In a not so surprising move, Apple decided to give some hard time to jailbreakers by fixing the 24Kpwn exploit on the iPhone 3GS bootrom, which is the exploit that allows you to jailbreak your iPhone.

If like me you’re not much of a technical person, here is an explanation from MobileCrunch:

If you want the full technical rundown of the exploit, you can find it here. In its simplest form: as with all computers, the iPhone requires something called a “Bootrom” to startup. During the startup process, one stretch of code in the Bootrom fails to ensure that the content being loaded is within a certain size limit. By throwing more instructions at that chunk of code than it’s intended to handle, exploiters are able to make the iPhone do damn near whatever they want; in this case, the jailbreaking process.

The reason for patching this exploit is unknown but we suspect it is to prevent applications piracy.

What’s next? Well, the Dev Team and other iPhone hackers now have some more work to add to their plate. No code is perfect and there’s probably other holes to exploit. It’s now just a matter of time…

This cat and mouse game between Apple and the jailbreaking community is far beyond ridiculous now and iPhone users are getting tired of it. Yes, the iPhone is without a doubt the best mobile device out there, but all these stupid restrictions from Apple are leaving us tired and frustrated.

Apple was once famous for its “1984 commercial” that wanted the Mac to symbolize the idea of empowerment, with the ad showcasing the Mac as a tool for combating conformity and asserting originality. Look at what Apple has become. A perfect case study of irony and hypocrisy in business.

What do you think?
  • kingo164

    Apple might aswell give up, fixing that exploit will open the doors for another exploit. Jailbreakers/hackers will always win, it’s not a game for the hackers, just pure fun. Apple have to do this to keep in business…just keep an eye on the dev-team blog for updates 🙂

  • Brian

    Everything I am hearing is Apple Engineering is going to make all unlocked and JB’d devices have serious issues. They will put out more frequent updates and in each update it will cause more and more problems for all unlocked and JB’d devices.

    The thinking on Apples part is to frustrate those developing unlock and JB tools to the point they will give up, as they will have to work 24/7 to keep coming up with new exploits. Even if they work 24/7 and develop new exploits, the explits will not work as well as in the past. Will you be able to unlock and JB? If people keep developing the tools, then yes. But the unlock and JB will cause most users to run in to many issues.

    Trust me. Apple can do this and is doing this. If you have an unlocked or JB’d device and you experience constant issues, most will ‘give up’. Add in that you now have an unlocked device or JB’d device that has constant issues keeping you busy everyday to the fact that every month or other month Apple will release more updates keeping people in this endless loop of having to re-unlock/jb, but never get rid of the constant and increasing issues on their devices and I see the hackers eventually giving up or releasing tools that ‘work’, but only cause issues for users and users that will finally give up, because lets face it, we all have lives, our phones need to work and be reliable, and nobody is going to have the time to deal with ‘issues’ every single day and then keep repeating this for every new update knowing that each update will cause more and more issues then before.

    Yes, there will always be hackers to find exploits, but anybody that thinks Apple cant cause serious issues for hackers and users, think again. It has already started and will only get worse.

    I for one will go ditch all apple products. They will never get another penny from me for ANY product they sell and I have no plans to deal with constant issues everyday with my phone, knowing very well I will have to devote half my life trying to solve issues while also knowing that any issue I do get solved, there will be 10 more issues waiting for me to solve next week.

    Apple won the war. Time to accept it and move on. For full disclosure purposes, I am not an apple employee. I am quite experienced with unlocking and jailbreaking I have used such devices since day 1. But no more. This is too insane and I refuse to spend my life with an unreliable phone as I sit reading blogs and forums 10 hours a day in an attempt to solve the issues.

    Who in their right mind can live with a phone or itouch that is unreliable as well as have to devote half your life to trying to solve issues?

    Not me!

  • Brian

    Furthermore, Apple can now detect whether your device has been ‘altered’.

    Those that think they have no way to detect this need to take some simple Computer Engineering courses.

    Apple knows and we are screwed.

    Bye, Bye Apple. In your efforts to stop all of this you will be losing many faithful customers.

    You may have won the war but your wounds will surely show up in your bottom line when your revenue and profits fall and you lose the lead you had in Mobile Devices as 50% – 75% of your faithful customers decide that Apple will never get another cent from them.

  • elj

    So, is the solution to never update? What are the downsides to that other than not getting fancy new features?

  • Juan

    Brain, back up your claim that apple can detect anything. Not saying you’re wrong, just back it up. I’m interested in why I can provision a jailbroken device for SDK development. Surely if Apple cared, this would be one of the first walls of defense; disable official SDK development for jailbroken devices…

    I dunno. I think it’s just PR. These more frequent updates, another claim. Makes it seem like you’re an Apple employee even though you claim not to be…

    Vive la Piña!

  • Daniel


    I don’t think so… Release and update every month means to add new features every release to keep the people interested to make an update; otherwise I’ll keep my iphone in fw 3.2.1.

    Also this will affect the apple store, every app must be updated with a new firmware… I don’t see this happening…

    For me this is the same war between Sony PSP and hackers (where Sony earns a lot of money because the units that the hack games can sell).

    Face it, without a JailBreak the iPhone is just a chunky telephone w/o good signal, fully bluetooth capability,good camera and apples know it.

  • I bought my first iPhone 2 weeks ago, had it not been for the ability to jailbreak I would never buy it and gone for an Android phone.
    If Apple succeed in twarthing the possibility to jailbreak it will also be my last iPhone. I want to be able to do what I want with a device that I bought for quite a premium compared to other phones.
    Most important is to be able to do multitasking, but things like being able to customize the look is also important.

  • Sue J

    Ditto … I luv my iPhone but I want it my way I’ve paid for it and I want to customise it anyway I want! It’s crazy that peeps that don’t JB had to wait nearly 2 years for cut & paste and SMS when we’ve had it all along!! I don’t even mind having to pay for JB & unlock ( I didn’t actually know at first that the dev teams do it for love … not so Jodi!!) but if Apple do close the hole there are plenty more devices out there that are just itching to cut into Apples wedge … and I’ll definately be checking them out instead!!

  • Taylor

    I think the “frustration” is more on Apple’s side of the line. It all comes down to passion. Think about it. It must be a pain in the ass for an Apple employee to get the assignment to block a jailbreak hack. He doesn’t just have to block the hack but all the while making sure that by doing so he doesn’t screw things up for non-jailbreak folks. And that same Apple employee is probably running a jailbroke iPhone in his pocket. I seriously doubt this person has the passion for closing that vulnerability that jailbreak hackers have for discovering it and opening up to the world.

    Hackers are passionate about what they do. They love what they do and they look at things like this new bootrom as a challenge. Have you ever been to a hacker convention. The energy is off the charts. These guys are highly intelligent and lets face it, they’re a worldwide community that would probably make Apple’s workforce look like a mom & pop shop in comparison.

    I really think it’s Apple that will be frustrated over time, and with Android, WebOS and dare I say Windows Mobile 7 (next year) breathing down Apple’s neck, they will have to become more open to survive.

    There are always vulnerabilities to be exploited…and will always be. Have faith.

  • Cayman (Attila)

    Okay its a bit hard for me to understand everything mostly the comments, but i can say that, i bought iphone cause its the best for now. But just for now, then i’ll se after one-or two years which will be the best, and it’ll be my next phone. But im in a strange love with my Iphone, i neved had a such beautiful phone like this. But its less functional than an Android os WIndows mobile, it can do less! And that’s the important for me. With Jailbreak, it does lot more, and its good still i can jailbreak. Then, windows and anroid here i come. 🙂 Cause i love to hack things, do with then lot more than the factory-come possibilites.
    So, i’ll not die, if i cannot uparde to newer firmwares, its good enough now, and will good enough for 1-2 years. And im sure, if we can’t upate the dev-team found out how to get all functions that comes with newer official updates 🙂
    So have a good JB time! 🙂

  • MQK

    so will blackra1n still work??????

  • Brian


    No, I am not an Apple employee and have never been one. Did you read my post? Did you see me say that I will never buy another Apple product ever again and they will never get another cent from me?

    Well, that is the truth. I am done with Apple and for reasons many of you speak of. This is MY phone, not apples. I paid for it, not apple. I understand apple wanting to stop certain types of piracy, but if I want my phone to have a certain theme or run 3rd party apps that are not pirated, then who the hell is apple to tell me I cant?

    Like I also said in my post yesterday, I think Apple may win the war, because yes, all future jailbreaks and unlocks are going to be a pain for the hackers and the users and this will be an endless loop and rest assured this has already started. Look at how many people either cant unlock or JB or can, but almost every expolit is causing issues. This will continue to get worse. Think you are having issues now, just wait. They will get worse. And this is going to harm apple in a bigtime way. They may win the war, but at what cost.

    They have already lost me as a customer for life. Many others are saying the same. That if they cant do this or that and apple wants to tell people what they can or cant do with their devices, they they too will stop buying apple products.

    I will keep my current devices until they are dead, but I will not be buying any future iphones, itouches, apple tablets or anything else. I wont even buy a Mac computer which I was going to buy as my next computer next month.

    This is my way of sending Apple a message. I will not support the ‘evil empire’ any longer. Not any of their products! I suspect many others will also be doing the same.

    Yes, Apple can detect whether you have an altered device. Do not be naive and think they can’t tell. I wont go in to specifics. Take some Computer Engineering courses or talk to an Apple Engineer that you know and trust. Does that mean Apple Employee’s are not using unlocked or JB’d devices? No. Of course they are. Well, many of them anyway. That doesn’t mean Apple can’t detcet this. I dont work for Apple so I dont know their policies or how or why they do things. I know many Apple Employees that do use altered devices with no repercussions. I know others who have been fired for using such devices. I dont claim to know how or why Apple does what it does or doesn’t do.

    I was thrilled to hear of the pact between GOOGLE and VERIZON. I hope they destroy Apple. Apple has always had a very clear lead in the Mobile Device segement. GOOGLE/VERIZON should change that.

    Like everybody else, we make our bed and have to sleep in it. So will Apple. I feel strongly that Apple will either have to “change policy” or be prepared to live in the bed that they made for themselves and watch GOOGLE/VERIZON take away ALOT of their market share.

    Apple may be #1 for now, but if they don’t change, they will be knocked off that perch and I for one will be glad to see it happen.

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  • Fati48

    OK!! i see wat u’re all saying… U bought the iphone/ipod, so u have the right to use 3rd party apps. but it is also the fact that when doing many things, people dont check terms and conditions and privacy policy. And if Apple has terms and conditions saying that u agree not to JB, for when u buy apple stuff, then its wrong to JB b/c that would mean u agreed not to JB when buying it and yet, u r doing it(no one is forced to buy apple stuff and if u dont agree with terms and conditions, then dont buy the stuff.). But if they have no such terms and conditions, then wat they are doing is wrong, and yes, they will lose costomers and also they should be sued (sorry if i didnt spell that right).

    Note that i’m not sure if the law says its ur responsibility to ask for terms and conditions and privacy policy if they are not provided to u by the company/etc. and also note that law varies from place to place.

    im not saying that u all r right or wrong, im just saying that this is one important thing we should consider. i just comented b/c i was considering, buying an ipod touch, but im really confused about weather or not i should JB it. i have been doing a lot of research and i get nowhere. apple seems to be right to me and so does the public. i’m lost, plz comment… i want to jailbreak, but i dont want to do anything thats wrong. weather i get in trouble or not, i dont want to feel bad on the inside

  • Fati48

    i meant to say, “……sorry if i spelled that wrong”

  • geohot fanz

    like geohot said noughing is unhackable

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