no jailbreak for you

When GeoHot talks, you listen because you never know what he’s up to. Earlier today he gave some pretty disappointing news on Twitter by basically saying that there was no way to jailbreak the latest iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch models on OS 3.1.3, and that there was not much hope for an untethered jailbreak.

But we all know GeoHot and how he likes to be challenged. I’d bet you that he’s dissecting OS 3.1.3 as we speak and looking for some exploit. That’s what I think anyways.

In the meantime, the Dev Team has been working hard on redsn0w (see tutorial) and has found some workarounds to jailbreak older models.

Do you think GeoHot will show up and save the world again?

  • Frank

    I rather him just wait to work on 4.0… Not updating to 3.1.3 is not going to kill me & I prefer to stay jailbroken. To me the update doesn’t warrant the time & stress trying to break 3.1.3. Save it for 4.0!

  • Frank

    P.S. I also think people should start learning how to do this so we are not always bothering geohot for every little update. There have to be more people out there, right?

  • Juan

    save the world? I think he gets a bit too much credit but that’s just me. I’d rather any and all efforts go to 4.0 as 3.1.3 means nothing to me. No new features and bogus “fixes”.

  • blagh

    Agreed… We all know apple was just waiting for the right time to plug this hole, and by doing it now they hope to have geohot + the dev team find a new one they can plug for 4.0 Screw 3.1.3 (sorry for anyone buying a new phone or that accidentally updated). Save it for 4.0… maybe even 4.0.1 which will be released 10 days later.

  • Alex

    @Frank….I agree with you 100 percent. I am in the process of learning how to do just about everything necessary to do what GeoHot does. I doubt I can do it as fast as he does because boy wonder has a couple of years of experience on me so with that said….PEOPLE STEP UP and lets talk some of the load off of GeoHot and the Dev team.

  • Phil

    I think these developers are clever enough, so they won’t waste a bug (or something similar) for this small update.
    They’ll keep it for os 4.0 …

  • G.Fokaefs

    Looseness of my 3gs old bootrom loaded, forced me to change it with a new one unfortunately with the last apple bootrom 359.3.2 as the older 3gs’s are in luck.. I think that people who bought the smartphone after November most of them have the same “issue”,rebooting the iDevice is something that goes people crazy cause the tethering to a pc. I believe that the invantion of an untethered jailbreak for 3GS is more important than any other jailbreak for the firmware releases that apple provide.. Have the device tethered jailbroken is a pity cause the luck of options on the move..I read forums about it everyday, somewhere I read that geohot won’t release an updated blackra1n somewhere else it’s written that he will, anyway the point is that anyone who could make one such dev team chronic etc would be a gift to those people who wants something more of the iDevice.. finally I would like to thank all these I reported above for the marvellous tools have made giving us the opportunity to explore the iPhone (incl geohot).

  • darwing

    I love GEOHOT and what he has done for the Iphone community, I do realize he is working on hacking the PS3, and has voiced his upsetness with everyone assuming he is working non stop on these things for the public and getting almost nothing back in return.

    he is in school, and he says he has a life, which I can only imagine he is one of the smartest people out there working on this type of thing, and we need to be appreciative of that. I hope to god he is able to work on OS 4.0, and about the Dev team…. there is a whole group of people working on what GEOHOT has done by himself and done better…

  • Kevin

    Save any and all exploits for the 4th generation iPhone. Anyone who “accidentally” updated to 3.1.3 can wait for 4.0 like the rest of us, especially since they couldn’t wait to upgrade.

  • Ryan

    I accidentally updated, so if he did update blackra1n, or the dev team does make a 3.1.3 jailbreak, it would be worth it to everybody with new iPhones or iPod touches and those who updated like me and probably thousands more. The ironic thing is I updated to 3.1.3 literally 10 minuites before trying to jailbreak my third generation iPod touch.

  • Wize

    Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. It would be nice, but I don’t mind never updating to 3.1.3. Not sure what a 4.0 gen OS will provide that I would be excited about, but we’ll see. Some apps might start becoming incompatible I suppose? Untethered 3.1.2 is probably a better use of time, should Geohot or the devteam have any. Luckily I don’t need it, but I imagine it’s an annoyance.

  • Crap

    Does anyone know if i can downgrade from 3.1.3? I accidentally updated my Iphone GS.

  • @crap

    if you backed up your shsh to cydias servers then yes.
    if you didnt, your sol

  • DutchNuts

    I had a worse disaster befall me. My iPhone 3GS decided to die on the same day as OS 3.1.3 appeared in iTunes. The only option I had for a restore was 3.1.3. DOH! DOH! At least I can tether off of my wife’s phone. What a pain this will be for the next couple weeks until we get moved into our new home and can have real broadband service again.

  • elismanel

    son of bitch WTF go to hell mother fuck

  • ali

    hey geo when you start helping the community with your services you sould not stop or give us a hard time because you can only do this ,if so you shouldnt have to do this in the first place.peace

  • Magertas

    My 3gs got stuck in a boot loop of death I have an old boot rom, redsnow doesn’t work. I backed my shsh with cydia but cannot figure out to use It I see no clear direction. Exept somethin bout copying a code into a host file which I did but I use 3.1.2 fwear and I get an error when it varifys with apple. I just wish ppl made clear directions.

  • mark

    hi, how will you know if your iphone 3gs would be a an unthethered or tethered jailbreak? i tried jailbreaking last year around oct-nov09 but it was tethered. is it still tethered now?:)

  • DDOG


  • Alex

    I might be wrong but what if apple paid him not to is just a thought

  • Noscoperj

    geohot announces jailbreak for ip1,ip2,ip3 all iphones and ipa on marh 25 2010

  • Sajad

    i have an ipod touch with OS 3.1.3 . can i install
    OS 3.1.2 again on my ipod?
    Please tell me .