apple microsoftLast week I wrote about the new war that is sparkling between Apple and Google and in an interesting article, PC World even suggests that Apple may go as far as partnering with Microsoft in order to fight the almighty Google.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Apple could build its entire iPhone strategy on this one Arabian proverb. The combination of the rising smartphone stake held by the iPhone, and Microsoft’s dominant position among enterprise communications and productivity applications could create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Alex Williams over at RWW is more specific about the possible synergies of an Apple/Microsoft alliance:

As PCWorld points out, Microsoft may be smart to team up with Apple. The iPhone is a solid, smart phone. Microsoft could do well by developing applications for the iPhone that serve its customers. Its Exchange Server and Office products still dominate the enterprise. As it is platform agnostic, Microsoft can develop applications for the iPhone that support its customers and protects its market base.

Apple needs a good partner like Microsoft to make any significant dent in the enterprise. It does not have the enterprise infrastructure like Research in Motion does with the Blackberry Server. Without an enterprise management service, Apple will find it tough for the iPhone to make any deep play into the corporate world.

Interesting, isn’t it? I’m sure some fanboys out there would cut their own throats opened if Apple and Microsoft joined forces but all in all, I think that it might be a great move from the two giants to put a stop to Google’s uber dominance of the interweb.

What do you think?

  • Tay Pear

    1st and never, PC will secretly dominate again


    why not those 3 together so they can control our brain….-_- if you look at it personally i wont exchange my win7 for nothing, surfing on google calling on iphone whats the matter to be number one evrybody there makin million from nothing…

  • I gotta agree with Lucas. Why won’t all three of them just come together to give all of us what we really want. I wouldn’t trade my IMAP Gmail on my MacBook/iPhone, love my Google Docs, need Exchange for Work email, and Apple iPhone.

    I want ALL THREE not working together. Give me one mega product.

  • chiaph

    I doubt the 3 will join force together.

  • Dylan

    Those three giants coming together? Not happening. Tho all have great products. Microsoft: Windows 7 and it’s touch OS
    Apple: iPhone and iPod Touch
    Google: Nexus One, My Touch 3G (HTC Magic) and dominance over Android

  • MegaloManiac

    i will stand by Google

    apple and Microsoft have made it apparent in the past that they dont really care about users they just want to milk us but Google is allowing me to use vast amounts of apps and services for free

  • I think you guys are over thinking this thing.
    IMO Apple always makes the best hardware, and that’s on just about any device that they make. The software is another story, so in the end why would anybody want to help Apple make the best Overall Device? I think that no matter what the iPhone will be the best phone, but it may not be the best selling phone in the future, and that’s alright because Apple has never been a company that strives for total market dominance.