So you thought you’re iPhone was safe from getting any worm or virus because you didn’t jailbreak it? Think again! We talked before about Ikee, iPhone/Privacy.A and other unnamed worms but only those jailbroken iPhones were vulnerable. Now your brand new stock iPhone may get infected too…

According to the Register:

Swiss iPhone developer Nicolas Seriot has published research on security shortcomings that could create a mechanism for hackers to lift data from regulation iPhones. Email accounts, keyboard entries held in cache and browser history files are all potentially exposed by a malicious app.

Seriot has developed a proof of concept app, called SpyPhone, in order to demonstrate how Apple’s own APIs might be misused to read or edit a user’s address book, browse web surfing history, recent GPS position and more.

The full presentation is available for download from here (pdf).

If you’re thinking that you’re still safe because Apple will never allow such an app in the App Store, then you’re wrong. As Martin Bryant reports, it seems that it’d be relatively easy to fool Apple into approving a spyware app by delaying deployment of the spyware, encrypting the payload or by using clever coding tricks.

Scary, isn’t it? More scary is that some of these apps might already be in the App Store. Haaaaaaa! Alright, people, relax! While this is all true and possible, I highly doubt that we should worry too much for now.

Are you worried?

  • Dylan

    ouch. It just gets worse and worse for tech users. the “non-virus” Apple OS’ are sure being hacked and attacked lol

  • Dylan

    hopefully this issue is fixxed soon.


  • Fred Louzada

    That aint an issue. This is like giving somebody’s a car and telling that person that there is no risk of them being involved in an accident. In this case specially, any programming languague ( including apple kit for the iphone ) can be used for malicious. I you can write a letter to say good things about somebody, you can also write a letter to curse too.

    No system will ever be safe from malicious code, regardless.

  • Dylan

    That I understand and know verywell. I have seen some Apple commercials a while back. Misleading. Very. Do u no any programs to download on my iPod touch to protect it? Do u sebastien?

    • @Dylan There is none at the time and I don’t think Apple will ever allow any anti virus on the iPhone.

  • W7User

    What scares me most about this is that companies like McAfee will have their hands all over this issue and scaring people into buying their software….. I HOPE APPLE does not allow it, if APPLE doesn’t put a clamp on this soon…… The iPhone will become Microsoft all over again…. I really hope Apple is working on a way to patch these problems…. otherwise we are screwed…… The iPhone already sucks handling a phew native APPS like phone/music and safari can you imagine if we allow McAfee running in the background all the time !

  • Dreadnutz

    Be careful what you ask for because jailbreaking may be the first to get killed if they do it right.

  • Dylan

    Ok. Tho on Cydia I see some things similar to anti-virus. Just curious. Thx