I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a jailbreak app. Maybe it was for Action Menu, or for mQuickDo? I’m not sure, but what I know is that ProSwitcher has radically changed the way I use my iPhone.

ProSwitcher is a multitasking app for the iPhone that kinda replicates the Palm Pre “cards” feature by adding a very nice UI to Backrounder, the jailbreak app that allows you to run apps in the background.

I never was a fan of Backgrounder. Having to close the app to launch another one kinda defeated the purpose. But ProSwitcher makes app switching seamless, and I have to say, with a certain style.

9 to 5 Mac gives a pretty good description of how it works:

You can trigger the cards view by opening the application from home-screen, touching the status bar, or by double clicking the home button. To add an application to the Cards view, you simple have to launch the app, then hold down the home button for about one to two seconds. To remove an app from the “Cards” view click the close button on the top left of the card, to swipe the card up the screen.

Here is a short video of ProSwitcher in action:

I ran ProSwitcher on my 3GS for a few hours with up to 10 apps open at once. It didn’t crash, it didn’t lag and the battery didn’t seem to take a big hit from it. Obviously your mileage may vary…

What I like the best about ProSwitcher is how you can smoothly switch between apps without having to close/reopen them. Actually no! What I like the best about ProSwitcher is that it is free on Cydia via the BigBoss repo. Yes it’s free, so grab it until the dev realizes that he should make you pay 10 bucks for it.

ProSwitcher is one of this application that should be implemented in the next iPhone OS and honestly, I really believe (and predict) that Apple is already stripping down the code of this app and trying to make it its own for iPhone OS 4.0.

Have you tried ProSwitcher yet? How do you like it?

  • iPhone 3GS

    FINALLY! I am going to try it out right now…

  • iPhone 3GS

    OMG this was the perfect way to end 2009 and to look forward to 2010. This app is exactly what I have been waiting for and look forward to using all the time! Thank you!

  • WOW!

    what theme is that?

  • John V

    Yea i Def love the theme..

  • Mark

    Theme is illumine and yh it’s good

  • dean

    very nice thanx.
    i don t understant why those people does not take this app to the apple app store and im
    sure it will be accepted.

  • Crack it

    I was a regular iPhone 3G S tried to jailbreak fail x3 saw article gave me hope to try again one more time did it using Pwnage tool for mac Got it right happy as a bee that found a magical honey tree!! LOL I’m so happy made this from scratch and i’m usually not as happy as this This is the second app i’m going to download from rock WOOT!!

  • Cadence

    Iove this app, only problem I am having is that it is killing apps after a bit? It will only allow me to have thee running at one time? I don’t know if I have screwed up a setting or something? When I first tried it I opened up 5 apps, but as I have been using it the past couple hours I have noticed it killing apps. I don’t know if it’s randomly or when I try to “dock” another app. Is anyone else having this problem? iPhone 3g os 3.0

    • @Cadence Have you tried rebooting your iPhone. That might free up some memory.

  • dean

    the best in the west

  • JohnL

    Works very very well and doesn’t drain the battery as one might think. works very much like the palm pre.

  • Slevin

    One of the best apps of the year! Thanks!

  • Bryan

    I love it also. I have had a few apps freeze since using. But for the most part, it works wonderfully. Also, you lose all your backgrounded apps if you have to respring.

  • Irha

    The dev decided to open source the app, so no need to hurry to get it (the current version will always be free, even if future versions become closed source and paid). This also means, anyone (including Apple) can get access to the source of this app.

  • Cadence

    @Sabastien – I have actually restarted. And I think it’s my phone, and more importantly it’s memory usage that is the issue. Recently I have regularly been running with only 6-11 mega of availible memory. Even with no apps running in the background. Atleast what I can see via SBSettings. I need an update to new firmware anyway and to get rid of a lot of the crap on phone. At least I hope that is the issue. It seems to work beautifully when I start with 30 megs or so, but once these apps are in the background it will just start killing apps. I assume it is the OS that is killing the backgrpunded apps due to lack of availible memory and not Proswitcher?

    • @Cadence ProSwitcher reportedly works great with all iPhones and firmwares. Maybe you’re overdue for a restore and clean up of your iPhone 😉

  • Ruby

    Love this app. Makes iPhone more simple. Backgrounder missed the idea a bit because you still have to exit the program and open another. !!!!!!

  • dean

    realy realy realy nice.
    this is the app of the year

  • Irha

    @ruby, this app uses backgrounder as the basis, this is like the GUI on top of backgrounder, while backgrounder is like a command-line tool. Get it?

  • Jacobahalls

    I have been using this app a whole month when it was in beta, I love it has never had problems for me.
    And I love the new additions in the last update.
    I will always use this from the day I got it or until it is actually put into the o.s.
    But all in all it is great!

  • Cadence

    @Sabastien – I fully assume it’s my phone. I just thought I would post here so that people would know. I still don’t know what is up with my phone to this day but I know I am due for a restore. Got way too many usless apps on this thing. Haha! Mad props to this app though. It is very clean from what I can see and can only imagine how well it works with 3Gs. If anyone has a link to a good /clean custom unactivated ipsw I would be interested. 😉

  • Juan

    use it and love it! iPhone needs native backgrounding.

  • Rey

    It’s a good app but it is not secure enough. Im using iprotect app to protect my emails privacy but if i have this app someone could easily go through my email without entering a pass. Kinda suck 🙁

  • Irha

    @Rey, I don’t know how iprotect works, but what it means is that iprotect is not doing its job well enough, not the other way around.

  • rey

    @Irha, This is how Iprotect works. Information you wouldn’t want certain people to see, especially criminals. Using iProtect, you can easily set up password protect on all or specific applications on your iPhone to prevent unwanted users from seeing anything important. BUt I guess you’re still right about that. Both of them are good apps. But If I were to choose which of the 2 i’d like to use for my iphone i still going to go for iprotect. ProSwitcher is a good app but I don’t see myself using it everyday.

  • Irha

    @rey, the important point is, if the protection provided by iprotect is so flimsy that you can bypass the password by installing proswitcher, then, what prevents the criminals to install it right after they snatch your phone? You can’t rely on password control for application, when the hardware is out of your control. The only way to be reliable is to actually encrypt the data stored on the phone. It is similar to the password for a windows pc. Once the pc is stolen, the drive can be taken out and any unencrypted data on it can be directly accessed. Since the mail app (presumably) stores your mail on iphone without encryption, it should be straight-forward to directly access it without having to go through the mail app.

  • Andy

    I tried to find this under big bosses’s repo , but can’t find it. My Cydia has actually been like this for quite a while. It doesn’t get the new apps that comes out. I’ve also tried icy and it still doesn’t work. Is there any way to reinstall cydia? Tx for the help.

  • Great app but after using it for two days it just seemed a bit bothersome to keep checking if all the apps where closed! The actual phone Is priority one for me and I would be really upset if my battery died mid way through the day because I left a few apps running by mistake.

  • slowhand

    I like it better than multifl0w!
    Because I get to choose the way to activate the app switching option!
    I just didn’t like to have to double press the home-button every time I wanted to change apps…
    Set it on “tap and hold status bar” -> way more comfortable ;-).

    Great app!
    (And it’s FREE)

  • CyberCitizen

    I also have to say that I love this app I was using backgrounder, but thanks to your comment I tried this fantastic app. Thanks once again.

  • Ambusher


    I am about to buy an iphone and one of the reason is because of this app. Anyways i am a noob in the world of iphones, i heard about jailbreaks and app. How can i get this app on my iphone i dont see a link?
    also if some1 is so kind and to post some links to help me get started on jail breaking and getting apps that would be much appreciated.

  • Crack it

    Well Do you have a MAC or a PC??? but for iPhone 3G Here this is for windows and mac os X


    Here is for mac os X only and this will be untethered for 3G (S)


    Hope this helps 😉

  • fawad

    its good application but i am unable to recive call can some one help me my email id is fawad_farooq@hotmail.com

  • Francesco Suarez

    nah i used this one but i didnt like it, but now just this morning im already using Circuitous. which for me is simple and easy to use thats my opinion k guys so dont commect saying ohh u suck and shit like that k

  • iphone 3G user

    I just recenty upgraded to iSo 4.0 and it wont work. After i download it i restart the springboard and it goes into safe mode. any help?

    • Ryan

      Same problem here. 4.0 won’t work. Anyone have a fix?

  • cg330

    do i need backgrounder 4 dis??and it works 4 ipod touch rite??

    • @cg330 Yes it works on the iPod Touch. ProSwitcher will automatically install backgrounder if you haven’t yet

  • What are you all using now Proswitcher won’t work on 4.2.1 it seems or do you have something more updated. I just jail broke my phone last night and I’ve been watching all your video’s and checking out your website cool. I’ve been up all night @#$%$$#@ around with downloads. I’m a newbie.

  • dw

    4.3.1 please!