With the release of BlackSn0w, it is now possible to tether your iPhone running OS 3.1.2.

For those of you who don’t know what tethering is, it basically allows you to use your iPhone as a modem in order to share the internet connection with a computer. For example, this post was written on my laptop while tethering my iPhone in Los Angeles airport.

UPDATE: This post is outdated. For the latest information about tethering your iPhone, please visit this page.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone using BlackSn0w. See my BlackSn0w tutorial.

Step 2: From your iPhone, navigate to help.benm.at, hit  tethering, choose your country and carrier, hit download, then hit Install.

Step 3: Reboot your iPhone.

Step 4: Go to Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering and turn it on.

You’re done!

You should now be able to tether your iPhone, either via bluetooth or USB.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

321 thoughts on “How to Tether Your iPhone 3.1.2”

  1. Chris T says:


    Please see the following: http://tiny.cc/wik4h

    And what do you mean, install the sources? This has nothing to do with package management.

    Madness? This! Is!

    -Chris T

  2. Chris T says:


    Sorry for going out of order. Something came up. You know how it is.

    It might be more efficient for you to sell your existing equipment to an antique store and buy a real iPhone. Kidding aside, kind of, I don’t know.

    There’s no real confirmation that this will work pre-3.1.2 without a baseband upgrade. That’s pretty sinfully old.

    However, since it’s older, that just means the security on the device is less effective, so the odds are actually in your favor.

    I don’t know if this will hurt anything if you DO install it, but I would suggest that you back everything up, then give it a shot.

    Worst-case scenario, there’s always PdaNet. Or carrier pigeons.

    Firm proponent of old-fashioned internet via bird,

    -Chris T

  3. noorullah khan says:

    Hello hai

  4. Moisesg says:

    Do u knw If they made one yet for 4.0 JB?

  5. Tom L says:

    Can At&T find out about this and charge me for it? As they charge like $20 extra fot tethering now

  6. Très bonne application !

  7. Andrew says:

    For some
    reason, this has stopped working, ive been using it for the last 6 months and now its not working at all. Ive tried rebooting, re installing, deleting the profile, everything and for some reason it quit working on me. Any help would be awesome. Please email me at andrewmiller360@gmail.com

  8. Kyle G says:

    For the people who haved used tethering, do they charge u extra for it?

  9. Andrew says:

    4.0.1? It doesn’t let me download there carrier bit. I press download and nothing happens. :S Help please.

  10. Cr9 says:

    Download not starting-iPad

  11. Nighty says:

    Does anybody get it to work under a jailbreaked 4.0.1 (iPhone 4) or is it imposible with that OS?

  12. Ayoze says:

    Same question here,does it work on iphone 4? Thx

  13. kc says:

    Andrew and all, here’s a story with a good ending:

    I’ve been jailbroken (from BlackRa1n RC3) and unlocked (BlackSnow included in BlackRa1n) using 3.1.2 on an iPhone 3G for over a year now.

    No, it doesn’t cost anything as long as you keep the data usage reasonable. I only tether for email and some minor web surfing when traveling or when the WiFi network at work dies for a day.

    I fired up tethering about a week ago and my iPhone died. Dead, dead. I had to restore from iTunes (to 3.1.2, nothing newer) and then again jailbreak and unlock with BlackRa1n. I reinstalled the carrier settings file from benm.at and no tethering. It wasn’t even in the Settings/General/Network screen.

    I read Chris T’s posting (or rant rather) from June 9, 2010 1:13pm above. He’s a little rough on us n00bs, but all of the information is there. Go read it. Seriously.

    It turns out I had settings files piling up. Under Settings/ General/ Profile I had 3 profiles. I deleted all 3 and rebooted. If you don’t have a profile menu under general (it should be toward the bottom, mine is above ‘reset’), then you don’t have any profiles and you are good.

    I retried the file from benm.at and rebooted: no luck. Delete it and reboot.
    I tried the one from m.peacefulinsanity.com. Reboot. No luck. Delete it and reboot.
    I couldn’t get gumballtech to even install.
    I tried the one from iphone-notes.de and reboot. It works!

    I don’t know what is wrong with the other carrier settings file for my configuration, but I’m tethered now, back to where I was before my crash and I’m happy.

    Here’s the summary:
    Read Chris T’s post.
    iPhone 3G using 3.1.2
    Unlock and Jailbreak using BlackRa1n RC3
    Delete all carrier settings files. Reboot.
    Try the carrier settings files in Chris T’s post. Don’t have more than one. Reboot after any installations or deletions of carrier settings files.

    Happy tethering…

  14. Chris T says:


    You’re a darling. I’d almost forgotten about this thread, but the tubes flow warm once again.

    Great post. If you’d like to satisfy my curiosity, how did the restore go? I had to fix an issue a little like yours recently, and the app settings got dragged into an alley and shot at some point along the line. I also wonder if you had any jailbroken apps other than BlackSn0w; recovery systems like third-party apps even less than the regular ones. I am forced to assume that they’re still in the process of being tortured to death, since they never showed up on the aforementioned iPhone.

    I use a little utility called AptBackup from Cydia to ease the reinstall process (conventional file backups ought to be sufficient for the application’s settings and such), and while recovery drills have brought the machines back up and on fine, this is the main reason I haven’t upgraded to OS4 yet. I’ve got a rather large handful of applications I’d have to worry about reinstalling and reconfiguring, and until the number of apps that refuse to work on iOS 3 is greater than the number of apps I’d have to reconfigure, I’m not sure it’d be worth the hassle.

    My little query isn’t directly related to the thread, but I think we exhausted the supply of relevant information a long time ago.

    Showing approval and pleasure (but not too much pleasure) at your post,

    -Chris T

  15. Chris T says:

    Patrick from June 15, seriously? Okay then,

    Nothing I’ve tried has had a significant impact on my signal. Good luck to you if you read this.

    Prescribing low-dosage sociopathy for guilt-free tardiness,

    -Chris T

  16. Chris T says:


    kc referenced my post. Here is a handy link: http://tiny.cc/wik4h

    If you decide to comment asking for help, make sure you’ve read the notes there on how to ask for help. Specifically, I’m mentioning this so you’ll know to post your technical details. I will neither confirm nor deny allegations of magic powers, but one way or another, nobody can fix your problem if you just say, “It isn’t working!” You have to say something more like, “It isn’t working! iPhone 3.1.2, JB with blackra1in, no unlock, baseband 05.11.07.”

    Insert the standard refrain about not asking stupid questions. For good measure, let’s add a “Don’t do drugs,” too. Drugs are bad. Except ones I decide are good.

    Proudly proclaiming unshakable standards (and they wouldn’t be standards if there weren’t two of them),

    -Chris T

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