AnyRing is a jailbreak application available in Cydia that lets you use any song on your iPhone as a custom ringtone or SMS ring.


There are several ways to add ringtones to your iPhone for free. Audiko is one of my favorite but it seems it’s going to get some fierce competition from a new app called AnyRing.

With AnyRing (3.2) you can easily select any song on your iPhone (or Record you own voice) to play as a Ringtone or SMS Ring. AnyRing even lets you select the starting/ending point in the song to play when the Ringtone is played. Does not require any audio conversion of any type!

Here are some of the features:

  • Select any song on your device to act as a Ringtone.
  • No Audio/File conversion needed.
  • Select start and ending point in song to play as Ringtone.
  • Easy to use interface.

AnyRing is available from the Cydia Store. It comes with a 10-day trial so you may want to try it out first, and if you like it, you can choose to pay the $3.99.

I think it’s worth the price. What do you think?

  • juan

    I use tonefxs that allows me to customize all sounds. $3.99 for just ringtones is overpriced.

  • Dylan

    Sweet.To Bad i have an iPod Touch 2G. I Will try to get one lol. want it on verizon.

  • Dylan

    sry. first comment is mine. rong email lol

    • Do you think you could help me with making a song my ring tone? Thank you

  • Fastfro

    Well personally I don’t like the idea of paying for jail broke apps or features. But depending on how it works I just may do it. I’ve already went through the aggravating process of changing my SMS tones already.


    i did try the trial for a couple of day and it really suck
    the concept is great …u can take any song u got and make a ringtone of it but here was the problem i enconter
    u cant save the part u select (if u can i didnt notice )
    the song is slow to start when you answer a call and sometime the song start after i press the button so u cant stop it playing while ur talkin even if u cose the call … need respring for song to finish …so my experience was horrible,,,,

  • Polemicist

    I’m actually liking doing things the manual way via the iClarified instructions you posted earlier. I’ve recently restored my iPhone from 3.0 JB to a custom restore of 3.1.2 and I prefer working at the core level rather than having a GUI do the work for me. I have an issue with anything that needs to run as a daemon to perform its function.

    I did use this (as mentioned in a previous post) and found it did the job nicely for custom SMS tones.

  • Jon

    It crashed my spring board and the only way I could get it out of safe mode was to delete AnyRing through Cydia. A quick search showed that this is a common problem with this program.

  • I really confused on, how to set any song on my iPhone as a ringtone properly?


  • auds

    i have an iphone 4 and i use the website zedge to download free ringtones of pretty much anything i want- no jailbreaking required
    right now i have annoying orange as my ringtone 🙂

    • Karen

      U can’t use zedge on the iPhone it’s an android app

  • simon

    may i know how to set different song for incoming ringtone & sms tone ?

  • Johnny Ixe

    If you don’t have JB phone, you can use GeoRing found in the App Store. Use free app GeoRing to instantly turn any any song in your iTunes library into ringtone with just a few taps. Unlike other ringtone-making apps, GeoRing doesn’t require iTunes syncing, which means your phone can ring with any song right away. Plus, create a Ringtone Playlist of your favorite songs and shuffle your ringtones to hear a new song every time.

    You can find GeoRing in the App Store.

  • flynsolo

    i brought the anyring app.pick the song pick the startn n ending time but i still cant get it to work.
    wen my text come through it still don’t play the song i pick in fact any song it doesnt do…..

  • The text and e-mail side of this does not work. I have asked for there help and nothing.

  • Thank I very much. aI needed this information. I was completely stumped.