GeoHot came up yesterday with an updated version of BlackRa1n called BlackRa1n RC2. This new release supposedly fixes a bunch of issues that some of you may have encountered, especially while trying to jailbreak an iPhone 3G.

This step-by-step guide and tutorial will show you how to use BlackRa1n RC2 to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch, either on a Mac or a PC. This works for all iDevices, except for the iPod Touch 3G. This tutorial was made using an iPhone 3GS but again, it should work on all devices except the iPT3G.

I already wrote a BlackRa1n tutorial and the steps are identical but a few people emailed me or tweeted me asking to write a tutorial for BlackRa1n RC2.

Before we start, you have to understand that BlackRa1n is a jailbreak and jailbreak only. BlackRa1n will not unlock your iPhone. As a matter of fact, if you want to unlock your iPhone, do not use BlackRa1n as it will update the baseband and make it impossible to unlock for the time being.

If you want to unlock your iPhone, I suggest you use PwnageTool. PwnageTool will help you create a custom IPSW that won’t update your baseband, thus allow you to unlock using UltraSn0w.

How to jailbreak your iPhone with BlackRa1n RC2:

Step 1: Update iTunes to the latest version available and reboot your computer.

Step 2: Download BlackRa1n RC2 from our iPhone downloads page and install it, then reboot your computer.

Step 3: Plug your iPhone in your computer and launch BlackRa1n RC2. Click on “make it ra1n”.

Step 4: Your iPhone will enter recovery mode. The regular recovery mode image on your iPhone will be replaced by a picture of GeoHot (same as image above).

Step 5: BlackRa1n will run on your iPhone and then it will reboot.

A pop up will show up asking you to donate. If you successfully jailbreak your iPhone, I suggest you send $5 or $10 to GeoHot.

Step 6: Once your iPhone reboots, you will have a new icon on your springboard. This is BlackRa1n. Now make sure you have internet connection and launch BlackRa1n on your iPhone.

blackra1n installed

Step 7: Choose what installer applications you want to install on your iPhone and then tap “Install”. I suggest only installing Cydia but you may install them all if you want to.

blackra1n app

BlackRa1n will download and install the selected applications.

Step 8: Once done installing, your iPhone will respring and you should see your installer app on your springboard.

blackra1n cydia installed

Step 9: Once your installer app (Cydia in our case) is installed. You can safely uninstall BlackRa1n by launching the app and selecting “uninstall balckra1n”.

uninstall blackra1n

Step 10: Reboot your iPhone. You’re done!

Hopefully this jailbreak will go more smoothly than with BlackRa1n RC1. If you have any question or comment, please leave a comment below.

  • Akhn

    Se=same sorry bad iPod typing skills

  • syed

    why do we have to use latest itunes if we are not using itunes to jailbreak? please let me know what is the role of i tunes?


  • meow

    I’d imagine that as iTunes is updated the application program interface is also updated. That is to say, the software that both interacts with the iPhone itself through iTunes and that of how iTunes works with your computer (PC or Mac). As that “API” changes some of the jailbreak and/or other client side softwares may have issues.

    Reality is one shouldnt need to jailbreak in the first place.

  • count – the real count

    blackra1n rc2 worked fine – i first wipe the the ip3gs clean – formatted – i had backed up my contacts,mail account config settings, backed up no other data, no music – i can reinstall that later – i could not get the device to be recognized in itunes after i put the device in dfr device firmware upgrade – running vista,itunes v.9.02 – the itunes app would show an iphone device – so i could not install v.3.1.2 on laptop – usb ports have issues with the power that supplied ti the device – no problem – next to go ibm lenonova mini desktop – plug usb cable in the back of the machine – better power to iphone device – especially trying to put the device in dfu mode – thus ridding the device of the spinning wheel of death – swod – an iphone – with no data of firmware installed on it – to put a blanked device into dfu mode – getting rid of white apple logo – and plugging the device into usb to machine or pluging into usb cable ac – will not do – device will not even charge up but only show the battery icon and red – less than1 percent charge and after the white apple logo appeard – a dilema – all is not lost – plugging device into machine via usb cable will not put the device mode automatically – you must manual do a hard reset to get to dfu mode – hold home and power button till white apple disappeard and flashes off – release both buttons – hold power and home button both on – wait for white apple to appear and disappear twice and let both go – hold home button for five seconds and release – do nothing -wait 30 seconds – now hold power button on for 3 to 5 seconds and hold power and home for 10 seconds – release power button – keep holding the home button for 20 seconds – the restore icon will appear and device will beeo once at first and again a second time – you are now in dfu mode – itunes will stat and your iphone device will show in the left column – itunes will display that a new iphone is now recognized and that firmware is needed to be installed on device – select download and install – the trick is to have the firmware downloaded and leave in the itunes software updates folder – we downloaded v.3.1.2 – or if you prefer have the prior version of the firmware in thet directory – you use itunes v.8.2 for firmwares of version 3 or higher – install firmware on device – when finished – eject device from ituns – turn device off – unplug device cable – close itunes – shutdown machine – cold start machine – start device – plug usb into port on back of machine – do not use front or side usb hubs as this cause problems – attach device to usb cable – boot device – itunes starts – close itunes – now run blackra1n rc2 not blackra1n – only download blackra1n rc2 from http://www.blackra1n – now follow these steps – when blackra1n starts select dialog button make it rain – wait for device to beeo – blackra1n will put device in dfu mode automatically – close itunes if it starts – a message saying device is done jailbreaked, etc. – in fact it is – press okay or close window – device will rebooot – respring – close the blackra1n window – if device does not reboot then rern blackra1n again – the device will now reboot respring – close all blackra1n windows on the mac or windows machine – unplug device – set up wi-fi settings on device – remember to go to the blackr1n icon on device – tap icon – choose to install cydia,rock,icy packages – install pacages and any updates as prompted – when done shut deve off – now restart device – plug into usb cable – itunes will start – itunes will show device in left column and itunes will say a new devic is oresent – select new or prvious – make selection – if new device – itunes will display a carrier update is available for dvice – choose yes or no – nxt restore backup if you made one or disregard – synch device or choose not to synch device. so that it a way to intal from a blank wiped device – this example is from an iphone 3gs 32 gigabyte device. every things works on device, including cydia,rock,an icy. winterboard works – but here a few problems i have encountered – installings a couple of packages – the package or app could not install libgcc is require, this happenned when installing a c ++ compiler, another issue is all my apple store apps free an purchased are not working, the app starts an immediatly stops,such apps are skype, wedict, espn scorecard, google all these apps are in my applications in itunes on my pc, the message itunes displayed is my computer needs to be registered an authorized with the itunes apple store server, in fact my computer is already authorized with itunes, both my laptop and desktop machinines. any other experienced this issus the apps from the apple store no longer being able to run on the iphone, any fixs, solutions or workarounds greatly appreciated, post reply here or email me at – thanks – i think blackra1n is fairly easy jailbreak program, buy issues with versions of itunes and operating systems are apple issues with itunes and os compatability and lack of hardware testing for iphones,ipods, etc, not with the developer of blackra1n exploit of apple firmwar, thou a major exists with being to run apps free or purchased from itunes not being able to run on device and the bad c+ compiler instalation issue.

  • count – the real count

    anybody find the fix,solution,workaround to the problem that apps that i have in itunes apple store applications folder in itunes on my computer , free apps and purchased apps and that are on iphone 3gs after i upgraded to firmware v.3.1.2 and the applied blackra1n rc2 and iphone is successfully jailbreaked and have installed cydia,rock,icy and all works on iphone 3gs 32 gig except that my apps from apple store such as skype,wedict,google.espn scorecard are all on iphone ,but when i start any of these of apps they immediately stop, everything else works exceot this other bug when installing gclibrary c++ compiler update i get this error gcc.lib missing or can not be updated as this dependacy package cannot update device at this time, i have tried installing this library update from cydia, rock and icy repositories. is this a bug in apple’s new firmware v.3.1.2 or is this related to blackra1n rc2 exploit jailbreak from developer george hottd , geohot – maybe apple has put a trap in any jailbreaks done to firmware v.3.1.2 and when the iphone device is tethered to machine and itunes is running and the apple server sends a hash key file to your machine and then passes the hash key to your iphone locking anyone out from using any apps free or purchased from the apple store to operate on your jailbreaked device?, i am looking at what might be the cause of this problem,i did not have this problem with redsn0w jailbreak with iphone 3g or iphone 3gs running firmeare v.3.0 and firmware v.3.01, i wonder if this bug in blackra1n rc2 firmware v.3.1.2 and the other jailbreak from dev-team mac version of new jailbreak where you need cooked firmware v.3.1.2 to jailbreak on windows os platforms. nothing is perfect in the realm of jailbreaks and unlock tools and flaws in apple’s firmwares and itunes version on desktops and laptops, the risks are always there jailbreaked or not jailbreaked devices. thanks the real count – please send email to

  • nunz

    after jailbreaking my 3g , which was very easy and simple i tried to download keyboard themes and applied them via winter board and it wont work when i bring up my keyboard what am i doing wrong?

  • nunz
  • Shawn

    so i ran the new blackra1n on my phone last night. I have verson 3.1.2 on my phone. It worked out fine, but i can not use any of my apple applications. Like Facebook, Weather, etc. It tries to open then it flashes on the screen like its going to, then closes. I have tried resetting the phone, turning it off. Im not sure what to do… thanks for the help..

  • aldebaran

    i have an iphone 3Gs 3.0 , i would want pass into 3.1.2 but i readed all the chat and iwould want to be sure wich if i JB my iphone 3GS 3.1.2 it will still work with all miy APPS
    any advice ??

  • Shawn

    So I posted earlier bout my apps not working. I took a day or two and they started to work. I don’t know what really fixed it. I tried resettting the phone, turning it off for awhile, tried downloading blackra1n again. Nothing had a immediate result. So I kinda gave up in it for awhile. And then the other night, it all starting working just fine. Crazy. Sorry I don’t have a fix answer to help anyone with this same problem. But figured I would let you know it works great now. Good luck to everyone.

  • asdrubal

    Had to do it twice, but worked famously. IPhone 3G
    Faster and less cumbersome than other JBs.

  • Strong Eagle

    Hello. I own a 32 gig 3GS running 3.1.2… downloaded via iTunes. This phone is in Singapore (purchased there), uses Singtel for a carrier, and is unlocked already by law here in Singapore.

    So, I am confused by the baseband updates section. The phone is unlocked from the carrier and I certainly don’t want to do anything to change this.

    Comments, please?

  • ankit

    Help! i am having 2g issues ver 3.0.1 , updated it to 3.1.2 and ran blackra1n , my phone went in DFU mode , finally restored to 3.0 and unlocked it with redsn0w ,
    is there any way i can restore to 3.1.2 on windows ? using blackra1n

    pls help

  • You’re Smarter Than Me, Please Help!

    Hi There,

    I have 3 G that I used UltraSnow to unlock and jailbreak so I can use it for TMobile. It works perfectly now. But I have not upgraded to iTunes 9 or to any firmware past 3.01. I would like to know if I can and should update iTunes or my firmware or not? I have no idea. I really do not want to be locked out.

    I can’t seem to find this information on what I should do, what I should use to do it, how to do it, what my options are and if there is any risk that address this in detail and specifically. I appreciate your wise counsel. Thank you!

  • You’re Smarter Than Me, Please Help!

    PS: I still running on iTunes – Not sure if I should upgrade or not?

  • Deslow

    Just delete and redownload the apps from the app store you had prevously to JB, and they will work fine. I did the JB and it work great for 2 dyas the i restarted my phone and went to restore mode. Now everythime i restart iphone after jailbreak it goes into restore mode. Anyone else with this prblem??

  • This guy named con

    does this thing work for ipod 1st gen??? i know its really old and dumb.. but itsan ipod touch and you cant argue with that

  • You’re Smarter Than Me, Please Help!

    Sebastien – are you going to answer questions or not?

  • I usually don’t answer questions about jailbreaks or unlocks for two reasons:
    1. I receive over 200 of these questions each day. Replying to all of them would take hours.
    2. This is the main reason… people don’t read the tutorials and ask something that is clearly explained in the tutorial but they expect a quick answer.

    For example, you ask if you should update to the latest iTunes. Well, if you had read the step 1, you would have found the answer to your qustion:

    Step 1: Update iTunes to the latest version available and reboot your computer.


    i just did this now

    left itunes 9.2 on win 7 64 running
    plugging in phone
    hit blackrain
    installed straight away
    im with optus
    the net conect
    seems slow
    third attempt to download

  • richard

    16gb iphone 3gs

    run itunes plug in phone
    get synced
    dont touuch aything on your phone
    i ran blackrain rc3
    worked right away
    rc1 and rc2 didnot work
    downloading rock now
    ps phone would not download connected to tunes

    so i hope this helps another iphone newbie like me.

    rock finished downloading
    took 5 mins
    its done signing in now
    thanx all

  • Omy

    I tried to install the blackra1n RC2, but it never did the reboot. Just it turned off and when I turned on it never showed the icon for blackra1n. Is somebody know what happened? I want my tethering, but I don’t want to unlock it, cause somebody told me that I won’t be able to use the itunes programs.

  • Saad

    I used RC3 on my iPhone 3GS and the image of blackra1n appeared for quite a lot of minutes and didn’t proceed from there. What could be the problem? My version is 3.0. Carrier is 4.0. 🙂

  • Omy

    My Carrier is 5.6 and my iPhone 3G version is 3.1.2. What version and carrier it suppose to has for blackra1n RC2?

  • Fred

    I don’t exactly what is going on, but I have used Blackra1n in 2 3GS’s , one acts normal the other one shows the “plug to itunes” everytime it restarts, so basically everytime you run out of battery if you dont have a computer nearby you’re f***d.
    So, what could be different from one phone to the other? Also, is there a fix on that yet? Thanks

  • Bill

    Everything went great except anytime I reboot it returns me to a new iphone screen/state which means I need to restore via iTunes or… I can rerun blackrain which boots me into my home screen and everything is fine.. until I have to reboot the phone again.


  • omboy2000

    For all the morons that don’t read…After reading, the installer worked like a charm. Straight forward and very well written. Thanks!!!

  • erni

    Do my i-phone need to have the internet connection or wi-fi to reboot???

  • lavi

    Hi, I hae some question. As today i tried out the blackrain. After running my iTunes and connect my iPhone 3G ver 3.1.2, (7D11), After running the black rain, after waiting for 4hours plus, my Iphone only display a black screen, i cannot even switch on my iPhone. Can anyone advise me where could i have gone wrong?

  • Tucker


    lol @ you

  • emeraldamber

    how long does it take to reboot?

  • stevie

    does anyones iphone 3gs 3.1.2 go into recovery everytime it gets rebooted i just get connect to itunes logo until i run black rain rc2 again

  • dragon

    I thought it said ipod touch 3G not working. Did anybody else make it works?

  • Laura

    I’m very confused!! :S
    I have a iPod touch 3.1.2 dat I wanna jailbreak , I don’t have a mac so iv tried blackra1n .
    Each time wen I get to d ” wait for reboot ” stage my iPod freezes! I av to press d home n power buttons n start it up again. I keep tryin put it does the same ting each time.. :S
    I don’t no wat I’m doin wrong or is blackra1n d ri 1 2 use???
    Please please help!!!
    Tanks so much

  • nellz

    i jailbroke my iphone 3gs but its not letting me connect to the internet threw my phone service

  • Roger

    I used your tutorial to do the jailbreak, but after restart its not recognised by itunes and it wont startup.

    What did I do wrong ?

  • Double V

    I am using the iphone 3gs 16GB. It was bought in the USA and I am currently using it with AT&T and i wish to use this internationally with other carriers. If i use this blackra1n rc2 to jail break it can i also unlock it.

    My purpose is to be able to use it with other carriers. Do i need to jailbreak or can i jus unlock. If so wats the process…..?

  • Roger

    jailbreaking and unlocking are different. For unlocking check this

  • Hi Guys, have a question i’ve purchased an unlock for my fone from my carrier to unlock to all networks so when i insert a different carriers sim in it works. I just want to know if I run this blackra1n will it make it so it’s not unlocked anymore to other sims?? i’m running latest 3.1.2 please help will wait for anwser

  • Tom

    Fantastic !!!

    Just was stupid enough to pay around £5 for it from a website

    Avoid this ! I am trying to get my money back …

  • Alex

    Success on 3G ITouch MC008LL Ver 3.1.2 . Great!
    To all Windoze technicians and Fruit supporters: Suck it!
    After 200$ in apps i other crop from Fruit -I could care less about security on my 200$ Touch-if it goes south- will purchase the new one and jailbrake it again, if Apple will make it evil- will buy chinese gismo. I’ll not think twice to donate 10$ for this guy , but Apple is really evil lately.
    I guess they got some new trainers from Microsoft team.
    Guys! we have to destroy this globalization assholes!

  • this is the easiest jailbreak ever! Done 2Iphones, 3g & 3gs both on Vista and Xp, worked like a charm. Only problem I noticed that everyone else seems to have is that when you power the phone off, you have to run Blackrain again because it gets stuck in the Itunes connect picture. But not a problem, because when you run it the second time, it’s even faster because you don’t have to install anything. Everything is saved from before. (does not happen though when phone battery goes low and dies, only when you manually power it off.) Just a small litlle tweek. other than that, Awesome!

  • Sum1

    I tried to download it but never works, i plugged in my ipod and then it said to restore which I did but nothing else came up, it just restored normally and balckra1n did not show up on my ipod. I have a 3G 8GB MC model Ipod touch

  • Hey guys,

    It worked for me, I have iPhone 3GS. But not from Mac OSX, but from Windows 7.

    This is a procedure:

    1. Update to 3.1.2 fw
    2. Backup iPhone
    3. Close iTunes and open Windows task manager and close ituneshelper.exe
    4. Right click blackra1n.exe and run as administrator
    5. Click “Make it Ra1n”
    6. As soon as your phone goes black…right before it would normally show the restore picture on the phone, hold down the power and home button until you see the apple logo. As soon as you see the apple logo, let go of the power button but continue to hold home until you see George’s face on the iphone.
    7. Leave your phone alone until it reboots

  • jordan

    does this work for iphone 3g 3.1?? please answer

  • Jordan

    So I just jb my iPhone 3G running 3.1 and it worked first time. Great jb cheers blackrain! 😀

  • Keith

    I have iPhone 3Gs 16gb and I cannot seem to get this to work…

    I get to the point where you click “Make it Rain” but then it gets stuck on “Running…”

    Please help

  • simplygreg

    Same issue. 16 gb 3G using new software released today v3.1.3. Phone holds at blanks screen upon reboot and stays there until it powers off. Powering on works but blackra1n isn’t installed on phone. Ideas please?

  • KinkySPartan

    It wont work for me i have done it several times it goes into reboot mode and sits there for like 15 minutes then when it says the jailbreak is complete i dont have blackra1n and that geohot picture never shows up either..why wont it work. and yes my ipod and itunes are fully up to date with software. PLEASE help

    oh and i had it jailbroken before then updated it and now i cant re-jailbreak it

  • Malu

    my jailbreak doesnt seem 2 b working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!