In my overview of the iPad yesterday, I said that I was not impressed by this new tablet. To me the iPad is nothing more than a giant iPod Touch with very few (if any) features that would make me get the line on launch day. That doesn’t mean I don’t see potential in it. That also doesn’t mean I won’t buy one…

There were some interesting comments on my iPad coverage but I’d like to go further and try to “quantify” your feelings about it. I created 2 mini polls that should take about 30 seconds of your time. Please tell us what you think about the iPad and whether or not you plan to buy one.

If you’d like to share your thoughts more in details, please feel free to leave a comment.

  • Jacob

    I will definitely get one as soon as they implement flash and multi tasking, otherwise HELL NOOOOO!!!!! lol

  • Brian

    NO WAY. Why would I want to pay an outrageous price for an oversized itouch?

    Too many features left off which I suspect we will see in future versions which will of course piss off all the people that will rush out to buy version 1 and then APPLE releases version 2 with more features for the same price or less.

    This is always what apple does. These version 1’s will be able to be bought for CHEAP when they release version 2…..

    Iphone/itouch can do what this does…and the iphone can actually make calls, take a pic, do multitsasking (if jb’d) and etc. Iphone/Itouch slips in to any pocket. I see the IPAD getting DROPPED and killed by many…..

    Probably good to use around the house but I cant see lugging this around. Why would I? Dont I already have enough stuff to carry? Yes. Can this replace my phone? No. Can it replace my laptop or even a netbook? No. But I am going to leave my house and take my phone, my laptop AND the IPAD? Nope!

    Neat device…they will sell TONS of these no doubt. I will only buy one to use as a toy around the house and ONLY when there are tons for sale for $50-$100 tops and even $100 seems extreme considering the IPAD cant do ANYTHING that my current devices can do….The larger screen is nice, but the tradeoff is it is not a true ‘mobile device’ that I can slip in my pocket in 3 seconds and be out the door. And boy if you do take this out and about, you better attach a string around your neck so that whan the sweaty hands hit or you just simply ‘slip up’ and drop it, it wont crash on the floor. I see many of these hitting the ground due to it’s form factor and normal human nature.

    Nope, I dont need an expensive itouch on steroids…..But, like sebastion, that doesnt mean I wont get DOES mean, I will ONLY get one when they are DIRT CHEAP (c’mon folks, everybody knows they will be cheap and easy to find used in not too long a time period) or when version 2 hits and IF they include more features and again, even then, I would only get one USED and CHEAP.

    Bottom line is this is not a necessity and does not ‘replace’ anything I have. IF the device could actually replace my laptop/phone and etc, then different story, but it doesnt so I’ll keep my money for now and keep track of how many of these end up as road kill as they will NOT hold up in ANY type of fall..and the design + human nature indicates many of these will be hitting the pavement.

    Plus, stuck with AT&T who already claims the issues with 3g are due to all the iphone users and now they are going to add more the non contract data plans, that will screw up their 3g network even more?

    I’ll stop here. if I wanted to write all the negatives, I’d be here for 2 weeks.

    Glad I own and have owned and put my clients in apple stock a LONG time ago as they will sell a ton of these, but the ipad is a major disappointment imo…..They way they hyped this device, I expected ALOT more then an large itouch on steroids for $500 – $800! Plus, if you truly do want to take this out of the house, it would be silly to do so and not have the data plan….No contract, but still another monthly fee that adds up to about $180 – $400 per year that MUST be figured in to ‘cost of ownership’.

  • i think it is a cool way to stay mobile in my house… but it has to be developed a bit deeper, otherwhise its kind of.. useless

  • Ray

    When I don’t want to take my MacBook to bed and the words blur together on my iPhone screen, or when I don’t have enough light to read my Kindle, I am sure I’d love to have an iPad.

    It’s not just a big iPod Touch because you’re discounting all the apps that will be developed for the iPad. Just as people don’t pay for the iPhone just to have a phone. The idea of having a full-size touchscreen tablet that runs not only all iPhone apps, but future apps that are built for the iPad (including iWork)… now that’s promising.

    Yes, not having multitasking and flash sucks big time — that is the most disappointing part. But I won’t count the iPad out at all, especially with the iBooks offering…

  • Ray

    People griped about the iPhone, too (the camera sucks, AT&T service sucks, no multitasking sucks, the Apple native apps suck, etc. — all true) Doesn’t stop Apple from selling 40 million of it this year…

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on one. It ~is~ a phone with Skype, btw. Large touch pad control for security system monitoring, remote for TV’s (Apple and otherwise). Great for on-the-road photo downloads. Much better size for movie watching on the plane or train. Magazine subscriptions. Books, books, books. iWork, both on the pad and in the cloud. I love my iPhones, but I do not even attempt to do more than peek at spreadsheets on them. Let me sign docs and I’m good to go. I can’t even begin to imagine the scope with the current and upcoming apps. I want a dock for the dash of the car!

  • SparrowHawk
  • Rey

    Maybe i’ll wait for 3rd gen. That time they might have flash, webcam, and more stuff that needs to be added. For now hell NO 🙁

  • Edward

    Here’s an interesting opinion on the iPad:

    I’m not sure what to think of it yet, it sure does look like a giant iTouch, but even that has its value… I guess I would only buy one if someone makes a jailbreak for it, so we could REALLY use it. 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t know what the price tag will be when it gets to Brazil, but I’m guessing around $1,500 USD… =/

    And then it would make much more sense to simply get a MacBook, which I probably wouldn’t do either. A recent research showed that Apple’s prices for Brazil are the highest in the world…

  • Jeffery

    Pretty lame device. I’ll stick to my 3gs.

  • nice tablet. But over sized touch lol. Can’t wait for it to be hacked!

  • W7User

    My theory on the missing Camera (iSight)

    I think in the near future APPLE will release an add on nimi camera that attaches to the connector… now keep in mind that just like the iDevices….. the connector sits at the bottom… if The iPad were to have a built in iSight Camera it would make it kind of akward to take pictures and even chat.. you would of course have to move the entire item.. so the reasonable thing to do is to probably design a mini attachable iSight Camera that attaches to the dock and even rotates serving as an internal and external camera… I would assume this camera would be sold only by APPLE since it would have to have a nice fit with the device. Keep in mind that iPad’s Acceloromoter or whatever its called will flip the image on the screen if held upside down or sideways and even the HOME button can be arranged as a button to snap pictures..
    Just a wild thought…… If Apple were to do this it would be AWESOME…… but knowing APPLE… they would probably wait until the second or third Gen. to come out to implement the darn thing…. I mean come on even the nano has a camera the nano the freakin NANO !

  • Sue j

    Okay yes it’s a giant iPhone but I spend a lot of time using my iPhone, at home, for doing exactly what the iPad has been designed for. I spend a fortune on books that take only a couple of hours to read, I must be Amazons best customer!! So basically an Ipad will save my eyes and money …. a video camera would have been good … and I can’t wait for the jailbreak!! 😎

  • Lucky

    honestly, i didnt like ipad that much. second thing, since i have heard that apple is about to announce new firmware for iphone, i was expecting like it will allow bluetooth data transfer and faster OS that doesnt cosume more space and RAM.

    Since i hv seen ipad, i feel like how apple can be so useless for not getting any other design than ipod touch/iphone!! whatever, now i will check for posibilities to run ipad’s OS to run on my HP tablet. let’s see if it works or not. most probably i will face problem for drivers.

  • Mike

    I was thinking.. This seems to be something you keep on your coffee table, not something you take to the coffee shop to do serious work, I don’t see how this can be comfortable in bed. I see no easy way to sync up some programs like Tap & Track which I use to follow my daily eating habits.. I see nothing about using the Touch or 3G and the iPad at the same time… IF they added a way for me to control my other remotes, like TV, Stereo, if it added a light switch dimmer, I can see it… But just a large Touch? Camera extra, 3G extra, USB extra, SD reader extra. No thanks Steve.

  • Alex

    Hey everyone! I was surfing the internet and found this article that I think everyone should take a look at. Apple has a lot to consider in the near future.

  • Polemicist

    I think I’d buy Nigahiga’s ShamWOOHOO (search for it in YouTube) before I even thought about buying an iPad…


  • It is a big dumbed down iPod Touch.
    I mean this could be a great device.

    Add a front facing camera for video chat, it is too big to make any use to have a back camera, it would be too bulky to take any good pictures with.

    Where is the GPS, they say you can use all of those apps in the app store, but what about the GPS apps?

    The cheapest device cost $499, that is 16GB of memory.
    It is insane to then charge $100 for additional 16GB, no flash memory cost $100 when going from 16GB to 32GB, not even going from 32 to 64 will cost the then additional $100.
    And $130 for a 3G circuit, the most expensive 3G circuits will not cost even $10 at the amounts that Apple will buy them at.

    I was looking forward to an Tablet from Apple, I imagined something a mix of the iPad and Macbook air.
    Oh well, I’m still curious what the iPad will bring.
    And perhaps other manufacturers will take after, maybe someone will make a nice Tablet, that can become a hackintosh. 🙂

  • GarethDPhillips

    I’m not an apple fan despite loving the iPhone, so I’m maybe forgiven for being controversial, but this is nothing new. Tablet that do much more have been aroud for ages. If you want a huge iphone with an amazing screen to read e-books or surf the net maybe this gadget will fit your needs, but give me a proper tablet “PC” running Windows 7 anyday.

    That said, my iPhone is so great I can make do with that, if not my Windows 7 netbook is far more functional that this iPad.

    Just buy a proper tablet PC

  • Milly

    NO way! I already have an iPhone, what does this thing do differently except enlarge everything? I have a laptop that does a very good job of that already.

    IPad – What your iPhone would look like if you used a magnifying glass.

    No sell here.

  • chocoholic

    i think that you all should really look at the debut on this tablet computer is NOTHING like i have ever seen. it really pisses me off that you people are calling this just a giant ITOUCH?!?! what is up with that? do you people have no appretiation of what apple has done with revolutionary technology?!?! this think can run iWork… yes, iWork. does your iTouch to that?? i didn’t think so. also, browsing the web on your iTouch and iPhone is bull. i mean, seriously? you don’t like doing it… do you now? its a waste of time trying to get AT&T to upload all these pages and then… you didn’t want THAT page. and using your thumbs on a QWRTY keyboard is… well… pointless… you really need to take a second glance at the iPad… you are hurting its feelings. 🙁

  • James

    I read an interesting article called something like “if you dont like the ipad, chances are your not meant to”… I have a macbook pro, and what I was hoping for was a tablet that would run osx so I could do design work on it, much like a wacom, or a modbook. I was dissapointed at the itab, but the article intrigued me. I have many friends who cant be bothered learning to used a computer etc etc, and find the task of figuring out osx to be daunting.. (however brilliantly simple it is). This product would be perfect for them, when all they want from a computer is email, facebook, and youtube. I just dont think many of us are in apples target market for this thing.

  • Eldaria

    Hurting the iPads feelings? You are joking right? It is a thing! It does not have feelings.
    And I could probably run iWork on the iPod if Apple allowed it, but it would be difficult because of the small screen, so this is why it works on a big screen. This does not change the fact that it feels like an overgrown iPod touch.

  • the new ipad is great except it looks somewhat like the ipod touch except the size…………..

  • Justin

    It apparently costs Apple $291 to produce the $499 iPad – so they’re making $208 on these units. They make more as you move up the ladder. What they will make on the adaptors is obscene.

    They are also expected to make 30% on each eBook sold and allowing publishers to charge whatever they want so we’re going to continue to see rising prices all around.

    Some folks don’t really care about any of this, which is fine. Certainly publishers are ecstatic about the pricing, continued DRM and the lock-out nature of this distribution channel (vs the web). Anyway I look at the iPad (and Apple)… too many negatives all around – on pricing, on business philosophy, their dystopian model… even the way they manipulate the uninformed masses rubs me the wrong way.

  • Matt

    I have a hunch that this is going to be mostly hype. You can’t put it in your pocket like an iphone, you can really put it on a desk and work on it like a laptop/netbook, I can’t see people buying it to watch movies on, it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you would want to surf the net on. It is like a ‘cool’ oversized and impractical i-phone.

    But it isn’t too expensive, anyway.

  • moozungu

    No support for flash… than hell no … he can keep that oversized I-touch… it will be sold on ebay for 100 bucks a couple of months from now… Steve Jobs is arrogant and so full of himself that he’s blind to how useless this product is … especially if it can’t work with the biggest Rich Internet Application tool flash… Jobs thinks flash is stupid so he doesn’t put it on the I-phone or i-pad because he thinks apple products are just too good for it… well his holy than thou wizzard of all digital coolness has played himself… and if Google can get Nexus one using flash… people will leave the Iphone i-pad in droves…

  • Dan

    I do agree with almoste every reason you gave. Their going for the people who can’t use computers as it is right now because it’s too big to be a pocket device and too uncapable to be a pc. If the mac air and the iPod touh had not been released, then this would be a great product. There is simply no place in the world right now for this device. Given a beefier OS and a known CPU, output and input like optical drive and USB etc… It would be worth the cash their demanding. I am not sold. Extremely let down. I’m glad there are people other than isheep.

  • Tunafish

    I’d love to have an iPad! I can finally have a cheap tablet PC that does EVERYTHING I need it to. I have my PCs and Macbook for Playing Crysis, and whatnot, but for taking notes at school I hate taking around a device which costs more that a 1000 dollars (Macbook) or is a gigantic PAIN to carry around (My PC’s)

    This device is perfect for me, as I can finally take notes in a device that has an amazing touchscreen (over a thousand capacitative sensors) and with a pretty long (longer than my VAIO and Dell Laptops combined, in fact) battery life, I can use my tablet at school without any hassle. I don’t need multitasking on this device, although it would be even better if it did support multitasking. But taking notes and organizing my papers is gonna be a hell of a lot easier!

    I guess I’d watch TV on the go a lot too. I live outside the USA, but I’m American. I hate German TV shows, and would love to rent TV Shows on the go with a 3G network!

    And once devs start making apps for this thing, the competition will need to start worrying. Because I’ll probably find my PSP full of dust after they make GTA for iPad.

    It won’t replace my beloved computers. It won’t replace my iPhone. It will replace my iPod, TV, Pens, and note-taking paper.

    I still like Lenovo and Sony more than Apple.


    5 DOCK

    IT SUCKSS!!!

  • also isteamy at least

  • Tom

    iPad Hell yeah I am going to buy one. As soon as everyone goes to my website and donates .25¢ or more. As soon as I have enough money to buy one. I will Open the box seal the holes and take it as deep as we can underwater then at a target range. Put my high powered rifle on it make entertainment for all. Upload the video for all to see. If people donate too much I got a friend with a stick of dynamite and we can blow it up.

  • girls

    I’m waiting on the iTampon

  • Njhacker

    No Flash player!!!!!!!
    Cannot view 90% of the videos online, even restaurant websites who have a scroll down menu.
    I bought this piece of crap without realizing all of this. By the time I found out why I could not view all I should be able to, it was too late to return.
    Even to print you need another computer!!!! If I need another computer to print from, then why would I buy this piece of crap in the first place??? Stupid me.
    Apple screwed me again, not just from the extremely low performing battery on the iPod mini I bought years ago and the 15 inch notebook that had two complete hard drive failures within two years, but with this piece of crap Ipad.
    F*^# You Steve jobs.

  • Mikie

    Yup, it’s big ipod… why would anyone want to view movie on a tiny 2 inch screen???? The ipad is great for what it’s intended for. Email, Web, Reader… etc. If you want computing you use you Macbook… simple.

    I’ll bet lots of Apple bashers would crap on it if it did tricks… Go back to your Microsoft touch device like the tiny HTC.. it does so much more hahahaha…

  • Mikie

    Actually after reading some of the comments here it occurs to me some of the issues/problems are of the owners own making… stupid user syndrome. You have to know how to load it and what to load to use it. You also have to read.

  • Jessie P

    Got one for Xmas, even though I expressed serious reticence. Just as I suspected: useless. My MacBook does everything the iPad does, but much more ergonomically—and cheaply. I don’t want to have to buy little bloblets of the internet just because they’re “cool looking”. Great, I can purchase an impressive-looking periodic table for $14. Uh… okay. Why do I need this? Lets see: the free NYT app is unreadable b.c. it’s so small and doesn’t zoom. I stream videos on my laptop-which is larger and doesn’t require stamina to watch a 2 hour movie. I don’t read books electronically. I don’t need another gaming system. The email interface blows. As does the horrendo, hunt and peck, touch keyboard. And I’m not sure where and when I’m supposed to use it. Am I to schlep it to work? Even if I had time during the day, and I didn’t have access to, you know, a computer and internet, my office doesn’t have WiFi. So, the subway? I’d prefer not to get mugged if I can avoid it. And at home, I’ve got the laptop, on which I can do multiple things: listen to Pandora, check email, and write bitchy comments about the iPad. Please, someone tell me what this thing is for. I’ve got to be missing something.

  • Eldaria

    @Jessie P
    Put it on eBay and buy something else, or If you have kids, install DoodleBuddy.
    I did not get an iPad and propably won’t, the only use I can find for it is for the children games for my 2 year old. But then it would be way to expensive. So nope I will skip it.

  • Anonymous

    NEVER Buy an iPad. It is only an expensive toy. You CANNOT do anything serious with it at all, unless you jailbreak it.
    You can buy an adapter and connect it to your beamer or TV. Works perfectly up to the moment you want to watch a film you purchased on iTunes (Sucks also by the way). Then it blocks the output and tells you “protected video is not authorised for this screen”.

    You see? It sucks!!! Total waste of money! Get an Android Pad that is open and you can just plug it to your computer, use it as an external drive, open the files you moved to the tablet ON THE TABLET ITSELF (witch you cannot on the iPad unless you jailbreak it).

    As a Mac-User I had expectations for the iPad. I say expectations, because I see no use whatsoever in this device now!

  • …and don’t forget you HAVE TO go through itunes to get anything onto your ipad…so don’t talk about stupid user syndrome rather talk about USELESS LIMITING software like itunes and the STUPID apple designers including Jobs who created the HANDCUFFS well all call itunes…so if you really want to talk about stupid user syndrome then explain that that’s how apple sees all of us: as stupid users…the fact is that it’s YOU and people at apple that are the stupid ones not us 🙂