GeoHot finally came back to reality and realized that working for Jody Sanders was not a good move. For those of you who haven’t followed the story, let me give you a quick summary.

A week ago, GeoHot said he wouldn’t work on an iPhone unlock for baseband 05.11.07. Then Jody Sanders came in and offered him $10,000 for BlackSn0w, the iPhone unlock. Surprisingly, GeoHot accepted the offer, which created a lot of noise in the jailbreak/unlock community.

Most people didn’t really understand the situation and thought it was a good thing for GeoHot to get paid $10,000. Truth is, Jody Sanders is a bad guy, a scammer who’s been stealing and illegally reselling jailbreaks and unlocks for a couple years and being paid by him didn’t really send the right message.

This morning, GeoHot wrote a blog post in which he explains why he declined the $10,000 and why it’s important you should never have to pay for a jailbreak or an unlock:

First off, Jody Sanders, I am declining your $10,000. Why? Because you, and the rest of the iPhone unlock sites out there are scum. You make money selling freeware; that’s not cool, and I am in no way going to legitimize it.

Seriously, the people who really lose here are the customers. These sites are full of blatant lies, claiming to have unlocks for 05.11.07 People buy them, and are told the unlock is in development, and the release date is unknown. Imagine you bought a cup of coffee and were told it’s in development? Recently, many of these sites sent out e-mails saying they made major breakthroughs and the unlock will be ready 11/04/09. Coincidence that that’s the release date of blacksn0w?

A little further down the post, he says:

I’ll give you a whitelist, two people make unlocks, me and the dev team. Every iPhone unlock site you see out there is selling our stuff, repackaged in some form or another. Same goes for jailbreaks, although ih8sn0w and chronicdev are legit. Notice what all the legit ones have in common? They are free.

I suggest you read the full post at GeoHot’s blog. It’s worth it!

And remember, you should never ever have to pay for an unlock or jailbreak. If you can’t figure it out by yourself, come to this blog as we’re always up to date on the latest jailbreaks and unlocks news, with full detailed tutorials.

  • Wen

    whats ironic is, there’s an ad for (which you have to pay for) right under the story about unlocks being free lol

  • P

    that is pretty funny.
    But the site has to pay it’s bills somehow.

    Funny nevertheless

    peace p

  • PM

    Jody Sanders has to pay the bills too. Just because he’s making fuck loads of money and you’re not, get a life with your childish, biased posts.

    You geeks know fuck all about the real world. Jody was brave enough and had the foresight to see this would be big business all those years ago – well you guys keep hating, because I don’t think its going to make one blind bit of difference.

    Geohot was never going to be “working for him”, and he’s even offered to donate to a charitable cause. Well now you’ve alienated him even more. You have to realise bullying him isn’t going to work, its simply going to make him stronger. “Me against the world” is a strong moniker.

  • brujogarza

    tru dat yo! @ # 1 n 2

  • David

    When GeoHot thought of taking these 10k Seb said it isn’t right. But to pay his own bills is ok with an ad to autoiphoneunlocker dot com.

    And don’t tell me you cannot filter which ads will be displayed on your site..

    Hypocrisy? Not sure. Still smells bad..

    Sorry Seb..

  • Andrew

    Why did GeoHot Originally say he would not work on cracking the latest baseline?

    Should we be worried for the future as Dev team seemed to show little interest in tis either.

  • Yes it is indeed ironic. I will look into this when I have a minute (we’ll be on the road for a few days – on our way to Australia 🙂 So exciting!!!

  • Wen

    nice!! I’m envious! have fun! 🙂

  • @Andrew we don’t know why Geohot didn’t want to work on the unlock. My guess is he wanted us to beg him for a while… but I might be wrong.

    You don’t have to worry about the Dev Team. They are working hard on this unlock too but unlike Geohot, they don’t need all the attention.

  • Eric

    i guess everyone have their way of working around?

  • George Hotz

    ads were blacklisted last night, google needs time to propagate

  • Liutszho

    Big respect Geo Hotz!

  • brujogarza

    look it all these haters surroundin Geo every day, i bet they be hatin on liberation day…


    @Geohot thanks for the jailbait, er jailbreak, i love having cycorder i recorded a few lasting memories of my children at Halloween, without needing to lug a freaking HDD all day!

    who fucking cares about the right and wrong, Apple cant get it right all the time, since the FCC and money talks! Apple rakes enough, and with Obama theyll disburse that income like a pimp from a hoe! I PAY TAXES GALORE and i see people at afdc with 4 or more kids! i have two i work common sense all! fck me with your replies ill laugh and get pissed 🙁

  • Brian

    Looking forward to the release of blacksn0w as I am curious to have the code broken down to see if he did a better/safer job then he did with br.

    Will it work? Will it brick many devices? Will it work like a charm?

    What coding prevention was put in to prevent apple from bricking device if iTunes detects a ‘modified device’?

    Lastly, how ‘safe’ will bs be ?

    Answers will be known after the release.

    For those giving me grief due to my critical opinions of geo and br I will only say this.

    When the code is broken down you will get the truth from me. If things look bad, unsafe and etc, I will say so. If the code looks good and secure I will say so as well as giving geo a ‘pat on the back’ for his good work.

    People may think I am biased but I happen to be quite the opposite. Good or bad, I call it as it truly is.

    Good luck to all.

  • RoujinC

    The REAL evil people in this industry are the phone companies who force us to use their network! We the customer pay for our phone and we demand the FREEDOM to CHOOSE who we associate with. Yes People like Jody need to pay the bills but they also dont need to charge like a wounded bull either and if it was not for companies like Microsoft, Apple, Telstra, AT&T, Vodafone and so on who are out to kill competition and want to monopilalize the market (and yes i realize that i cant spell) People like Jody would not exsist. The Telecomunication industry would have a flatout pannic attack if a company came out and introduced 1 cent calls on any phone untimed to anywhere in the world and whoever did this would be one of the richest people ever (not only with money but with Karma too). BRING BACK CONSUMERS FREEDOM OF CHOICE because isnt that what our grandfathers in the second world war fought and died for was freedom????

  • unknown

    geohot is an idiot for not selling his jailbreaks. if he will land a sucessful future with what he is doing now i give him all props otherwise if he is in the same place in his life and providing free stuff to the world he’s an idiot. but i dont think what he’s done so far will leave him with no future. only time will tell.

  • smarterthanyou

    “George Hotz said:

    ads were blacklisted last night, google needs time to propagate

    #11 November 1st, 2009 at 6:55 pm”

    I can still see that AD……shoulda taken the $10,000 and moved on……think Jody lost any money all this time?

  • sourcekings

    Hello I have Blackra1n on my iphone i deleted the app is there any way to get the blackra1n app back? i heard about this new jail break here so i was going to try it to see how good it is.

    is it out yet or what?

  • Rudy

    To PM: Yes I agree with you, Mr. Sanders must have a lot of bills to pay, but check this out: four months ago I paid him to get the software he sells, to unlock my iphone with baseband 05.12.01, which he claimed was ready, but of course it wasn´t ready, not even Geohot nor the dev team had it, but the ad said it was ready!, his site also claimed I would be able to turn on and off my Iphone at will, also the site says that if you are not 100% satisfied, you´ll get your money back, anyway, once you get suscribed, you´ll be lucky if they ever answer any support inquery, and when you get an answer, “you need to wait for apple to release ver iOS 4.01” is all you ever get. Everything this site claims is a complete LIE!!!

    I don´t care how this Jody makes money; but he shouldn’t be making it based on lies, so I suggest everyone who needs an unlock, keep away from this sites, you will only lose you time and money.