You may have read that Pandav, iPhone dev of the iBart application has found tracks of a new iPhone in the usage records of his iPhone app.

According to TUAW:

Pandav noticed an identifier for “iPhone3,1” in their logs. The iPhone 3GS hardware identifier is “iPhone2,1”, which means the next generation iPhone is already being tested.

I’m pretty sure this is only the beginning and we’ll be seeing more of these reports in the coming weeks/months.

Like every year since the launch of the iPhone, rumors are gonna go wild. Here is my list of rumored features I am expecting to see in the next iPhone:

  • 5 MP camera
  • Front facing camera
  • Multitasking
  • Washer/Drier
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave oven
  • Air Bag
  • Taser
  • Water purifier

I know these features are kind of a stretch, but one can dream, right?

What are the features you want to see in the next iPhone? Don’t be scared to go crazy

  • really? still no FLASH?!??!?!?!

  • Juan

    I’d be happy with multi-tasking, a front facing camera, removable media and battery (never gonna happen) and a 5 to 8MP camera.

  • Graham

    Multitasking is solved with ‘backgrounder’ and a jailbreak. Microwave? Do we really need something else in a mobile frying our brains? 😉

  • Papaoommowmow

    Find on page
    Voice dial through Bluetooth
    Nested folders

  • cell phones do emit microwaves…

  • Jeffery

    Flash for the camera
    built in talking gps
    built in flash player
    Built in safari download plug in
    file navigation
    built in ssh
    if that was there I would be happy. I mean they don’t like jail breaking so incorporate the stuff people jail break for.

  • Read my email to me, or say who is calling , well maybe they put a freezer to store cold beer lol .

  • Dylan

    I’d like to see a 5MP camera, and a front Facing one two, Multitasking, 3rd Party software downloads, removable media slot, and 8MB of memory at the minimum for all around $100. And Apple To not spy on us when we use are damn iPhone.

  • Dylan

    And Flash. And to have it for sale from any carrier. like Verizon

  • Achy

    He said go crazy, not retarded..

    Well here’s my list:

    don’t care about the price of the phone so give me a 10mp cam in front of the phone (rotatable would be better) so the phone is actually better than those damn nokia’s..a flash would be nice too..
    built in flash player..
    a way to disable rotation so i don’t jb my next
    phone for it…
    hmm multitasking? give the phone more ram so that happens without slowing the phone down..
    tell square enix they can’t release games anymore unless the name has a final fantasy in it..
    weight sensors? I’m tired of carrying my scale with me everytime I pick up tho that might mess up the phone..hmm airplane mode only?..
    better battery and free battery change with warranty if it dies..

    That’s all I can really think of for now.

  • Front facing camera and at least 5 megapixel are my biggest.

    Maybe better voice control, but I’m not too picky on that one.

  • brent

    People need to get off the megapixel obsession. More pixels does NOT equal better image quality. As long as megapixels increase and general image quality does not, all you’re getting is a larger bad quality photo. Give me a GOOD QUALITY 2 mp image and I’m happy. Who’s going to make a large print out of a camera phone picture? Not me. That’s what a real camera with a high pixel count is for.

  • kintamanate

    You forgot the kitchen sink!

    • @kintamanate Damn! What was I thinking about? 😉

  • Polemicist

    Sorry.. My technical geek side won’t allow for the name of that device…

    4G is the next generation of network and unless this device actually supports 4G network then it will never get that name. Apple is not that stupid.

    Titanium is what is listed in that image above. LOL. I’d love it if that was true. But
    points you to this who did have a 3rd style of case that I believe was titanium (correct me if I am wrong) and that more expensive case is not even on his site anymore. 🙂 Cute idea but too damn expensive.

    @brent – you are almost correct. Mega pixel count + lenses + optics + firmware + software = good picture . 2 megapixel I’d say no – 6 megapixel I’d say YES.

    You aren’t going to get removable media. When you have a device like this that media needs to mount in the system. That initial mount would then cause the unit to check it as it would for any operating system. A malformed card can be inserted and gives the dev crews and blackrains of the world way toooo many vectors for attack. Lets be honest Apple protection skills compared to the hackers skills … no contest … Hackers win …

    If Apple doesn’t put in a forward facing camera then they are cutting their own throat. That will be a given. Plus they will come on board with iChat AV to try and capture that market. That might just work. As Sebastien found out down here in Aus 3G sucks and is pricey so not likely that video chatting will take off down here but chatting sure has.

    I look forward to the iTablet rather than the next iPhone. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Polemicist. I always enjoy reading your comments.

  • Polemicist

    *grins* Can’t help dropping in. And always enjoy good gossip… 🙂

    The major issue with the current iPhones is battery use both standby and active while running background bits and pieces. The new phones will most likely be using the new chipsets from the company Apple recently brought. Those chips will have higher heat characteristics requiring some for of heatsink or maybe even air cooling if that was possible. Also I see them not using a multi core for this next upgrade so they get to release a second version the same way they have done the 3G -> 3GS move.

    This next phone will take a lot longer than getting out the 3GS. Personally I see 1G -> 2G -> 3G as the natural progression and saying 4G makes people think it is the next step up but then Apple goes with 3GS throwing a spanner in the works. So I think the next one will probably go down the AV line and will be a bit like an update similar to the 3GS rather than a full blown rewrite of the phone. I mean they already have the video compression in the 3GS so it is a natural step to take as long as their software is up to the pounding it will take. Hmm software that crashes the iPhone? I wonder it that will be another attack vector? 😀

    The new Samsung is actually giving the iPhone a bit of pressure and that could force Apple into an early model update that includes simple additions like the forward facing camera and the addition of stereo speakers along with the ability to multitask even a higher grade lens on the main camera such as Carl Zeiss and maybe adding more RAM to make it sound like it will run faster cause it has twice the RAM. Sorry I have a thing about marketing and its structure and can see those simple things actually selling a new phone easily. Look at the iPod Nano and iPhone 3GS – they didn’t have that much to offer when you really look at them but people are still eating them up.

    I’m surprised by the number of photos that can be found using the right google query that are in the size format of an iPhone. (I’m also amused by the photos I find in peoples private collections but that is another story) Try that yourself. Google Images search for “1200×1600” and see what pops up. Although a lot of those photos are not taken with an iPhone they are obviously intended for that platform. 🙂 But when you take photos with an iPhone … well they are cute but they are not very high quality…

    I digress.

    If this next upgrade of phone is worth it it might end up being my next Xmas present to myself. I’m a 3G user and never went 3GS but this time I might make the leap. *shrugs*

  • Otter378

    Longer battery life, pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Crewface19

      Yeah that to and also more colour settings and all apps free

  • brent

    @Polemicist – YOU are almost correct…. There is an argument for more pixels contributing better image quality and this has to do with visible detail in a cropped in/blown up image, BUT the other things you list are much much more important when it comes to general image quality: lenses/optics (same thing) + firmware + software and you left out the very important image sensor design.

    But I was basically referencing the belief that the general public has (camera makers being the main reinforcer of this misconception) that more megapixels equates to better image quality. This just isn’t true. I compare this misconception to bad tasting food. Piling more of it onto your plate isn’t going to make it taste any better. IMO, 6 megapixels is pointless until general image quality is improved.

  • brent

    Oh and thanks for that link I look forward to doing some reading. On first glance that seems to refer to regular digital cameras as opposed to camera phones which present their own unique challenges related to the other non-pixel count variables like optics. But yeah, 6mp limit (for the sake of image quality) on consumer point and shoot cameras makes total sense to me. Good find!

  • Justin

    First of it probably won’t be called an iPhone 4G since 4G network isn’t available yet. Like always Apple wouldn’t want to confuse their consumers so they’ll have to come up with another naming. My prediction is it will stay with the iPhone 3GS (first time ever they don’t release a new iPhone generation) but a newer version with 64GB of storage (using Toshiba NAND chips).

    Other stuff:
    5-Megapixel Camera : If Apple comes up with a naming and releases a new generation then probably yes this is possible, if not then the 3GS 64GB will stil have the same 3.2 megapixel camera since they like to keep everything neat-and-simple (have you guys noticed that?)

    Multi-tasking : Probably not. Multi-tasking can lead to various problems within the iPhone and managing the apps is another thing…. they can’t copy Palm with their brilliant work of managing multi-tasking on a phone. Like always the iPhone is known to keep everything neat-and-simple just like Apple themeselves. Oh and Multi-tasking will open up new ways to hacking like overflowing and all that.

    Flash : Very unlikely. Apple rarely (or should I say never) abandons device designs. The iPhone’s camera placement and all is simple and great and adding flash will make it look let’s just say akward. Only time Apple abandoned a design was on the third generation iPod (It looked kind of ugly), otherwise all their iPods have followed a straight forward design (except the 3rd generation iPod nano) just that every year they get more modernized….

    Front-Facing camera : Very unlikely too… but would be really awesome. Many networks aren’t ready for it yet (T-Mobile kind of is with almost all their regions including the US and Germany but AT&T isn’t…. and the networks Apple chose to side with). Plus that would be a kind of big overhaul… a new design? Haven’t really seen the iPhone getting any physical changes except the casing, the front was always the same.

    Voice Dial through Bluetooth : I can’t decide on that lol but that should have been a feature on iPhone OS 3.0

    Probably no physical changes and just increased storage is what Apple has for next year…Apple is running out of ideas and they want to reserve the best for 4G.

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