GeoHot gave us a sneak peek at BlackSn0w earlier today, revealing the icon of his long awaited iPhone unlock as well as details on how it will work when it’s released on November 4.

From what I understand, BlackSn0w will be bundled into BlackRa1n RC3. You will have to jailbreak your iPhone with BlackRa1n first, then run BlackSn0w.

As a reminder, BlackSn0w will be the first solution to unlock the iPhone 3.1.2 with baseband 05.11.07. So all of you who accidentally updated your iPhone in iTunes and are now locked out of their carrier can rejoice!

As you can see, Icy is not part of BlackRa1n anymore which is probably due to the fact that the developers of Icy decided to stop maintaining it.

As usual, I will be updating the site with a BlackSn0w tutorial when it comes out. However, I will be flying from Los Angeles to Brisbane Australia when BlackSn0w is released tomorrow, so I might be a little late on delivering the news. My top priority when I land in Australia will be to find some internet and update the blog, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: BlackRa1n RC3 and BlackSn0w tutorials are up:

  • Superbum

    Way 2 go !

  • kingo164

    Good luck with your trip seb

    I don’t have any blog experience but i can always lend a hand if needed, got plenty of time of my hand’s these day’s

    Also i’m one of them unlucky iphone users that updated to “05.11.07” baseband and is awaiting for geohot’s release.

    I have jailbreaking experience though with 2g / 3g iphones using redsn0w etc but didn’t use blackra1n because i already hacktivated my 3g through mac

    I can provide support too via twitter if people need a little help

    If you in need of a hand let us know via twitter @c4pt0n

  • Any idea when the dev team might release an redsn0w for 3.1.2?? Just curious as I don’t have the need to unlock. Personally, I feel the dev team puts out a better jailbreak, but Geohot has to be the smartest kid out there.

  • kingo164,

    Thanks for the support! I posted something a request for help here not too long ago

    I’ll definitely need some guest writers so if you have anything you want to talk about, feel free to email me and if it’s well written, I will publish the post!



  • chintan

    hi Sebastien

    i have iphone 3g 8gb. can i upgrade and unlock with blacksn0w

    • Yes, you will be able to do that when BlackSn0w is available

  • silink

    i jailbreak my 3gs with BlackRa1n n i deleted the icon n i was wondering will i get the icon back when i install BlackRa1n rc3 or do i have to restore my iphone n yes i want my iphone to be unlock….

    P.S thank u GeoHot for your hard work…without u myself n other wont be able to jailbreak n unlocking our iphone……..

  • silink

    another question will i able to jailbreak my ipod 3g 64gb with BlackRa1n rc3???

  • kingo164

    the logo should reapair if you use the blackra1n rc3, from what ive heard so far, you have to use rc3 to use the unlock anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem if it doesn’t as the hack will be still activated…

  • Slevin

    Great news!! I never had my phone unlocked, but have been trying but couldn’t cause of the baseband upgrade. Thanks Geo!

    I have one question?
    1) If you unlock your phone and you want to use an AT&T prepaid sim card, will it charge you as prepaid customer on 3g or as the regular iPhone. What i’m to ask is I have my 3gs jailbroken and I have a AT&T prepaid sim card in, I bought the $20 100mb data Pkg. In my lg xenon when I use the internet I never can use the Pkg up before the months over, but in my iPhone it uses the mb’s up super fast. Would an unlock to the iPhone make the phone use the prepaid sim card the way it does in my lg xenon?

  • Slevin

    Another question?

    My phones already jailbroken, will I have to use blackrain or whatever it is to use blacksnow? And will this be on cydia?

  • iPhone 3GS


    redsn0w was made by planetbeing and he has been MIA since late July – so don’t expect a new redsn0w anytime soon.

  • Eric

    i’m waiting for redsn0w since the MIA in late July. kinda like the way of the hacktivation. LOL!

  • kim

    Nice job done.

  • Jerry

    what im wondering is how can 1 20yr old kid out do a whole crew? thats pretty outstanding on my books..

  • David

    How come Brian hasn’t said anything about this bricking iphones yet?

  • Hey sebas have a safe trip , hope you synced loads of songs cause the ride is a long 1.

    Will u use blacksn0w or will u wait on devteam
    I will use blackra1n/blacksn0w cause I used it before and it worked well.

  • count – the real count

    Sebastien – this count – the real count – thanks to geohot – i had no problems with blackra1n rc2 – i wonder why my apps like skype stat and stop , as well as other apple store apps. i hope the blacksn0w rc3 will fix this. anyway all is not lost – i can completely format wipe the iphone 3gs and start from scratch and do the simple steps and see what happens. the am thankful to george hotts the young developer. thanks count – thereal count – send email to – sebastine have you seen a solution wit apple stor apps not running on iphone 3gs 32gig after blackra1n rc2 jailbreak.

  • Albion

    Great job by geohot

    hey Brian where are you man. We kinda miss you talking sh*t every time geohot comes with something amazing

  • Brandon

    Blacksn0w is live!!! Just unlocked my 3gs!! Thanks geohot!!!

  • gilbishi

    thanks for this great work,
    i successfully unlocked my iphone on windows after upgrading it from 3.1 to 3.1.2, but it is NOT Jailbroken because i cannot transfer applications by itune, like anti/mosquito and others, exactly like before using black sn0w.
    i tested different sim cards and it accept it, but not jailbroken as i see. i get error message.

    i appreciate any kind of help

    best regards

  • Jailbreak Unlock iPhone 3G 3GS 3.1.2 with Blackra1n

    with 100% success