Tell me what you have on your dock and I’ll tell you who you are…

The apps you have on your dock can tell a lot about your iPhone usage. As you can see, my dock is pretty standard. I have the mail app, Tweetie 2, Byline and Safari. These are the apps I use the most.

You’ll notice that my is not even there. That’s because I rarely make calls. I’ve come to realize that what I like the most about my iPhone, it’s the ” i “, not so much the “phone“.

What apps do you have in your dock? Why did you choose these?

  • Trace

    SMS, Phone, Safari, Cydia, and iPod.

    Love my dock and theme πŸ™‚

  • Eric

    Phone. Messages. Dragon dictation. Twitterlator pro. Facebook. Yahoo messenger. Mail. Safari. Quicklock. I use infinidock. And my sleep/power button is recessing.

  • Rip

    Mail, WhatsApp, iCabMobile, Byline, Phone and PasteBot.

    I have Infindock installed, hence the 6 apps.

  • Eric

    Oh yeah and my iPod too.

  • Contacts – Safari – Phone – Mail – Stack (with utils) – SMS – Notes – Calculator (yes, using Infinidock)

  • over


  • Kyle

    Phone(because it also is easy access to contacts) irealSMS, mail, safari, calendar. Not much social networking here, mostly business.
    P.S. Anyone found a GREAT calendar to replace the stock one which will sync with Outlook?

  • DaCeige

    Phone. Flashlight. iPod. Safari.

  • Rip

    Kyle. I really like Pocket Informant. You’d need to sync Outlook with GCal first but that could happen automagically, then PI would sync with GCal.

  • lilyrose

    Contacts, Phone, biteSMS, iPod. πŸ™‚

  • vojtacz

    Phone, SMS, Safari, Settings, iPod

  • Gio

    I have phone, store.ireall sms,and whise here

  • Kyle

    @Rip Thanks. That is the one I was looking at but didn’t know if there was anything better. I will spend the $13 for it! Thanks.

  • Jerry

    phone mail text safari ipod

  • Colten

    What is infindock? And where can I find it? I’ve looked in Curia but I couldn’t find it, plz help!!

    Oh and I have the basics: phone caller, mail, safari, and iPod on my dock!

  • Francesco

    I have music, videos, safari, cydia, but i have infidock but i only have four on each page

  • Francesco

    U can find infinidock @ for free Trust me this work iight

  • Jeton

    Phone, Mail, QuickLock, ProSwitcher, Safari, iPod, Flashlight, Instapaper, Tweetie, Calculator.

    10 icons thanks for infinidock! πŸ˜€

    You can have an infinite number if you wish.

  • Colten

    Ok can someone else tell me where I can get infinidock? I went to that repo.beyouriphone crap but it’s a Mexican version of this website. I want to download whateer I need for infinidock. Can I get through installous and if so what web site so I can do it or just how do u do it???

  • tony

    I use springjump folders to launch me to each page; main, media, daily, apps, system and games.

  • Colten

    Hey sebastien, maybe u can’t help me?! How do u get infinidock and where and what are the steps or something to help me out?! Thanks

  • Nick

    Colten, I got infinidock from the rock app store which you can get from cydia. You may be able to get infinidock from cydia directly if you have the right source not sure though I haven’t tried that.

  • Phone – Mail – Calendar – Safari – Spotify

  • AJ

    nothing weird… phone, mail, ipod, safari, facebook

  • Bryan

    Kyle – I use and love Pocket Informant
    My dock (using Infinidoc):
    Page 1 – Camera, Voice Recorder, Phone, Pocket Informant, Dragon Search
    I do change it around. Sometimes I have ProSwitcher and Settings (if I am making a lot of changes to my settup).
    Page 2: Flashlight (Cydia version), Navigon, Around Me, Calculator

  • Bart

    Ipod – mail – SMS – MLIA

  • Polemicist

    Phone SMS Mail Safari iPod

    I tried infinidock and even pogoplank but 5 pages of apps are better sorted on 5 pages in preferential order than any other way.

  • Francesco

    Go to cydia sources add this its in french but then go to infinidock and there’ll be the free version of infinidock if ya’ll want it k

    ps its not a mexican version of this website k

  • Jeton


    You guys really have a hard time understanding what language is the beyouriphone repo.
    One said Mexican, the other French.

    It’s in ITALIAN. πŸ™‚


  • Colten

    Thanks for the source for infinidock it worked. And I really don’t give a damn what language it’s in point is I don’t fucking understand it. So does ANYONE know if there is a way to have more than 4 apps on your springboard like u can on your dock? If so how and where can ya get it? Thanks!!!

  • frogyjer

    Phone, Calendar, Things, Messages. πŸ˜‰