16 Reasons the iPad Sucks

By , Jan 29, 2010

The iPad sucks! That’s what I said to myself after watching Steve Jobs reveal what was said to be the most important device of his career. I felt let down! I expected so much more from this tablet. Maybe I expected too much from it. The iPhone has set the bar so high that we are now used to being amazed and surprised by Apple. This announcement sure was a reality check!

The general opinion about the iPad is not as good as good as Apple probably expected. I ran a poll yesterday on the blog (take it if you haven’t yet). The majority of you was pretty disappointed and didn’t even think they would buy an iPad when it’s for sale in a couple months.

There is no shortage of reasons why the iPad sucks. Let’s go over some of them here.

The name sucks! The first thing my fiancee told me about the iPad? “Honey, I think I’m getting my iPeriod, do you have an iPad for me?” It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that the iPad is a terrible name for a product. I plan to write a blog post about the worst jokes ever about the iPad so if you have some funny ones, please email them to me.

The network sucks! While I personally don’t have any problem with AT&T, most people don’t agree with me, so I guess it’s fair to say that sticking with AT&T was not the right decision for Apple. They could have gone with T-Mobile, or Verizon (even though I think the iPad or iPhone will never ever go to Verizon) and everybody would be happy. Apple is not a company that aims at making people happy though. It aims at making Steve happy!

No Flash! Alex of Applicious says it all: No Flash on the iPhone was barely tolerable. On a device that you call Internet-specific to not have Flash is more than annoying, it’s insulting. Flash, love it or hate it, is one huge slice of the Internet. This is not optional.

No multitasking! During his presentation of the iPad, Steve Jobs called netbook cheap laptops. Guess what Steve, I might have a “cheap laptop” but I’m currently typing this post on it with 2 Firefox windows opened, TweetDeck, a Word Document and Flickr Uploader running at the same time. Can your iPad do that? Netbooks are fulfilling a need. The iPad is not. It’s just struggling to create a one. Not having multitasking on the iPad really sucks.

No camera! If you’re going to create a mobile device for Mom and Pops, you’d better give it at least a front facing camera because Mom sure loves to Skype her daughter. I didn’t expect a back-facing camera on the iPad, but I sure hoped for a front-facing one.

It’s big! Of course it’s big, it’s the purpose of it. Still, I’m confused. Does Apple have to license plus-size pockets as an official iPad accessory?

It’s heavy! At 1.5 Lbs, I don’t think you’re gonna be able to hold this baby for 2 hours without developing a tendinitis.

No Video Output! If you thought about plugging your iPad in your TV to watch a slideshow of your latest vacation’s pictures, then think again because it’s not going to happen.

It’s not pretty! Let’s be honest for a minute, the big fat bezel around the touchscreen is ugly.

The keyboard sucks! I didn’t expect the iPad to have a physical keyboard but that won’t prevent me from complaining about it. I hate typing on my iPhone and something tells me I’ll hate typing on the iPad even more because it simply isn’t convenient. When I type on a keyboard, I like to have the screen facing me, not laying down flat because it is unpractical and in the long run, it will most likely cause pain in the neck and back (I’m serious).

No USB port! Did you want to plug your digital camera into your iPad to download your pictures. Too bad. Oh wait, you’ll actually be able to if you buy the $30 adapter Apple will be selling. That is mafia-style racketing.

No 16:9! Watching movies on the iPad is going to suck as it will render the movies in 4:3 aspect ratio with big black bars around it.

No Widgets! Ok, the iPad screen is huge but it actually feels empty. Why don’t we have widgets on this thing? Sticky notes, calculator, whatever widget?

The battery sucks! I don’t believe Apple when they say the iPad has a battery life of 10 hours. They were praising the iPhone 3GS battery. I still can’t get through the day without plugging mine in. Play NFS on your iPad for one hour, do a little bit of web browsing for 2 hours, and I bet you your battery will be dead before you can update your Facebook status.

The storage limitation sucks! Starting at 16GB, this is a complete joke. If you want me to store my music, videos and photos on your iPad (all this in top of my applications), I’m going to need MUCH more space than the 64GB limit.

Reading books on the iPad sucks! The Kindle might not be dead yet after all. I dare you to read a book on your iPad for more than 2 hours. By that time, your eyes will be crying, you’ll most likely have a headache and feel tired. That’s what computer screen do to you. I’m not a big fan of ebooks (I like the smell and feel of books – call me old school) but I do believe the e-ink feature of the Kindle is much better than what we’ll get on the iPad.

What do you think? Do you think Apple underdelivered with the iPad? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  • http://paulhlivingston.com Paul

    The IPad might be a nice—albeit limited and expensive—toy. But that’s all it is. For half the price of an iPad, I bought a refurbished Fujitsu Tablet PC with a 3-year warranty. It’s a fantastic business tool and can be a toy too if I want. And it does everything a regular laptop does and more. People who have $500 to throw away on a toy, go at it. But I have much better things to do with my money.

  • http://www.ticketstosrilanka.co.uk cheap flights to sri lanka

    Very interesting post, yeah Iphone sucks… lol

  • Cosmodrift

    So funny watching fanatic people finding weird excuses for simple lack of performance: “I don’t need half of my musics…”, “I don’t need flash because I still have youtube…”
    Ipad is inovative, maybe the future, but at this config, cannot cope with a humble netbook. Fact.

    • Jeremy

      Dude , tablets came out in 2001 and its made as a concept by Microsoft , Apple is brilliant at stealing people’s concepts and renaming it and claiming it as one of their own , such as Facetime , my old Sony Ericsson could even make video calls to any phone anywhere

  • KiMO

    the iPad is an iPhone on steroids
    steroids that made the camera dissappear

    • Steve B-Job


  • Funny

    The iPad isnt in the netbook category so no sense in comparing that. Just because something won’t work for you doesn’t mean you should trash it. Idiots. Why is no one complaining about what they can do on their netbook but their android tablet can’t do? Idiots.

    • Jeremy

      The reason why he compares it to notebooks is because Steve Jobs was comparing it to notebooks in the first place -__- , just face it , iPads can’t multitask and its totally useless , too big for a usage as an iPod , and too small to function as a notebook , then what is it useful for? you tell me

  • Anders

    The reason Flash isn’t supported on iPad is simply because flash-software sucks! it clocks up the system and those stupid commercials about those ridiculous online chat/adventure/waste-of-fucking-time-games.
    Also, storage limitation sucks?! really? use iTunes and your PC/Mac to contain most of your stuff and only take part of it with you, seriously, you don’t need 40 GB of music on your iPad.
    Comparaing it to a notebook is just stupid, pure and simple. why? because it’s not a notebook! it’s like comparing a fork and a spoon (are both used for the same thing) and then complaining about the fork not being able to do the same thing as the spoon.
    heavy?! 1.5 Ls/700 grams is heavy for you? At what point would you hold an iPad for 2 fricking hours?! grow up and check out the gym, whimp.

    Clearly you’re just complaining to complain about something.

    • apple_sucks

      Clearly you are a macfag who is too dumb to see a shitty, over-priced product. Be gone fag.

      • Michael

        Clearly, you are just here to troll. Fuck off

    • me

      Flash sucks because there are idiots who don’t know how to use it and idiots who call other people idiots after being brain washed by steve jobs. Just like any other technology, such as html or javascript, flash is not perfect, but it’s far from sucky. It uses way less resources for complex things than JS uses for the simplest things, you can get creative without being ridicuously limited, and you can be sure that it will look the same in all browsers.

      Bottom line is that flash has a certain audience, and html/css/js/wp has a certain audience, but exlcuding one of them is simply retarded. And yes, idiots who polute the web with heavy ads helped destroy flash as well.

  • http://paulhlivingston.com Paul

    Anders, if you’re referring to my post in regards to comparing the iPad with a notebook…I was doing no such thing. I was *contrasting* the two. When you compare, you site similarities. When you contrast you site differences. My point was—and still is—valid. The iPad is an overpriced, very limited, toy; while my tablet PC is a fully blown business tool with all the trimmings that can also be used as a toy able to do everything the iPad is able to and much more. At half the cost.

  • Whatever

    What a retarded list of complaints. No Flash? it has been delayed by Adobe for Honeycomb. That’s right, march 2011 and Adobe doesn’t have a Flash version ready for tablets. Yet you complain about it.
    Low battery? it’s best in the market. Obviously won’t last as long running 3D.

    • LOL @Whatever

      Flash is never coming to iOS. At least it will eventually come to Honeycomb. Good luck trying to get flash material to work on your iPad. Ever. And battery best on the market? Oh god I really laughed out loud at that. The NEWEST iPad barely breaks even with Xoom for battery. And Xoom has far superior hardware to run. Keep kidding yourself. It entertains the rest of us.

      • Michael

        Just take a moment to Think. What do you really use Flash for? I don’t think you want it so you can load up all those Flash commercials on the side of every damn webpage?

  • i hate bloggers

    my look on the matter is that technology is stupid. if something doesnt work, they get rid of it. if something does work they change it anyway. iPad is just another phase that will be gone in a few years whether it works efficiently or not. so quit bitching and buy what you think is the best. (and yes the iPad is just a bigger version of an iPhone but doesnt do near as much.)

    P.S. paul, notice ur the only one with multiple blogs and an avatar. i agree with ur posts but dude, get a life.

  • johny

    I really like when the author says this:
    1- even though I think the iPad or iPhone will never ever go to Verizon
    2- No Multitasking
    3- it’s big
    4- it’s heavy
    5- no camera
    6- no video output
    7- battery sucks…

    Almost every issue solved with Ipad, others with ipad2

    Come on… I am not a fanatic apple owner… I have some products with windows, others with MAC… but is it really necessary to say that Apple products Suck? You can like Ferrari and also say that Lamborguini is great, right? I think that IPAD is a great piece of engineering… and they are breaking through every issue with some updates and improvements… the sales and marketshare of IPAD speaks for itself… it can’t be the ideal or the right product for some of you but does it really sucks? If you don’t like some of the specs, just don’t buy it… but it ain’t crap, that I can guarantee… it just works, and there are more and more apps coming out that just makes this a great piece of hardware.
    Some of you will buy Samsung, others XOOM, and others the IPAD… it is the beauty of free-will … but none opf these products suck… some are just better than another in some specs… choose which suits you better (sorry my bad english, I am portuguese)

  • Neville

    The iPad isn’t a iPhone on steroids, it’s a iPod on steroids. ( it hasn’t even got camaras, and it can’t even make calls or text-massages, but you still need a SIM-card (WTF)

    • Michael

      Uuh, no you don’t need a SIM-card. You Need a SIM card If you wanna enjoy 3G networking. And wow, you wanna use a big ass tablet to make phone calls or send text messages? Ever heard of the cell phone? Cameras came out with iPad 2, so shut up

      • apple_sucks

        Butt hurt macfag? iPad 2? Apple wasn’t smart enough to put cameras on the first iPad. So they put it on the second and call it genius design. What the fuck ever. Great marketing. But shit products. Also people use computers for messaging all the time. It’s called IM’ing. But I wouldn’t expect someone of your caliber to know that. You want everything made easy/ dysfunctional. And yeah. I’m a troll. What are you gonna do about it bitch?

  • pete

    Seriously, is this really still going on? Go get a competing product theyre better anyway… No joke, if you don’t like apple products then screw them. I dislike Apple politics so I don’t use their products it is that simple.

  • Sebastianisamoron

    What a stupid, poorly written article. Why are you so against Apple, you don’t have to buy one. Get a life and start enjoying your ‘Netbook’, pal.

  • dino

    ipad have no future,laptop will live forever..i gave my ipad to my 10 yr son to play all apple games,my ipad become a gamepad after all.15 million people become a stupid when they buy the ipad 1(me too),maybe another 15 million for ipad 2..i have 101 reason why ipad is a fail product for apple.you want to know the reason ,you better look at google,yahoo,bing and all the search engine,,no wonder mr jobs(ipad2) look more THINNER…LIIGHTER..AND FASTER the ……?????

  • jojo

    I use flash all the time…I watch sports and “other things”, also many vidds i have from the web are in flash format which is a smaller file than MPEG 4 or apple’s MOV format…still no HDMI on ipad 2, wyf? its 2011!!!! still no SD slot either…jesus apple just likes making overpriced toys…

  • Andre

    Wow. this list of cons was really bad. You must be from the timeout generation.

  • Fredrick

    I actually have a legit reason I got an ipad, you see, my brother is retarded. I’m trying to get him into technology but he can’t even operate a netbook without screwing it up. He doesn’t multitask, I don’t think he can even single task most of the time. He can’t remember buttons and what they do so the touch whatever you need is very handy. His neck is already all out of wack so he doesn’t mind hanging over it when in use….he doesn’t use the kickstand bc he touches hard and it goes flying across the room….literally. He hates the idea of movies being “wide” says they should be square like he remembers them to be. 16gb was more than enough to put all his spongebob and ace of base cd. You see, the ipad isn’t all bad, it’s just made for a special selection of people.

    • Matt

      Lol yessss this made me laugh my ass off

    • Anon

      I would think you of all people would know not to use retarded if your brother has special needs! I will agree about this though, I want to get an ipad for my classroom at some point and I will work with children who have special needs! Good point there.

  • moneyhungryapplehater

    The iPad is a slightly better version of the iTouch, but without the touches mobility. What i don;t get is why people don’t just get a 2 year old windows laptop for 100 bucks less with 10 times the storage, way better ram, and you can actually do stuff that isn’t playing angry birds or fruit ninja. The only reason that people bought iPhones and iTouches is because they weren’t trying to compete with an actual computer.

    • harry

      I agree with you. With $100 you could get a used notebook that will do anything that iPad doesn’t. Install a free linux OS and you’re good to go.

  • youallsuck

    How do you feel now??? it has sold millions of units and well…its really interesting to see how things have panned out through time, right??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jebus

    Are you a fucking idiot? The iPad is a horrible piece of shit. When Apple made the first iPad they left out a lot of key features that should have been used. Tablets such as the Android one have done it right and included most of the key features. Apple then releases the iPad 2 way too soon.


  • Bob

    re: 16×9

    I believe some of you are falling for widescreen marketing hype. There is nothing beneficial about 16:9 aspect ratio except MAYBE in a television. As a computer monitor, notebook or tablet, its a detriment. The industry-wide move to 16:9 is a step backwards, even if that step didn’t exist before. Its just cheaper to produce. ‘Nothing “better” about it. Apple producing a 4:3 screen, and IPS to boot, makes it miles better than the Android competition regardless of supposed missing resolution.

    With 16:9, in portrait mode a tablet would be too thin to read a pdf or document. You’d have to scroll left and right. In landscape mode, its too fat and short. Nobody reads anything like that. Playing horizontal games like Angry birds gives up too much vertical height. Put a virtual keyboard on there, and your real-estate space is now just a thin, wide ticker tape. How is that better in any way?

    The only argument FOR 16:9 is watching widescreen movies, which is questionable at best. Very few videos are actually 16:9 anyway. What about 4:3 and 2.35:1 videos? You’ll have black bars somewhere. Who cares if there is space unused? The other 95% of the time you use a tablet, laptop, or whatever, would be more productive with a 4:3 or even 16:10 screen. 16:9 is not more screen space, its less. The only way its “more” is if you make the even tablet wider. Sorry, I’d rather not carry around a 2-by-4 plank.

    • Pete

      Nice Apologetics! Except, those of us that have both know you’re full of shit!

      Portrait mode actually works perfect for PDF and single page book viewing not to mention web surfing. You see, web pages and documents dynamically resize to fit the screen dumbass!!!

      On top of that, widescreen is great for everything else and get this! The dock is actually designed for portrait mode which makes way more sense than that stupid Apple Dock of Portrait Mode!

      You know what else, 4G is going to further destroy the iPad when it comes to web connectivity and that’s when you will see the assault on Apple Begin!

      My advice, sell your iScab now while you can still get money for it!

  • Brad

    I have the i pod touch i agree with most of this but if you have an ipod touch or i phone dont buy the i pad its a waste of time when i listen to music what am i gonna do plug the earphones in and put it in my shirt? I think its best to stick with a i phone or touch the ipad is just to bug and the looks of it when you touch the screen on all of the touchscreen versions bug smudges on the screen the ipad simply gives the sudges and smears a bigger area to go mess up

  • Your Mom

    not only is this article just a biased view of someone who wants an excuse for why they cant get an ipad…. 1.5 is LIGHT… its still lighter then most netbooks… im not a huge fan of apple… but a camera is kind of a dumb thing in a tablet.. especially now seeing the Ipad2 has 2 which is just retarded… if u want a camera then buy a camera….

    and also to one of the posters who claimed tablets came out in 2001 and it was a microsoft thing.. Try again.. the very first tablet was in 1964… (even though compared to now adays its just funny thinking of it as a tablet) and the first “modern” tablet well before 2001… Microsoft has had tablet pcs in the early mid 90s… Fujitsu Stylistic 2300 was released in 1998.. and is considered the first True tablet….

    This Article AND comments on this article are rediculously inaccurate and uneducated

    • Jasper2428

      Stop lying, active LCD screens were invented in 1972, but people were struggling A LOT with liquid crystals before that. By the way, up to 1956 was only proof of concept of handwriting recognition, nothing else. And I’m only saying the parts in Wikipedia that cite sources. Tell me which tablet was invented in 1964, tell me why the the comments are “inaccurate and uneducated”. Oh, and i’m not using ” incorrectly, its used to say something in the exact same words of another person.

      And PLEASE, if anyone corrects me, do it without belitting me and being a troll.

  • Gracy

    The iPad does suck it glitches and goes crazy.

  • http://mk ARMac

    Why do we need camera? Because it’s a 3 fucking G tablet and one of the top marketing points of 3G is the video calls.

  • Jebus

    Android has better tablets. Gotta love the widgets! Also, I hate using iTunes just to upload videos, music, apps, or whatever. Such a waste of time.

  • Nick

    Dude you forgot that most of the tablets next gen like Honeycombs from ASUS got Wireless N…Ipad 2 doesn’t , iphone 4 doesn’t too. TROLOLOLOL!!!

  • Dave

    Idiot. The iPad and iPad 2 do 802.11n. They only do a 20MHz wide channel though. No need to do a full 300Mbits with 40Mhz. It’s more of a battery drain. Plus 145Mbits is faster that most people’s BB Internet. And 145 is PLENTY for watching real time streaming HD video at any bitrates

    The fastest docsis 3.0 cable modem will only do 145Mbit in the USA, and most ppl can’t afford that anyway

    iPhone 4 also does single channel 802.11n , and again, no point in doing 2

    Just to refresh, the following iOS devices do N:
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 5 (whatever they’ll call it)
    iPad 1
    iPad 2
    Newest gen iPod touches

  • Nick

    fucking apple fag, what about flash.

    stfu next time.

  • Nicole j

    Well, actually most of your reasons why the iPad suck, SUCK! Example, it’s heavy, 1.5 pounds, what? If that’s heavy, then you’re a wimp. It’s ugly, nah, that’s lame because it’s super sexy. The name sucks… How could you even say that, it sounds pretty damn smart to me, just like iPhone,and iPod, what’s the difference. It’s big, well that’s just dumb, it’s not big and it’s slim. It’s a tablet, it’s supposed to be big enough for you to enjoy it without having to tote a huge, heavy, hot computer around. The keyboard sucks, oh come on now you’re just running out of things to say here. The keyboard is fucking amazing. It’s like you’re typing on a computer, a quiet one. The battery sucks, hey, I’m not on my iPad all day but I charge it up all night and it last for a damn long time. You say two hours and the iPad is done, I say that bs, I have been on my iPad way longer than that and it never died. Reading on iPad sucks, I would admit, the glare is a little disgusting, but if you are not in the sun, you won’t have that problem. I love the kindle on my iPad, it’s great. No widgets, who gives a fuccck? I don’t give a damn about a sticky note, there are about 50 apps or more that I can download that are notebooks, or notes for note taking, shopping list and so on. The iPad is super bad ass why limit yourself to a widget for note taking, take advantage of the apps, a lot of the notebooks are free in the app store. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what really sucks. The price, that should have been number 1. The iPad is awesome, but it’s way overpriced just like the rest of apples gadgets. No camera, oh come on, we all knew that this was going to be on the second generation iPad. Lol, I said that to my husband when the first iPad came out, yet I still got the first one, and still love it. a lot of the other things that you have listed are just crazy because you are looking for a super gadget. The iPad will always get better and better, not because they are learning new technologies to put on the iPad, they already know them. They are going to release a new one every year with something that’s highly wanted by consumers that was not on the last generation. Eventually the consumers who looked the other way will get one because it will be to tempting to resist, and the ones who got them first will not get the second but will eventually get the third and upgrade because were stupid and our old iPads will begin to suck and look like crap compared to the newer versions. Then they will start to release them with more storage space, which will suck again to everyone who already bought one. So really it’s not the iPad that sucks, it’s Apple. They have come up with the perfect plan to make the iPad much like a computer or cell phone and it allows us to feel as if we have to UPGRADE, every year or two. Upgrading a computer is a tad different because you can do a lot of updates electronically and you won’t have to go out and purchase a new one for a few years. Apple wants you to upgrade every year, and only a few changes will occur, the design, a camera, and some other crap. Or maybe just more GB, what a total scheme. Lol.. Way to enslave our minds with your flashy products apple. My advice, get and iPad when the price goes down, (which won’t really happen until the newer version is almost released) and enjoy your iPad and all of the things that originally attracted you to it. Also, don’t allow anyone tell you how sucky it is because 9 out of 10 times they don’t really have one. And if they do, I can almost guarantee you that they are using the hell out of it.

    • Marcus

      Tl;dr. It’s multiculturalistic degenerates like you that show signs of ethnic incompetence in this world. I’ve never seen such a cluster-fuck of colloquialistic faeces in all my life! Keep ridin’ Jobs’ 3″ cancer ridden chode! Yours sincerely,

      – someone who’s able to comprehend grammatical dependencies.

    • Marcus

      Tl;dr. It’s multiculturalistic degenerates like you that show signs of ethnic incompetence in this world. I’ve never seen such a cluster-fuck of colloquialistic faeces in all my life! Keep ridin’ Jobs’ 3″ cancer ridden ch*de! Yours sincerely,

      – someone who’s able to comprehend grammatical dependencies.

  • Nick

    the next release of apple is the iCrap_onyou lolololo ;)

  • Dave

    Screens are filthy, No way am I interested, Ill never buy an Ipad. Natural human oils in the fingerprints stick on the glass surface and it sux. Laptops or netbooks are way better.

  • nammee

    Fuck your 16:9zes. 4:3 is what gives the best tablet experience. Want to watch hd movies without bars?? Buy a 21:9 TV or go to cinema.

  • mari squire

    I pad apps come with too many password that are invalid, you can’t get into it to use it.
    for every app you put on it, that another password/for invalid! 800. nonsense/ not worth it
    But amazon is coming out with a kindle fire 2 which suppose to be a ipad 2 twin.
    I trust amazon before I trust apple, any day of the week.
    that my opinion

  • Anonymous

    Get a $400 notebook or netbook. You can buy an extra battery or two. And you will never regret it.

  • Anonymous

    iPad does too have a camera…I’ve used mine a few times already. Or is that only newer ones? I’d love some widgets though. Oh and the physical keyboard exists but it’ll cost you extra. Grrrr.

  • http://zqp.me/ Brad

    I just want to bring this article back into light a little bit. I personally have no use for what the market currently calls a tablet. But thought this was funny. I feel like this was a pretty general tech perspective of the iPad because it as a product doesnt actually bring anything to the table. Anything th ipad does a phone or laptop can do and do better.

  • Raj king

    Yeah man u are right apple is sucks…

  • Space Kookie

    It’s amusing how fucking wrong you were XD Learn to spell btw

  • Shiananda Rose

    Ipad does suck. The typing is difficult, i can barely copy and paste things or delete things on my facebook and blogs. I cant use store anythi on it or transfer stuff….. What an expensive toy and waste of money

  • Kari Himes

    It’s nice to visit an article like this years later and point out what a wrong and miserable vag the writer is. Time…..it’s a bitch. And so are you!

  • animejill

    I agree here. I was almost gonna get one for my birthday or Christmas this year, but I might have final thoughts. I own a HP laptop I had for 4 years now since 2010, and it still works great! Had it fixed once with the screen and then once with a big virus. Cost was $300 for each. Now, it works great! Best part is, it is not out-dated like those crazy apple iproducts! Also; I rather watch movies on a Blu-Ray player, then downloading from itunes! Music is okay, but I still burn em on CDs and play in my CD player. I had my first ipod 4th gen touch about 2 years ago, and apple could not fix it, because it was out-dated and would cost $100. I said no, because for one thing, we do not have a Apple store locally, and 2, it is so freaking expensive for a replacement. My HP laptop has been great since day one when I got it for Christmas 4 years ago! I am never switching back to Apple. HP rocks! BTW, I have an out-dated HP Printer with the usb port, scanner, fax, and NO wifi… Still works great, had it almost 5 years! HP BEATS APPLE. BTW, HP will fix old stuff!! MY HP still runs a CD and DVD drive! No new laptops or tablets have that great extra feature!

  • AugustineThomas

    Websites never work properly on the IPad.
    And the Ghost of Steve is still making us do things in a stupid way instead of giving us the right to customization.

    If I type ‘ecause’, Apple can’t imagine that I missed the ‘b’.. I must have meant ‘Ecuador’. (Too busy deleting religious words and replacing them with secularist suggestions.)

    Sent from my Ipad.

  • NewsMaster69

    Javascript and Safari is also a disaster….. To buy Photon for five bucks to get flash back. – best and only app purchase.

  • Kristinfan413years

    you’re an idiot

  • Urdle

    My iPad sucks. IMessage is officially broken. I have the latest update of the iPad first gen. iMessage runs smoothly and perfectly. Now, it’s back to the apple ID log in screen. I KNOW I hav the right password, because I tried another common password I use and it gave me a “this is incorrect” message. Whenever I do the right one, it goes to the “people would like to message you using your email address. what email address would you like to use?” screen and then, two seconds later- I don’t even touch anything- it goes back to screen 1. W. t. Fudge. I waited 3 months, then it fixed itself. Then it happened again a month later. I use this often and I nearly missed a party because someone had texted me details instead of, you know, telling me. Also, welp, both the I stores are broken. I can’t install songs. The interface is weird, glitches, ugly, and broken. I wish you could see it. You would see the horror that is my iPad. I’m using my Christmas money on a different company, no way am I getting an iPad air, or even an iPad 2! Apple has not done anything about this for months, and I don’t think they care about the problems with the iPad 1 at ALL.

  • Jon LENZ

    i think that all you said was true also 1 thing to add i cant use anething that is not apple related. evin thow i only have this ipad apple ipad/ phone and pod are all pices of sh*t. that is right i said that. because it is true

  • Jake

    Hey but there are better versions now!

  • mhh1974

    agreed and agreed and agreed. You forgot to mention it’s annoying little habit of leaving safari mid read, every single time.

  • Tsopniarhab

    True that ! Ipad is sure for Retards who have never heard of Androids. I mean who the eff pays for watching movies on the net anymore ?? And that too movies released 15 years ago. No Flash. No Free Movies. No Free music. No Free ebooks. Which world are these guys in.