you can use untill they shut off you internet untill you next builling sycle ends.

  • Colten

    Does it work better in 3G network than being in EDGE?

  • iPhone 3GS

    lol @ Colten

    3G > EDGE

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  • I’m already using PDANet when I’m out and need access. How do the two stack up against one another?



    • @JoshuaGuffey PDAnet only allows you to use your iPhone as a modem. Only you can get the internet from it. With MyWi, you can SHARE your internet connection, meaning that your friend can come with his laptop or iTouch and get on your internet. Do you see the difference? PDAnet = only you gets internet. MyWi = you and anyone around you can get internet.

      • Rob

        I want to use my iPhone as a modem. But I can’t find this app at the apple store? Where can I get a app to use my phone as a modem

      • Alex

        Rob. You cannot find this app in the app store. It is a jaIlbreak app, meaning you need to first jailbreak your iPhones software with one if the jailbreak applications for computers. I suggest redsn0w or greenpo1son

  • Sebastian

    Hi Sebastien, does it works with 3.1.3 firmware? Does the iPhone have to be unlocked or it just works with a jailbroken iPhone without the unlock? Thanks!!!

  • A.J.

    I’ve been using this for a while now. Great when at work and you want to get around those damn internet filters!!!

    Phone MUST be JB. Seriously why would you not have it JB???

  • @Sebastian Your phone doesn’t have to be unlocked but it has to be jailbroken.

  • luvmyiph

    How is this different from PDAnet? PDAnet allows other devices to share internet connection as well when on WiFi router mode.

  • Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • Aupat

    What is jailbroken? And how would u do it?

  • P2hero

    I never thought about jb my Iphone but is their a way for AT&T to see that you are using the iPhone as a wifi hot spot or tethering ?????

  • @ P2hero

    I’m on AT&T and I’ve been using my iPhone for my internet connection, (Tethered USB cable) and I haven’t had a problem with AT&T yet… Knock on wood. I use it just like I would if I was on my phone surfing the web.

    THIS WORKS WITH Version 3.1.3 Baseband 05.12.xx CONFIRMED I am using it on this software. Not unlocked but Jail broke.

  • Mash

    There seems to be a few questions If this generates additional charges even if you have an “unlimited” data plan…
    I’m on O2 in the UK (simplicity tarrif) and would like to know if I get charged for using mywi…
    Any one have a definitive answer??

  • xcxvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  • Chris

    @ P2hero what method did you use for the jailbreak? I coul not get it to work with blackta1n.

  • Chris Mc

    Sebastion I need your help bro! I just installled IOS4 on my 3G, jailbroke and unlocked as well. All is well except the MMS will not receive picture text, it will only send it. I am on T-Mobile, do you know the correct settings to get back my MMS capability? I have tried tons of settings and I’m still having issues? Let me know sir!

  • AJ

    Chris Mc: actually if you call TMobile they will be glad to help you set it up. My bro has his iphone unlocked and they were actually giddy about setting it up for him.

  • Brad

    I’ve just jailbroken my iPhone 3g today and had a question about the cydia/rock stores. If I buy this $10 app from the Rock store, and then update to iOS4 later, and jailbreak again, does the Rock store let me download the app again for free? Do I have to back them up manually? Any links or help would be much appreciated!


  • Ryan

    Could this be used to link an xbox to the Internet for online gaming? Also when my iPhone 4 is in wifi mode connecting to my router at home will the download usage come off the bill for my iPhone Vodafone account or my adsl Internet account ???

    • Alex

      ofc you get a higer bill for your iPhone

  • KCneedshelp

    Please help, I think someone asked before me but I’ve set up everything on my iPhone from jb to adding the mywi I’ve tried many times and not sure what I’m doing wrong… I’m truing to get the wifi signal on my ps3 it never finds it. Plus I’ve tried to us it as a modem on my computer. Is there a step by step on what configs your computer has to be for this to work? Someone please tell me what I need to do!

  • Chris M

    Will this effect my billing? Will it cost me extra per month?

    • If you are on an unlimited plan, it will not cost you extra. However there’s always the risk of getting into trouble if AT&T finds out you’re doing this. Chances are pretty slim though.

  • yerfenuj

    Hey sebastien. wt cn u say about the .deb files transferring from computer-idevices? does it really works? hw about the installous cn u get apps there absolutely free rather than appstore or directly cydia that will let u pay fr a minimum cost? cmmentback thnks

  • do u know how to jail break on iphone4 ?

  • Chivasmaster

    does anyone know how to unlock my old iphone (1st generation) my stupid brother upgraded the software to 3.1.3 and i dont have any software to unlock it… PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • drew

      on your ipod or iphone go to jailbreakme.com

  • J Martell

    MyWi is great except that it only uses ad-hoc and WEP (no real security with all the hack tool around)! I would not use it. If someone breaks WEP they can not only see all your traffic but they can connect to your iphone for Internet traffic and really RACK UP the usage.

  • Cheryl

    I was checking out cheaper options to my grossly overpriced cable company so I thought I’d check out ATT’s offering (they did trick me into buying a DSL modem and wireless router that I’m not using as a part of my 3gs iphone package). I am on the unlimited plan and ATT just told me that for $45 a month they would tether me to the modem . …but that would also cause my grandfathered unlimited to be replaced with a limited program…yeah right ATT.. So how do I go about jb? I see a few programs listed on this blog but which one?I’m not very technologically savvy but willing to learn!

  • Fady

    I tried to download mywi and it gives a size mismatch while downloading I even tried with has VPN as I live in UAE where they filter the data but still couldn’t …:( is there any one to help ?? Email me much appreciated

  • Bless

    I have mywi on my phone so will it automaticaly give me wifi on the same phone that the mywi is on?

  • This functionality is built into my new HTC Android phone by default and for free. iphones are shit.

    • Bodazetfa

      I have had both, and I do agree iPhones can be “shit” when it comes to a stock AT&T non-jailbroken unit. AT&T has way too much power over the iPhone. Overall though I always go back to a jailbroken iPhone on T-Mobile because they support it, and they don’t charge for tethering. I agree Android is amazing and I love how you can change ROMS and modify the shit out of it! Jailbroken iPhones are not shit that’s for sure.

  • drew

    i wanted to know how i know if my iphone is unloked i jailbroke it but not sure

    ps: if you want to jailbreak ur shit and run on 4.1 go to limera1n or sum shit like that and also does mywi cost u extra money and yes the android is the shit but the iphone is good to but it has to be jailbroken

    another website for lower sofware jailbreaking go to jailbreakme.com on ur ipod or iphone it is extreemly easy so is the other one though and if u get the no service in the to left part just go to att and ask them for help once u download limera1n downlaod sbsettings( make sure u have 3G on it will download slower if it isnt) and the 1 w/ 2 faces or watever and then after each download do a hard reboot (slide the top where the time is and push the power button then reboot) if you need any othe questions reply and i will try to answer them

  • drew

    and also can u connect it to a xbox 360 slim

  • Alex

    ofc you get a higer bill for your iPhone

  • Hi can you get a nokia app for this because I’m on giffgaff and they are giving unlimited internet until the end of February so if there was I could use it as my main of wifi. hope you can get back to me soon…

  • Well I have Jb my iPhone 4 with limerain and it’s great. Installous has proved to be a great source of apps probably more than the app store and they are all free which is Very convenient. I also enjoy having my android lock on my I phone

    • Nery

      Joiku spot

  • Bigdaddyg

    I also have tethering on my iPhone 4 for free and I’ve connected from my xbox an played online. I didn’t pay the 9.99 for mywi either. I have something different and free

    • Chris

      Whats that then ????

    • Lisadeva

      How about sharing that info good buddy…….what is it?

  • Sunni

    What’s the free thing? Also do you have to be connected to a wifi network first in order to use the phone for sharing or does ur phone just act like a wifi creator with this app?

  • i have an iphone right and it dont have wi fi on it wot do i have to do to get wi fi

  • Jenne

    Tethering iphone to ipad, is this possible?!?!

  • Rob

    Does mywi 4.0 work without a data plan on t-mobile? Can someone please help me with this question.

  • Dillon

    So i unlocked/jailbreak my iphone 3Gs on 4.1 fw. I dowbloaded mywi 4.0. And im using tmobile, will i be charged extra for using it? I dont have a data plan btw

  • Cccccc


  • wise

    i need wifi on my iphone 3G, help me

  • is there any way to tether to a g-tablet with my 3gs i phone(JB and unlocked) or my i4(not JB or unlocked… yet)

  • bethers98

    Not sure if the price jumped but on Cydia it costs $19.99, not $9.99:(

  • BiRacialAngel

    I thought this would be a good solution to playing my ps3 at my gf’s place, since her Internet is really slow, but come to find out the ps3 and xbox can’t detect Ad-Hoc networks..=(

  • BiRacialAngel

    PS3 and Xbox won’t detect the iPhone’s wifi signal because it only caters to devices that can detect Ad-hoc.

  • Chonzo

    Using this app, would I be able to use the iphone as a router to route an already existing wifi signal to my laptop or xbox? Where I live, a neighbor let’s us use their wifi, but where the xbox and laptop are in the living room, we get little to no signal. The bedroom, however, is rife with signal. So I want to use my iphone to route THAT signal instead of using my wireless package internet (seeing as i don’t want to pay).

    • DougM

      Chomzo, Use a WLAN Repeater or sometimes called a wireless extender. Amazon is selling one for less than $30.
      Just plug it in within range of the wireless signal and it will relay it from there…

  • Howardp

    Have a reg i4 with att ,how can I tether it to I pad without paying att

  • Paul

    HI, I have a iphone 4 factory unlocked (no jailbroken) and I want to have MyWi or other similar app but I can´t find any one in app store. Do you know other app similar??? or I have to JB my iPhone. If the answer is YES… how can i JB my iphone 4?. Thanks