Every once in a while I get asked about how to do something dead simple on the iPhone, such as moving icons around. To most of us, this is very basic stuff, but not everyone knows everything about the iPhone, which is why I decided to write a post with 10 tips and tricks.

Shake to Undo

When you are writing an email or a note, you can shake your iPhone to undo what you just wrote. If you just deleted some text from the note or the email, you can also shake to undo and it will bring back the text you accidentally deleted. Note that this feature works for every application that allows you to input text (ie SMS, Tweetie, etc…)

Quickly Silence or Send Incoming Call to Voicemail

If you are receiving a phone call you don’t want to answer, you can press the power button or any volume buttons once to mute the ringing. Now if you want to send the person calling you directly to voicemail, simply press the power button twice.

Zooming on Images in Safari

To quickly zoom on an image in the Safari web browser, simply double tap on the image.

Zooming on Text in Safari

Just like you can zoom on images, you can zoom on text in Safari by double tapping it. If you are on a website with multiple columns (such as the New York Times website), it will zoom in the column, making it easy for you to read what’s in it.

Save or Copy an Image

You can easily save images from virtually any application (ie Safari, Mail, Twitter app, etc…) by holding your finger on the image and selecting “Save Image” or “Copy”. If you select to save the image, it will be saved in your camera roll.

Quickly Go Back to the Top of A Page

In any application, if you are scrolling down (ie scrolling down a web page in Safari) and you quickly want to go back to the top of the page, you don’t have to scoll up. Simply tap the status bar (this is where the time is displayed) and it will take you all the way up the page.

Preview Links

When browsing a web page for example, you may see a link to another page. If you are curious to see where this links may take you without having to open it, simply put and hold your finger on it. It will show you the destination of the link, also giving you the opportunity to open it, open it in a new page or even copy the link.

Save Time Typing Domain Names

When you are in Safari and you want to go to another web page, you don’t have to type the full URL. For example, if you want to go to http://www.idownloadblog.com from Safari, just type iphonedownloadblog and the “www.” and “.com” will be added automatically.

Take a Screenshot

You can take a screenshot of any screen on your iPhone by simply holding the Power and Home button together. You will see your screen flashing and making the camera noise. The photo will be saved in your camera roll.

Add Your Favorite Websites to Your Springboard

If you have favorite sites that you visit all the time, it might be a good idea to add them to your springboard (the main screen where all the apps are). To do this, simply go to the webpage you want to add to your springboard, tap “+” at the bottom, and choose “Add to Home Screen”. This will create an icon on your home screen and you’ll be able to access this page quickly, without having to open Safari first.

Do you have more tips? Please share them in the comments.

  • Limbo

    Great tips! Wasn’t aware of many of them 😉

  • Great list… One extra one:

    When typing in a domain name – if you see the ‘.com’ button, press and hold it and a sub menu of other domain types will appear – simply swipe your finger across to select.

  • Colten

    Don’t forget on the screenshot one u have to let go after a second of holding down the power and home button or else if u just hold them down it’ll turn your phone off!

  • tod

    I have an issue that is off topic but i figure if anyone here can help me out it would really make my day. I just recently JB and unlock my 3G phone to 3.1.2 firmware with blackra1n and blacksn0w. everything works fine except i cant get my 3G service with ATT to work. i have tried to reset all network settings and i also did a full restore, and still no luck. Can someone give me some tips as to what to do next?

  • Tod,

    I wrote an article 1 or 2 weeks ago about this sMe issue I had. Go to the homepage and look for an article titled “traveling with an iPhone, my Australian experience”. I descube there what I did to fix the issue.

    Hope it will help.


  • Great tips,

  • Mark

    Great tips, one I discovers the other day was to ‘pinch’ (put you finger and thumb on the screen and move them together) to zoom out

  • Lars

    I wondered… when I ride my bike or something, and want to change the song I am listening to, have to stop and change it. Is there something to change songs more quickly? like, if you doubletapped the volum button or something, it would change… Does that excist? That would been great!

    BTW: great tips! 🙂

    • Hi Lars,

      Yes, there is a trick for that. Go to Settings > General > Home and set the “double click hte home button for” option to “iPod”. Now everytime you double click the home button, it will bring iPod control, making it faster for you to control the music (ie skip, pause, etc…).


  • Misti

    If you have the 3gs press and hold the home key down for voice control. To call someone from you contacts or to control the music in your iPod.

  • Dylan

    to lars…..
    if u r on the firmware version 3.1.2 than u doubble tap the home button and shake the ipod or iphone and it will take a random song out of the cd and play it. think it works on the 3.1.1 software too. hope this helps anyone out there lol

  • Dylan

    good tips too

  • Sam Tay

    Hd tried all ways & means to backup my iPhone calendar, but to now avield, anybody can help?