I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the Dev Team has been very quiet lately. I mean, the last time we heard from them was through a blog post about an UltraSn0w update.

MuscleNerd and I a buddies on Twitter and he always reply to me when I have a question or comment so last week, I asked him on Twitter what was the Team up to these days. He never replied!

I don’t think he simply ignored me. I think the Dev Team is on to something but they don’t want any info to be leaked and screw up everything, just like it did when the 24kpwn exploit was “leaked”, which led Apple to fix it in a minute.

So what could they be up to? An untethered jailbreak and unlock for the 3GS is the most probable project they’d be working on and I believe they are waiting for Apple to release an update to the iPhone OS before making this jailbreak available.

Doesn’t that make sense? Why do you think the Dev Team has been so silent lately?

  • Mark

    We can but hope, the Dev Team are the best!

  • yesjb

    I agree,
    That is the most likely reason. and it can’t come too soon.
    I’ve been waiting patiently to jailbreak this 3Gs since I bought it factory unlocked.
    They are the best and they obviously have learned from experience about security.
    Now if Apple would only smarten up and sell their phones unlocked and jailbroken…fat chance.
    Probably only if a jailbroken unlocked phone were really eating into their sales.

  • Daniel R.

    Even if they are taking a break, they deserve one.

  • darwing

    well first off, Im sure its not a “NON-TETHERED” update, honestly thats not the #1 thing they should be aiming for. Blackra1n has all but brought the Iphone down to a science with its current state, and only recently has Apple tossed in a little glitch with the 5.1.1 bootrom (Thats me, gotta run BR every reboot but not a big deal really, def worth the amount of stuff I can do with it JBd).

    Tethered or non-tethered doesnt matter, its the simplist way to JB a phone, if you have wireless and your needing to unlock, you just set that up and its a piece of cake, I dont know why people care wether or not they use the internet to JB their phone or not.

    I think they are just waiting for apple to release their 3.13 update which is soon to arrive so they can be johnny on the spot with the JB. With that said I hope they figure out the bootrom thing but if not, its still worth the JB hands down just gotta reboot at home every once in a while.

  • Chances are good they know something that we dont. We dont open the phones up like they do.
    There must be a way to for example, untether jailbreak a new model 3gs, but seems to me that Geohot doesnt want to release it unless he wins money via baloons lol.

    Anyhow, the answer to me is always yes, there is indeed something up.

  • chiaph

    You gonna see many people wearing a smile on their face if it’s true on the project they are working on.

  • well now i am curious.
    but rumors have it that iphone 4.0 is being tested based on some different analytics that some appstore developers use.

    so who is to say that they arent in posession of firmware 4.0 with an exploit ready to go.

    that would be so amazing…

  • Dreadnutz

    Steven you have an active imagination, the chanes of them having even a semi working copy of 4.0 are Slim to None!

    Let’s say they did have a copy, even then the security parts of the code would most likely not be in it since programmers typicaly leave that for last.

  • I wish they would spend the free time developing some more apps that make Jailbreaking worthwhile, because 3.0 removed a lot of the incentive.

    Th number one app I would love to see them make is something that can replace the MobileMe phone locator software and not cost $99
    I would love to see an iPhone locator program that allows me to SMS my phone with a 8 digit password code that would then have it send back it’s exact location In a stealthy manor.
    Also it would be cool if it could activate the Wifi when I get close to my stolen phone and have the wifi keep broadcasting it’s location on an open set ip so I can use a friends iPhone and track mine. Now that’s an App that would make me feel JB was worthwhile again.

  • Steve

    Hey Dreadnutz, you should check out http://ilocalis.com/

    I use it on both my iphone and my girlfriends iphone and its fantastic. 10 day trial and then 5 euro per year or 15 euro if you want the pro version which i have. Its worth the 15 for the pro version. Lots of cool features for tracking and doing some funky remote stuff on the iphone.

    check it out. you get it from cydia

  • Dylan

    Knowing the Dev Team, there up to something probably real big. lol. lets hope Apple doesn’t no what their up 2. they r good

  • CyberCitizen

    You could check out Cylay. That does what MobileMe does and for free.

  • Jamal Paden

    I think that the Dev-Team is jailbreaking the iPod touch 3G. Is there anything else to be working on (besides Logo me, and 3Gs). They obviously know something we don’t, and they haven’t updated their blog in about a month. Somthing is going on.

  • Bart

    I will put all of my faith in the dev team, they helped me in all their JB’s. I hate Geohot and his stupid contest. Come on dev team! Im with you!~We know you’re all up to something! Make my Iphone 3GS Untethered!

  • Xradeon

    MobileMe locate my phone is the reason why I don’t JB my new 3gs.. Because it’s untethered if someone steals my phone and my phone battery dies then at reboot they will restore it.. The same case with iLocalis… I love JB but not on my iPhone until it’s untethered!!

  • Dylan

    Come on dev team! Lol