A few days ago I wrote an article about my predictions for Apple’s event and the launch of the iPad. While everybody was busy spreading rumors, I preferred telling what I thought was going to happen.

In this article, I’d like to quickly go over my 5 predictions and how much I was right (or wrong in one case).

1. I was right about the name

I told you that there was no way Apple would ever call it iSlate. While I didn’t say it was going to be called iPad (even though I did mention the name), I went against mainstream blogs who believed it was going to be called the iSlate.

2. I was right about the OS

People were trashing me on Twitter for being so “naive” because I didn’t think we would be introduced to OS 4.0. I was right when I said that the tablet would originally run OS 3.2. Come on people, it’s just good common sense! The top seller is still the iPhone and they can’t spoil June’s new iPhone announcement for a new product like the iPad.

3. I was right about the launch date

Unlike many people, I predicted that the tablet wouldn’t be available right away. I was right when I said it wouldn’t be available for a few month (I went as far as saying it would be April, although this wasn’t part of the prediction). Why it makes sense? Just good marketing sense: iPhones come out in July, iPods come out in September, I don’t know about that but I’m sure Apple has something going out in December, and now they have something in March/April. Every quarter they have new products coming out. Enough to keep their marketing peeps busy all year long.

4. I was almost right about the network

I am mad at myself on this one. I listened to my heart when I should have listened to my head. If you read my predictions, I was very hesitant to take a stance on this. I chose Verizon because I thought it would make sense marketing-wise. Now that I think about it, it was stupid of me not to pick AT&T because it does make lots of sense (GSM > CDMA).

5. I was right about the iPhone and AT&T

The rumors went wild that AT&T would lose the iPhone’s exclusivity. Again, I went against everybody else and not only did I predict we wouldn’t hear anything about the iPhone, but I also said that AT&T would remain the iPhone’s exclusive carrier.

I told you that if I were right about these predictions, I would be in your face. So here I am 🙂

If you want more predictions from me, you may want to check my 10 predictions for the iPhone in 2010.

By the way, I expect apologies from those of you who called me stupid on Twitter. Just kidding. Call me anything you want, but don’t call me wrong!

  • Could a forward facing camera be hidden beneath the glass front? Future video conferencing capabilities? Here’s hoping!

  • Sebastien, You were right. You predicted the iPad. The media got it wrong and confused the iPad with the iSlate which is separate device.

  • Geek

    Let me chime in. I was right about the ARM processor from PA semi an important component because the I-Touch OS became a certainty after that. I also believed AT&T would stay, Apple has a sweet revenue share agreement with them and Verizon will not play that game. The I-Pad name is silly and who knows if that will stay after the possible court challenge. Where was I wrong? I did not believe apple would go forward with a device of that size, a dumb decision. I also thought there would be a camera, wrong again. I also did not think apple would compromise performance and weight to slap a big battery in the I-Pad to brag about a 10 hour battery. In short I was wrong about Apples overall decision making. The next prediction should center around what excuse Apple will offer for less than hopeful sales. My bet is the economy. In the mean time netbooks have sold over 35 million and the growth rate continues and Kindle and nook sales appear strong.

  • @Geek Thank you for sharing the results of your predictions with us.

  • i think thats the fact, why we are reading your blog (;

  • Those are not match of a big deal – Apple was never expected to change her ‘Winning Formula’.

  • Ashley

    IPhone is coming to vzw in the fall nit that I care I hate apple