Since it was unveiled last week, there has been no shortage of reactions on why the iPad might just fail and how underwhelming this new product really is. I myself took a good stab at it and trashed the iPad with my list of 17 reasons why the iPad sucks.

After torching the iPad, I wanted to come up with an article praising it and showing what a great device it will be. The reality is that it is much harder for me to find compelling reasons to buy the iPad than it is to not buy one. So I forced myself and came up with these reasons to buy an iPad.

  • It’s cool. You know it! having anything branded Apple is cool
  • It’s going to kick ass as an eReader (that’s at least what everyone thinks)
  • The gaming experience will be awesome
  • It comes with 140,000+ applications
  • The big screen equipped with multitouch. Like the iPhone, but better because it’s bigger!
  • The battery life is (supposedly) great
  • It’s carrier unlocked. You can potentially use it on any network
  • There is no contract for the 3G plan (at least here in the US)
  • 3G plan is actually cheap
  • External keyboard support
  • It will soon be jailbroken
  • Priced at $499, it gives you 499 reasons to buy an iPad

That’s everything I can come up with. If you’re not an iPad hater, I’d like to hear your reasons why you’d want to buy an iPad. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Lol. I might not be an apple fan, but sabastien your kinda right lol. This is an elegant, usefull, and still a portable device. Wonder how durable it is and how long the battery lasts lol. ๎•

  • Aside from my iPhone, I’m not a big Apple guy and based on all of the negative iPad articles out there, I know I am in the minority on this one…

    I have wanted an iPad-like device for years. There are times when I want a simple and elegant touch pad for surfing the internet. When I’m on the couch, I don’t want to lug my laptop, or, ugh, netbook over to the couch and plug it in (cuz the battery life on all my devices always seems to be less than acceptable). The same is true when I want to sit in bed and surf the internet (yeah, I need a life). The iPad just seems like the perfect internet surfing appliance. The other stuff – reading books, media player, photo frame, email and iPhone apps – are all bonuses. Big bonuses for sure, but just bonuses.

  • I’m really nervous about the initial release. If it flops, then Apple won’t continue the line and add the things that I really want to it: Bluetooth keyboard support, video-out accessories, file manipulation (still sand-boxed but allow the applications to manipulate documents like they do photos) and multitasking (backgrounder + proswitcher would be perfect). Some nice-to-haves would be things like 5-icons per row, a 30-pin camera (built-in would be better), and external storage (USB/SD/Cloud/Something).

    Apple could take care of almost all of my wish list with a software release. And with their trend of incremental hardware releases, I imagine most of my other wishes will come with iPad 2. I just hope that enough people buy them upon release that they stick with the product line so that they build the one I want.

  • iPhoneMan

    nice post! By the way you gave 16 reasons not 17 last week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Duder

    It is no more portable than a netbook so why would I want it; and don’t give me the ‘it is only 1.5 lbs’ arguement; a netbook is only 2 or 2.5 lbs and 10″. Anyone buying the first gen IPad is getting bent over by Apple as it is a low tech device for 2010. It should have an OLED screen to make it useable outdoors in sunshine, a camera and way more than 64GB of memory. An expansion slot is a nobrainer as well. Once again Apple has put some spinners on the already invented wheel and is acting like it is a completely new thing. Tablets are not new.

  • // Itโ€™s cool. You know it! having anything branded Apple is cool //

    Thats it! Its more a toy then a tool :p

  • @iPhoneMan Nice catch, dude. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ramoz

    iPad sucks and so does apple.

    “The gaming experience will be awesome” compared to what? Monopoly?
    My Nintendo DS can do way more than this piece of shit.
    Even got a cam ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Priced at $499, it gives you 499 reasons to buy an iPad” Yeah that gives you 499 reasons, and the fun to do 1 task at a time. Yay.

    “It comes with 140,000+ applications” So does any laptop, + millions of other software.

    Why force yourself to come up with something good about it?
    Are you so much of a stupid zombie ass apple fan boy?

    Also I agree with Duder.
    It’s not new, it’s not cool.

    And yeah, being lightweight isn’t a plus either. It lacks so much shit that I can’t imagine anyone except for stupid Apple zombies wanting to carry it around anyway.

  • Pieter

    Great for people like me, who need to chains documents on the train (with iWork) or surf the web and check mails quickly.

    And I don’t need to bring my macbook pro with me.

  • MrSandman

    “Dumb will, most won’t , So What?”

    is it any wonder Steve Jobs didn’t even dress for the occasion …… He even knows it blows, compare this inaugural to the intro of iPhone.

  • W7User

    The iPad will not flop….. Like it or not….. it’s way better than carrying than MBP13 around…. for looking at files…. or other stuff….. Apple did disappoint a lot…but it will not flop…..
    As a matter of fact they made a smart move in pricing it at $499…. becasue other MFR’s are now trying to figure out how the hell to compete with the iPad… Look at Dell’s Slate… much much better than the iPad but it starts at $1,000……. The iPad is perfect if u just want to surf the net and read books and play a few apps…. so I think people will buy it… I will actually buy it even though I was pissed off last time and bowed not to buy any first Gen Apple products…I’m now debating on wether to get the 16GB or 16GB w/ 3G or just the 32GB….. If somehow can figure out a way to tether our iPhones Internet to the iPAd i would just buy the 32GB… However I did read an article last time on that someone was able to get Widnows 7 running on the iPad…. Now thats interesting….

  • Mike1337

    I’m not an apple hater or anything but your arguments for why the iPad is good are kinda weak.

    Personally I think the list of negative aspects of this device are so overwhelming that it doesn’t stand a chance.
    1. No Flash
    2. No Multitasking
    3. Limited apps
    4. No REAL gaming
    5. A 4:3 screen.. (Common apple)
    6. No Camera
    7. No Video out
    8. No USB without buying an extra adaptor
    9. Only up to 64GB HD??
    10. A terrible Name.
    11. Only 1Ghz processor??? (They make this sound new and amazing but Google’s Nexus One has the same speed with its new SnapDragon ultra mobile processor)
    12. No widgets?!?!?
    13. No Flash!
    14. NOOOO FLASH (personally I spend hours of my time on youtube or streaming videos or playing online games)

    For a device thats supposed to “revolutionize your browsing experience” I think it falls pretty short. In fact, I think that the iPad is about two or three years behind technology wise.

    However there are also a few pluses about the iPad to. Its weight and size are both nice. It does have multi-touch and fairly sleek design. however the good things hardly make up for the numerous shortcomings. I personally am very dissapointed

  • alexa

    WHERE can i buy an ipad am so excited it looks fantastic! cant wait to get my hands on one!

  • fddfs

    Kind of a really stupid pointless article..i was expecting 499 reasons, not some bullshit like this.

  • Ray

    Instead of focusing on what the iPad isn’t (netbook, small laptop, etc.) why not focus on what it IS for the people who may want/need one. That’s what I can “objectivity” and I expect that from your site, which I read for information, and objective reporting on what is cool and essential. For someone who loves the iPhone/iPod Touch I am shocked you would diss the “big” iPod Touch, simply because it wasn’t what you thought or wanted.

    For those who are not tech-savvy like you or me, the iPad is great because:

    1. It does what most people do: surf the web, check email, organize their calendars, social networking, check bank balances, read books, read magazines, plus 140,000 apps — anything from finding local attractions and restaurants to playing games. YEAH, Bejeweled and flight simulator and Grand Theft Auto on a 9.7″ is going to kick ass.

    2. It’s large. People diss the iPad because it’s large, and yet turn around and say, “Oh, what you need is a netbook?” Do you guys have split personalities or what? It’s large, so you can ACTUALLY surf the web and read your damn email, and it comes with a full-size keyboard (or external keyboard for serious typing).

    3. A whole new crop of apps specifically for iPad. Stretch your imagination. When the iPhone first came out no one knew you could actually do all that cool stuff with all those apps. Now people are like, “wow, it can do that?” Why can’t people realize the same could happy to the iPad, especially with the new SDK out? Think of what you can do with a 3″ screen. Imagine what you can do with at 9.7″.

    4. LIMITED APPS? Is Mike1337 on drug? 140000 and growing is not limited. Do you have 140,000 applications on your laptop or desktop PC?

    5. Geeks would probably not want one since YOU ALREADY HAVE AN IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH. That’s why geeks and nerds are like, “what’s the big deal?” It doesn’t have flash or HD or multitasking? YOU ALREADY HAVE AN IPHONE. Stop whining. The iPad is not made for you.

    6. What’s it made for or marketed to are your mom and your dad and your girlfriend (or boyfriend) who doesn’t know how to program a DVR. It’s for your wife who has to take the kids to the soccer games but want something so she can READ BOOKS (don’t tell her to read it on the tiny screen), play games, surf the web, look for recipes, gossip with her Facebook friends, etc. while the kids are kicking balls. It’s for the grandpas and grandmas who are afraid of new technologies but wouldn’t mind seeing their grandkids’ pictures on a big, glossy screen, or videos of them, or keeping in touch with email messages that they can ACTUALLY READ without glasses…. the list goes on and on and on. So, no, it’s not for us geeks and nerds, but there are people out there who are not us.

    7. Not everyone wants to carry a computer on their purse or messenger bag. First, you can’t really hold the damn netbook in your hand and type… you have to find a surface, or put it on your lap — awkward in many situations (trains, bus, even planes — the seats are very tiny now). Also, 80% of the time people just browse the web, do light email and correspondence, social networking. Sure, if they want to write the next great American novel or do something else like Photoshop, etc. they may want a netbook or laptop, but 80% of the time they don’t. Besides, iWork for iPad is coming out. And there are tons of apps to do photo editing, for example. You don’t need a full computer for that.


    It’s 1.5 lbs instead of 3 lbs.

    The battery lasts 10 hours instead of 3. Standby lasts for a month.

    8. It’s for people who don’t know what you’re talking about when you mention USB ports, Flash, DVI out, blah blah. Stop acting so superior because you’re a super user.

    9. If my mom and my dad want one, even though they never had any interest in mp3 players, computers, smart phones, etc. then you know Apple has that market cornered. Boo hoo, how DARE THEY cater to the computer illiterates! Sheldon Coopers of the world unite!

    10. Moms and pops already have cameras (digital or otherwise). It’s not a concern for them. What is good for them is to be able to actually READ the fonts on this thing, to be able to check local listings of things to do and restaurants to go to, to know where the **** they are when they’re lost, to read their favorite best seller while on the beach…

    11. It’s sexy — let’s face it, you love your iPhone because it’s sexy. There’s no reason to deny that the iPad is also sexy, only big and sexy.

    Seriously, try to hold a netbook in your hands while you’re on the bus and surf the web with the tiny trackpad and try to type at the same time, and you’ll understand why the iPad fill a big gap between a laptop and a smart phone. Failing to understand that is failing to be a true techno nerd!

  • Alex

    Ray, to clarify before I start, this is all being written on the metro standing with a 10 year old HP Pavilion. The iPad has done nothing revolutionary to the personal computer market with the exception of make a bunch of Mac fanboys wet themselves.

    1. Well yes the iPad does do what most people do and so does any internet capable device. Only with the exception that with the vast majority of devices you can do all of those things at the same time. And the problem isn’t the necessity to multitask its the lack of an option to.

    2. The issue with the size is the fact of it’s awkward. Being a flat surface and trying to walk and function with it is annoying. Now im not saying that netbooks/laptops are necessarily better in that respect but at least when you do drop your netbook/laptop it has some survivability.

    3. There’s an app for that! Oh my favorite catchphrase. Yes there is for pc or linux users as well and pcs/netbooks have this little thing called open source.

    4. Hmm… apps again you seem to be repeating yourself. 140,000 apps is incredibly limited compared to pc’s millions of programs and software. And do I have 140,000 apps on my pc no that is excessive. How many apps do you think fit on the biggest iPad 64gb? How many fit on a standard modern laptop 500gb?

    5. Well you are correct geeks would not likely want one as most of us can understand a limited, slow, and generally disappointing product when we see one.

    6. Now how do you expect a Grandfather/mother or heck even mother/father age persons to understand a brand new (well… not really) type of technology. Have you seen elderly people trying to use touchscreen voting machines? You only have to push maybe a dozen buttons. Ease of use will be there for iphone/ipod touch users but don’t make it out to be simple to use for the technologically challenged.

    7. Well I can understand if everyone is not as coordinated as I am to stand in the metro listening to music, checking email, blogging, and scheduling classes on the same electronic device (gasp shock). And back to apps we go of course there is an app for that if there wasn’t It would be disappointing. Do you go and rave about how you able to breathe? Well i guess if you bragging to people with lung cancer it would be valid. Now the battery life I’m not quite sure I believe just yet and also isnt that impressive since you can’t multitask which is what takes up most battery life.

    8. So we are supposed to stop analyzing the technological aspect of a peice of technology…. Anybody else seeing some counter-productivity? And who doesn’t know what a USB port is? You can’t argue why a technological breakthrough is great and then discount the technology just because that’s not who it was marketed to.

    9. Now here is where I have to tip my hat to apple. They are the only company that could take a worthless piece of tech junk and call it revolutionary or magical and actually convince people its true.

    10. The camera part isn’t important its the lack of a webcam. Mum and dad love to talk to their kids but they love to see their kids more. I may have bought an iPad if it had a webcam despite its horrendous downfalls just to be able to have video chat with people on the go. Oh and there you go again listing all those things that any internet capable device can do you.

    11. If you are sexually attracted to a piece of technology, well you should probably go talk to a doctor. They might have pills for that. If you mean that it is visually appealing, how? it is a largish rectangle with massive black bevels. It’s not even OLED and worst of all it’s in 4:3. Seriously that is pitiful, a psp has a better looking screen.

    Tada I have completed my rant. All while standing, on the metro, doing everything the iPad can do and more, with a TEN YEAR OLD LAPTOP.

  • blah blah

    That is a horrible Vague list of reasons to buy it…

  • daniel

    well, imma 17 year-old in high school and i am getting an ipad, not only because its a APPLE tablet but because my laptop is massive, its an entertainment laptop and it sucks up so much space and battery power that i can only use it while im at my desk, and when i do hw, i cant type and put the txtbook on the desk at the same time, with the ipad at least ill have battery power, the capability of typing a doc and its portability, i believe that ppl are just jumping on the anti-ipad bandwagon…just like ppl did with windows vista… ppl need to try it out themselves! and it will have multi-tasking in the fall!!

  • antonio brandao

    ridiculous post, crap reasons to buy something specially the first and the last

  • K

    I’m a 15-year-old in high school, and I already have the 2nd generation iPad: a netbook. Plays FULL Grand Theft Auto 4, not that Chinatown Wars crap, and has a webcam and a keyboard. Over a million Windows programs, some from 1995 but still useful, plus a bunch of free, open-source GNU/Linux stuff. 160GB hard drive stock, upgraded to 500GB. 1.6 GHz processor. Touch-screen mod bought for $90 on eBay. Wireless-N and BlueTooth host. VGA out. 10/100 Ethernet. 3 USB ports. All for less cash than the iPad, and under a pound weight difference. And there’s now a lighter version out. I have the Aspire One D150, the D250 is otherwise similar, but slimmer and lighter. There are many good Asus, Samsung, and Lenovo netbooks out there as well. If you don’t need a keyboard, use the Archos 9.

  • dan

    Can I install Linux on it?
    No? Then I don’t want it ๐Ÿ™‚

    64GB storage, only?
    No USB?
    Does it support ogg, flac music formats?
    Does it support MKV, WMV, DIVX, XVID, MPEG1,2 video formats, etc?
    Can you install apps on it without going through another computer with itunes installed?
    No cam?

    Seems pretty limited for such a pricy device…
    Oh I forgot, it “looks fabulous” for folks that don’t know anything about computers…
    That argument doesn’t do it for me though…

    So I’ll stick with my good looking, light, eeepc netbook runing Ubuntu Linux. ๐Ÿ™‚