With a new year always comes lots of new resolutions. The beginning of the year is also a great opportunity to make predictions on what’s going to happen. I am no Nostradamus but I’d like to share with you a few of my predictions for the iPhone in 2010.

Apple will not divorce AT&T

I know we all want the iPhone to be offered on more than just one network in the US (Verizon anyone?) but I doubt it will. As I said before, Apple has an exclusive agreement with AT&T and breaking it would cost too much.

Fierce competition from Android

Android will kick ass in 2010! I believe so much in Android that I am starting an Android blog soon. Oh and I am also getting the Nexus One as soon as I get back in the States. Apple knows that Google will give it all in this new phone, which is why Apple will have to step up its game.

Improved battery life

Let’s be honest, the iPhone battery sucks. We know it.  Apple knows it and they know they have to come up with a better battery for the next model.

A 5MP camera

There has been rumors that the next iPhone will be equipped with a 5MP camera. I believe this rumor is true. 5MP is still below the industry standards but it’s still better than the poor 2MP camera we have now.

64GB of storage

This one is a no brainer. The next iPhone will come in either 32GB or 64GB of storage. That’s just normal evolution of things.

A louder speaker

What did you say? I said the new iPhone will have a LOUDER SPEAKER. Seriously, the sound on my iPhone is just pathetic. Once again, Apple knows it and will fix this.

New design

Let’s face it, the iPhone 3GS is just an intermediate product between the iPhone 3G and the next generation iPhone. Apple didn’t even bother giving the 3GS a facelift. I think 2010 will change. Be ready to see a breathtaking design for the new iPhone.

No 4G for you!

The name of the new iPhone will not be iPhone 4G. The iPhone will also not be 4G ready. Only a few markets offer a 4G cellular data network and it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to implement this at this time.

300,000 apps in the App Store

It took a year and a half for the App Store to reach 100,000 apps. I predict it will take less than a year to reach 300,000. Everyone and your mom is developing iPhone apps now.

Apps running in the background

Just like they did with copy/paste, Apple will wait the last minute to give us this basic feature. They have to because all other major smartphones do it. I also predict Apple will rip off ProSwitcher and implement a very similar functionality in iphone 4.0.

What are your predictions for the new iPhone in 2010?

  • Lynda

    Sounds good to me! I expect they will add a new front camera for Skype® video or Fring® video free calling in 2010 next prototype iPhone.
    ( instead of doing this at home computer with web cam. ) Good for us deaf users.

  • Mike

    This is a good list. You should add a 3+MP front facing camera and multitasking. This is unlikly but it would be awesome to have a slide out keyboard and triggers on the top for gaming.

  • MrAnonymous

    In the event that Apple does copy ProSwitcher, what are the odds of them suing for copying them?

    • @MrAnonymous ProSwitcher is open source and I doubt the dev would engage in a legal battle with Apple…

  • Irha

    Better screen for sure, look at the specs for droid and nexus one. Regarding the speakerphone, they have known the problem for 2 years (right from the first model), if they fix it now, I will truely believe that they feel the pinch of competition.

  • Cory

    I think they will make the new iPhone 4G ready, because as many of us know Verizon and AT&T are upgrading to LTE 4G network and Sprint is WAY ahead of the game, Sprint already has 4G WiMax which has been proven to have a faster download speed then LTE, so it would be in Apple’s best interests to make it 4G capable. And I hope they do upgrade the camera to 5MP but I bet my life that they will not put a flash on it just like many other new phones such as the HTC Hero and many others. And I have heard so many different things about the contract with AT&T, someone told ne that it ends this year and then others say that they are staying with AT&T. . . Does anybody know what really is going to happen with that?? I would really like to know. And Apple would lose some money at first by breaking the contract with AT&T however I believe they would EASILY make thatup by offering it to all carriers.

  • Rwishi

    Apple will have to leave AT&T because there contract comes to an end in 2010 unless they decide to renew it. It’s not gonna cost them anything to switch to verizon. It’s AT&T who’s gonna lose…

  • We agree on some predictions. we made some of our own

  • Pierrick

    Nice predictions, I agree with you.
    Maybe your forget Adobe Flash support…? 😉

  • @Pierrick well, I didn’t include Flash because I am 100% positive that Apple will NEVER allow it on the iPhone. Our loss 🙁

  • Matt

    This my wishlist, although I doubt they will all be fuffiled with the 2010 version:

    better battery
    front facing camera
    more advanced voice control (typing?)
    event based modes
    file storage/editing
    improved email notification
    multiple exchange accounts
    multiple email signatures
    wireless syncing
    orientation lock
    radio facilities
    better display/resolution
    improved camera (mp and features)
    camera flash
    improved notes app
    improved maps app
    increased memory
    IEEE 802.11n wifi support
    Bluetooth keyboard support
    CDMA support
    improved security/encryption

  • Amb

    Predictions for iPhone 2010 Hardware
    5MP camera 720p HD Video Recording
    AMR Cortex A9 with at least 800 Mhz CPU Dual Core
    Front facing VGA camera
    Bluetooth v3 and WiFi 802.11N
    Updated GPU with 400 Mhz Core 
    512MB Random Access Memory
    32gb and 64gb Versions

    iPhone OS 4.0:
    Adobe flash support built into OS
    Background Application Processes

  • @LappyGirl

    Not a prediction, but a desire. Camera flash. How awesome to NOT have to carry a digital
    camera AND my iPhone.

    Will it come? Probably not. 5mp camera this year, maybe a flash next year. Apple won’t update too many things at a time..gotta keep ya coming back every year 😛

  • Berndude

    I beleive they are developing for the 4G a phone that will work on both the AT&T system and on Verizons style of system. It is in Apple’s best interest to have the phone available for both with the release of the Nexus One and droid,

    It opens up the possibility for millions of phone and app sales and unless the Nexus is a total flop Apple can’t stick their heads in the sand any longer. My whole family has iphones and I would never trade but many of my friends love Verizon want an iphone but are ready to buy a Droid or maybe the Nexus.

    We look at these other phones as playing catch up to the iphone but the reality is the iphone has a fanticle following where we are wiling to accept lessor than others. Lets face it! even a 5 MP camera is just enough not a breakthrough, the processor is slower so we know the ip[hone needs these basics, look at the wish lists above. WE want to see not just the basics but some upgrades that will keep the iphone supperior WE want to be able to boast we have the best!!

    If Apple continues to ignore competition it will not be special any more! Screw a tablet Apple put your money in the Iphone that is the device of choice we will use the most and we demand better and better capabilities. I watched as generations began to hate microsoft as it was the giant. Now I am seeing the younger generation looking at Apple as the big dog in phones and they are all talking about the Droid and Nexus as freedom from the Iphone!

    Listen to your loyal supporters dont let your demographic become just us older folks!!


  • Dylan

    Lots of ideas from very smart and reliable developers who send e-mails to apple for new things on the next iphone will be jacked of great ideas

  • The iPhone doesn’t need a louder speaker… some people need to turn down their ringtones. 😀

  • Anti-mac

    Someone please kill this thing already!!

  • Beans

    Apple will be stupid if they went with Verizon, they create too much revenue from it being exclusive to one carrier. I highly doubt Google will put out any phone as nearly as good as an iPhone, I believe HTC will but not Google. I’m just hoping they have a new design & come in different colors other than black & white for the next iPhone. I can’t wait! And if they don’t improve, hopefully the HTC HD2 will be in the US by then, it makes the iPhone look like a step-brother.

  • I just want flash to come soon!!!! Very soon. Oh wise ones where is your predictions on this?

  • Full keyboard like the Blackberry. I honestly think people do appreciate the physical keyboard and eventually I think they might get an iPhone that slides out with a full keyboard.

    More PC friendly or at least a program that functions like the iCal but for PC users to sync their calendars to their iPhone. Many businesses still runs on Windows and Apple products are compatible but many things are not the same as if you owned a Mac to sync your iPhone to. I think that’s one of the reasons why businesses usually use Blackberrys more.

    For the one who said CDMA – I highly doubt it. Only few countries really use CDMA and if they are, places like Asia are on their third generation of CDMA, whereas Canada is slowly moving to GSM network.

    I’m pretty sure iPhone will be available with other networks. When they first came to Canada it was only available to Rogers (as they were the only GSM network at the time) and as Telus and Bell (CDMA), it was not available. Now, Telus and Bell are rolling out to GSM network capability – limited though, iPhone is now available to all three networks.

    A free app for iPhone users that mimics BBM.

  • Anil

    Small correction: The current 3GS has a 3MP camera, not a 2 MP.
    Better battery life is at the top of my list.

  • Dylan

    U no the HTC Magic (t-mobile mytouch 3G) is incredible. So is the Nexus One

  • From my professional perspective, I am hoping Apple see the light and open up developer API’s to allow us to write software to manage, secure and control the device centrally.One of the nightmares for IT managers is the influx of poorly managed corporate iphones containing customer data.

    This benefits you, the user, by making your device easy to support by your IT guys, and a feeling by the IT department, that they actually have knowledge of who is using a device, and how they can protect you and your companies valuable data.

    It’ll probably not please everyone, but your laptop is policy managed, and if you use the device as an alternative to carrying the laptop, even occasionally. It should be manageable also.

    Happy new year all !


  • ab

    Why do people insist on using mobile phones and smart phones, for all that they already do, as cameras?

    Sure they are handy in some situations but really they all take crap photos, they just don’t have the depth of field, focal length and aperture of a good quality dedicated digital camera.

    Mobile phones SHOULD NOT have a flash built into them. The ones that do don’t work anyway, they are a waste of time and battery life. If you know even the tiniest amount about photography you will know this to be true. So give up asking for one, Apple knows it’s a waster of time and will never bother.

    Likewise with CDMA. Get with the times. What serious telco is developing CDMA? A few still use it as they ramp up for 4G, but CDMA is D-E-A-D, that’s dead people – give it up!

    Lastly a physical keyboard? It goes against all the basic principals of a truly portable device that Apple are trying to develop – it will never happen. Instead Apple will continue to develop other solutions with touch technology and eventually voice recognition technology and god-knows what other technology they’ve dreamed up (I have heard about holographic keyboards, etc).

    Some people are obviously thinking too small and are too focused on their here and now and not looking at the bigger picture.

  • Mmmmm

    What jailbreak software is the best for the iPhone 2G?

  • me

    My Predictions:

    January 2010 – January 2012

    No Physical updates to the iPhone
    Maybe major updates to the iPhone OS

    Big Hopes:
    . Ipod Touch with an iPhone video camera + wifi + 3G

    The iPhone is too much of a success to tamper with its already winning formula … other smartphones like the Droid can have faster processors yet none have the iPhone OS + Apps advantage & Packaging … Android is growing very fast, it still doesn’t hold the Apple Appeal … unless they have a user interface & interaction breakthrough … which for google is very possible

    I declare the Apple Application store model to be the next big thing after the “internet” was revealed … oh wait … it already is ..

  • Ryley Johnson

    wow u guys guessed right!