Late last night, the Dev Team released PwnageTool 3.1.4 jailbreak for Mac OS X. This updated version of PwnageTool now supports the iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.1.2. PwnageTool 3.1.4 for OS 3.1.2 comes just a couple days after BlackRa1n, a tool labeled as the “easiest and fastest jailbreak ever”, which doesn’t come without its share of issues.

What can PwnageTool for OS 3.1.2 do for you?

  • PwnageTool supports the iPhone 3GS OTB. If you recently bought your iPhone with 3.1.2 or if you updated via iTunes, you will now be able to jailbreak your iPhone
  • PwnageTool will not update your baseband, so if you want to unlock, you have to use PwnageTool. In contrast, BlackRa1n will update your baseband
  • If you jailbroke your iPhone using BlackRa1n, you may install a custom IPSW cooked with PwnageTool (this will fix many issues you may have with BlackRa1n)
  • Updating to a custom 3.1.2 IPSW will kill the tethering hack. If you need tethering, do not update
  • You can jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G only if it was jailbroken before
  • PwnageTool doesn’t support the iPod Touch 3G yet
  • PwnageTool is Mac only but you can use a custom firmware cooked with PwnageTool on a windows machine (just make sure you can trust the source)
  • There is no ETA for a Windows tool
  • There is no ETA for a software unlock for the latest baseband

PwnageTool 3.1.4 is available for download from our downloads section.

I will write PwnageTool jailbreak tutorials within the next few hours. For the latest jailbreak info, please visit our jailbreak page.

For more detailed information about the release of PwnageTool 3.1.4 for iPhone OS 3.1.2, please visit the Dev Team blog.

  • Jeffery

    After you write a tutorial for how to use this can you write one for how to use the cfw made with this tool on windows? Last time I tried it with 3.1 it gave me all sorts of trouble. There has to be a easier way…

  • Wen

    I get more confused by the day. I need a basic (very basic) step by step, no confusion tutorial on how to jailbreak my phone. I tried the one above and ended up on some other persons site who said this site was posting links they shouldn’t be. Can you please do a tutorial for dummies like me?

  • Brian Hibee

    would it be possible for some one to create a table listing iphone model / firmware currently on device/ unlocked or locked on one side and links to upgrade unlock instructions on other. something simple so some one can say right i have an iphone 2g jailbroken and unlocked on 3.01 looks down column to find match reads accross and looks at available update options.

    set it as upgrading homepage perhaps if i could get my head round it i would do it my self but i really dont have a clue

  • InDaHouse Productions

    thanks for the tutorial! After uploading Safari Download Manager from Cydia my phone locked up on the apple logo…tried making it rain and redsnow with no avail but the PwnageTool worked like a charm!!!!! your step by step instructions were rite on, Thanks again!!!!!

    BTW- i was running 3.0.1 when it crashed…I updated my itunes, downloaded the PwnageTool for 3g 3.1.2 and jailbroke it, then I used ultrasnowrepo to unlock and voila!!!!

  • Brian suth

    Would the above work for me I am in the uk with a us iPhone 2g that is currently unlocked and jail broken on 3.01 using redsnow. I am using windows 7 os

  • casey

    hey sebastian
    i know its an old post, but i think u keep track of stuff cuz i’ve been reading through your posts and comments n i c u reply when asked
    i read somewhere u were reluctant to update to 3.1.2 n rejailbreak w blackra1n
    so am i
    i heard its good, but not perfect – which means problems n i dont like ’em
    im running devteams jailbreak n unlock on 3.0.1 fw w the 4.26.08 baseband on a 3g n it works like a charm
    !i absolutely need the unlock in my country!
    one of the carriers here has finally introduced picture messaging n i dont have it, cuz i didnt update
    u c where im going w this
    it says everywhere: make a custom 3.1.2 fw w pwnage tool on mac
    cool! except: i dont know anybody who has a mac in my country! apple doesnt even have a store here! government here is the business of genocide, not a good market for western companies
    so say u now tell me: casey, u came to the right place! i have just what u need: here’s a link to trustworthy custom made on mac 3.1.2 fw which will give u what u need – the 3.1.2 os & baseband that stayed at 4.26.08; then how would i install it? just shift restore (im on win xp)? would it delete all of my data? or just the data n settings i got from cydia? or none?
    i hope u understand, i dont like doing sth until i know exactly how its gonna play out all the way
    i wouldnt mind fixing everything from scratch, but i do wanna know whats gonna happen, i guess that way id have more confidence in whats going on while in process
    also, if i do manage to find a mac (actually, thats an IF): how would i “cook up” that custom made fw w pwnage tool? is there a button “cook up now”? 😀 (i know its ridiculous for u, but i have no idea how to go from here) i guess what im asking is, if the pwnage tool is at least intuitive, to the point that i could just do the magic cooking fast if i c a mac somewhere, or will i need to stay at the computer for hours? also, do i need the original apples 3.1.2 fw? where do i get that?
    also like u said, if im gonna download a custom made 3.1.2 fw from some site, i should trust that website, good point
    if that ends up being my only option, is there a way to tell if its the right stuff, other than tryin it out? probably not, ha? :-/
    i’ll take yr word for it
    i really wanna do this n update, but im clueless n i turn to yr site again
    so i guess this is the part where i kiss yr ass to motivate u, here goes
    every single customization i made to my iphone came from yr site, so im hoping u’ll say:
    here u go, look no further
    if u cant provide the software im looking for, i understand, n the answers to my questions will do just fine
    help a brother out
    hope to hear from u soon, many thx from serbia

    • @Casey Look online for “custom firmware 3.1.2” or something like that

  • casey

    aah, sure
    thx for answering