Wanna give a rounded look to your iPhone? There’s a jailbreak app for that! It’s called WindowPlaner and it will help you make your iPhone look a little bit more like the Palm Pre.

As you can see on this image, WindowPlaner simply makes the edges of your iPhone screen a little smoother by rounding them out.

It’s definitely not a break-through app, but it’s always nice to have new tweak for our favorite device, isn’t it?

Have you tried it yet? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Dylan

    THis is sweet! i just got it yesterday to try it. its nice and clean lol

  • iPhone 3GS

    It’s a nice tweak but I wish it was more consistent.

  • iPhone 3GS

    well now I realized why it didn’t appear to be consistent. areas that already are dark or grey give the illusion that the rounded edge is missing. I like the tweak though. I’m going to keep using it from here on out.

  • Cool app, but as you’ve already said, no “must have”

  • iPhone 3GS


    it’s a tweak. Not an app

  • Matt

    Meh… I tried it. Doesnt really pull it off like the Pre. You can still see the blacked out pixel illuminated. Plus… If I wanted a Pre, I would go buy a Pre.