It seems that I missed a tweet by Gehot a few weeks ago in which he made it clear that he was not going to work on an untethered version of BlackRa1n.


I don’t know if you remember but Geohot said a few weeks ago that he would give us an untethered jailbreak if he won some kind of contest. Well he lost! And we all lose too!

I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, the kid is completely in his right to not develop an untethered jailbreak. But somehow, I feel like when you have such a great gift as he has, you kinda have a responsibility towards the community.

Again, he’s free to do whatever he wants but I think it’s very childish to say “I”l give you what you want IF I win this stupid contest” and have us hold our breath. Then of course we’re all disappointed when we realize that he lost the contest and he’s not going to give us what we want.

One thing is sure: the Dev Team will not let us down. The Dev Team will not play game with us and they will not have us wait and hope in vain. As I said in an article a few weeks ago, I believe the Dev Team is up to something and might very well surprise us.

What do you think about how Geohot is acting?

  • hahahahahahaha @Brian

    I totally get why blackra1n didn’t work for you now. You are apparently *completely* incapable of reading. I will replicate the complete thread where you took your quote from.

    brandu83 11p · 2 days ago
    i read this forum like crazy…i unlocked my phone after all (my wifi was dead – grey out in settings) i installed blacksnow with diskaid directly on the phone! i appreciate the great help of this forum! Still with all the resettings and Ispw. restores the WIFI is still grey and not working,i have a 3G…i read that most likely it’s a hardware problem; now my question is,as i read on the internet: can i change my WiFi antenna?is it a changeable part?

    Carlos11286 18p · 2 days ago
    I have the same problem, any help?

    Confucious 111p · 1 day ago
    BlackSn0w causes a problem. This is not a BlackSn0w support forum.
    George knows about the problem and is working on it. Try contacting him.

    Carlos11286 18p · 1 day ago
    It’s not, I had the same problem before with ultrasn0w. Even restoring from iTunes official firmware doesn’t help.

    Wait wait what?!?!? blacksn0w wasn’t the cause of the problem?!?!?!? But you just read the little part you wanted to read. I feel like I better understand you as a person now 🙂

  • Albion

    George I don’t understand why do you bother with him don’t fall to his level can’t you see how desperate the guy is for little attention he is a lunatic.
    Brian you are sycho man

  • @ George,

    Im pretty new to Iphones, recieved mine this morning, read a bit of info and sucessfully jailbroke it within the hour, however, its brand new and you know the score with this tethered/untethered business.

    I’ve been reading up and from what I gather you lost a competition to do with some balloons? could be way off here….but anyways since then, you have made it clear your not going to develop a fix for it, which is absolutely 100% your choice, but can I ask why you? after all the origional development you’ve put in to stop apple controlling peoples use over there products, why punish the consumer over a competition, that seems from what i’ve read, somewhat irrelevant to the cause?

    I have tried all sorts today, but to no avail, restoring to 3.0 > purplera1n > then to 3.1.2 > blackra1n….cant even get it to bloody install due to apple not allowing me. Out of ideas, so pleading for some assistance, along with the others who appreciate your work.


  • Brian

    Geo. You are nothing but a juvenile freak who likes to twist things anyway you wish.

    You wanna take me on??

    Lets ROCK!!

    You wanna post links saying Blackrain wasnt the problem??
    LMAO…I can post 5 to your every 1 that says BR IS BUGGIER then an insect convention.

    Listen, I KNOW BR worked for many. I have said this NUMEROUS TIMES. In my opinion, this make me a far bigger and more honest person then you. As I have said, I KNOW BR WORKED FOR MANY….I have no problem saying this as I know it is true….

    But YOU can only say there are NO ISSUES with YOUR SOFTWARE…NONE ZERO ZILCH and ANY Problem was DUE TO THE USER!! Dude, You know damned well that is pure B.S., but you wont admit it. LMAO..That makes you rather pathetic imo. I am MAN enough and can admit that your stuff DID WORK FOR MANY..I am BIG enough to say this and why wouldnt I say it as it is the truth..YOUR STUFF DID WORK FOR MANY…Yet you cant be a MAN and admit your stuff has bugs and all you can say is your stuff works perfectly and ANY PROBLEMS are caused BY THE USER DOING SOMETHING WRONG?? LMAO..OK..So, all these EXPERTS..not normal everyday users..but actual experts that had and still do have serious issues getting your stuff to work…all these EXPERTS are doing something wrong??Sure..OK..whatever you say……Maybe you should cut some of that nappy hair U got and let the sun shine a bit on your brain as it appears to be in DEEP FREEXE MODE!!

    But, you wanna take me on???? I can post pages and pages of links to keep you busy reading for days, that ALL SAY YOUR SOFTWARE IS CRAP..FULL OF BUGS..FULL OF ISSUES….

    You CANT win this game. MUSCLENERD said your STUFF HAS ISSUES…Almost every DEV TEAM MEMBER has said your stuff has issues….Pick almost any blog or forum and they are filled with people saying YOUR SOFTWARE IS CRAP…..Almost every JB expert out there says BR HAS ISSUES…do you deny this??????

    I posted actual links to comments by the experts that say your software is CRAP last week and I can post ALOT MORE!!!…..Yet all You can do is see a DEV TEAM MOD say (can you even count how many times they have said your stuff has issues?…HMM…Are YOU denying that EVERYSINGLE DAY the DEV TEAM FOLKS call UR STUFF BUGGY or they say it has issues?? You are really going to try to deny this??) BR has ISSUES..and then the USER says NO IT WASNT BR as the issues were here before???

    LOL..Is that the best you got???

    Just man up and admit YOU are not all that and nor is your software…or I will happily make you look like the juvenile B.S. artist you are.

    I say lets rock…..You game??? I’ll post enough links to keep your head spinning for years that ALL SAY YOUR SOFTWARE SUCKS…..

    You are a NUT imo. You know darned well that the internet is FULL of peeps saying your stuff is CRAP….You also know darned well that MANY EXPERTS have been saying your stuff has ISSUES since the day you put it out and they are still saying it as I type!!….Do you deny this? Please do..PLEASE deny this and I will happily prove what a LYING B.S. artist you are.

    LMAO…You feel like you better understand me?? PLEASE….let me help you understand me more and keep posting that your software has no issues and any issue is caused by the user….I’ll make you eat those words in front of the world!!!!
    George Hotz said:
    hahahahahahaha @Brian

    I totally get why blackra1n didn’t work for you now. You are apparently *completely* incapable of reading. I will replicate the complete thread where you took your quote from.

    brandu83 11p · 2 days ago
    i read this forum like crazy…i unlocked my phone after all (my wifi was dead – grey out in settings) i installed blacksnow with diskaid directly on the phone! i appreciate the great help of this forum! Still with all the resettings and Ispw. restores the WIFI is still grey and not working,i have a 3G…i read that most likely it’s a hardware problem; now my question is,as i read on the internet: can i change my WiFi antenna?is it a changeable part?

    Carlos11286 18p · 2 days ago
    I have the same problem, any help?

    Confucious 111p · 1 day ago
    BlackSn0w causes a problem. This is not a BlackSn0w support forum.
    George knows about the problem and is working on it. Try contacting him.

    Carlos11286 18p · 1 day ago
    It’s not, I had the same problem before with ultrasn0w. Even restoring from iTunes official firmware doesn’t help.

    Wait wait what?!?!? blacksn0w wasn’t the cause of the problem?!?!?!? But you just read the little part you wanted to read. I feel like I better understand you as a person now

  • Brian

    i’m at the point now where i’d rather stick it to the entitled people.

    I guess comments like this by geo is 1 of many reasons why so many are RAGGING on him hard.

    Great attitude by the BOY genius!

    A) Nobody is ENTITLED to anything

    B) You cant do an untethered JB as many have pointed out to you.

    C) You are not ‘sticking it to anyone’ ( well, maybe you are and nice to see you have such a great attitude after you begged people to help you win some stupid balloon contest, didnt win, so you acted like a spoiled brat, and did NOT HELP THOSE WHO HELPED, I guess you did STICK IT TO SOME)….The fact is, you CANT do an untethered JB…many have called you out on this….you even told somebody you DID but would not release it and what did they do? They asked you to provide PROOF and you refused to even respond to the person!!!!

    Just admit it and man up…Your software sucks and you have no clue how to do an untethered JB, and that is why you are not doing it and are instead talking about dongles.

    Now, respond back and let me know if you wish to ROCK….I’ll take you on…..happily!!

  • Jean-Michel

    Hello everyone!

    Not sure what all this is about? Anyway, I’ll try to bring another angle to some of the sterile and sometime rude comments aired within this Forum, and I apologise, if for once, I will take a little more space than usual when submitting comments in various Forums.

    This time, it will take me a little longer to get to the point; sorry!!

    I own an iPhone since November 2009, 3GS latest BB 05.07/ 32GB & 3.1.2 factory loaded firmware.

    The phone was JB and unlocked by a “Frenchman Friend of a Friend” in Paris when brand new, as I live in Africa and needed to use it with other Operators. At the time, I had absolutely no understanding of iPhone and its Software issues…etc…and solely relied onto that trusted Friend to give me full use of this ultimate Phone!!

    Beside the reboot issue/recovery mode when shutting down, all worked fine…until one day the actual screen display was “BIG”, SO BIG THAT I COULD NO LONGER ACCESS the commands and/or SIMCARD PIN entry screen. Kind of a nasty bug coming out of nowhere, and no heard off so far from others; my luck!!

    Despair, frustrations and sadness a front of a 750 Euro useless phone!

    Then, I returned to Apple original firmware, looked online, studied a bit the various options and downloaded Blackra1n, installed it…JB….then unlock via Snow…and voila! All went well; except the GPS and Wifi that no longer worked.

    I then went online again and looked for similar situation happening to others; found some kind of solutions to try, reset, redo the JB again, reset wifi settings…etc…and after a little hard work…well it finally worked fully again, and has continued to do so until now.

    Did install Cydia of course, and a few convenient Apps, paid for some via Paypal, and tried NOT TO MESS AROUND TOO MUCH with the phone by installing and uninstalling poorly written Apps and/or not so compatible Apps..etc…as the mosre one messes with technology, the more chances one’s takes!

    So far so good! I also made a 10 Euro donation to Geohot, as without his software, I would have been in a much more precarious situation; not being able to even use the phone AS A PHONE since I live in Africa with different Operators here.

    I did not swear/complain/ threaten the one that was behind Blackra1n for the shortcoming I suffered; how could I do such a thing??

    As any program/software/hardware combination, this Apps may have issues; and there is no “after sales services” clause included in the deal……that, we must remember comes for free!

    USE AT YOUR OWN RISKS… no more and no less; or continue to use as Apple initially wanted you to use it, and with its own and ONLY software & Apps & Operators’ restrictions for commercial reasons.

    I would of course, also prefer to have a untethered version where I would feel more secure when I travel; especially where I stay as for us here, a phone can be the difference between life & death if and when it suddenly stop working.
    But this “nice to have” update is not and never will be my call; nor do I have the right to demand it from no one!

    A a precaution, when I move around, I carry another Nokia backup phone where I could do the basic, like making a phone call and/or send an SMS to get me out of troubles if any!

    This is maybe the price to pay, at least for now, if one wants to have the “privileges” of having more and being able to do more with and through an iPhone!!

    Technology, services & convenience always comes at a price! A Ferrari does not run for 15,000 Km without opening the bonnet…and if you modify it and expect more….it is even worse…because it is better; get my point?

    In another hand, a Toyota Corolla out of the box and unmodified will give you a good piece of mind, but your ride if safe and secured will/might be a bit of a boring one!

    All this to say: “What is it that you are looking for”??? And are you prepared to live with the “Pros & Cons” of owning an Apple Top Ingenieurs FR/SW Jailbreaked and unlooked by a 19 years old very clever young Man iPhone, and with all the good & bad that could/might come with it?

    In life, you have the choice, the choice to enjoy a safe ride and play it safe….or take a few chances and get some rewards SOMETIME and not always!

    Like the old Saying goes…..”If you cant take the heat, dont stay in the Kitchen”!!


    I am not PRO NOR ANTI GEOHOT, I am just respectful and grateful towards him and his work.

    Should his work suits me, and I feel that I am prepared and ready to use its products; I will….but in other hands, I will never allow myself to go back to him and/or write nasty Forums’ reviews and complains about a problem that was generated “possibly” by and/or through his Software, as the choice of using it or not was and still remains mine before the World!

    In short, if there is anyone to blame, should problems occurs after using such Software, IT IS ONESELF AND NO OTHER!!

    Be a Man (Woman), a real one….and assume yourself and what you do/dont do accordingly, and stop complaining to others about your incapacity to deal with your poor judgment and/or your own inadequacy in assessing what is right or wrong for you and in your life!

    Enough is enough!

    Be happy, live….and let live!

    God Bless!


  • Brian

    Nice post Jean Michel and I do agree with much of what you say. However, my beef is plain and simple. Even you admit to having problems and having to research to fix these problems.

    Yet GEO repeats over and over that there is NOTHING WRONG with his software and that IF IT DID NOT WORK THE USER DID SOMETHING WRONG.

    We ALL know that is pure B.S.

    Even you say that most software and etc can have bugs…I just want geo to MAN UP and be honest and admit what everybody already knows….His SOFTWARE was full of bugs and if it didnt work it was NOT the fault of the user.

    Every JB expert has said his stuff is buggy…the internet is filled with people that had/have serious issues with his software. The DEV TEAM has called it BUGGY…The author of this blog and almost every blog in the JB community have said his software is buggy…many said they would never trust using it.

    GEO just needs to admit it is NOT THE USERS DOING SOMETHING WRONG..well, it may be in some cases but lets get real here….Sure, some probably did do something wrong..but the majority did everything as instructed and then tried every trick (why are TRICKS needed if the software is PERFECT and it is the USER’s fault???) posted and still couldnt get it to work.

    So, why doesnt he just admit his software is buggy as EVERYBODY already knows this?? Is the guy so high on his ego that he thinks he is correct and thousands and thousands of EXPERTS are wrong??

    Why does he play these juvenile games? First he wasnt doing a JB…I mean the guy went ballistic saying he is not, will not work on JB under any circumstance….then as soon as he saw the $10k bounty he ASKED FOR IT TO BE MADE LEGIT and if so, he would do the JB. Funny how his attitude changed and even funnier watching him say ‘it wasnt about the $$’…

    Then after he put out his buggy crap, the dev team had to kick him in the rear end because they pointed out many issues in his software, ragged on him for putting out the buggy crap without testing it first and then told him he needs to fix the issues and provide support for his BUGGY CRAP, as they did not want the dev blog to be filled with people asking for help for his BUGGY crap that they have NOTHING TO DO WITH. To this day, people are still asking for help on dev blog and to this day, the members of dev blog are all saying GEOS CRAP HAS ISSUES.

    Look at all the JB experts that do videos on you tube…Why does almost every single expert with vids, ALL SAY GEOS STUFF IS BUGGY??

    Then the balloon game….he asked for help and said in return he would help do untethered. he lost the contest and then said he was only going to do untethered if he won, so he basically shafted people in to helping him, thinking he will return the favor, yet he didnt care and didnt do squat until his latest genius idea about doing this stupid dongle he could sell to people. Did you see his original post on doing the dongle? He specifically told people to vote/post/donate the MAXIMUM AMOUNT YOU COULD afford and then he would see if it was worth it to to do the dongle. If you havent looked at that blog, you should as he is getting reamed hard for the dongle B.S.

    In fact, there arent many places you can go where is isnt getting ragged on hard. For very good reason, imo.

    People, wake up….if you love GEO I think that is great…..but allow others to NOT love him if they so desire. If you want to thank geo and praise him 24/7, then great do it….but dont tell others they cant post their opinions that are negative. And when I say wake up I mean wake up…..there must be a VALID reason he is cathching hell EVERYWHERE. There must be a vaild reason the internet is filled with people who say his stuff is CRAP..there must be a reason the EXPERTS say his stuff is crap…..

    Love him if you will, hate him if you will..the choice is yours..the choice is NOT to tell others what to think of him. Like I said, if you love the guy then praise away. Post 24/7 about how much you love him and how great you think his software is..that is your choice to do so…just as it is others choice to post their negative opinions if they so desire..and boy all you have to do is open your eyes and you’ll see plenty of negatives and sorry, but they arent figments of your imagination, no matter what GEO says…they are real people and watching GEO say otherwise tells us an awful lot about what type of person he is….Just watching his actions in general makes it very clear he is nothing but a spoiled juvenile BRAT that should wait till he gets past puberty before he tries to take on his elders……

  • Jean-Michel

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks taking the time to elaborate and clarify issues that you feel do matter in your eyes; as I said in some ways, I always try to keep an open mind and accept opinions and ideas from all angles!

    After reading your post….twice, as the first time was over dinner on my iPhone (my wife almost reaped my head off for getting the phone out at the table; she is actually right!!), something came to my mind….

    Maybe, just maybe, we should just for a minute, go back to the source of all this!

    You, Geohot, the rest of the iPhone hacks & general public at large and I WOULD NOT BE DEBATING such issues of who does what, how, when and how well or not…..if our iPhone and its makers were not so “tight” with their limitations…forcing us to find ways and go left and right chasing our own tails to get where we think we should have in the first place, and own the software & services we ought to have from a company such as Apple and a device such as the iPhone!

    In doing so, we rely on whoever comes first and upstream with a so called solution…that may/may not work, and of course also not for all!

    Buggy or not buggy, is just not the point anymore.

    One must accept that a small hacker or group of Hacker against the power of Apple and its ressources…..this is not an easy one to pull; and when it does happen, for how long can he/they withstand the pressure and come up with “turnkey” solutions all the time??

    I truly think that we ALL are going the wrong way with all this!

    Our pressure should be directed more onto Apple and its sister companies that willingly restrain the facilities and portfolio of services the iPhone can/could give us….and not to the people trying to make head & tail of what happen next in term of Firmware/Software reversed engineering to beat and surpasse the new update each and every time an upgrade comes up.

    As far as your appreciation and assessment of Geohot personality is concerned, well, what can I say? You may have several valid points in your post, and possibly even carrying some truthful facts & events through it……but does it really matter in the end?

    Maybe, just maybe, we should all join forces in another manner, and try on the contrary to establish some kind of parameters that could enable us to get big Companies to “watch” what they do when producing any kind of devices at a price such the iPhone, and give us what we truly deserve and need.

    Easier said than done?….yes! A bit like breaking a boot rom and an Apple code from the back of small dark bedroom with some instant coffee and a few nagging “unhappy customers” that think THEY DESERVE BETTER for company!!

    Brian, all I am trying to say is that Geohot may well have plenty faults, and yes he may not have lived up to everyone’s expectations…..but so far he did more for the community than most of us here……hardly able to find the switch when to light up the iPhone; one finger on the switch….and another on the relevant Blog that we think contains the magic solution!!!

    Geohot, like all of us, will live and learn that for every actions…there is a reaction!

    And not you or I will be the ones that will change him/his ways and the manner he lives his life and operate!

    Life, yes, life and time will show him (like all of us) what should or should not be, happen…etc…

    At 19, I am now 50 this year, I surely did not think, act & react the way I did at 30, 40 and finally at 50 years old!

    Let him leave his life the way he sees fit, do not judge him too quickly and too hard, and remember that no one is perfect; not even you!

    After all, it is not always nice to be the centre of attraction; even when it seems glamorous.

    After a while, the dust settles, and the facts remain.

    Like I always say to my Guests & Friends, you are ALL ENTITLED TO YOUR OPINION, BUT I HAVE GOT THE FACTS!….and that, no one can disput.

    Geohot has got a tremendous potential, and like all of us, he just needs to channel his energy in the right manner, at the right time…..and in the right context!!

    If you can get better “service” elsewhere, you surely have the choice to do so, and simply “clik off” Geohot from your life with a quick and simple “clic” of the mousse!!…and voila!….no more Geohot!!

    Isn’t that simple? So why getting so upset and uptight?

    Come on Brian, you sound like a well educated and intelligent man, do not let little things upset you in life; there is much more important things that a young man with a bit of attitude…and an iPhone booting on its own or not!!

    Life is a Journey…..enjoy the ride!!

    You take care…


  • Ramsey

    Whatever. If he can’t do it, no big deal. There will always be someone who will figure it out and put it up for the community. It’s to bad, blackrain was cool but it ain’t worth a shit now if you have to be tethered.

  • Brian

    Nice post jean michel. Many good points. Agree about apple. If they would just let us do our own thing with the devices we paid good money for, then none of this would matter.

    But Apple wants to control us and there is nothing we can do about that other then to boycott apple and give our business to their competitors who can offer us as much as apple does and more, without handcuffing us in the process.

    As far as Geo goes, I am not going to say much as I have already given my opinions and there isnt much that will change my opinion of him.

    GEO brought this on himself with his holier then thou cocky ass attitude and his constant “I am better then you” attitude and his non stop belittling of others. Not to mention the pure B.S. he keeps spewing saying his software is perfect and ANY PROBLEM has NOTHING to do with his software and is the USER DOING SOMETHING wrong.

    We could talk about his lies and non stop games he plays, but why bother. The fact is GEO has some real serious issues and he can look in the mirror if he wishes to see who is to blame. Genius or not, we are all responsible for our own actions, we all must sleep in the bed we make for ourself and if we dont like the heat, we need to stay away from the fire. GEO is not immune to these ‘laws’ and he is the one who made his own bed, built his own bonfire and he is the one who must sleep in his bed with the dirty/soiled sheets and all as the bonfire he built rages very close to his filthy bed.

  • Jean-Michel

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your good comments, and for taking the time to do so!

    As you said, and rightly so, I guess we have (in a way!) exhausted the subject, and there is not much left to be said…

    You have your views, I have mine, and they do cross somewhere & sometime…if not always!

    That is fine, and that is what a Forum is all about; different opinions and view point; otherwise life would be pretty boring…

    Let us see who comes next inline, and get some kind of popularity in challenging Apple and the powers that be!

    Whoever comes up and first with an adequate solution to the existing bother to have to reboot through a PC will be very popular with many of us!

    I’ll keep watching, I guess you will too…….and if Geo does so and get there first; well…..I’ll be as thankful to him that I would be to others…

    After all, the proof is in the pudding; isn’t it???

    You take care…


  • F

    George Hots A.K.A Geohot,

    You are a sad nerdy little man. I see you take the time to reply comments about you. As you said before, your only 5% of your time busy with your Iphone doings. Why not use this percentage of time, to work on it. Instead of reply’ing haters. Anyway, saing you want money for your unthethered JB… Stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Funny that your going to ask money. Wheren’t you playing the knight in shiny armor? Saying it should be free?

    Wel George, you got greedy and that justs makes a sad little nerd.. We’ll wait for someone else. Because your not the only one capable of doing it. And if so, then…

    Hello Google Android, Apple and Geo became gay. I don’t even mind if you gave the faggot a inturnship. I know your a true open-source community.

  • F

    By the way one more thing George!

    Thanks for building hope and disapointing people.

  • You tools is still posting here?

    Wanna hear what I’m doing instead of the untethered jailbreak? I’m trolling /b/ RAGERAGERAGE

  • AIR

    Anyway, firmware 4.0 is on the way. So forget about jailbreak, apple will close that exploit IMHO. And we’ll be waiting for the 4.0 jailbreak…

  • Drake

    Well, that is very mature to attack people instead of asking for their help. If you don’t like what George is doing, then take matters into your own hands. Ask him questions like “What should I look for in an exploit”, “where do I find one”, and such.
    George, if you don’t mind, it would be a help if you could fill me in on the technical basics of jailbreaking, not just click the button, but how to unlock the root directory, as that would be a help to me. I am not one to rely on other people, so I don’t expect you or the Dev team to help me, but I can find no information on it anywhere. Therefore, it would be a tremendous help if you could teach me a little about jailbreaking.
    If you don’t help me, I still thank you for taking the time to read this post.

  • Brian

    LMAO…..Calling YOURSELF a “TOOL”??

    (George Hotz said:
    You tools is still posting here?)

    So, A) you enjoy trashing, ragging, insulting people ( quite obviously!), but get bent out of shape when the favor is returned? LMFAOAU!!

    B) You are DISSING YOURSELF which I think is hilarious. YOU are still posting here!! So YOU must be a TOOL as well, eh?

    Actually, you are worse, as quite obviously, you sneak away and act like you are hiding or ‘dont care’, but AS ALWAYS you ARE LURKING silently reading blogs like this, twitter and etc, while claiming ‘you are not reading this stuff and that you dont care’…..

    Dude, you are a juvenile nutbag who’s ego is larger then the solar system…You are a fraud, liar and an overall ASSWIPE.

    Go back to your balloons or try to get one of your BUTTIES to play with your DONGLE since no female would be willing to……

    Sorry to the blog for the harsh words, but this nutbag deserves it. Notice he did NOT take me up on my offer to ‘take me on’…..yet he is obviously reading this blog…..with all his BIG talk..and me calling him out as a FAKE and a LIAR and then asking him he if wishes to take me on and lets PROVE who is right and who is wrong, he DID NOT take me up on this. Why? because he thinks I am a ‘nothing..a nobody’…and there aint no way in hell he will want the world to see him LOSE to a nobody like me…

    Geo- Prove you dont care and GET LOST or take me up on my offer and lets ROCK!!! I’ll post links that will keep you busy reading for a year….Expert after expert ALL CALLING YOUR SOFTWARE SHIT and calling you for what you are…….A JUVENILE, LYING, EGOMANIAC FRAUD OF A NUTCASE!!

    C’mon GENIUS…..I’ll happily knock that IQ of yours down quite a bit, but you appear to be trying to do that all on your own, so….


    Or PUT UP and LETS ROCK!!!!!

  • Shaun

    Get a life. Seriously don’t even metion trolling when here you are with your “ALL CAPS” insults directed towards George Hotz because pushing a button labled ‘Make it ra1n’ was just too difficult for you. And, as you’ve previously demonstrated all across the page, you are a troll with no life so obviously you’ll shoot some ignorant reply back at me in order to defend your reputation as a loudmouth spazz. And then call anyone you dont agree with a “classless juvenile” except with improper spelling 😛 Stop trolling forums and complaining about your incapability to click a button with people you’ve never even met

  • Magertas

    Man blackra1n worked good for me but as a user of redsnow previous to blackrain I noticed one thing it was never the jailbreak persay that bugged but I noticed some 3rd party apps just don’t like eachother causing sad iPhones but I delete one and all is good. Keep in mind dev team has most the repos and I’ve learned to read comments before downloading exept today when d/l ing from bigboss I should have read n I got caught in a boot loop forcing me to update to 3.1.3 to exit. It sucks but not the end the world. Maybe this y appl screens apps before allowing them cuz it is more user friendly but for us who take the risk we pay price sometimes. I just wish both dev team and Geo gave better instructions. Other than that most ppl that had problems prolly had apps that conflicted and also forget to respeing and reboot after installs. Both are good but both can crash. Keep it up Geo I kno ull find away to reward the kknowledgable ppl who understand hit happens and you can’t control a third party open source who has time to make sure everyapp has no conflict…..besides apple lol

  • ArminSky

    @ Brian …




    Please Stop your fucking LOOP

  • Well I must say this has def gotten out of hand. Brian, you need to calm down man & stop with all the wasted energy. Life is too damn short to get upset about software. If you had spent this amount of time & effort actually working toward the cause. I bet you’d have come up with or be close to a solution by now. Just let it be, forget about it. Go ahead & lose your mind on me. Seems to be what you think you’re good at.


  • blackra1n and geohotz rocks

    brian with the big gob what a nob ranting a raving rubbish abount geohotz wow just read all your crap cant understand how you say blackra1n is buggy and rubbish i and lots off my friends and family have all used this with no probs geohotz you are a legend blackra1n rocks all these idiots who say its buggy are fools brian you are nothing but a keyboard warror who chats bubbles get a life nob geo great work on your unteatherd jailey cant wait to use it for my ipt3g blackra1n unteatherd on my iph3g works flawlessley done in under 60 seconds reset wifi like you stated works fine maybe if other people read up there would be no problems as they would no what to do as for support people shouldnt need it geohotz has a life lots and lots of people happy with blackr1n blacksnow just not brian the noob keep up the good work geo brian your still a big nob who chats shitte tell me can you do a better job of making a jailbreak then geo nar did not tink so you loser thanks in advance geohotz most of the world likes your work just not nob end brian ha ha ha in a big bit keyboard warror loser

  • blackra1n and geohotz rocks

    oh i brian your still a bell end

  • blackra1n and geohotz rocks

    blackra1n wow in under 60 seconds no 1 can beat that yes we all no there are lots of others that make jailbreak but has any 1 ever ever made 1 like sir geohotz brian big gob geohotz is a legend and he is knowen all over the world who are you your just brian with the big gob who needs to get his facts right because you dont even have a clue what your on abount you chat bubbles if you can do better the geohotz show the world

  • blackra1n and geohotz rocks

    brian you know why blackra1n dont work for you its for the iphone not your sciphone 168+you need to go to http://www.iam.plonker.who owns a give us all break and shut up you go on and on no 1 wants to no and dont care what you think your just brian big gob mister no it all

  • AJ

    You are such a a**, having a fit cuz did not get something for free, and its everybody’s fault but yours, what have you done other then trying to get stuff for free and still want more for free, get off your lazy butt and try and make a JB yourself then start talking, go back and read the comments you made and you will realise what a idiot you are…..

  • Emknight

    seriously brian y u so pissed at geo just becuz u got a small dick and ur to retarded to press a button doesnt mean u needa go breakin ur keyboard complaining how Blackweather is so buggy, and its not ive tried it and it works perfectly so just go lock urself up in a closet and fuck urself….and to every1 who said that Geo’s being juvenile well he’s just a teenager and we like screw with peoples heads and he prolly has exams cuz its almost the end of the school year

  • neoteny

    seriously though, geohot is an ass

  • Chris

    None of you should be saying anything negative about geohot’s software! I guess you forgot he’s THE FATHER OF IPHONE UNLOCk?! Sheesh….if not for him…iPhone jailbreak/unlock may have never been possible…not to mention he’s not even 21….Your just Jealous of his mad hacking Skillz…anyways gehot…cheers and best of luck to you!Btw I chose limera1n over greenpois0n cuse the ra1ndrop just….looks cooler…..make it ra1n!

  • FuckForHackers

    Geohot is a stupid son of a bitch that should get a fucking life like the rest of all hackers

  • FuckForHackers

    Geohot is a stup!d son of a b!tch that should get a fuck!ng life like the rest of all hackers