Lately, I have been working on getting my iPhone ready for our long trip beginning in about a week. I started a few weeks ago by moving my contacts and calendars to the cloud with Google Sync. The next step was to move some of my music from my computer to my netbook.

I could just sync my iPhone before leaving and load it up with music but if something wrong happened (ie if I had to restore), I would lose all my music, which is why I think it is wise to move the music I want to my netbook.

There are many iPhone to PC softwares out there. My favorite is Lenogo (for Mac and PC). I use it on my everyday computer to copy music from iPhone to computer. Tansee is another solution but I like the UI of Lenogo better.

All these softwares cost money though and I didn’t want to have to buy another license for my netbook so I had to go the good old way about transferring my music to my computer.

You can manually copy your music to your computer but it’s not as straightforward as using Lenogo and it will require you either SSH into your iPhone or use a free tool such as iPhoneBrowser.

From the computer where you want to move your music to, navigate to private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music and you should see a bunch of files name F00, F01, F02, etc…

All your music and movies are located in these folders. If you open F00 for example, you will see some mp3 files with names that don’t make any sense (see image above). It’s fine though.

Now move the “Music” folder to your computer. Depending on the amount of music you have in there, it could take a while. Moving 20 GB of music took me hours… Painful!

Once you’ve backed up your music to your computer, simply open iTunes and drag/drop the folders into there. iTunes will automatically recognize the files’ information such as titles, artists, etc…

There is a few downsides to this method though:

  • it doesn’t save playlists: if your songs were sorted into playlists, you will still copy the songs but they will be attributed to no playlist
  • it doesn’t transfer ratings
  • it doesn’t transfer play count

In my case, these were minor downsides and I can deal with it but it might be an issue for others.

  • Mosssly

    I used iStonsoft iPhone/IPad/iPod to computer transfer, it works for iPad, iPhone and iPod,

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  • Kyle Chadwell

    Just about a month ago a new app called istick by softorino was released, and what can I say – I’m impressed!
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  • Kyle Chadwell

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  • Darwin Lemons

    To transfer music from iPhone to computer, I use dropbox, which many friends of mine introduce. As for iTunes alternatives, FonePaw iOS Transfer is a good choice that wasn’t mentioned in this article. It enables you to transfer music from iPhone to computer or back conveniently.

  • Pedecia

    Spent countless hours trying to learn how this shitty iphone of mine works with the music…. did it well the first time… moved country to a different PC and it would not allow me to transfer songs inside or cancel existing songs saying that my PC used to upload these songs were different from the one I was using. Off course I went overseas. Hated every time I had to copy some songs or albums inside my iphone or ipad. A nightmare every single time. Once it also canceled all my songs in my iphone as I sinked with the PC library which was empty. F..k iphone. I am using it for calls and watch some video but for music and everything else I bought a Sony Z3 and it is 1000000 times better in everything especially sound quality. Not more hassle copying anything inside of it. I installed a 128GB SD card and carrying all my complete library of Flac music with me without converting in bloody apple cr.p. This post is several years old and Apple still hasn’t fixed his sh.t together.

  • EerielConstantine

    My laptop tends to go on the fritz every once in a while, and i tend to just reset it to an earlier version of it i have saved, which means all my music gets deleted from my computer. So, to avoid having it all erased on my iPhone when i went to sync it, i got Syncios. It was great, completely free, it did everything i needed it to, the day was saved. Fast forward about half a year, and my laptop does it again. I’m like, no worries, I’m home free, because Syncios has my back right? Wrong. When i went to re-download it (cuz everything got erased) they had decided to change how they worked, so you can now download it for free, but if you wanna do anything on it, you have to buy it. Pbbt! If anyone has a completely free software transfer program that they’ve made or found somewhere, pretty please tell me :3

  • bairday

    The FonePaw iOS Transfer can help as well.