The folks over at iSmashPhone came up with some nice graphics showing Google’s Nexus One, the iPhone, and Droid side by side.

I’m probably getting a Nexus One when I go back to the States as it seems that it has some potential to finally give a little competition to the iPhone.

What do you think?

  • SellWeeK

    I think that there are many errors there.

  • Dylan

    Personally, I Like the Droid. My Uncle works for Moto, I is probably gets one. Tho The Nexus is sweeeeeet!

  • Dylan

    The Droid Has cellular positoning and wifi too. So does the iphone. there are quite a few errors

  • Good comparison, in depth.

  • dean

    iphone is the best phone ever .the only phone can kill the iphone is the next iphone gen.

  • Thunderclaw

    iPhone has a microphone, a physical power button and a physical volume button

  • Sylvan

    @ Dean : U are right about the iPhone killer is going to be the next gen iPhone . It is already being confirmed by many sites that the Nexus One is not going to be the iPhone killer !! Google Go screw yourself . Go Apple , kick everybody’s ass Big Time !

  • Daniel

    There are a bunch of errors on this. Check some information.

  • P

    Next iPhone killer? There is not going to be such a thing. That’s like all those years of people saying that AI and Kobe and LeBron and a lot of other people are going to be the next michael Jordan. The fact of the matter is there will be no such thing. The iPhone is a monster and it will run it’s coarse. The phone landscap as well as the portable media device landscap have been changed forever and it will be that way until the next set of technology comes.

    So please stop wasting your breath and time and quit saying that anything is a iPhone killer because there will be mo such thing. The iPhone is the iPhone. It’s on it’s run for now.

    Now I personally like the android platform. Howeverr until they find a way to incorporate media better I’m stuck right here with my iPhone. iTunes has me hooked. No way around it. I need iTunes so I need iPhone. Until then friends.
    Be peace
    be merry
    be safe
    and happy new year

    peace P.

  • this is not nearly a correct assessment of the iphone.

  • Pierrick

    Some informations are wrong but iPhone seems out of date! 🙁
    The only thing which rocks with iPhone is the community…

  • Blimey

    What about the apps? Nobody ever seems to talk about what is available to run on these devices. I had a Blackberry Curve for a year and hated it because at the time, I couldn’t even get Pandora while my iPhone friends, and even my mom with a lowly Razr could listen to Pandora. Lets compare what you can actually do with the various devices, not just how fast they are. Not being able to run an app that doesn’t exist on my device negates any advantage of having the fastest, shiniest, etc. All about the apps baby!

  • Most of you guys just don’t get it !!!
    A better Nexus phone means a better iPhone later on, I wished the Nexus was even better, it would have kicked Apples butt into a higher gear! As it is now they can change the screen, up the camera to 5mp and sit back till 2011 before they go any further.

  • VnABC

    @Dreadnutz you are correct. That is a good thing when there are more better competition from other phone companies, so you will get the top/perfect iphone 4g this year!

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