BlackSn0w is now available for download from! BlackSn0w comes as an addon to BlackRa1n.

Here is what’s important to note:

  • BlackSn0w will unlock baseband 05.11.07
  • BlackSn0w will enable tethering

I will write tutorials on how to use BlackSn0w, but here is a quick overview of how it works, depending on your situation:

  • If you previously jailbroke your iPhone using BlackRa1n and you kept the on it, then run BlackRa1n. The Icy icon should be replaced by the “ra1n” option. Select “ra1n” to upgrade BlackRa1n to RC3. After upgrading, run BlackRa1n and you should see the “sn0w” option. Just select “sn0w” and it will unlock your iPhone.
  • If you were waiting to update to 3.1.2 or if your iPhone was stuck locked, then download BlackSn0w, run it, reboot, and choose the “sn0w” option from the
  • If your iPhone was previously jailbroken using PwnageTool or if you deleted the from your iPhone, BlackSn0w will be added to Cydia later during the day.

UPDATE: BlackRa1n RC3 and BlackSn0w tutorials are up:

  • Angel

    Waoooooouuuuuuuu Thanks GeoHot. U’r The best

  • Sherwain Williamson

    I really couldn’t wait for this! Thanks GeoHot!

  • renegade

    thanks man 🙂

    great job, works perfect 🙂

  • lucruz

    jailbreak/unlock worked to perfection GREAT JOB but one qestion after tha 2g unlock with bootneutor can i remove that app n still b unlocked

  • nazar

    my 3gs upgraded with BB 5.11.7 ,i m in india ,idont have valid sim,my local sim vodafone does not go with 3gs after blackra1n jailbreak but the same sim works with 2g 3.0.pls give me some solution.

  • darky

    umm … guys just question i dont have wi fi for my place and i got black ra1n anyway i can get internet through my computer on my ipod???

  • Seth

    I cant get Blackra1n on to my iPod touch. I got it for x-mas