Those of you that are into downloading cracked applications (I know you’re there) will be saddened to learn that Installous, the infamous installer app for cracked applications, is shutting down. Others will rejoice and see this as a victory, especially for developers.

puy0, the creator of Installous wrote a very naive posts about the reasons why he’s giving up. He basically explains he didn’t know what he was doing was illegal.

During all this time I have been actively searching for a lawyer to know how legal we were. Not the lawyer you can find just anywhere, but one that understands Internet legislations and specializes in copyright laws. Trust me, these people are rare, very in demand, and very expensive.

As such I have been looking for three months, and I finally found one recently. Unfortunately our discussion left me sad and even feeling stupid to have invested so much effort into this, and involved people with me… You see, after talking for more than an hour with him, I’m sorry but the conclusion is that what we do would be very hard to defend against in court.

I am at the moment already at risk, and would risk even more with the exposure that an Install0us v3 release will definitely bring me. Call me a coward, but as I said, hiding under covers is not a life for me. Moreover, these days in my country piracy is a hot subject among politicians… I do not want to be flamed in a trial for something that I do as a hobby, and I do not want to involve any people with me in this. I am sincerely sorry to the people who followed me thinking we were legit, my honest mistake.

This guy is either thinking we are dumbasses or he is very naive. Either way, and whatever your opinion about cracked applications might be, one has to admit that what puy0 did was big. I mean, he had a good 2-year run. In some ways, you can compare him to the creator of Napster. It sure was completely illegal, but it was the first of its kind.

What’s your opinion on this?

  • matt

    fuck him… I hate ppl who are giving some hope and then just wiping their asses with it.

  • bart

    Its plain and clear how he explains it. He knows the details about the lawyer conversation, we don’t. Its his decision i will respect it, however many people think different about this.

  • xalim

    OK installous is down then whats are the alternative for this

  • Juan

    Who cares? We still have for now.

  • Good riddance

  • Well, Install0us is dead (the one which was created by Puyo), but the original Installous created by Puyo and mantained by Hackulous is still alive.

  • George

    Really sad to Watch The Scene fading slowly. No Big Named out there who would like to Hack The iPhone. No untethred JB, no installous….

  • slowhand

    Sebastien… I would not go as far as calling him naive or accuse him of thinking of us as complete idiots neither will I justify or even glorify the kind of business he was in.

    But, I’ll have to agree with you on him having been the first to do what he did!
    And just like with Napster – others will follow. Puy0 simply paved the road for more things to come.

  • It’s too bad.
    But, it’s just a ‘improve’ of the original one, so this is not match of a big lost.

  • Edward

    Sebastien, that’s not really true. You should change the post.

    Install0us is not dead. What’s happening is that version 3, which was in beta, is not coming out. Version 2.5, however, is still running and will not be shut down:

    “Install0us v2.5 has already been unleashed to you, and it will continue to run. We cannot do anything about it, so be happy!” (puy0, from the post you quoted)

    I’m not sure if people will be able to install Install0us 2.5 if they haven’t yet, though.

    I find Install0us a rather useful way for not wasting money on useless apps that seem marvelous when you read their description at AppStore. I install the cracked version; if I like it, I buy it, if I don’t, I delete it.

    And that was actually the original purpose behind Appulous, Hackulous and Install0us, as far as I know. Of course there’s no control over who is just “stealing” the apps, that’s the problem.

    And it’s a problem only because whom you prevent from making money when you don’t buy the app is not so much Apple as the small developer. You harm him directly, and that’s unfair. It’s different from when you download music, for example. (Many artists wouldn’t even have been heard of in some places of the world if it was not for illegal downloading.)

    Anyway, cracked apps were installed before Install0us, and will continue without it…

  • Nintendonick

    That stinks. I used instalous for trying games that don’t have demos. There are many games I would have never bought if I had not downloaded them with instalous.

  • Olly

    Okay . who cares apple are making enough money off the devices so I don’t think they care much about people downloading cracked apps. Anyway this means naff all, something else will come out eventually it always will happen, like a game of cat and mouse; look at pirate bay


    ohh im so sad illl have to get my cracked ipa from internet and install them from itune ohhhh im so sad…..what we will do its the end of the world

  • CyberCitizen

    Well you can still download installous v2.5 off heaps of repos. Then you can add any site for it to look at have you checked out apptrackr?

  • P.

    Means nothing to me. I buy all of my apps.

    Peace P.

  • It stinks ya lol. O well. They still have the appcake app and the 2.5 and lower versions of installous are still avaliable. Plus all the damn websites. But to get them off a website and but it on your iPhone or touch, must be jailbroken and have to have 7-zip and or win7 program on a pc.

  • Crack

    What Are Some Good Website To Download Cracked Apps

  • go to and to for the mobile version 😉


    • DanshuP

      @but how do i download it’s apps onto an itouch??cydia doesn’t take it as a source!!!:((

  • Go to or for cracked apps. But don’t use it for piracy!


  • mth785

    Good riddance. He catered to thieves and pathetic individuals who always want to get something for free.

  • Mitchell

    Instalous did not die im still downloading all my apps free off of it. Haha dick lickers

  • js

    In my opinion puy0 is entitled to shut down the site. All in all it’s his future on the line — not yours. =)

  • lachie

    peoples dont worry has the answer to all your installous needs (its a cydia source)

  • Wolfe

    Everybody is a big hero, when knife is at someone’s elses neck…

  • Mathias Lindberg

    I 100% see why he did it. I mean if Cydia was ilegal i bet Saurik would stop. I dont think this guy gave up, he was just follow the law. A honorest and beautiful person, thats what he is. I trully admire what he has done..

  • I use install0us legally, as a replacement for wi-fi sync. I only change apps regularly, not media. I ssh the ipa file and install it from there. I will admit to having used a cracked app before, but it was expansive and I wanted to demo it first. I later bought it.

  • I personally am not jailbroken and stumbled on this,

    On 12 April 2011 Installous 4.1.1 was released,
    That’s this theory down the drain

    • Pirla

      U r all idiots tats tat wat u are. Read posts before u write!!!! 1. Installous and Install0us r 2 different apps and 2. Installous is avaible in cydia. Only thing to do, is to add in the sources…

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Punnatt P.

    Use iFunbox instead.