I had heard several times about Sn0wBreeze but I never really paid attention to it because it seemed to be one of these tools that would never get out of beta. I was wrong!

Today I received a couple emails from readers of the blog with more info about Sn0wBreeze, and Thomas even sent me a pretty detailed tutorial (thanks Thomas).

Sn0wBreeze is a jailbreaking tool developed by some underground developer and from what I understand, it’s pretty much a rip off of Dev Team’s PwnageTool, except it works on Windows. As a side note, it’s important to highlight that the Dev Team came up with an update to RedSn0w (see RedSn0w tutorial here).

Just like PwnageTool, Sn0wBreeze will create a custom firmware for iPhone OS 3.1.2. This is the perfect solution for people who want to upgrade to OS 3.1.2 without updating their baseband.

I haven’t tried this myself but as I said above, I got reports from 2 different people that it works flawlessly. Obviously, you should be cautious if using Sn0wBreeze…

This version of Sn0wbreeze only supports the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS (non MC) as well as the iPod touch 1G and 2G (non MC) so far.

This step-by-step guide and tutorial will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone 3.1.2 by creating a custom firmware with Sn0wBreeze.

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC. If not, download and install it, then reboot your PC.

Step 2: Download Sn0wBreeze as well as the right firmware 3.1.2 for your device from our download page. To make things easier, I suggest you place these 2 files on your desktop.

Step 3: Launch Sn0wBreeze and select “Simple Mode”.

Step 4: SnowBreeze will then ask you to browse for your IPSW file. Click “Browse” and select the 3.1.2 IPSW file you downloaded to your desktop in Step 2.

Step 5: Sn0wBreeze will then verify your IPSW. Click Next to continue.

Step 6: Sn0wBreeze will now ask you if you want to activate your iPhone. If you are on an official carrier (ie. AT&T in the US), say no. If you are not on an official carrier, then click yes.

Step 7: SnowBreeze will now create the custom firmware for your iPhone.

Step 8: Now launch iTunes and we will restore your iPhone using the custom cooked firmware we just created. To do so, hit the SHIFT key on your keyboard while clicking on RESTORE. It’s very important that you hold the SHIFT key while clicking! iTunes will ask you the location of the firmware you want to use to restore your iPhone. Browse for the custom IPSW (most likely on your desktop) and select it.

Step 9: Your iPhone will now be restored using the custom firmware. This might take a while so don’t stress out.

Done! You have successfully jailbroken your iPhone using Sn0wBreeze. Next step for you might be to unlock your iPhone. Follow this guide to figure out how to unlock your iPhone, depending on what model you have.

  • fatih

    hi, first question what is non mc? and also if i jailbreak 3gs when i reboot my device would i need to jailbreak again?


  • Jon

    Will this work with the new bootrom and will it give me the ability to do unteetherd?

  • Dane

    I think. And this is only a guess. That the MC has got something to do with the iPhones model
    My iPhone is only a few weeks old and my model number is MC@@@So on. I jailbroke using blackrain but it is locked to tethered jailbreak only.
    It doesn’t matter which service u use to jailbreak if you have a newish phone your gonna have to use a tethered jailbreak
    so confusing.

    We are basically waiting for the devs or geohot to fix the bootrom. What was the question again???????

  • JohnnyBLanko

    So would u recommend sn0wbreeze over blackra1n? And also i have a jailbroken 3g 3.0 and I want to update to 3.1.2. If I use any of these softwares to update the firmware, would I lose my 100 apps??

  • Juan

    I am fairly certain there is no untether jailbreak available for the new bootrom’s that MODEL number begins with “MC”. Example would be “MC553TT”.

    @JohnnyBlanko I suggest RedSnow over blackpa1n and snowbreeze. Dev team just released the windows version. http://blog.iphone-dev.org/

    @Dane Wait for dev team. geohot is a rouge developer that releases buggy software. Just an opinion.

  • PP

    Still tethered jailbreak…why theybother releasing it

  • thomas

    right when im restoring it after selecting the custom .ipsw it says error 1600 ='( please someone help

  • Alex

    Yeah, I’m getting the same error…….error 1600 after restoring it after selecting the custom .ipsw……someone needs to response to this ASAP!

  • Blisster

    Worked great for me. Thank you!

  • Alex

    Expert Mode does not work. I tried it on simple mode and it worked just fine but they need to fix Expert Mode because I keep on getting the stupid error 1600 on itunes.

  • JohnnyBLanko


    • So true. Honesty and ereyvthing recognized.

  • @Fatih @Jon MC I the two digits with which your model number starts. If it starts with MC, that mean it will still be a tethered jailbreak.

    @JohnnyBLanko I really don’t have a preference for sn0wbreeze because I haven’t personally tried it. I don’t see why you would lose your 100 apps. They are synced with iTunes so you’ll simply get them back next time you sync your iPhone.

    @Thomas @Alex Have you tried putting your iPhone in DFU mode before restoring? That might be the solution to error 1600.


  • will snowbreeze keep me from tethering like im doing now with blackrain on my new 3gs iphone that i just bought and jailed

    from a desparate guy in long beach that likes to shut his iphone off sometimes =(

  • Alex

    @Sebastien…..I tried to put it in DFU mode and it did solve the error 1600 problem but I still get a lot of glitches when installing third party apps as well as the apps from the App Store. Also, I’m getting a lot of problems with Cydia. The Big Boss Repo won’t show up no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall, still the same problem. Personally, I won’t install Sn0wBreeze until I know for a fact that all the glitches / problems have been solved.

  • Alex

    Just read just about every tutorial on here and I went with RedSn0w 9 for the 3GS Windows beta and that works a lot better than this garbage Sn0wBreeze crap! It only took about 10-15 minutes and I didn’t lose anything at all. All my apps are still there, my unlock is still working and EVERYTHING WORKS unlike Sn0wBreeze!!!

    Hey Sebas sup? I read your article on the nexus one where you said you are definitely getting one when you get back to USA. Well well I bought one and its amazing !!! , I am eager to read your http://www.nexusonedownloadblog.com page when do you plan starting that ? …..

    • @Adesh I actually registered http://www.zAndroidBlog.com. I’m still traveling for a few months, but I’ll sure look into the Nexus one when I get home (probably in 6 months or so). So you love your Nexus, huh?

  • Jacob

    My Iphone wont get past preparing for the restore. it only goes to error 1604. Why is it doings this??

  • Alex

    @Jacob……just stick with RedSn0w…is a lot safer and a lot quicker!!

  • Brandon

    took a while to figure out how to get past the errors 1601 and saying not a compatable .ipsw b ut after a couple hours i got it working on my 2gen itouch 3.1.3 firmware..i am noticing some winterboard themes arent working like some video back grounds and supremeprefs 3.0 that did work when i was on 3.1.2 firmware. i dont know if its not working because of sn0wbreeze or just from the firmware update..cydia and rock work just fine for me.

  • Clement.

    Help. Upgraded my 3G iphone from version 2.xxx to 3.1.3 on my iTunes.I found out I count jailbreak using snowbreeze,so I generated custom ipsw file.I was getting error 1604 when I was trying to restore with recovery mode and I was not advised to switch to DFU but I still get a 1600 erro. Installed iReb 3.1.2 but it wont get white screen. I see verion of iReb 3.1-3 is released but cannot find where to download this version. I keep getting older versions. Questions…..is iReb 3.1-3 a solution to my problem and will it alow the custom ipsw file to jailbreak my phone? If so where can I find iReb 3.1-3 download? Please I need help…

  • Florent

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve got an Iphone 3G 3.1.3 and it’s locked – it actually comes from Spain, but I need to put a UAE card sim in it.
    I tried to jaibreak it.
    I downloaded the 3.1.3 firmware, snowbreeze V1.5.2.
    It did create the custom ipsw file but when i try to restore the firmware on the iphone in recovery mode thru iTunes, I always get the 1600 error ID.
    What am i doing wrong?
    I tried so many thing… i am lost.
    Thanks for your help

  • Saurav

    Plz help me…i am getting error code 1604 during restore….plz help i shall really greatful..thank u