If you just got a new iPhone for Christmas, then congratulations, you are going to love it. Next step now is to jailbreak your iPhone in order to release the full potential of it. If you’re not sure what jailbreaking is, I suggest you read a bit more about it. As you will see, there are many reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.

Now if someone offered you an iPhone and you don’t want to use it on an official carrier (like AT&T in the US), then you will have to unlock your iPhone. Unlocking is fairly easy, even for non techy people and there are very few risks of doing any damage.

Brand new to this whole jailbreaking and unlocking thing? I understand it might be a little confusing. I wrote an article about the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking that might help you understand both better, so feel free to check it out if want to learn more about it.

Let’s get into it now. This article aims at giving a quick overview of possibilities for jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone. For both jailbreaking and unlocking, the method used depends on what iPhone model you have and what software (firmware) is currently installed on it. At this time, I will assume that your iPhone comes with firmware 3.1.2 preinstalled on it.

First things first. Before unlocking an iPhone, you first have to jailbreak it.

Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2

Note that I strongly recommend using PwnageTool to jailbreak your iPhone, that is if you have a Mac as it doesn’t work on PCs. PwnageTool is a much “cleaner” and trouble-free jailbreak.

I am not a big fan of BlackRa1n as many have reported issues with it (many have had great success too). Besides, if you have an iPhone 3GS, it’s important to note that BlackRa1n is a tethered jailbreak, which means that everytime you reboot your iPhone, you will have to plug it to your computer and launch BlackRa1n. Not so convenient but it does the job.

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS

Jailbreak iPhone 3G

Jailbreak iPhone 2G

For jailbreaking information about earlier firmwares, please visit the jailbreak page of the blog.

Unlock iPhone 3.1.2

Unlock iPhone 3GS

Unlock iPhone 3G

Unlock iPhone 2G

For more information about unlocking earlier firmwares, please refer to the unlock page on the site.

I believe this gives you a fair bit of information about jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone. Browse the various tutorials and find the one that fits your needs. If you have any question, please leave a comment on the tutorials pages or in the forum and the community will be here to help.

  • nice article, good info, do u know if there is a jailbreak for ipod touch 3rd generation?

  • Julio

    I had jailbroke my iPhone 3Gs with blackRa1n and I don’t have to plug it into my PC every time I reboot it. I don’t know if this is one of the issues of blackra1n, it works for some people and doesn’t work for some others.

    Anyway, BlackRa1n works great for me.

  • Nice article, but you can’t do jailbreak the new iPhone 3GS because of the bootrom. You can do BlackRa1in tethered jailbreak, but that’s pointless.

  • @magma9495 I don’t know much about iPod Touch but I believe blackra1n can jailbreak it. You may want to get confirmation from someone else first though as I am not sure.

    @julio as Austin said in the comment right after you, it’s a tethered jailbreak, which means you have to use blackra1n everytime you reboot your iPhone. It’s annoying but it does the job. It’s specific to the 3GS only.

  • Sebastien in answer to Julio’s question, doesn’t it depend on what ver 3gs you have? Mine is a first gen 3gs, so no problems but I believe that some people Are still lucky and get an older phone. I read that you can tell by the serial number if it’s a locked bootrom.

  • Julio

    Hello guys!!

    As I said before, I jailbroken my 3gs with BlackRa1n and I don’t need to run it every time I reboot my phone. Seriously, I did the test right now and the phone started like if it wasn’t jailbroken.

    Maybe what Dreadnutz said is true. I really don’t know. And to be honesty I don’t know exactly what tethered and untethered means, as English is not my first language, the meaning of this words is a little complicated to understand.

  • Bart

    Hello guys! I’ve got a question: I got an Iphone 3GS 3.1.2 and if jailbreak it with Blackra1n its tethered, do this applies to Pwnagetool too? Or only Blackra1n? Cause” I realy want to jailbreak it: Untethered ofcourse!
    My thanks!
    Greeting bart

  • Laura

    I av a iPod touch 3.1.2 n since iv no mac I tried jailbreakin wit blackra1n .
    When I got to the ” wait for reboot ” stage the screen of my iPod froze :S
    Iv tried it a load a times n it keeps happening ne idea of wat I’m doin wrong???
    Or is der a better way of jailbreaking it?
    I’m very confused so any help il really appriciate 🙂

    Thanks so much

  • Nice write up… I agree blackra1n is a pain. I had my 5 yr old daughters iPod Touch jail broke with blackra1n and decided it was not worth the trouble…. so I took it off. Maybe soon a better method will be out.

  • RyianH

    Hi Sebastien,
    Can you please elaborate on the issues of JB’ing with blackra1n on a 8 GB 3G Iphone….as I upgraded the firmware of my phone to 3.1.2…and Kaput was not able to use it with my carrier. I tried several options and finally was successful with the blackra1n. I do not seem to have encountered any issues so far.. Now I’m curious as to what issues can affect my phone.
    BTW nice article to have for all the download of JB’ing the Iphone.


  • Dylan

    To everyone, Blackrain RC1, RC2, and RC3 work fine for the iPod touch 2g. Same with the 1st gen. It works for iPhone 2G and 3G. My fren did his iPhone 3GS with out rejailbreaking it every time I plugs it in the pc with

  • Dylan

    @RyianH, some problems are un sertified apps not working with the brand new software and also viruses. But normal iPhones are just as open now as a jailbroken one. If u have SSH, change password and username

  • Joey

    Yeah, blackra1n info is incorrect (old) for the 3GS. I believe the only one you need to tether everytime you boot is the 3G iPod Touch.

    My 3GS is jailbroken using the latest blackra1n and it reboots fine without the need to jailbreak. Had zero issues with it otherwise to and is by far much simpler than the PwnageTool jailbreak since there’s no need to restore the phone and install the hacked firmware.

    Re the 3G iPod Touch while you do have to plug the phone in to get your jailbreak back after a reboot you don’t loose anything. Once you plug it in and run the jailbreak it takes about 15 seconds to get everything back the way it was. PwnageTool cannot jailbreak the 3G iPod Touch.

  • Kyle


    I have jailbroken and unlocked about 30 phones using Blackra1n. The only time you will have a teathered jailbreak is if the serial number is greater than “xx940xxxxxx” that is the week (40) in the year 2009 that they changed their ROM. Some of the 39 week ones have this problem but, it is always 40 and up. There are only 2real issues when using Blackra1n and they are, as noted: it will update your baseband and it can cause some simple wifi issues at the beginning-easy to fix by hitting “reset network settings.”. I hope this helps.

  • Bart

    So, are there any ideas when the unthethered jailbreak is coming out? I say we go for the dev team, and not for geohot. Stupid balloon test.

  • Kev


    so is there any new unlocking and jailbreaking software that is available for the newer 3gs phones with the serial number xx940 or grater that will not cause it to thether?

  • Joker

    I have unlocked my iphone. Can I use it now with sprint? If so, how do I do this?

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