Many people are experiencing various issues after unlocking their iPhone with BlackRa1n and BlackSn0w.

Here are some of the problems you may have encountered:

  • No 3G or Edge
  • Can’t connect to wifi
  • Problems with YouTube
  • No push notifications

There are 2 possible solutions for this.

The first fix is to reset your network settings. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. After resetting your settings, make sure to reboot your iPhone. It is very important to reboot or else, the changes won’t take effect.

A few people told me on Twitter that this didn’t work but resetting ALL the settings then rebooting did work. So try this if the first fix didn’t work.

The second fix is pretty simple too but it does require you to have an Internet connection. From your iPhone, go to Cydia and add this new source

After adding this source, search for an app called Push Fix and install it. Reboot your iPhone and you should be good to go.

If the problems persist, I suggest taking more drastic measures by restoring your iPhone. I know, I know, restoring is not fun but it’s always a good thing to do when nothing else works.

If you choose to restore your iPhone, make sure you set it up as a new phone. Do not “restore from backup” as this would bring back some of the bad settings that caused your issues in the first place.

If you tried all of these fixes and you’re still experiencing issues, then I’m not sure what else to tell you.

If you found another fix, please feel free to leave a comment below.


    Diane, email me at and I will send you all instruction how to fix your problem. For some reason, I’m not allowed to post here the instruction. I really do apologized. to all who’s having problem with your iPhone please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will help you to fix your iPhone. Thanks

  • Patrick

    Guys listen, I know a lot how to fix iPhone but one day my phone just collapse for some reason and I coudnt connect to my wifi, I tried everything and still didn’t work. I’m so worried and finally I found this site and I email to MR. JOEL BROTONEL this GUY is the best fixing wifi problem. It’s free and he is verry helpful. Trust me contact this guy and 100% you’ll be happy.

    • Prince

      hi patrick.. do you know mr. joel personally?

  • prince4525

    here is a solution that actually made progress for the wifi to work

    i currently have a 3g iphone 8GB and my wifi does not work after updating to many versions

    then i went ahead and installed this program “asBattery” to enable the battery percentage on the version 3.1.2

    somehow the wifi started to work again. it is not fully operational because u need to be very close to the router machine in order for it to work.

    lets say in range of 1 meter in diameter. if further than that, my iphone no longer recognizes any wifi

    1. go to cydia
    2. go to manage then sources
    3. click on edit and add then type
    4. let the iphone do it thing and it will restart cydia
    5. go back to cydia
    6. go to search and search for asBattery
    7. install asBattery and the iphone will restart itself or just restart cydia i forgot which

    go near a wifi connection in proximity of 1 meter in diameter and enjoy the wifi agaiin.

  • danibelle

    prince4525, maybe i’m being totally stupid here, but how can you connect to cydia if you can’t connect to wifi in the first place? do you mean when you are building a custom ispw, with pwnage tool that you manually install it there?

    • Max

      uaw youe 3g or edge connection but be careful to use a package that enables high data rates…

  • hoa lam

    I had an iphone 3gs. I set up wifi in the iphone. it showed low signal (1 or 2 bars if my iphone close to router). When I go 10 feet from router, it said not available. When I tried to access to yahoo account. it kept saying ‘invalid id or password’. Please guide me to fix these problems. Thanks.

  • siddharth

    i have iphone 3g 8gb with ios 4.1……… i can see wifi networks but when i connect it pops a message ” unable to join network” please solve this problem JOEL… my email is

  • OK

    My wifi does not work at all. I tried to reset netwrk setting 100 times but wifi is still greyed out.
    is there another way to connect to internet ? like usb hardwire ????

  • Jonas

    hi everyone. I just want to warn evryone about this guy joel brotonel. He’s a fraud!! he will let you trust him and then would offer gadgets at a low price and when you pay, the gadget you bought will be gone together with him. So beware guys..this is a fact, ok?

  • Al

    Im not sure wat happnd but after jailbreakin my ifone4 i cnt hear anyone when they call an they cnt hear me. I dnt even hear da fone ring when im callin out. But the call does go thru. I had my mics checkd an theyre in workin condition

    • Genwins

      It’s bc you have a corrupted back up save. Don’t restore your previous back and that problem should go away..

  • Al

    Im not sure wat happnd but after jailbreakin my ifone4 i cnt hear anyone when they call an they cnt hear me. I dnt even hear da fone ring when im callin out. But the call does go thru. I had my mics checkd an theyre in workin condition.


    All these happened after updating latest ITune….(10+..) be careful to update ITune..If anybody find…solution for this..please leave blog here…!

  • Stephanie Sheppard

    I have access to Edge and can use safari but cannot get to connect to my home wifi, help

  • this actually works!!!!

  • tiger singh

    how can i get wifi back when youneed internet to downlod cydia