If you jailbroke your iPhone using PwnageTool or if you uninstalled the BlackRa1n app from your iPhone but still want to unlock your iPhone 3.1.2 with baseband 05.11.07, then read on.

You can download BlackSn0w from Cydia and unlock your iPhone this way.

Simply add the following repo in Cydia: blackra1n.com.

Then in Cydia, look for BlackSn0w. Install the application and reboot your iPhone.

Congrats, your iPhone is now unlocked!

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Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any question.

  • emre

    Works like a charm.Thanks GeoHot…

  • kike

    thanks dude!!

  • sbbrit

    any chance this will ever work with the original iphone, would love to put it on a non us carrier for european travel and keep my 3gs for at&t

  • Eruc

    I’m already on AT&T. Can I use this to get tethering or will it cause problems with my service.

  • simon

    everything went ok…wid no errors but my phone says no service when i put tmobile sim card in it. any help???

  • Rahal

    is any one having problems with wireless after installing blackns0w. my iphone wont find any wireless network after i installed it. i did an uninstall and every thing went back to normal!!!

    I did this twice same problem.

  • Albion

    all u have to do is reset network setings on iphone. 🙂 enjoy

    ps:how funny is that. Sebastien the owner of this site after all the critisizing that did to geohot has advertisment for unlock for just $29.99. Realy funny

  • simon

    i checd wid few others. on 3g 8gb 3.1.2 bootloader 6.02, firmware:5.11, after jailbreakn by blackrain rc2 and unlocking by blacksnow…with tmobile it has no service. At&t is workn just fine…pls any help will be highly appreciated????

  • whosawmike

    I am having the same problem simon is having… no service on T-Mobile with Iphone 3g 8gb, 3.1.2 firmware 5.11.07. The only diferance is that i used rc3 to unlock.

  • Pavan Goud

    Excellent.. Thanks a lot GeoHot.. It worked well and it is very easy .. a computer dumb can also install it on iPhone.. Good Work.. Geo. I will definitely donate this work..

  • benk2

    can any one help me?
    i just upgrade my iphone 3.1.2 but in itunes show a message use valid simcard to activate your iphone. and my iphone show only emergency call.
    can any one give solution how to activate my iphone again.

  • blkman

    Geo you rock…..
    To all you out there I strongly suggest you donate to this man .
    Loving your work in Australia

  • Tomselleckx

    Yes we can 🙂

    the app working with iphone 3g version 3.1 (blacksn0w from cydia)

    i must not upgrade my iphone from 3.1 to 3.1.2

    Christmas is today already

  • Arhur

    Hi there i have Iphone 3GS 32gb, with modem firmware 04.26.08. version 3.1, is it possible to JB and unlock the phone with this balcksnow?

  • Brian

    Loos very similar to the BR1 and BR2 issues.

    We have many stating it worked great with no problems (congrats to those people!!)….but I am seeing just as many people posting the same stuff that was posted about BR1and 2.

    “I’ve tried everything. Followed instructions to the letter..tried different tricks but this or that is not working..HELP….Device is bricked…HELP…Device stuck in DFU mode..HELP…Device wont reboot….HELP..” and etc, etc….

    Once again, congrats to those it worked for and I sincerely hope it continues to work.

    I will dive in to the code this weekend to try to see what is in there as well as trying to find whatever holes there are that for whatever reason, makes it work for some, but not for others, leaving MANY with a perfectly working unlocked/jb’d device and MANY others with a bricked device.

    Also, please be aware that at any time APPLE will have coding that will recognize a ‘modified’ device so I would be very careful when plugging in to itunes.

  • To whoever installed Winterboard, and now has their iPhone on unlimited reboot. Don’t worry, the reason that happens is because everytime you reboot, you need to run BlackRa1n.

    Connect it to ur USB, run blackra1n rc3, keep it running. Let it reboot forever, and suddenly you will see your screen change to Steve Jobs image, and the Geo Hotz pic comes up. After that your iPhone is jailbroken again, and now you are good to go.

  • Justin

    @ Brian
    Uh Apple nor any company are allowed to create a code that allows them to see what apps are installed or whether or not the iPhone is modified (which requires checking everything on the iPhone cause jailbreaking installs a few components integrated into the iPhone OS)

    That would be somewhat like trespassing… reviewing what you have which is pretty much illegal unless you approve it (which I won’t lol)

    They can detect whether a firmware is genuine or not though (if you update to 3.0 OS without paying for it on a iPod touch, you’ll have to disconnect from the internet every time you sync)

  • David

    Brain you do realize that those people who claim their device is bricked might just not know what they are doing right?

  • benk2

    Thanks GeoHot
    U’r the Best
    I will donate $$ for u.
    Thanks again

  • Gia

    I’m not sure if anyone else out there is having this problem, but I seem unable to find Blacksn0w in Cydia. Any suggestions? I already jailbroke my iPhone 3Gs (without sn0w) and would like to enable the tethering. Thanks for any help with matter.

  • Soren1974

    hi there
    this is great….i hve a wee issue though….i am getting a message “different sim detected please connect to itunes”, but i can see my carrier registered top eft and can make emergency calls. can anyone please help me (ps i am a newbie)

  • Toko

    No network for some reason….anyone having the same problem or knows the solution ?

  • Umer

    IPhone 3gs os 3.1.3 firmware 5.11.07 boot loader 6.04

    blackra1n from cydia just makes the phone slow and keeps it stuck in searching mode

    did not work for me 🙁

  • Suresh

    after installing blacksn0w. when complete screen pops up then my iphone got hang for few minutes and then automatically it restarts and stucks in apple logo …..what can i do now…plz help?

  • Lewis

    Hi , i have the same problem stuck after install in Apple logo, any ideas please??

  • tony_1

    eyy man i have the same problem what you do to fix that problem

  • Nigga

    same problem as the above three. its because our phones are updated past the firmware that blacksn0w works on. you have to put your phone back in dfu mode and reboot it to the original firmware