Do you know when it becomes inappropriate to use your iPhone while with your significant other? If not, if you’re not sure, Shane Snow created this flowchart to help you figure it out.

I first spotted this on Gizmodo and thought it was really worth posting in here.

Does any of that seem like deja vu?

  • Dylan

    Lol. Looks like theres a guide or instructions for everything. I should show this this to my moms frens Wife lol

  • Eddie

    Haha… Either follow this guide or make sure they have an iPhone as well, that way they’d understad. My gf thinks I love my iPhone more than her lol.

    On a side note, how do I go back to viewing this blog in mobile-optimized mode?

  • Dylan

    Lol. I bet u luv her more. My
    moms frens wife does hav an iPhone. I printed it nd showed her and she laughed

  • Dylan

    If u no the url, than type it in your iPhone. Or click the button at the bottom of the page if u r using your iPhone

  • Carlos

    hahahaha nice, gotta print it and put it up next to my bed :]
    I always get smack when my gf sees me reaching for my phone :/

  • Eddie


    I’m trying to go from the regular website to the iphone optimized one. I can’t find a link or button anywhere on the regular website so that it reverts to mobile mode.

  • Dylan


    than clear all yor cache and cookies and histry by going to settings then safari.
    than u can go to the url and try it again. it should work