Hours ago, Apple released iPhone OS 3.1.3 and as usual in this case, I recommended that you do not update if you care about your jailbreak or unlock.

Turns out we have some good news from the Dev Team. It is currently possible to jailbreak the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch 1G running OS 3.1.3.

Update 1:  [Don’t go near this if you have 3GS, newer ipt2G, or any ipt3G] Thanks to daring experimenters in the comments, we can confirm that yesterday’s redsn0w works for today’s 3.1.3 update for iPhone 2G.  Just point it at the 3.1.2 iPhone 2G IPSW after doing update or restore to 3.1.3.  So far we’ve only confirmed this for iPhone 2G.  (Note that if this does work for iPhone 3G too, you can *only* use it if you don’t care about the unlock.)

Update 2: [Don’t go near this if you have 3GS, newer ipt2G, or any ipt3G] Can confirm that this method works for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 1G too.  Don’t do it for iPhone 3G if you need an unlock though (really, don’t!). For older iPod touch 2G, we’ll need a small (1-character) change in redsn0w source.

What does that mean? It means that if you have an iPod Touch 1G, an iPhone 2G or an iPhone 3G, you can use RedSn0w to jailbreak your iPhone 3.1.3. If you care about ever unlocking your iPhone, DO NOT do this. Just wait and stay away from the update.

Here is what you have to do to jailbreak your iPod Touch 1G, iPhone 2G or 3G. First, update to the latest 3.1.3 firmware from iTunes, then simply follow the directions in my RedSn0w tutorial. Download the latest version of RedSn0w and when asked to choose for a firmware, make sure to choose 3.1.2.

This method reportedly works for jailbreaking the 3 devices mentioned above. It doesn’t work for the iPhone 3GS and for other iPod Touches.

The Dev Team is currently working on it. I will update you as soon as we get more info. Make sure to check the jailbreak section for up-to-date information about jailbreaking.

UPDATE: This post is outdated. Check out our jailbreak section for the latest information about iPhone jailbreaks.

  • Dee sprague

    HELP Please!
    Artist here who has a iPhone 3G with 3.1.3 firmware from iTunes update. Also 05.12.01 base band. All I want is to tether my iPhone to my pc running vista. Can’t afford the AT&T $60 a month way to get 3g on my laptop! Having my laptop tethered to my pc would really help my business. Looking for a simple way to tether with some wU to keep informed of updates if needed. So grateful for any sensable advice, cheers Dee

  • UPDATE>>
    Its been a few weeks since I last visited this site. I mentioned earlier that I had lost all of my apps from my previous jailbreak. Thanks to “Rock”, they were all backed up on that server. Be sure to load the app “Rock” and on the front page, have it download all of your jailbroken apps to storage in case you accidently upgrade to a OS that there is no jailbreak for. Then, when you do your next jailbreak, you can restore all of your original apps. THANKS “ROCK”!

  • KAM

    could anybody told me when i will able to use my lock iphone 3G ver 3.1.3?

  • vasquez1978

    bazza i agree with you completely!!!!!!! i am so tired of getting forum emails of people asking the same frikkin questions…so so so tired of people askin when “3.1.3 will be unlocked/jailbreakable” plz read the forums first people to if yer question was already answered!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn

    i accidentally restored my iphone 3g. to the new 3.1.3 I jailbroke it and unlocked it with blackra1n on the 3.1.2. Ive tried the snowbreeze 1.5 and the beta version to get it back to 3.1.2 so i can just unlock it for my t-mobile service. I get errors in itunes when i try to restore with the 3.1.2 download. Will i ever be able to get my iphone back restored at all


    where can i download the Custom 3.1.3 ipsw?

  • steveo

    Does att charge you extra for tetherin or do they just see it ass the iphone accessing the web.
    i have unlimited data plan.

  • Philogeek

    Hey folks. Trying to jailbreak a 3g (not 3gs). This is a newer phone and came with 3.1.3 right out of the box. I’ve followed the directions for redsnow 094 (and even tried 093)…no luck. It all seems to work but then doesn’t reboot. I’ve let it sit there for almost 5 minutes and the screen just stays blank.

    Any further ideas? I don’t care about unlock, just jailbreak.


  • g

    ok im such a beast , i figured out how jailbreak ur iphone 3gs with 3.1.3, u simply put it in recoverymode and then blackra1n tht bitch

  • vasquez1978

    lol!!! u are a beast!! work it dude!!!! :). great to know 🙂

  • kevkelly

    I take it that last solution defo doesnt work!?!

  • scott

    just wanted to comment on spazzs’ comment #92.

    it worked first time, no problem! didnt even lose previous apps or contacts. tyvm

  • jblendog

    Neeraj i have the same problem , i have jailbroken my iphone 3.1.3 3g using redsn0w but for some reason cant unlock it all i keep getting in searching. is there a solution.?

  • Neeraj

    i am also waiting for updates only.will let you know if i get any info.Thx

  • Garimam Kohli

    Hey Sebastien,

    I want to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 2G FW 3.1.3. Can you tell me which one is more suitable – redsn0w or blackra1n?
    Is it even possible to unlock 2G with redsn0w?
    Please help! :S

  • Garimam Kohli

    Oops! I meant FW 3.1.2.

  • Damien

    Dude, why is it not advisable to jailbreak iphone 3g 3.1.3 if i want to unlock it?

    by the way, the downgrading then unlocking way, is it true?

  • MH

    Hi i have a 16gb 1G Ipod touch with firmware 3.1.3. When i tried redsn0w 0.9.4, it reached the waiting for reboot screen and then stopped everything does anyone have an answer??? please!!!!

  • alberto

    hey ok so i’ve tried everything psssible to jailbreak my iphone 3g which accidentally got updated to 3.1.3 i tried snowbreeze but i always get error 1604 or it wont do anything then i tried redsnow but it gets stuck at the reboot screen i did everything possible. snowbreeze gets stuck i tried ireb but it doesnt do anything i never get white or red screen and i only need to jailbreak not unlock please if you have anything you did and worked help me ill appreciate any help because i dont know what to do anymore…

    email at : betw16@ymail.com or text at (913) 940-9224

    please help

  • Salute to All IPhone Masters, Especially Sebastian.

    I have the most common story. I have an IPhone 3G with FW: 3.1.3 and base band 5.12.01.

    I have a few questions

    a) Can I downgrade to 3.1.2?
    b) If answer to “a” is “YES” then can I Unlock and Jail Break after downgrading?

    I dont have anything to loose on the Iphone, but I must get this phone Unlocked as I want to use this Phone in INDIA.

    Kindly take some pain to answer my questions.

  • jblendog

    i could be wring but u cant downgrade from 3.1.3, when u try to you end up with error 1015 and the IREB 3.1.2 application doesnt work on the system.
    but if anyone has any other info on the topic of downgrading do share

  • jblendog


  • Garimam Kohli

    I used redsn0w 0.9.4 to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 2G FW 3.1.3. And I’m unable to download anything from Cydia. I don’t know where I went wrong. Every time I open Cydia it says ‘Cached Failure’, ‘Host Unreachable’ etc.

    Can anyone please tell me what could be the issue?

  • Gabriel

    I have tried with jailbreaking it but once it says reboot, stays black an eventually I have to turn it on manually. I have a 32 gb iPhone 3gs. Firmware 3.1.3 (7E18)

  • myriam

    HELP, I am brand new with the I phone.
    I just got my iphone which i got it on ebay;3g 3.1.3 it is unlocked and jailbroken; however, when i installed my Tmobile sim card (it says) SEARCHING. i went to settings/carrier/ it says: automatic (unable to load network list). It is not reading my simcard, everything else is working right, as the wifi, and downloading applications.

    I will appreciate any type of answer! 🙂

  • yes markin

    I think. Iphone more update more crazy. Don’t try to update your iphone. In my country, can’t fix it. Now my iphone become a stone:-(. Maybe wait for new version. 3.1.3 is crazy:'(

  • Paulius

    “” myriam said:

    HELP, I am brand new with the I phone.
    I just got my iphone which i got it on ebay;3g 3.1.3 it is unlocked and jailbroken; however, when i installed my Tmobile sim card (it says) SEARCHING. i went to settings/carrier/ it says: automatic (unable to load network list). It is not reading my simcard, everything else is working right, as the wifi, and downloading applications”””
    Hi, if it’s really unlocked, then when you using T-mobile sim card you must turn off 3G. Settings -> General -> Network -> Enable 3G (on/off). And make sure that your baseband is not 05.12.01 (Sett->Gen->About) so if it’s 05.12.01 that’s mean someone sold you only jailbroken iPhone and you can use only with AT&T card.

  • myriam

    I dont know but after trying to download blackrain it went out frozen… I got this pinapple logo all the time… I tried different way to shut it off. (holding down the up&down botton and the menu botton at the same time, etc.) and my computer is not even reading the iphone usb.. it is dead.
    I dont know what to do. I will ship it back to the seller. I really would like to keep that iphone.

  • Aaron

    Hello to all

    I no this may be a slightly stupid question but what will happen to my jail broken iPod if I upgrade to 3.1.3?

  • marc

    can anyone help i updated to 3.1.3 with iphone 3g then i j/b using redsn0w ….used firware 3.1.2 that i down loaded an to my suprise it worked ….this is my 1st j/b an i’m made up…. but my mms doesn’t work….it seems to send but not recieve….i’m on a pay an go with o2…..so i got the settings sent again but nothin changed…..it still doen’t work ….can anyone help ””’pls””’

  • Ansh

    Hi Sebastien,

    I really hope you read this and reply.

    I have an iphone 2G and it was unlocked. However, erroneously I updated it on itunes to os 3.1.3.

    My phone is now stuck to a usb image pointing to itunes logo. I read in ur articles that iphone 2G 3.1.3 can be jailbroken but you have also given a warning – “if you have an iPod Touch 1G, an iPhone 2G or an iPhone 3G, you can use RedSn0w to jailbreak your iPhone 3.1.3. If you care about ever unlocking your iPhone, DO NOT do this. Just wait and stay away from the update.”

    I need to unlock my iphone. What shall I do? Pls help if you can.


  • stabilo

    hi all,

    my jailbroken 3gs (version 3.1.3) cannot send and receive mms! can anyone help us?
    thanks alot!

  • kaioo

    hi i accidently restored my iphn 3g 3.1.3 bt now da prblm is i can’t activate it its asking for active sim card bt dnt hav atnt sim card can any1 help me how can i activate my phone.plzzzzzzzzzzzz i will realy appreciate that:

  • Shaheen

    guys your solution is http://spiritjb.com/

  • kaioo

    how can i activate my iphone?

  • margie

    i dont have a clue what im doing …i am trying to jailbreak my phone & cant get it to do ANYTHING …if someone would be willing to help me, i would be MUCH appreciative. …. THANKS

  • trishy

    Hi ! I heard the unlock and jailbreak for iphone 3GS version 3.1.3 is already available in Asia. I am just wondering I have iphone 3gs 16gb and the phone was previously jailbreak from version 3.1.2. and yesterday i accidently update with spirit jaibreak so now my phone is completely off and whenever i turn on it tells me to connect to itune but once i connect i need to restore and update to the newest version. what I heard is that for the newest version is not jailbreak. So is there any other way I can do to get my phone back to 3.1.2 version. or i just have to wait till they release the unlock for 3.1.3 version ?

  • Ashok Kendole

    i have unlocked my iphone 3gs as per the instruction by spiritjb but how to activate it to the local network of india Airtel Sim please help please waiting for response


  • Sam

    I am a newbie. I jailbroke my iphone using redsnow. I followed the same steps but after i did every thing, i inserted my at&t sim and is not picking up the signals please help.
    i have baseband 05.12.01
    Please help


    Like half the people on the web and in this forum who have 3G iphones and updated to iOS4 and jailbroke it with redsn0w 0.9.4, my MMS is gone. I can no longer send or recieve MMS. I have yet to find anyone out there who can help with this issue. Does anybody know how to fix this, please and thanks?!

  • Fisch

  • nav

    use blackr1n.com or spritjb.com or redsnow.com or untrasnow.com ok don’t forget to say thanks ok.

  • Billybob

    Hold on. I jailbroke, got Cydia. Am I supposed to be version 3.1.2 now or 3.1.3

  • Jenifer

    HI, I use 3G, unlocked using iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ispw, redsn0w. However, i lost my photos, contacts and local network can’t be found. Does anybody know hot to fix it??

    Many thanks


  • bono

    fuck ios 4.0 !!!!

  • Hersh

    Is there anyway to unlock a jailbroken iphone without wifi or a data plan?
    is there some way to unlock a 3G with some software straight from the computer?

  • Adel Ejjeh

    I update my iphone 3g to 3.1.3. While trying to use redsnow, when i browse for my iphone1,2_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw it tells me that it’s unable to recognize the specified ipsw. any ideas why?


      hello .have you found your solutions forthis. ? I am also getting this same error.

      please send me an email at hemant143h@gmail.com


  • chad

    Hi please help. I upgraded to 3.1.3 then downgraded to the 3.1.2 as per redsnow. It seems to work fine but when its complete and phone is rebooting it never completes. Help!!



    I am having the following issue:

    I added the SOURCE: http://howtoiphone.com
    and I am getting the following error on my IPhone as soon as I go to CYDIA.

    Can you help me Please? I couldnt add the SOURCE as well.

    I can live with it but the error is irritating.

    Sub-process /bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2)

    Error:refreshing Data
    GPG error:http://howtoiphone.com./release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2
    Failed to Fetch
    http://howtoiphone.com/./Packages.bz2 sub-process/bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2)

    Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

  • Mohit

    Dear All.

    I have I-phone 3gs 16 gb.
    Its already unlocked. But there is no CYDIA. I want to install VYDIA in it. Please help me to do that coz I am new & don’t know how do I install that.

    Please help.