A few weeks ago I wrote an article about some of the features the iPhone is still missing. Today I’d like to take this a bit further and come up with a comprehensive list of features we (you and I) want to see in the next iPhone.

Here is my list (note that it is in no specific order). Please share in the comments what features you want in the next iPhone.

  1. Ability to save attachments
  2. Running apps in the background
  3. A physical keyboard
  4. A better battery
  5. A removabale battery
  6. Multiple carriers
  7. Bluetooth support
  8. Flash
  9. Front facing camera
  10. A 7MP camera
  11. Camera flash
  12. A louder speaker
  13. OLED screen
  14. Radio tuner
  15. iChat support
  16. IR chip for using it as a remote
  17. Pedometer
  18. Show SMS character count
  19. Custom sounds for SMS and email
  20. Themes
  21. Categories or folders
  22. Unified inbox view
  23. Hide/delete native apps
  24. Spell checker
  25. Quick scroll
  26. Action Menu
  27. Better iPod songs management (ie. sorting)
  28. Built in bottle opener

What other features would you add?

  • SellWeek

    I do not need or want 3, 5, 6 (I do not live in USA), 16, 18, 26, 27, 28

  • Eddie

    Disagree with removable battery and physical keyboard. 14,16, and 17 are point less.

    I agree with most of the rest though, and to add to that list: iPhone should be able to view and accept .ics files!!

  • RG

    Ability to save attachments – YES
    Running apps in the background – YES
    A physical keyboard – NOT NEEDED
    A better battery – YES
    A removabale battery – MAYBE
    Multiple carriers – YES
    Bluetooth support – Better support
    Flash – NOT NEEDED
    Front facing camera – YES
    A 7MP camera – Why not 12MP now that we are at it ?
    Camera flash – YES
    A louder speaker – How loud does it needs to be !!
    OLED screen – really ?
    Radio tuner – Please, this is totally unnecesary
    iChat support – YES
    IR chip for using it as a remote – Buy third party
    Pedometer – Man !!! really ?
    Show SMS character count – dumb
    Custom sounds for SMS and email – YES
    Themes – YES
    Categories or folders – YES
    Unified inbox view – YES
    Hide/delete native apps – YES
    Spell checker – it’s a phone !! if you need to spellscheck, use the computer
    Quick scroll – MAYBE
    Action Menu – MAYBE
    Better iPod songs management (ie. sorting) – MAYBE
    Built in bottle opener – CERTAINLY
    Cristal Ball – A MUST !
    10GHz Clock – YES YES PLEASE
    54″ IN WIDE SCREEN – Why has noone consider this before ?
    1/120th” thick – It feels to sturdy right now, they got to get it slimmer !
    $19.95 monthly w/unlimited Data Plan – OFCOURSE !

    sometimes, we loose focus of the requests we make, the reason why it is such a nice platform, is precisely because the manufacturer allows it to do what it knows it can do well price/performance wise.

    Otherwise, Jailbreak it !, you will get just about everything you ask for in the list that is not hardware required.

    NOTHING is going to happen to your jailbroken phone, absolutely nothing if you follow the correct procedures and security measures.

  • Sil

    I would like it to have other color options!

  • Zain Qureshi

    Apple is never going to add any new features except a better camera. 🙁

  • Dylan

    no bottle opener, phisical keyboard, or removable battery. and no need for 7mp camera. u r not gonna zoom the picture to the size of your door, lol. just way better pixel quality and 5mp camera. and no themes. i like jailbreaking. plus apple wont do themes.

  • Dylan

    @RG um.. yes radio. and yes OLED screen.
    Mabye add plans to were the ipod kan get wireless signal every where, for a low rate, lol

    it needs to have a Flash player, and mabye support for transfering files from ubuntu and kubuntu as well as the soon to come out Chrome OS from google such as calanders and apointments etc.

  • Dylan

    oh and a second mic for better noise cancellation when on fone so someone can here u at a party or some place noisy, lol. but seriously.

  • brent

    I like this list except:

    – I would be SEVERELY disappointed if they added a physical keyboard and I would be VERY surprised if they did.
    -Radio tuner is totally unnecessary with the plethora of streaming radio apps and Slacker Radio and Pandora.
    – I agree with Dylan about the camera. 7mp camera isn’t necessary unless image quality vastly improves. I’ve gone into detail on this in another post.
    – What’s wrong with the current iPod song management? It’s about as efficient as it gets but but nothing’s perfect. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on improving it.

  • We only need the bare bones and a GUI re-design. This phone should function more like the Mac.
    – GUI re-design
    – Collapsible Dock containing Apps.
    – Multiple screens / desktops running apps, same as Macbook.
    – 5mp Camera
    – LED flash
    – File management
    – Attach files or multiple images from E-mail. – not sure why this wasn’t done.
    – improved adaptive texting
    – Better Antenna to help with dropped calls.
    – Longer battery life
    – different colors
    – Larger Chrome Apple on back to be used as a mirror for taking picks of yourself.
    – Multiple carrier with Visual Voicemail
    – 1 year contracts, new phones are out every year, so why are we locked into the same phone for 2 years. Makes no sense for Apply business either.

  • Angi

    flash…A flash…and something nobody ever mentions, a speakerphone I can actually HEAR. and a pic of sebastien etched on the back, lol.

  • filipe

    A must:

    Better battery,camera flash,able to play flash games and videos,OLED and louder speaker.
    Most in the list you can get if you jailbreak it..

    I’d be pissed if they put a physical keyboard, and removable battery.

  • Matt

    Why is it that there only has to be one iPhone? Why not one thats solely touch screen & one that has a slide out keyboard. Maybe it could be branded as iPhone Slide & iPhone Touch. THis could eventualkly lead to an iPhone Flip.

    My wises are
    Adobe Flash support. It’s 2010. C’mon Apple
    Themes. Why do I have to jailbreak? Apple is missing out on a serious cash cow!
    COLORS!!! Why only black & white? I would love a red, blue or green iPhone.

  • P

    Now I agree with a few things mentioned and Sebastian did get carried away a little bit but really what else do we need?
    Better camera. Sure keep up with the jones’s
    physical keyboard. Naw I’m good.
    Better battery. God please but at what cost? Bigger phone?

    Front facing camera means nothing to us in the US.
    Flash for the camera. Really. Why. Use a camera.
    Flash support. Please.
    How about some resupport for the accessories that I bought but can’t use now that apple wants you to buy new accessories. …… No one mentioned that yet.

    As far as colors go. Black and white is plenty to many options create a problem. Besides pit your phone in a case the color you want. Find one there out there. If not buy one from me. Lol.

    Peace P.

  • Happy to see lots of agreement with my immediate reactions.
    -I do not need or want a physical keyboard but it would be an improvement if all apps would run in landscape format as well.
    -The camera could be better but 7mp is nonsense; 5 is enuf.
    -A better battery woud be good but not removable.
    -A camera flash only depletes the battery quicker and is not really necessary.
    -Doesn’t need to be louder
    -Certianly doesn’t need a tuner with the abundance of tuner apps available
    -A straight-forward iChat app would be nice
    -I do want running apps in the background and it must work better than the present hack for jailbroken iPhones; I tried it after it was discussed here a week or two ago and deleted it again.
    -Don’t make it smaller!
    -Get rid of the exclusive carrier nonsense!

    But most on the list I think unnecessary and also would not want and hope to be deletable if available.

    I think it important to improve the iPhone as what it is, a handheld computer. Thus improvements to the OS like background running and reasonable hardware improvements such as a 5mp camera and a better battery, both of which would be standard if the thing had been developed now and not years ago.
    EVERYTHING else should be installable and removable just like any other computer program.
    Don’t clutter it it up likeMa & Pa Kettle’s closet – like virtually all the wlan wannabe cell phones out there now. With several children and grandchildren, I have a plethora to chose from and I don’t want any of them, thank you. But most of them would go for the iPhone if it wasn’t for that exclusive carrier nonsense. My tool engineer son would immediately.
    What is particularly grotesque is that here in Germany the exclusive carrier is t-online while in England it is Vodafone in fact it a different carrier in almost all the EU countries.That is ludicrous.


  • Matt

    @P- I know many people agree- cases suck. Why would I want to take away from the sleek design of my beautiful phone? I prefer BestSkinsEver or Zagg’s Invisible Shield. They are clear, don’t scratch my phone like other cases & provide true protection.

  • Polemicist

    I’ll take one of everything you are selling… Well other than the multiple carriers… 🙂

  • chiaph

    I wanna have better battery life! That’s all ask! =p

  • P

    @matt I agree 100%.
    I use the air jacket myself.
    Have used several best skins ever.
    I was just saying there’s no need for different colors. I prefer it to be simple. Hell it’s hard enough to find a white one at release time let alone looking for a blue purple red green lime tangerine pink coffee brown grey one. This was my point. But for those who are prone to drop there phone or need to be more stylish get a case.

    This was my point.

    Peace P.

  • Slevin

    I have most of these now!

  • Dranon

    Cigar cutter and lighter!
    Small conatainer for 2 shots of your favorite single malt!

  • Dranon

    Seriously would like multitasking and better or removable battery!

  • P

    Dranon. Yes.

    Pretty much that’s the basics.

    Peace P.

  • Dorcas

    I was so excited to see others want a bottle opener to. I can’t tell you the number of times I had trouble twisting my beer cap off wishing I had a bottle opener on my phone. If they add this feature I will have to upgrade.

  • Blimey

    Better battery for sure. I wouldn’t mind the phone being larger to accommodate a better battery but then I use an Otterbox case so mine is pretty large anyway. We need about twice the existing battery life. Better camera would be cool. The main thing for me in regards to camera performance is the lack of a flash. My crackberry curve took better pictures than my iPhone. I don’t care about the carrier issue. I was already with AT&T when the iPhone came out and it works fine for me.



  • Matt


    1. Caps lock… You are screaming
    2. Punctuation. Proper placement may help us understand what you are trying to say.

  • Dean

    a built in thermometer

  • Dean

    a built in radio too

  • Larger Screen – Higher megapixels on the camera – Louder Speaker

    Those are the 3 hardware changes I would like to see made on the next gen. iPhone.
    Maybe I’m just spoiled by my work phone which is a motorola droid. (Apple Fanboys stay calm, software wise the droid doesn’t hold a candle to the iPhone) But I must say the near 4″ screen, the 5MP camera (With dvd quality video I might add) and the speaker so loud I generally don’t have to to plug into powered speakers to enjoy my music, have made me wonder. Hopefully Apple is taking note from HTC and other mainstream Android hardware developers outside the courtroom. The thin designs with large AMOLED screens, the 8MP & 720p video recording of the new Sprint EVO are definitely attractive.

    Obviously everyone wants multitasking capabilities as far as the software goes. A universal inbox would be nice as well to match the likes of ‘Friend stream’, ‘motor blur’ and palm’s ‘synergy’ for all the social bugs who need their twitter/facebook/myspace updates in one spot.

    The reason why none of us should get our hopes up? iterative incremental development.
    It’s a method used for developing software but I’ll use an example for hardware as well.

    Basically you start off with a list of features you want in a product, even a wish list of stuff that may not be feasible. You prioritize the features based on business value. You go through a specified length of time called a sprint, implementing the features with the best business value. You must also be careful to have a set of features working error free before adding another feature. Each sprint you add more features, once again, making sure everything works perfectly before adding more features. Resulting in less features per sprint, but less bugs in the end.

    In simple terms, this is the reason why my Apple product doesn’t say ‘force close application?’ every 15 minutes like my Droid and my work computer which is Windows.

    It’s also the reason your ipod doesn’t have a built in Fm radio. If it’s in Apple’s list of features, it’s gotta be ranked #999 when prioritized by business value.

    Expect small software changes, multitasking is a very feasible feature. If anything is said about hardware in the announcement this week, a MP upgrade is feasible but not too likely. I don’t see Apple increasing the MP of the camera every time they do a product refresh, and they just improved it from 2 to 3.2 with the late 3GS.

    Regardless I’m just as excited as the next guy for the next iPhone in hopes that they break the mold and the iPhone gets some much needed hardware and software upgrades.

    • Good info, Cody. This in itself could have been an article!