GeoHot just published a video of the first unlocked iPhone running OS 3.1.2 and baseband 05.11.07 using BlackSn0w. Earlier this week, GeoHot was offered $10,000 to work on the 05.11.07 unlock. Initially, he said it would take him 24 hours. It’s been more than 24 hours but it’s still darn impressive.

BlackSn0w hasn’t been released to the public yet. My guess is that GeoHot is still testing it. BlackSn0w is supposed to work on both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and will unlock to any carrier.

We don’t know when BlackSn0w will be released but I’ll sure try to be on top of it and let you guys know.

Are you excited?

  • Yeah I’m very excited because i’m following this story since the beginning and i was a little bit loosing hope…

    But yesterday you said that you won’t use Blacksn0w if it is as shaky as BlackRa1n…

    I used blackra1n without any problem What kind of problems you had ??



  • Lucio

    On the YouTube video (in the end) GeoHot say 11/04/09. So maybe we need to wait till Wednesday.

  • Do you think this date at the end of the video is the release date ??

  • Juan

    Video is dead.

  • adri11898

    I really hope that is the release date. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this too happen. Can’t wait for Wednesday!!!!!

  • gorang

    Man u did it..,i have been waiting for this so long..,i hope wednesday is gona be the release date…its gonna be a new life for me..
    Thanks a lot..!!

  • Elijah

    Will this work for baseband 6.04? I thought that that was the newest update and sadly that is what I have. I have reverted to a lowly 2g with a useless 3g lying in my room.

  • GeoHotzwannab

    This is the unlock for 5.11.07 BB and yes it is going to be release on November 4th (wednesday). CANT WAIT!!!



  • Looks like the iPhone is gonna have some competition soon anyway… locked or unlock. Look out for and the new android phones!

  • Colten

    I think the iPhones will probably do better than the android phones coming out, but idk never know what people do, from what I have seen pictures of I think the iPhones being JB are still the best looking phones out there, what does everyone else think about this new android VS. iPhone???

  • Eric

    Hi Sebas, is your firmware still at 3.0? just kinda curious yeah

  • Hazze

    Will be exiting to see..

    I like the fact that Geohot has declined the 10k.. good goin!

  • Hazze

    Will be exiting to see..

    I like the fact that Geohot has declined the 10k.. good goin!

  • David

    I wonder how come Brian didn’t comment yet saying this unlock is gonna brick iPhones..

    Anyway – cooooooool 🙂

  • @Eric Yes I’m still or 3.0 jailbroken and unlocked. I never deemed it necessary to upgrade and have to set up the phone again.

  • Brian

    David said:
    I wonder how come Brian didn’t comment yet saying this unlock is gonna brick iPhones..

    Anyway – cooooooool

    And I wonder why people claim they dont care, yet respond with such drivel, proving they do care.

    People that dont care, simply dont respond. They ignore and move on.

    It is comical to see people claim they dont care, but prove they really do by responding.

    BTW, why do you ask why I havent posted that I think blacksn0w will brick some devices?

    I have already stated that I think BS will brick many devices or even cause worse or more harmful damage.

    In fact, I’ve stated this opinion numerous times. I doubt the Author of this blog really wants me to post the same opinion over and over.

    I’ve given my opinion.

    End of story.

    Good luck to all…..

    BTW, anybody take BR and have somebody that knows what they are doing break down the coding?

    If you like surprises, I suggest doing so.

    If not, as I said, use BR and BS til your heart is content. Your device, your life, your choice.

    As far as GEO turning down the $10k, I can only laugh. We all know that he went out of his way to tell people he will not even look at unlocking the new baseband and to tell people to stop asking him. We all know that he suddeny said he would do it with the $10k bounty. We all know he then lied and said he was doing it because “I always wanted to”.

    IMO, the reason he turned down the $10k, was his ‘legal team’ told him to do so. Good advice, imo.

  • Juan

    Cool. Video is alive again. Glad someone unlocked it.

  • Eric

    Hi Sebas, i have a iPhone 3Gs on 3.1 firmware but baseband 5.11.07 and i’m thinking of jailbreaking it to 3.0 firmware but the baseband will stay 5.11.07 yeah? wad is your baseband?

  • Eric

    ohh and i just this iPhone make purchase yesterday from SingTel

  • Eric,

    downgrading your firmware won’t change anything. Just wait for blacksn0w to be available.


  • Eric

    oh okay. i did some research on google and found someone post that they are able to downgrade the firmware from 3.1 to 3.0 and jailbreak it but baseband is still running on 5.11.07?! kinda give me a big suprise, as i was told there is no way such cases would happened.