I’m glad Apple will finally unveil its new iSlate, iTab, iPad, or whatever it will be called tomorrow because I cannot stand all these “rumors” and “leaks” anymore.

Within the last few weeks every Apple-related blog has been leaking some rumors that are mostly unfounded and that only serve one goal: generating traffic to their sites. I don’t know if you noticed, but I didn’t post such article once because I don’t want to drag my lovely readers (that’s you) into these pointless conversations.

These websites spreading the rumors or leaks seldom make predictions though. They don’t, because predictions are your own opinions and they can be held accountable for them in case they are wrong.

I like to make predictions. Unlike most major iPhone blogs out there, I don’t have an editor watching over my shoulder and I can say whatever I want. If I am wrong, well, I’m wrong. The world doesn’t stop! If I’m right though (which I usually am), then no big deal either; I’ll just be in your face saying “I told you so” 😉

I made 10 predictions for the iPhone in 2010 at the beginning of the month and I stand behind these. Today, I’d like to make 5 predictions for tomorrow’s Apple event.

1. The Tablet Name

First things first. The name of this tablet. The rumors call it the iSlate. I really think iSlate is a terrible name. It just doesn’t sound right. To me it sounds like some torture instrument used by Iraqi insurgents. I have no idea what it could be called but my prediction is that it will not be called the iSlate. Apple has much more class than that.

2. The OS

Everyone is excited about OS 4.0. See, the iPhone OS and the tablet OS are pretty much the same so releasing OS 4.0 for the tablet tomorrow would mean releasing OS 4.0 for the iPhone too. Then what would Apple have to unveil for the iPhone in June? Just new hardware? No! I predict that the tablet will run OS 3.2. OS 4.0 will not be available until June or July of this year, when Apple announces the new iPhone.

3. The Launch Date

Don’t expect to get yourself a tablet anytime for the next few months. While many people think the tablet will be available for sale right away, I predict it won’t be available for a few months. If I had to give a date, I would say April 2010.

4. The Network

I’m really not sure about this one but I think Apple will go with Verizon. My heart tells me Apple will choose Verizon, but my head tells me they want to stick with AT&T. Which one should I listen to? Ok, I have to make a decision, I say Verizon!

5. AT&T’s iPhone Exclusivity

There has been many rumors saying that AT&T will lose the iPhone exclusivity tomorrow. I don’t think so. I believe this event is about the tablet, not the iPhone. Even if Apple chooses Verizon for the tablet, it doesn’t mean it will drop AT&T for the iPhone. I believe that after tomorrow, AT&T will remain the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US.

Enough with that I think. Now I want to hear what YOU think. If you think I’m wrong, please explain why. If you have more predictions to make, please feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below.

  • antonio

    “No! I predict that the tablet will run OS 3.2. OS 4.0 will not be available until June or July of this year, when Apple announces the new iPhone.”

    You think Steve will present the biggest thing of his life with a mere 3.2 release instead of 4.0? Don´t think so.

    I can agree with the second part of what you say, because when people talk about OS 4.0 tomorow, it´s about it´s announcement, not it´s release. Release can happen in June, but tomorow we would see a first look, and the first beta/SDK would be released

  • Colten

    When you guys talk about the tablet, are u talking about a new iPhone?

  • Matt

    I hope they don’t choose AT&T or verizon. I’m with tmo. Any rate I cannot wait until tomorrow. I think the os will be some form of iPhone os but not 4.0. We will see

  • urgh.. i don’t get the point, is this an apple convention about iphones or mac in general? (i’m not an english guy)

  • Polemicist

    I second the motion about the name… iSlate goes hard up against the HP Slate which from what I’ve seen may do a serious apple arse kick. Heck Notion Ink’s Adam running Android might even given it a good kick.

    It will run 4.0 cause it won’t be released until at least June (if it comes out in April I see a lot of rewrites of software trying to fix the “issues” that come up) and 4.0 will have the form factor for large screen devices as already discussed here. June is when a number of other tablets are proposed to be put on the market (including the ones I’ve just mentioned I do believe) and lets be honest … Apple is at the mercy of the factories when it comes to release timeframes …

    And since I’m in Australia the network doesn’t matter to me.

    I’ll add another prediction… 3 months after it is released stable working jail breaks will be released. 🙂 Maybe even quicker…

  • McMacMcGee

    This hype is getting stupid. Seriously, it’s just a bigger iphone – BIG DEAL. Everyone wants this tablet but I doubt even 30% of the dorks crying for one will even buy it. For one, it’ll be a million dollars. The iPhone is already ~$700 without contract. Macbook Air doesn’t seem to be doing too well so what makes everyone think a tablet will be any better. My guess, it’ll be a 10″ Macbook Air Touch Pro 4Gs with a swivel or slide screen and touch capabilities…but done in a very Apple innovative way and super thin. I think people will still want a physical keyboard and a USB 3.0 port or two.

  • Hey Sebastian the nexus 1 rocks dude, since I started using it I adore it. Not looking back at mg iPhone, the speed cannot be compared. Waiting for your blog. I am a noobie, LOL!

  • Fernando

    i agree about the name of the i slate , its just not right.
    i also believe that it won’t be 3.2 instead 3.1.3 , i would like 3.2 but let just face the reality .

    i would like that apple focuses just a little on iphone , iphone 4.0 software

  • ya me too guys……