Is GeoHot really going to work on an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS? That’s what he mentioned in a tweet yesterday.

As usual, in order to get him motivated, you have to do something in exchange. He wants you to make #dudeitsaballoon a trending topic on Twitter. I haven’t really looked into it as I don’t have much time while traveling, but it has something to do with red balloons in the sky.

Some of you may be interested in this untethered jailbreak as it is a pain the the butt to always have to plug your iPhone every time you want to reboot.

So, what are these red balloons about?

  • louis

    Well i wanna hand a huge ty for GEO im no fan boi just got my 1st apple product was gutted i have to re break it on each boot but tbh and i mean really honest,so bloody wot i have an incredible pda-phone now so wot this moaning is all about i really dont get it? once again thanx for Black ra1n made my day!

  • B-dude

    first its not a pda phone, second its a real PITA cuzz some apps from cydia need a reboot after installing, and 3rd lets say your out and about and for some reason U dont get to a charging place, and then U finally find a place (but ur not home) and start charging. BAM u have to JB it again! but wait! what this? U dont have ur computer with ya on hand to JB it again and ur stuck in the DFU mode. so yea thats what the big deal is about…class dismissed!

  • louis

    B-dude yes it is a pda cos it aint a phone lol fine it had the facility to make calls and texts but is cloers to being a mini mac book…and 2ndly most ppl have car chargers these days i havent managed to flatten my battery in a day yet and to do so id say just maybe a note book is better suited too u lol.some ppl like u are just captain emos if u dont like it ebay it buy a nokia and shut up lol

  • northofpolaris

    Think of it as a security feature! I dropped my phone and some jackass decided to steal it. I was dismayed that I never knew about all this find my iphone crap so it’s gone, but, since it was a tethered JB, they didn’t have access to all my information, my email etc. etc. that my iphone was tied to because they decided to turn the phone off so I couldn’t call or track them!

    A small consolation, I know, but oddly effective.

  • B-dude

    louis> PDA phone involves MS os 6.1(or whatever it is nowadays) iphone works on a differant platform, and yes every one has a car charger but sometimes I go out with a buddy and he doesnt have a iphone he has a blackberry so I’m shit out of luck if my batt dies. and no I’m not gonna shut up, its so easy for geo to release a unthethered JB. so why dont U STFU!

  • Alksion

    It is annoying, I think if any of these developers set up a pay method, many if not all of us would pay. Coming from Windows Mobile and Android Phones, it is so weird seeing Apple trying so hard to block acces to JBing. It’s all new to me.

  • gargajoe

    @ B-dude :

    You said ” its so easy for geo to release a unthethered JB. so why dont U STFU!”

    How do you know it is so easy to come up with an untethered JB?

  • B-dude

    because HE said he already has an untethered JB…

  • gargajoe

    I wasn’t aware that HE said so. Too bad then………..

  • CrApple.

    Maybe no-one has released an untethered Jb because they can’t?

    Maybe Apple has won and made it too difficult for anyone to release a convenient JB for the new phones? Maybe – just maybe, people are pretending that they have already done it but are saying they won’t post it as, actually – it’s too difficult for them but they don’t wanna admit it.

    To be honest – it doesn’t really matter, it’s only a ‘phone – not exactly a cure for cancer…

  • B-dude

    no they are waiting for the new iPhone to come out and then they will release the untherthered JB…

  • Kwal

    Geohot is right to think of himself as a superior being if he wants to. We have no say and are only entitled to our opinions because it is his mind and his time that he is using to develop the JBs. Whether he does it or not is his own decision. May be he has already done it and he is using it on his own phone. If he wants to share it, it is because he wants to be known for it (and who wouldnt), but he definitely does not have to.

  • untetherme

    i agree with B-dude about how if you run out of battery in a day and your stuck without your laptop… it sucks… alot… and this happens alot more than gargajoe thinks. but i really dont think this is worth getting into a large fight with lots of swearing and threats over. i also agree that they are waiting for the new iphone to come out just so that once the untethered FW comes out apple will have to develop a whole new thing instead of creating a new update from the FW. anyway my point is be patient. im sick of it too and i know everyone else is but im jsut going to keep checking until i find something

  • gargajoe


    Hey man, I never said tethered JB doesn’t suck. It does, big time! I agree with you 100%

    What i’ve said is that “apparently” no one is working on an unthethered JB, at least until next mayor firmware comes out.

    in GeoHot’s own words, on Jan 30 2010, he posted this:

    “And I’ll repeat this one more time, I have no plans to work
    on an untethered jailbreak. I don’t know who, if anyone, is,
    or if/when it’ll be released.”

  • IPhone 3G S :)

    I dont mind 😛 at first I was like “fuck, new iPhone got screwd” I was about to contact apple but I tried one more jailbreak and it worked. I was relieved..


    I just got my first 3Gs with 3.1.2 and 5.11 bb, and I was so happy to know that Blackra1n was able to jailbrake it, you have no idea how frustrating it was when I upgraded my 3G to 3.1.2 and no one had a Jailbrake for it, and Dev Team was saying that they were not going to even try to come up with one for Windows Users, and GeoHot did! I donated the same day I jailbroke my 3G after about a month of suffering! now I see all these people who obviously used BlackRa1n to JB their Phones complaning about it!!!!??? I don’t get it! yes granted I’ve had to deal with having to plug in and “re-Jailbrake” my phone everytime I turn it off, but does it really suck that bad???? I mean is the choice of taking 3 seconds out of your day everytime you reboot for what ever reason or not have a jailbrake at all! not sure about all of you but I’m pretty happy with pluging my phone in once in a great while for 3 seconds to be able to have all that a jailbrake offers. So as a couple of you have said, either do something about it, or shut it!

  • geosucks

    georocks….you obviously don’t get around. If I’m away from home and laptop for a couple of days and my phone crashes. I’m without phone, away from home, which is a MAJOR inconvenience. So yes…it does suck that bad. I either have to have an Apple crippled phone, or a completely unreliable smart phone that could go down at anytime. If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet try going to Murcia without speaking Spanish throwing your phone away which has hotel directions and flight times on and see how far you get.

  • LuckBatata

    i have all reboot files on my key/pocket pen drive. When i am away from home i just borrow a computer and reboot it in 10 seconds. I think this is better than not having a jailbreak for it.

  • Holly

    For those who complain too much, if tethered JB sucks so much, then dont JB at all so you can have your phone ready anytime you need to call or something. Or better yet, sell your iphone and get other phone. You are unbelievably ungrateful.

  • Molly

    Hi guys. I have 3.1.2, 5.11.07 FW, 01 bootrom. My 3gs is still tethered. Can anyone please help me untethered mine. Please please please. Thanks.

  • Damien

    B-Dude, all of us have a choice, no one forced you to buy the iphone. You made a conscience choice, you didn’t have to jailbreak, but you WANTED TO AND OBVIOUSLY DID but you can always reset back to factory and don’t have to wait for any jailbreak anymore and just be a good boy and pay through i-Tunes.

  • SOS

    hi guys.. please help..
    i have a iphone 3gs 3.1.2 5.11.07 , im ok with the tethered jailbreak but the problem is that whenever i download an application through Cydia the phone restarts at the end of the download and appears on the screen a cable and itunes icon …

    when i connect it to the pc it doesnt work by clicking on blackra1n , i have to reinstall the software that even my phonebook gets deleted !!!

    please your help guys ..