tetheringRedSn0w has been very hot for the last few days. After releasing the beta version and testing it out for a while, the Dev Team officially released RedSn0w 0.9, which didn’t contain the IPCC tethering hack that would allow tethering on iPhone OS 3.1.2.

It has now been fixed as the Dev Team updated RedSn0w to 0.9.3, which now includes the IPCC tethering hack. For those of you who have no idea what “IPCC tethering hack” means, here is more information:

It allows you to install cellphone Carrier Bundles that aren’t officially signed by Apple. This lets you, for instance, install a Carrier Bundle that allows you to use your iPhone as a way to connect your PC to the internet (through your 3G cell connection). This hack is always installed on 3G and 3GS phones by redsn0w 0.9.3 (no selection is required). It isn’t included at all in 0.9.2 (it’s still in a trial phase). Note that carriers may not like you tethering behind their back so you do so at your own risk.

So by jailbreaking your iPhone using RedSn0w 0.9.3, you will automatically get the base for iPhone tethering, but you will still have to download the right MobileConfigs file from http://www.benm.at/help/help.php and install it, directly from your iPhone.

Note that this website has saved my butt many many times when traveling overseas. As a matter of fact, http://www.benm.at/help/help.php saved my butt just hours ago. I am currently in Thailand and the mobile carrier I am using doesn’t allow tethering. I quickly visited BenM.at and downloaded the right MobileConfigs file, which allows me to write this article you are currently reading by tethering my iPhone (aka using my iPhone as a modem).

To get the tethering hack, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone using RedSn0w 0.9.3. It is available for download from here and here is my RedSn0w tutorial. For the latest information about RedSn0w, please check out this page.

  • Danny Wijnstekers

    Sounds good!!

    I already did jailbreak my iPhone, can I use RedSn0w to overwrite the current jailbreak?

  • Danny Wijnstekers

    Thanks! Great! 🙂

  • But this is still a tethered jailbreak for 3GS, right?

  • Sweeeeet!

  • Yes, it is still a tethered jailbreak. It just allows you to use your iPhone as a modem.

  • John

    If I used blackra1n do I need to restore my settings to normal before using redsnow? I just don’t want to lose my cydia apps and apps I got from installous?

    Also if u want to use your phone Internet on a pc can’t u just get pdanet?

  • David

    I jailbroke (is that a word) using 0.9.2, do I just run the 0.9.3 file? Will all my current settings remain the same after 0.9.3 or do I need to put my themes and apps back on?

  • Midoriii

    Umm before i see Tethering on my iphone, but how come now i can’t find it anywhere? i have 3gs phone.
    Anybody know why?

  • Colten

    Hey Sebastien I’m new to the tethering thingy and not sure what it is and those words you use are confusing lol! So if I’m understanding it correctly you install this redsnow jailbreak with tethering and I can connect my iPhone to my computer and use the Internet through my phone on my computer like it’s a modem?? I’ve always heard people talking about tethering on here but never uderstand what you can do with it! Thanks

  • Vdragon

    For those who jailbroke their phone with redsn0w beta, you can still use the tethering hack if you install blacksn0w.

  • chris

    i just got a new iphone 3gs and it’s on 3.1.2, then i jailbroke it with blackrain knowing that i could not reboot or restart my iphone otherwise i would have to jailbreak it again. does this new redsnow jailbreak solve that problem?thanx!

  • Colten

    Yes Chris it does

  • chris


  • Matteo

    Colten, Chris

    I have one of those new iPhones with the boot problem, I just tried RedSn0w 0.9.3 and I still have the issue at boot time, getting stuck to the itunes restore mode.

    You guys have any ideas why?


  • W7User

    I have a 3g jailbroken with Blackra1n I managed to download the patch from Cydia to add the Tethering switch and also the mobileconig files from BenM. Is it better or even necessary and possible to re-jailbreak with redsn0w ? or just leave it how it is now ?

  • Colten

    Matteo, personally I wouldn’t know you would have to ask sebastien for I am jailbroke with blackra1n right now, but I don’t have any problems with rebooting or anything.!

  • W7User

    nevermind I read the Dev TEams wiki and its fine to do redsn0w.. if u are already blakcra1ned… I just ran it and my phone is fine.

  • sebatian

    Hi Sebastien, i couldnt make tethering work…I have an iphone 3gs 3.1.2 (week 34, old bootloader), and i did the jailbreak with this new 0.9.3 version of redsn0w, before that, I made a clean restore from itunes to my actual firmware (3.1.2 baseband 5.11.07), then installed the mobileconfig for my carrier (personal Argentina), but when I rebooted my iphone, the option “enable tethering” wasnt there. So, should i have my iphone unlocked to make this work even with this new redsn0w update? because I use my iphone on my legal carrier, and i dont really need to have it unlocked, but maybe this causes that the tething hack doesnt work, so please help me here because i dont know what to do!!! Thanks in advance!!!

    • Sebastian – It has nothing to do with being unlocked. Where did you go to see the tethering option? Did you go to Settings > General > Network > Internet tethering?

  • sebastian

    yes, exactly, i went to setting/general/network and nothing there…the only options I have are: enable 3G, data roaming, vpn and wifi. Thats all under network settings…i did this before, but installing a commcenter patch via cydia, and then downloading and installing the mobileconfig, but now with this update of redsn0w, i guessed that it will work without installing anything but the mobileconfig for my carrier (Personal Argentina) but guess i was wrong, nothing happens, any ideas of what should do?? I did a complete restore again, try again and nothing happens, no tethering option..and my carrier mobileconfig could not be wrong, because i used it before when i used the patched commcenter via cydia… Don´t know what else to do to make it work…
    Please help me… and Thanks for your answer!!! Sebas.

  • john hill


    are you switching out your sim card as you travel in other countries? i am assuming you do.

  • joe

    i have iphone 3gs and it doesnt jailbreak with redsn0w 0.9.3 or 0.9.2
    Anybody know why?

  • Mj

    Every time I try to jb mine it gets through everything then I just get a black screen???? Any clue anyone

  • Terry

    Joe & MJ…I have 3GS and can’t get it to work either. I have tried it at least 5 times. UGH

  • Ok, so if you’re already jailbroken with blackra1n or an older version of redsn0w, you CAN run the latest redsn0w to kind of overwrite what was done.

    Redsn0w is still a tethered jailbreak for some models. That means that you will still have to plug your iphone and launch redsn0w everytime you reboot.

    @Sebastian I have no idea what’s wrong. Are you sure you jailbroke with latest redsn0w (currently 0.9.4 but 0.9.3 should do it)??

    @John Yes I get a new sim card in every country I go to and i get a pay as you go plan.


  • Brian

    I have the same problem where nothing is showing up even after the mobileconfig is installed. My buddy, who used pwnage tool a while back got it working by using a modified comm center file. He sent me that file and then mine worked. So something is not working with .9.3 and automatic tethering.

  • Mike

    How bout 3.1.3 update can this help? i was using blackrain and plugged my phone in today to charge it and left the room came back and it already happened, how do i get my jailbroken iphone back?

  • kenni4life

    If i jailbroken my iphone with blackra1n and i decide to rejail break it with redsn0w, will i still be able to keep all the apps and files i downloaded??

  • Clint

    I have not jailbroken my 3GS phone at all. I’m running 3.1.3 with AT&T. Although I jailbroke my old 3G and loved Cydia,
    all I would like to do is be able to tether. Any easy ideas?? Thanks.

  • Clint

    I forgot to hit the notify me button so now I am. Sorry!

  • Sebastien..
    I appreciate the info! Jailbroke 3.1.2 with redsn0w 0.9.3. Had no problems with restore, the mobileinstallation patch. Complete process took about 45-60mins… includes resyncing 7GB of iPod files.
    Is that length of time normal?

    Is there a way to “image” the phone? It seems that a clean install runs faster. Would like to have a restore point past the jailbreak and mobileinstallation patch.

  • Lj

    hi I have Iphone 3g version 3.1.3 and the baseband is 05.12.01 i accidentally updated it can someone help me how to jailbreak it and unlock it I am so down and feeling stressed about what happened please help me guys….

  • MoeR

    I have the same issue. My phone crashed, it restoed to 3.1.3. please help!!!

  • Mikey2

    PLEASE help!!! 🙁

    I have spent many hours doing research; however, I am stuck in a unique situation.

    ..Tethering (in the USA) is so crucial to me that my 3GS is still on v3.0.1. (This is the last firmware that still allowed the mobilecfg Tethering hack that did not require a Jailbreak.)

    However, I now *need* to Jailbreak, hopefully move to 3.1.2, and still allow Tethering.

    This article first looked like the solution I ave waited months for – However, now iTunes will not let me restore to 3.1.2 because 3.1.3 is out!

    I am not asking why I cannot do the actual Restore (I bookmarked dozens of sites explaining Apples’ signature server, SHSH hacks, etc…) But does this also mean that I am also in the same boat at 3.0.1 as those of you at 3.1.3 trying to downgrade?

    Or at the very least –

    ***As if Feb, 2010 Can I at least still Jailbreak at 3.0.1 and preserve tethering?***

    Please please help! …I am losing my mind here!!!

    [I admit I posted a similar question here: http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/2010/01/21/jailbreak-iphone-3-1-2-redsn0w-0-9-tutorial/ …But please am getting desperate! Thanks so much in advance!]


    I’m confused, your redsn0w tutoriul only tells you what to do for the 0.9 version, and 0.9.3 is different…

  • Does this still play havoc with your visual voicemail? i had to delete this hack due to issues with not getting my voicemail while traveling due to this hack.

  • harshan

    hi, i just run redsnow 0.9.4 and everything went well except at last i am seeing only screen.and it is not showing anything.mine is iphone 3g with 3.1.3.can any one help me please .

  • david


    i have a iphone 3gs 3.1.2 baseband 05.11.07 , i used first blackrain on the phone, but nothing happend, when i used redsnow i jailbreaked the phone, but when i putted in my SIM-card , it did’nt work, there was no connection, even to my currently operator. only wifi works..


  • anyone

    To solve the no connection issue, use snow breeze and create a custom firmware of 3.1.3, it will keep your baseband. Make sure not to activate phone. Once the custom firmware is made, update in itunes using the shift key. Once update is done, itunes will activate your phone and you should be connect to your mobile network.