Ealier today, GeoHot tweeted that he will release a new version of BlackRa1n.

coming tomorrow, #blackra1n RC2!!! fixed 3G support, tethered ipt2 MC and new 3GS support; icy is already fixed

Apparently, BlackRa1n RC2 will fix some of the most annoying issues that many of you (especially iPhone 3G users) have experienced.

I will let you know once BlackRa1n 2 becomes available for download. In the meanwhile, you can still refer to our BlackRa1n tutorial.

  • ingridejames

    I find this hard to believe after RC2 fell so shamefully short, but if It works, the first time, I will be very happy, and surprised!

  • Brian

    Well, I sure hope George actually tests this version THOROUGHLY. No doubt the guy is a genius, but no matter how smart anybody is, if you RUSH and if you do not thoroughly test, then there is a very good chance there will be issues. BR1 was not thoroughly tested and contained more bugs then an insect convention. Blogs and forums are filled with people saying they tried EVERYTHING posted and BR! either does not work or it did work, but now their device is extremely buggy.

    I hope this new version is not rushed to market without thorough testing. People are far better to do NOTHING then to attempt to use ‘the simplest JB ever’ that renders their device a brick and then cause people to spend 24/7 looking for solutions.

    Are people better off with a stock device that works or a jb’d device that does not work and/or causes them to spend all day, everyday searching for answers to the 500 bugs they are experiencing?

    I also hope he puts out a better tutorial as the last one was not as ‘simple’ as he claimed it to be..it was for some, but what about the hoards of people that tried it and got stuck with a non working bricked device with no choice but to try the hundreds of different solutions people posted, and still nothing worked?

    George also needs to explain what people who used the 1st version of BR1 and are having issues, need to do with this 2nd version, to get everything back working the proper way.

    I donated to george on his 1st release of BR1, as I do like to help to ‘support the cause’, but I am also asking myself why did I give this kid some money when all his BR1 did was cause my device to experience serious issues which still remain today, leaving me with a device I really cant use due to the fact that even the simplest of things causes the device to crash and do far too many werid things. I really am sick of using the device for 5 minutes, having it crash and then stare at that apple logo for hours wondering “will it wake up this time”..In a way, In a way, I feel like I paid to have these issues …although I do realize nobody forced me to donate. I did want to support the cause and I was hoping some decent donations would get him to fix BR1. I will not be donating this time unless this new version actually works and solves the problem for people currently on 3.1.2 that used the 1st BR1 version to JB, but why do I have this feeling that george will rush this version out, it will also not be THOROUGHLY tested before it is released and there will be no explantion as to how to fix the bugs from GEORGE (the developer should be the one posting solutions/patches to the bugs..it is ludicrous that so many people got ZERO support from the developer, even after donating, and instead had to try hundreds of different solutions that users posted…and still dont have a working device)…..and I also have this feeling that there will be no thorough and accurate instructions for users of version 1 of BR1 that are currently sitting with bricked or buggy devices.

    Does it not make sense to fix the issues so many are having after using his first release before releasing another version? I know his tweet said he fixed the issue with icy, but ICY was not the cause for all the problems incurred. Many didnt touch ICY but still had nothing but issues that still remain unsolved.

    C’mon George….get it right this time and make it right for users of your 1st BR1 release. You’ll get far more in donations by putting out something that works, as well as supporting/patching/fixing the bugs for your software that killed so many peoples devices.

    No flames please. This is not a knock on George. I know BR1 worked for many and for those it did work for, I am happy it did. But this really needs to be said in my opinion as there are far too many people that BR1 did NOT work for and these same people are still sitting here 24/7 trying to get their bricked devices to work again with a proper JB.

  • Juan

    My guess… and just a guess… it’s buggy. Why? Because this dude can’t possible test every scenario. I’m a developer. I know the QA phase well. Unless he has a team of people to help him test, he will again miss many bugs and release it as such.

    Which is why blackra1n came blackpa1n and isn’t worth it. The only people with any credibility are the developers who are part of the iphone dev team.

    He may be a computer genius but he seems to fall short when it comes to public things.

  • Brian

    Well put Juan. I agree! He just tweeted last night that he picked up an IPT3 ( and of course mentioned he hopes to get donations to cover the cost) and BOOM, a day later and the announcement that the NEW BR1 is coming today/tomorrow??

    How could he possibly THOROUGHLY test this in such a short period of time?

    No way he could so I suspect it will work for some, but not work or cause issues for more people then it works for…just like the 1st version.

    Yes, I am a bit upset at this. Putting out a new version so quick, while asking for donations when there are how many people that used the 1st version and are still sitting here with serious issues?!

    Not good imo…I also feel his donations would be huge if he actually earned them. Putting out software claiming it is ‘simplest ever’ only to have SERIOUS and WIDESPREAD bugs effecting SO MANY people and then do nothing to fix/support it, is not the way to earn donations. He wants to cover the cost of the ipt3 (at least, he quoted..meaning he is hoping for more) he bought which I understand. I’d like to recover the cost of my bricked device and countless hours/days trying to fix it.

    George. If you want donations. EARN THEM! Putting out untested software that causes as many issues as BR1 has is not good. Take the extra time as no fast JB is worth it if it doesnt work. Yea, yea..I know it worked for many, but it did NOT work for more then it did work for and even those that got it to work had to spend days trying hundreds of solutions that users tried. George was made aware of these issues, yet not a peep from him until we now hear he is putting something else out, with obviously no time to fully test, while asking for donations…

    This is leaving a very sour taste in my mouth. The sad thing is, the most relied on people are also having issues. I am reading that the DEV TEAMS pwangage is causing some issues and here we are and still no word on an exploit for PC users from DEV TEAM. I suspect (using simple common sense) if they dont have an exploit for PC users by now, we will never see one. Plus, you cannot even ask about a PC version on their blog without being told to shut up…wait…get lost…..and etc….Looks like PC users are screwed for good.

  • I bought an iPod touch “3G” 32GB and it’s a MC model.
    Of course I am looking forward that a jailbreak is goin to be released that gives me hope…but I’d rather stick with my un-jb’d iPod and pay for one or the other application instead of breaking my device or having an iPod that’s crashing everytime I touch it.

  • Brian

    Good point nasko. What good is a JB that renders your device useless or very, very buggy?

    I know folks think I am ragging on GEO, but the facts are what they are.

    BR1 was released and was claimed to be the ‘simplest jb ever’. Yet the facts show that BR1 screws up more devices then it actually works well on.

    I am very dismayed that GEO would put out BR1 without fully testing it and even more dismayed that while knowing there are MANY experiencing serious issues after using BR1, he does not respond, does not fix anything and just lets people sit with a screwed up device after using his buggy software that never should have been released. All the while, asking for donations ( I did donate, btw and BR1 screwed up my device…but still wanted to ‘help the cause’ and figured that GEO would certainly put out a fix/patch for people currently screwed after using BR1)…..Now, I see he is releasing another exploit, with obviously no time to test and is again asking for donations. I have tried to contact him to ask “what about those of us (many of us!) that used the 1st version of BR1….What Fix are you working on for us to get our once great working JB’d device that is now a buggy POS after using BR1, back to being a device that can be used without a myriad of issues”…but he simply will not respond.

    I personally think that sucks. Puts out CRAP saying it is ‘simplest ever’. Bricks god knows how many different devices and he wont eeven address the issue and seems more intent on pushing out another exploit in less then 24/48 hours, while asking for more donations, while there are how many thousands of people sitting with a buggy device due to BR1 and many of these people, including me, did donate!

    He will not get another penny from me. I do want to support the cause so to speak, but good grief, if people keep sending him donations, only for him to put out software that wreaks havoc on so many devices…well, that is just plain nuts. I think he needs to learn a valubale lesson. MONEY NEEDS TO BE EARNED. You do not EARN money for pushing out some buggy software as fast as you can that harms so many people and then do nothing about it other then ignore every inquiry.

    I think the guy should EARN any donations and imo, he is not doing it. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I was not helping to ‘support the cause’ when I donated…I was actually sending him a message that he can put out $hit that ruins thousands of devices and he will still get ‘beer money’ from idiots like me.

    And I hate to say it as DEV TEAM has always been the most reliable, but it does not look like they are going to have an exploit for PC users. In fact, that blog has become a version of Jerry Springer with MAC fanatics flaming anybody asking about a PC exploit. That used to be such a good blog. Good people, lots of information. Now you have to read 500 posts to find 10 useful ones and you will not find any useful info if you mention you are a PC user. You will be mocked and insulted instead and those doing all the insulting do nothing but cause people to wade thru hundreds of insulting posts that are not helpful…just a waste of bandwidth and a waste of time for those reading 500 posts/replies that contain nothing useful.

    Looks like DEV TEAM only cares about MAC users from here on out and the bulk of the people that post on the blog are MAC fanatics that are not helpful…only rude and insulting.

    Personally, I am fed up with the whole scenario. Looks like Apple is finally winning this ‘war’ and DEV TEAM, the only folks who could truly be trusted are not the DEV TEAM of the past, treating everybody as equals. PC users are now considered to be scum over there and I dont see the DEV TEAM doing ANYTHING to dispell this myth. It looks in fact like they are helping to grow this myth that apple is winning, even against people with MACS, and that they no longer give a rats A$$ about PC users.

  • TheRinger

    Well, RC2 still does not do anything for my 3G. Just another round of “make it rain”; look at connect to iTunes screen; then restore back to factory settings and try again. WHERE IS REDSN0W????!!!!!?????!!!!!?????

  • Nigelo

    Im with TheRinger on this one… no joy 🙁

  • Jim

    Do you think will fix the blank screen after you blackra1n my 8g iTouch 3.1 2?

  • Cv

    Jailbreak blackra1n is realy annoying for us ipt3 MC users.
    We have no support from anyone.
    Like you guys said, blackra1n works for some users, but so far i am to hear of one jailbroken MC ipt3.
    I spent a whole night when blackra1n came our, trying to break my ipt3 MC, to learn latter that MC is not supported. I found this out on some random forum, and then I tried it one last time and, what do I get, a black screen that I can’t restore, I tries DUF multipul times and finaly fixed it by holding buttons for extra time, after iTunes logo went black. This kills me, if I were you I wouldn’t donate a penny until it works crystal clear for you. Blackra1n, more like greyra1n, gives you nothing but murky water to splash around in. George, work on it or your probably not going to pay off that ipt3 with donations anytime soon.

  • little t

    i dont know about you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! but my wifi dosent work sometime! but other than that. my iphone 3gs 32g works great!!! what you need to do is download cydia first and get the app that you want then install snow…… but maybe yall download both cydia and snow together that why yall havin problems! you suppose to download one at a time.

  • Jonathan

    Please! I beg of you! Come out with a untethered MC jailbreak!!!! Please I beg!!!

  • Jonathan

    3rd gen. That is

  • Gary

    I’m waiting to jailbreak my iphone 3.1.2 5.11.07 mb. All we need from GEO are the versions known to work and the ones that are not supported. he’s done a great service to millions but he needs to step up and assist all those that are stuck

  • Anne

    How do you reinstall blackra1in into your iphone 3gs again, because it does not unlock but I already uninstall/remove blackra1n from my iphone 3gs. I tried to using blackra1n in the Labtop to reinstall but it doesnot show the blackra1n icon in the phone. Please help.

  • gareth

    i have downloaded blackra1n on my computer,made it rain,got cydia,and all looks good untill u switch my 3gs off,then it goes in recovery mode , would not reccomend for 3gs,,,,any ideas guys??