As usual, Apple event started with Steve Jobs throwing some big numbers in our face: 250 million iPods sold, 284 retail stores that saw over 250 million visitors, 140,000 apps, 3 billion applications downloaded, all this wrapped in some exciting adjectives such as “amazing”, “exciting”, “wonderful”, “phenomenal”, “incredible”, etc… Uncle Steve sure knows how to warm up a crowd!

Let’s cut to the chase. Here is everything you need to know about the iPad.

The Name

Well, we already know… It’s called iPad, and not iSlate!

The Stats

  • 0.5-inches thin
  • 1.5 pounds.
  • Thinner and lighter than any netbook
  • 9.7-inch IPS display
  • Powered by Apple’s own chip: the A4
  • 1GHz
  • 16, 32, or 64GB of flash storage
  • Wifi 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

The OS

  • ???
  • Nothing was really said except that the new iPhone SDK (complete with support for the iPad) will be available today.

The Features

  • accelerometer
  • compass
  • speaker
  • mic
  • dock connector
  • syncs to your computer just like an iPhone
  • no Flash support


  • 10 hours of battery life
  • a month of stand-by life

What about my old iPhone apps?

  • the iPad can run all your iPhone apps – unmodified
  • developers can take full advantage of the large touchscreen display in the iPad (aka make better looking apps)


  • iBook: an ebook reader – bye bye Kindle. Apple has deals with major publishers and is launching an iBook Store.
  • iWork – the revisited version with improved UI

3G Network

  • Exclusive carrier is AT&T
  • 250MB per month for $14.99
  • Unlimited for $29.99 (just like the iPhone)
  • Free use of AT&T wifi hotspots
  • No plan, it’s pay-as-you-go, you can cancel anytime
  • iPad 3G models are unlocked
  • Uses new GSM micro SIMs


  • A dock (probably very expensive) for your keyboard
  • A case


  • 16GB is $499
  • 16GB 3G is $629
  • 32GB is $599
  • 32GB 3G is $729
  • 64GB is $699
  • 64GB 3G is $829

Available when?

  • the iPad will start shipping in 60 days
  • the iPad 3G will start shipping in 90 days

That’s about all I could catch from the presentation. I might have missed a few things, so feel free to feel in the blanks if I forgot anything. I’m currently in Bali and I’ve stayed up all night. It’s 4am here and I need some sleep.

A big thank you to gdgt for the images and the amazing live blogging coverage.

My quick thoughts about the iPad? I’m not impressed. At all! This is nothing more than a big iPhone. What do you think about the iPad? I look forward to reading your comments when I get up in about 18 hours 😉

  • Jacob

    I agree with you! I am not impressed either 🙂 iPad=sucks for the optional price.

  • NoThx

    Bye bye Kindle? I think not. $259 for a Kindle, free wireless sync anywhere, with books at $9.99 compared to the larger iPod with the SAME FEATURES for $629 (plus the $14.99 to $30 per month AT&T fee, of course), with books at $14.99?

    I like my money in my wallet, thanks.


  • Juan


    Not impressed. You forgot to mention there is no multi-tasking, just like their other iDevices. Which means jailed to the AppStore which then means there’ll be jailbreak team.

    Good write up Seb!

  • Emac

    It’s a he’ll if alot more than a kindle. Fools. Take your money with you to the grave you cheep bastard. Or do u only make 18 dollars an hour.

  • Brian

    LOL..wait..just a “big iphone”….Did I miss something? The IPAD will work as a PHONE and allow you to make calls?

    I must have missed that part…is that true? You CAN or CANT use it as a phone?

    I know it has wifi and another model with both wifi and 3g to be used with at&t with $14.99 and $29.99 per month data plans with no contract.

    But where did it say this can be used as a PHONE?

    To me, it looks like an overpriced crossover between an ITOUCH, KINDLE (e-book reader), NETBOOK.

    I certainly will not be rushing out to buy one, but I am sure multi millions of others will…The low end model for $499 is far too basic….your still looking at around $800 for the ‘real deal’ model…Not me!!

    • @Brian No, there is no phone in the iPad. It’s a giant iPod Touch if you prefer

  • OhJesus


    You get paid to do this shit? Shame. You make tons of grammatical and spelling mistakes. And, what you’re reporting is typically copied from other sources. You just throw in your opinion and call it original.

    @Brian – $499 model is too basic? WTF? It’s exactly the same. Only difference is less memory and no 3G. You want more, you pay more.

    Jesus Christ. Cry babies. I’m glad Apple will make millions off of this just to shit in your cereal.

  • andrew

    I agree with OhJesus, what a load of crap. Sebastien, who will tweet about the iPad till the cows come home, yet not truly ‘get’ it. Wow.

    As usual, many of the people, like Sebastien, that don’t ‘get’ it, will end up getting one anyway. I think this device fits perfectly in between the 2 categories, and will also be a great device for my Mom and Dad who are seniors. There’s a market for this. A huge one. You just watch….

    ANd without Flash. Thank God!

  • Brian

    @Brian No, there is no phone in the iPad. It’s a giant iPod Touch if you prefer

    Thats what I thought. An overpriced crossover (in my opinion) of an ITOUCH, KINDLE, NETBOOK.

    I’m not impressed….Far too many features left off this device……10 hours of battery time? LOL….I can almost guarantee that if you are using wifi, 3g or doing anything other then maybe just looking at it, it will chew up that battery far faster then 10 hours.

    I’m disappointed….COULD have been an awesome device, but how could they leave out so many features that they KNOW everybody has been waiting on for their iphones…..I was almost certain these missing IPHONE FEATURES everybody wants and have been asking for would have been included in the tablet (oops..IPAD…Heck, I dont even like the…but nope..they left out all of these features that they know people want and like. I’m almost shocked they left out so many features……So, not a phone….better then an itouch, but then again, an itouch slips into a pocket pretty easily…I dont see the ipad fitting in too many pockets which means something else to lug around…..Not as good as a netbook either……Not gonna be a kindle killer….$259 for a Kindle, free wireless sync anywhere, with books at $9.99 compared to the larger iPod with the SAME FEATURES for $629 (plus the $14.99 to $30 per month AT&T fee, of course), with books at $14.99?…..Although no doubt it is ‘nicer’ then the kindle…….And no doubt they will sell like hotcakes….Too many apple fanatics that MUST have ‘everything apple’ and be first to get their new stuff..and far too many people that can afford to spend $600 – $800 for a….Not even sure what to call it………They wont be selling one to me though….Perhaps if they kept the pricing where it is AND added in about 15 missing features, then maybe I would be interested in buying one, but what an EPIC fail to HYPE this product as much as it was hyped and then leave out features EVERYBODY WANTED and has been begging for since the very 1st iphone….I am really shocked they left out as much as they did…….But again, no doubt people will be lined up at the apple stores the 1st day they go on sale and no doubt they will sell TONS of these…..But again, not me…..I’ll be smart…..Within weeks to months of it officialy being on the market, Several things may occur…..Apple drops the price….They always do on almost every product screwing the early buyers…..Newer model hits the market for same price or less AND with MORE features……Do people think this will be the only IPAD model? of course not, they are already working on the next one…..I will wait and pick one up CHEAP on craigs list…there will be plenty for sale in no time…And wait til they release the next model…..This model may be able to be bought for $50 after the next model is released…..

  • Nothing to do with being impressed: I’m pleased.

  • Brian

    OhJesus said:

    You get paid to do this shit? Shame. You make tons of grammatical and spelling mistakes. And, what you’re reporting is typically copied from other sources. You just throw in your opinion and call it original.

    @Brian – $499 model is too basic? WTF? It’s exactly the same. Only difference is less memory and no 3G. You want more, you pay more.

    Jesus Christ. Cry babies. I’m glad Apple will make millions off of this just to shit in your cereal.

    First, shame on you…Sebastions blog is AWESOME..and if you dont like it, then what the hell are you doing here? Feel free to get lost and dont let the door hit your on your arse on the way out….Did you drown when placed in the Gene pool or something?

    You are aware that we are entitled to our opinions? Or does this only relate to you?

    Why so spiteful? ‘You hope they will sell millions just to SHIT IN OUR CEREAL’?? LMAO….Do you always wish bad things on people for no reason at all?

    And guess what Mr “I lost my place in line when they were handing out brains”, I KNOW APPLE will sell MORE then MILLIONS of these!! Since I do equities for a living and have been in apple along with all my clients I put in apple many years ago when everybody thought apple was soon to be dead and buried will not be shitting in our cereal….we will be rejoicing at the ungodly GAINS/PROFITS Apple has provided to its investors.

    No, I will NOT by an IPAD and NO I am NOT impressed with it at all……But yes, they WILL sell a ton of these (to numnuts like you) and I and all my clients will be THRILLED as we rake in our profits.

    Now, may I suggest that if you dont like Sebastion or his blog that you get lost. You sure do look like an ASSHOLE showing up on a blog to rag on the author as well as the blog…..If you dont like it, why are you here other then to make an ass of yourself? And yes, that is what you are doing……

  • Willy

    Don’t feed the trolls!!!

    Great blog, love this site!!!

    Ya this device isn’t that great….just one big iTouch…and more monthly fees for AT&T….boo!!!!

  • amit

    hang on, isnt my iphone better than this….

  • Nick

    Dint listen to these suckers, Sebastian. You did great!

  • @OhJesus A few things to answer your critics.
    1. I’m French and it’s no secret to the people who read this blog. Even though I live in the States now, my English is not perfect. Excuse my French! Besides, as I said in the blog post, I’m traveling and I had to stay up all night to write this and keep myself updated about the event.
    2. What I report are the words from Steve Jobs’ mouth or Phil Schiller themselves. So yes indeed a few sites will most likely use the same verbatim. Additionally, I think I made it pretty clear that a lot of the credit for this post was going to gdgt.
    3. Finally, when it comes to news events, you can really do much more but reporting, and give your opinion, which is exactly what I did.

    @Everybody-who-took-my-defense You guys rule. Thanks for your support 🙂

  • Mark

    Sebastian, your blog is really awesome! I am English and have been living in France for more then 20 years. I wish my written French was half as good as yours. Keep the good work and ignore the haters.

  • Kris M

    Dude, it’s frickin sweet. Of course it’s a big iPhone, that’s the point!

  • Yeah! It’s a “BIG” iPhone and a little bit pricey! Sometimes we really don’t know how to react with these kind of ideas, hahah.

  • Carlos

    Sebastien your blog is the best, so dont even bother with ppl like that.
    Like everybody else said is just an Ipod touch nothing else, dont compare it with a notebook cuz u CANT install software besides(iwork).
    If you aré giving me such a nice display why arent i able to work on Photoshop right on it and then show it. As for it right now its like a big personal big@ss agenda(calendar,contacts, etc) with music/vídeos :/
    Plus it seems that is goin to be very difficult to type on-the-go since u won’t be able to reach all the keys with your thumbs, I live in NYC and we spend around 1-2 hrs on the train, how are we gonna type?? Just imagine an iPod touch the size of a page on your lap and you tryin to type :/

  • M.

    Seriosly, this thing ís terrible. Who even wants anything like this: Too small to replace a computer, too big to replace a smartphone. And how should this catch a netbook owner’s eye if the price tag is just laughably high compared to netbooks(and that’s one of their main advantages).

    I’m pretty sure the HP tablet will be just as good and most likely a lot cheaper. There’s not a single new feature(No, iBooks aren’t a feature, they are just some pathetic attempt to introduce something “new”…

    Apple failed today, but Im positive that we will see a much better version of this shiny wreck in a couple of yours…

    A rather disappointed iPhone owner

  • Eddie

    Ah… trolls, what would the Internet be without them. @ohjesus: at least Sebastian is earning money for his well-deserving posts unlike you who is writing crap for free.

    As for the iPad..
    – Shitty name, sounds like a feminine hygiene product
    – display looks amazing
    – surprisingly cheap (at least to me, compare it to other products or book readers that do nothing. It’s even cheaper to own than an iPhone
    – no multitasking or flash pretty shitty

    I think the ipad is cool but does not deserve a “revolutionary” product tag, but I do think the iPhone and it’s OS do. Furthermore, I predict it will sell way less than the iPhone since it only has use among a very small percentage of the market demographic.

    Anyhow, good job Sebastian. For all the stupid haters, haven’t you noticed that ALL media use references and other sources? All the way from Blogs like this one, gizmodo, and engadget to the wall street journal.

  • iverge

    Thanks for posting the info in an easy to read and understand manner. I appreciate your blog and my iphone is all the better for it. Thank you.

    Please don’t listen to the haters… some people are happy just being miserable.

  • I just woke up after a 2 hour nap. First thing I do is check the comments on this article. I am so flattered by all your nice comments about the blog, despite 1 or 2 detractors. Thanks a zillion for your support. I do all this for you and reading all the good things you say about my blog is the best rewards I can get. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • @LappyGirl

    First (and most importantly, IMO) I have to agree with others- this blog is awesome. I’ve made no secret of the fact that @SebastienPage is my go to guy for all things iPhone! (He’s the master if you decide to jailbreak) So what other site would I check to read up in the iPad? If you don’t like his blog, don’t read it.

    Now, the iPad. I must admit that I already have plans to purchase a MacBook this spring/summer, so the new tablet would have had to have been spectacular to change my mind. Maybe I’m disappointed because it DIDN’T sway me. Honestly, yes it’s cool looking, yes the features are cool as well, but what (other than size & 3G) does it have that an iPod Touch doesn’t? iBooks? There are tons of eBook readers in the App Store and lots are
    free. I’d rather read eBooks on my iPhone because I can slip it in my pocket or purse easily. If I wanted to lug around a 10 inch square, I’d buy the physical book.

    That’s not to say it won’t be successful. I’m sure Apple will sell tons. As an iPhone owner, I personally don’t need or want a separate eBook reader, be it the Kindle or Sony version. I read more books than anyone I know, and that includes eBooks. I like that I have a single product that allows me to make calls, check email, surf the net, listen to music, take photos, read books, etc… But to each their own! Amazon has sold a crazy amount of Kindles and so has Sony.

    There is definately a market for such a device, I just don’t want one. There are many people who
    feel differently and will buy it. Some would buy anything with an Apple Logo, sure, but some are just really excited about it. Saying it won’t sell is ludicrous, but I honestly, I don’t think the iPad is the revolutionary device Jobs insists it is.

    Maybe when it is released and I actually get to play with one at the Apple Store, I’ll change my mind and have to buy it. I’ll be sure to let you know if that happens.

    PS- I have 35 years of speaking and writing English (I’m 35 years old) and I’m kind of OCD about spelling and grammar. I probably have a million errors in my post because I typed this on my iPhone. After owning all 3 iPhones, I still suck at using the keyboard well. So if the guy who bashed Sebastien for his mistakes wants to bash me too, go ahead. I have thick skin and couldn’t care less. If that’s what you need to do to make yourself feel special, have at it. 🙂

  • I’m one of those who feel the iPad is the right tool for the job.
    This blogpost was the first opportunity I had to come to this blog. From it, I get a rather positive impression. So I’ll join my voice to those of other people who say Sébastien does a good job. And I’m not just saying that as a French-speaker.
    For one thing, it seems to attract (apart from the usual troll or two) a crowd of thoughtful people. That’s important. We’re talking about a device, here, not about a tricky political issue.

    So, getting back to the iPad… Or, almost…
    Some background.
    I’m an anthropologist. I keep a lot of notes and work in a variety of contexts.
    I’ve used a number of PDAs, over the years, from a Newton MessagePad 130 (1997) to a variety of PalmOS devices (until 2008).
    As soon as I’ve heard about the SafariPad, I wanted one. As soon as I learnt about the iPod touch, I needed one. I’ve been an intense ‘touch user since the iPhone OS 2.0 release and I’m a happy camper.
    (A major reason I never bought an iPhone, apart from price, is that it requires a contract.)

    In my experience, the ‘touch is the most appropriate device for all sorts of activities which are either part of an other activity (reading during a commute) or are simply too short in duration to constitute a “computer session.” You don’t “sit down to work at your ‘touch” the way you might sit in front of a laptop or desktop screen.
    In those cases, the iPod touch is almost ideal. Ubiquitous access to Internet would be nice, but that’s not a deal-breaker. Alternative text-input methods would help in some cases, but I do end up being about as fast on my ‘touch as I was with Graffiti on PalmOS.
    For other tasks, I have a Mac mini. Sure, it’s limited. But it does the job. In fact, I have no intention of switching for another desktop and I have an eMachines collecting dust (which is too noisy to make a good server instead). What I miss, though, is a laptop. I used an iBook G3 for several years and loved it. For a little while later, I was able to share a MacBook with somebody else and it was a wonderful experience. I even got to play with the OLPC XO for a few weeks. Not so pleasant an experience but it did give me a taste for netbooks.
    I’ve been laptop-less for a while, now. And though my ‘touch replaces it in many contexts, there are still times when I’d really need a laptop. And these have to do with what I might call “mobile sessions.”

    For instance: liveblogging a conference or meeting. I’ve used my ‘touch for this very purpose on a good number of occasions. But it gets rather uncomfortable, after a while, and it’s not very fast. A laptop is better for this, with a keyboard. But the iPad will be even better because of lower risks of RSI. A related example: just imagine TweetDeck on iPad.

    Possibly my favourite example of a context in which the iPad will be ideal: presentations. Even before learning about the possibility of getting iWork on a tablet, presentations were a context in which I really missed a laptop.
    Sure, in most cases these days, there’s a computer (usually a desktop running XP) hooked to a projector. You just need to download your presentation file from Slideshare, show it from Prezi, or transfer it through USB. No biggie. But it’s not the extra steps which change everything. It’s the uncertainty. Even if it’s often unfounded, I usually get a fear that something will just not work, along the way. And it might not show the same way you see it because something is missing on that computer or it’s simply using a different version of the presentation software. In fact, that software is typically Microsoft PowerPoint which, while convenient, fits much less in my workflow than does Keynote.
    The other big thing about presentations is the “presenter mode,” allowing you to get more content than (or different content from) what the audience sees. In most contexts where I’ve used someone else’s computer to do a presentation, the projector was mirroring the computer’s screen, not using it as a different space. PowerPoint has this convenient “presenter view” but very rarely did I see it as an available option on “the computer in the room.” I wish I could use my ‘touch to drive presentations, which I could do if I installed software on that “computer in the room.” But it’s not something that is likely to happen, in most cases.
    A MacBook solves all of these problems. and it’s an obvious use for laptops. But how, then, is the iPad better? Basically because of interface. Switching slides on a laptop isn’t hard, but it’s more awkward than we realize. Even before watching the demo of Keynote on the iPad, I could simply imagine the actual pleasure of flipping through slides using a touch interface. The fit is “natural.”
    I sincerely think that Keynote on the iPad will change a number of things, for me. Including the way I teach.

    Then, there’s reading. Now, I’m not one of those people who just can’t read on a computer screen. In fact, I even grade assignments directly from the screen. But I must admit that online reading hasn’t been ideal, for me. I’ve read full books as PDF files or dedicated formats on PalmOS, but it wasn’t so much fun, in terms of the reading process. And I’ve used my ‘touch to read things through Stanza or ReadItLater. But it doesn’t work so well for longer reading sessions. Even in terms of holding the ‘touch, it’s not so obvious. And, what’s funny, even a laptop isn’t that ideal, for me, as a reading device. In a sense, this is when the keyboard “gets in the way.”
    Sure, I could get a Kindle. I’m not a big fan of dedicated devices and, at least on paper, I find the Kindle a bit limited for my needs. Especially in terms of sources. I’d like to be able to use documents in a variety of formats and put them in a reading list, for extended reading sessions. No, not “curled up in bed.” But maybe lying down in a sofa without external lighting. Given my experience with the ‘touch, the iPad is very likely the ideal device for this.

    Then, there’s the overall “multi-touch device” thing. People have already been quite creative with the small touchscreen on iPhones and ‘touches, I can just imagine what may be done with a larger screen. Lots has been said about differences in “screen real estate” in laptop or desktop screens. We all know it can make a big difference in terms of what you can display at the same time. In some cases, two screens isn’t even a luxury, for instance when you code and display a page at the same time (LaTeX, CSS…). Certainly, the same qualitative difference applies to multitouch devices. Probably even more so, since the display is also used for input. What Han found missing in the iPhone’s multitouch was the ability to use both hands. With the iPad, Han’s vision is finding its space.

    Oh, sure, the first iPad is very restricted. For instance, it’s easy to imagine how much more useful it’d be if it did support multitasking with third-party apps. And a front-facing camera is something I was expecting in the first iPhone. It would just make so much sense that a friend seems very disappointed by this lack of videoconferencing potential. But we’re probably talking about predetermined expectations, here. We’re comparing the iPad with something we had in mind.

    Then, there’s the issue of the competition. Tablets have been released and some multitouch tablets have recently been announced. What makes the iPad better than these? Well, we could all get in the same OS wars as have been happening with laptops and desktops. In my case, the investment in applications, files, and expertise that I have made in a Mac ecosystem rendered my XP years relatively uncomfortable and me appreciate returning to the Mac. My iPod touch fits right in that context. Oh, sure, I could use it with a Windows machine, which is in fact what I did for the first several months. But the relationship between the iPhone OS and Mac OS X is such that using devices in those two systems is much more efficient, in terms of my own workflow, than I could get while using XP and iPhone OS. There are some technical dimensions to this, such as the integration between iCal and the iPhone OS Calendar, or even the filesystem. But I’m actually thinking more about the cognitive dimensions of recognizing some of the same interface elements. “Look and feel” isn’t just about shiny and “purty.” It’s about interactions between a human brain, a complex sensorimotor apparatus, and a machine. Things go more quickly when you don’t have to think too much about where some tools are, as you’re working.

    So my reasons for wanting an iPad aren’t about being dazzled by a revolutionary device. They are about the right tool for the job.

  • Jacob

    @Alexandre Enkerli :

    I agree with you that there are many people out there like you think it is perfect for some job which can be done easily with a better laptop/netbook that comes cheaper that this “iPad”. Yeah, you are right you wont get that “multi-touch” feeling and “virtual” keybaoard with those better devices. For these features you need to spend some extra bucks and make Steve Jobs richer.

    I am a computer technician and I do that for living. I have been using iPhone ever since they released 3G version and then moved to 3GS as soon as they released it. Being a PC user for 15+ years, after using iPhone 3GS I have decided that I will never by a PC again. My next computer will be an iMac for sure. I agree that Apple has better computers compared to PC. But, having said that, being a Technical person, I cannot live with the stock iPhone as it SUCKS!!! BIG TIME!!! apple has restricted this beatiful device with lot of craps. You cannot surf with flas enabled websites, you cannot customize your phone’s appearance, you cannot use more than one application at the same time, bla bla bla. Why???? when this device is capable for doing all these, why Steve Jobs cannot activate these features on the phone? We have paid or being paid over the years a premium amount for this device and we have to use it as Steve Job decides? come on!!!

    All these people here says iPad sucks, exactly knows, it is because this has the same OS as in iphone aka. No multitasking, no flash, no customization (always boring same scenery) etc and more. Therefore, people like me will never spend 900 bucks on a piece of crap like tampax (excuse me, I mean iPad, lmao) because we know how to spend that 900 bucks wisely on other useful things!

    So go ahead get one and enjoy it if that is going to fulfill your requirement. In fact Sebastien also going to get on for his fiancee :O



  • Polemicist

    WOW… I’m speechless … no wonder this thing has a good battery life … It isn’t a phone and the battery is bigger…

    Like I said in the earlier post … HP Tablet looks good to me … Windows 7 shows much more promise … For a Mac fanboy to say that is sacrilege and I really do mean it… *sighs*

  • Polemicist

    Oh and Sebastien your blog rocks…

  • slowhand


    What’s wrong with people…?
    I’m sorry if I’m being repititive – but Sebastien, this blog is friggin sweet -> you are my number one source for new developments regarding everythnig surrounding the “Big Apple” ;-).
    I realize it takes a hell of a lot of work to gather all the information you have on here and to be as precise and as well informed as you are.
    So: tip of the hat to you, my friend!

    Regarding the iPad – yeah… Not impressed either…
    But, to be honest, I didn’t see the point of that thing from the beginning.
    I mean, I have an iPhone… And I have a laptop… What do I need some kind of compromise between the two for?
    I’m not into games – and if I want a game, I get it for my laptop.
    PLUS: if I wanna read a book – guess what – I buy a BOOK! I realize, that’s pretty radical…

    Rock on, guys!

  • Albion

    Hello all.

    Ipad is a joke is just another way to show u how a big company has come a long way to be as succesful as it is with ways not by pleasing the consumer but with fine strategy and ways that they only have masterd so well.

    Apple has become a joke and a big dissapiontment to all of us who still have the reasoning and the logic to clearly see that everything they do is a big ripp off. Is allmost as they have made a deal with other competitors for awhile to take turns into squizeing hundreds of dollars from milions of people, until somebodys else turn comes.

    My friends don’t be stupid and spend your money for something that u don’t really need. U have a loptop or a mini notebook, u have a phone or an iPod that’s really more that what u need, buying an ipad is a waste of your dollars, no matter how much u have or how rich u are it’s still a stupidity or waste of your money to buy everything that comes out there, especialy the ipad.

    Ps: sebastien since most of the people have given their opinion about u and your work I’ll give mine.
    U are a good and smart guy, have done a great work to bring here all types of caracters and that’s what makes a blog interesting. Good and up to date information, interesting topics, good moderation.
    Keep it up and u soon should hire someone like yourself to give us often more material.

  • Its looking good, but i guess it have nothing new to offer. Those who are interested in ebook and those who travel lot will definitely look into it. I prefer iPhone than this since its more compact and can be used as a phone;)

  • plase use “READ MORE”, your home-site is crashing my loadingtime and scrollbar…

  • amit

    now would be the right time for microsoft to make a multi touch windows 7 tablet that has OLED screen, 128gb storage, USB SLOTS!! and sim card slot.

    but they wont…

  • Brian

    Rock on Sebastien. GREAT BLOG….just ignore the idiots who come here to rag on you because their life is so fullfilling they have nothing better to do.

    Love your blog…….

    Some good discussion about the ipad right now……Mostly negative, but also some positives. I like the fact that other then 1 or 2 ASSWIPES, we can all get along and discuss things like adults, even if our opinions differ.

    I have more negative opinions about the IPAD then I can count. But I very much enjoy reading the positive comments…Alexander (the anthropologist?) had a very good post I thoroughly enjoyed and it even opened my eyes to 1 or 2 points I was missing…..

    Knowledge is free and one can never have too much…

    Keep up the good work on the blog and just ignore the idiots that show up here for the wrong reasons……

    Peace dude…..glad You are having a great trip……stay safe…have fun….and make sure you get that pretty gal of yours an IPAD..then you can earn some ‘brownie points’ and then just borrow hers and be able to say you didnt buy one for yourself ;>)

    And I’ll say it one more time….I think the IPAD is simply a way overpriced itouch on steroids and I personally do not see any valid reason to get one unless it is dirt cheap….but, I have no doubt that APPLE will sell TONS of these…..That is one reason we will be able to buy one CHEAP…….The apple fanatics that must have everything apple and have it right away, will do what they always do….Buy this as soon as it hits the market and then sell it when a newer/better version comes out.

    I remember when people said you will never be able to buy a 1st gen 8GIG ITOUCH used for $100. LMAO…Really? In my area, you can now buy the 2nd gen 32gig itouch for LESS then $100.

    Ipad will be no different. 1 day I will likely own an IPAD that somebody else paid $800 for and I’ll bet I get it for LESS then $100….But, I’ll still wait for the 2nd or 3rd version that will have more features..they too will be able to be bought cheap a few months after initial release….I guess we can thank the apple fanatics, as if it werent for them, we would not be able to buy used iphones, itouches and etc, for 1/10th the original buying price…..And as a licensed financial planner and long term owner of apple stock (and options), I am very thankful for all the apple fanatics that will buy as soon as they are available and I do mean that sincerely……

  • alex

    I want to use it as an appliance portable media player, MythTV h264 PVR extension, ZoneMinder terminal, breakfast reading Slashdot, next to the fridge, partly remote, partly toaster… That kind of thing. I dig it. More importantly my wife will dig it, when she’ll realize she can get it to bed, instead of me.

  • Matt

    I kind of wish apple had made a nice netbook instead.

  • Tamika

    I just don’t get it, why does Apple make you pay for wifi services when they come on laptops for free? It’s not a phone, so why is there a plan associated with it? Waste of money as long as I have to pay for wifi services that I can get for free on both my laptop and my phone (which happens to be an HTC Hero that you can customize as your own with tons of free apps). If I still have to carry it around and it can’t fit in my pocket, I might as well keep my laptop as well as my $75 plan on my phone in which everything is unlimited (data plan, wifi, mobile to mobile calls, sprint navigation, etc etc).