Last week, Apple purchased online music site Lala for $85 million. Rumors are already flying that Apple acquired the start up for the quality of its engineers, and most importantly because it wants to move iTunes to the cloud as music streaming is getting more and more mainstream so to speak.

There is another reason why Apple bought Lala: it didn’t want Google to buy it first! It sounds a little childish but billions are at stake and it is safe to say that the war between Apple and Google is just starting.

According to the WSJ:

The twin pursuit of the start-ups reveal that the two tech titans have further plans to move deeper into each other’s business: Apple wanted to get into advertising, while Google sought a music service.

The relationship between the two companies has been heating up for quite a bit. First the resignation of Schmidt from Apple’s board, then the rejection of Google Voice from the App Store. More recently, Google snatched AdMob, the mobile advertising platform, from Apple. Now, Google is even entering the mobile market with its own device: the Google Phone.

Things are about to get ugly as the two companies will start bumping into each other more and more. I think competition is great for innovation and for bringing prices down and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the close future.

  • Dylan

    @sabastien sounds like the next year or so will be interesting. By the way, the Google phone is called the Nexus one

  • Dreadnutz

    I hope that google based apps don’t get pulled from the iPhone platform, I would hate to lose YouTube and maps.

  • Cayman(Attila)

    We’ll have to own the Nexus One and also the iPhone if we want to follow the leader line, and have the best stuff all the time. So, it’s the funeral of Nokia, Motorola, SonyEriccson etc…

  • David

    GO google. In a perfect world they could make their own firmware for the iphone. We wouldn’t have to bother with itunes or any apple software.

    Maybe they can make a phone similar to iphone but with front facing camera and instead of having to touch the screen you would just have to move your finger near it. It would be open source of course, you could run Linux from it as a second OS. It would be able to Download torrents and be compatible with PS 3 media sharing. IF they add blue tooth keyboard and a office program that allows me to type on my TV screen I would no longer need a PC. Add a finger print scanner to the screen for security and you have the best thing I can currently imagine. However, I have no doubt that google will still make one better!

  • On some of the web master forums there is word going around that Google is being sued for the use of Nexus. I am sure a quick “Google” search on the topic will find some good reading. The site where I saw it first was Digital Point.

    I think a little competition for Apple will help them release better apps and a better phone in the future. Good things are coming for the consumer.