Have you ever wanted to create your own custom text message ringtone for your iPhone? I know I have! Today I found a great tutorial that explains exactly how to do it.

Go to this article on iClarified and check it out. I haven’t tried it myself since I’m traveling and don’t really have time to “experiment” but I am hoping that some of you will try it and share some feedback.

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

  • Green

    It only works for JB iPhones :s. I hope that apple give us this option (to change test sound alerts) on the next major update.

  • David

    I did it a few weeks ago and it works.

  • Polemicist

    ToneFX and AnyRing I’ve tried on my iPhone

    But I hate the Rock App sooo … … yeah … lets not take that comment any further… 🙂

    I have been meaning to try the manual method. And considering I never really change my tones often enough to worry I should use that method.

    I have mates that have done it without issue. Works a treat.

    Great info (as always)…