Since the release of OS 3.1.2 last week, there has been a friendly competition to release a jailbreak for the iPhone 3.1.2. GeoHot was the first to release the iPhone 3.1.2 jailbreak called BlackRa1n, followed by the Dev Team and their PwnageTool.

If I can make a suggestion, do not use BlackRa1n. It is buggy and unstable. PwnageTool is much more stable and “clean”.

This article is a summary of the options you have to jailbreak your iPhone 3.1.2 depending on your model.

There are many reasons to jailbreak your iPhone 3.1.2 (I have 30 of them here) such as being able to install applications not allowed in the App Store, or most importantly, to unlock your iPhone so it works with other carriers.

Jailbreak iPhone 2G 3.1.2:

Jailbreak iPhone 3G 3.1.2:

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS 3.1.2:

  • Justin

    Well, regardless of suggestion, Windows users have no choice but to use BlackRa1n because the Dev Team refuses to come out with a Windows friendly jailbreak.

  • Vampyre

    It’s just so hard to wait for the Dev Team to come out with a Windows version ugh… the wait 🙂

  • iPho

    I JB my 3GS 3.1.2 with BR yesterday as I have no MAC. So far I have no problems and my phone is running smoothly, whereas with the redsn0w while 3.0 JB was released, within few hours I had to restore my phone from itunes as the JB wasn’t stable at all. Good luck and good work Dev Team and Geohot!!!

  • Cayman (Attila)

    My jailbreak works perfectly, i think. I did it with Blackrain, and no problems. The only one thing i dont understand, why statusnotifier and keyboard themes dont work. :S
    Doesnt matter, its good for me, i have jailbreak till dev-team release smt for wondows 🙂
    Thx for the tutorials and for keep me up-to-date every day Sebastien! 😉

  • Anthony

    I used blackra1n, and it worked awesome. Less than 30 seconds and I was in business. GeoHot is da man. Why can’t we all just get along =:)

  • charlie

    blackra1n will not work for me…tried all of the fixes, nothing. keeps getting stuck at entering recovery mode, geohots pic never shows up etc. had to restore my phone 3 times and now i am updated to 3.1.2 with no JB! WTF!!!

  • Jacobahalls

    I don’t see why anybody updated to 3.1 or 3.1.2.
    I mean except the ones who didn’t get there file under Cydia or who “accidently” upgraded because I new that it will be a while till all of my favorite things from Cydia would not work.
    But great job by Dev Team and Geohot.

  • Anonymous_tip


  • Joe

    If I can make a suggestion, do not use BlackRa1n. It is buggy and unstable. PwnageTool is much more stable and “clean”.

    WTF? Based on what exactly? BlackRa1n rocks for just a much people as PwnageTool ever did, plenty of people have had issues using the dev teams software no matter how good they are.
    Lets see your indepth knowledge of why it is more buggy and unstable then…

  • Its really great feature for iphone users. I am waiting for this

  • Zulan

    I also lost my carrier signal just like anonymous tip did. I also updated my dads phone. His isn’t jailbreaked and he lost his carrier signal as well making me think it’s not even related to jailbreak.

  • sleeplessdwarf

    windows user that did use black rain as I had no choice. I used it the moment it was released and have had no issue as of yet. The only thing I did have a problem with is the hack that lets u trick the phone on what fw it is using.

  • chtrich

    So, still no 3G 3.1.2 Jailbreak and Unlock combo for Windows users?

    Oh well, the wait continues then. Not that I’m really all giddy about the upgrade anyway. 3.0 is working just fine and my T-mob + $10 data plan works excellent.

  • Neil

    Blackrain worked for me first time on a 3.1 3Gs OTB with no issues so cannot understand why they say don’t use it. Geohot gave us what we wanted…..a windows based jb

  • Dan E,

    I have JB’ed multiple phones in the past 2 days using Blackra1n with no issues at all.

    All have been completly stable, no issues running apps or restoring apps from previous JB’s

    BR is a seamless – easy to use solution – provided you dont need to unlock….

  • George Larson

    No luck with BR here. iPhone 3G OS 3.1.2, tried a half dozen times last night. Windows XP and Vista. Tried with iTunes running, closed, iTunesHelper.exe shut down, phone already plugged in, run BR first then plug in. I tried everything that I found on the web.

    It reboots and stops at what I believe is called the ‘DFU’ screen. There’s a picture of a USB cable pointing at an iTunes logo.


  • Chris

    I found out from apple that if you lose your signal or internet connection go to settings , about , reset , and push rest network settings. It will put your settings to factory which is 5.6 that you upgrade. You will get it back.

  • Thanks Chris, but I have solved my problem. I was using an activated IPSW file, what I needed was a n unactivated since I use an official carrier.

  • Broc

    Hey zulan how’d you get that file, cause I’m
    having the same problem

  • MQK

    with this new bootrom thing, will “blackra1n” still work??

  • Broc, check my site for links. It’s in Swedish but you’ll recongize the links..

  • Steven L

    I have been able to Jailbreak and Unlock my 3gs up to yesterday when the new Pwnage froze the phone. No option but to restore to Apple’s own. Lost unlocking. So I wouldn’t say that Dev Team are that reliable, although between then and Geohot it is all we got.

  • Mark

    I don’t know if this will help, but after hours trying to get blackra1n to work, this solution finally worked for me. I had tried various “tricks” close to this, but this is the only one that finally came through. Just for info… I’m running Vista 64 with an iPhone 3GS and had updated to firmware 3.1.2 through itunes

    -If your phone is stuck with the usb/itunes screen, go ahead and close blackra1n. I then deleted blackra1n and its wordpad file and emptied the recycling bin.

    -Start itunes and do a restore. ( I used shift + clicked on restore and used a 3.1.2 firmware restore for the iphone 3gs that i found online on this part).

    -After restore, hold off on putting your backup back on. Click cancel if asked to update carrier settings.

    -With the phone recognized by itunes, make sure you have automatic sync unchecked in your phone’s summary window and that “prevent iphone and ipod from syncing automatically” is checked under edit–>preferences–>devices. Close itunes and unplug iphone usb

    -Download blackra1n again, this time save directly into your C:/ directory

    -Reboot CPU

    -After CPU loads back up, plug in iphone (itunes shouldn’t pop up if you disabled sync)

    – use ctrl+alt+del to go to task manager and close: ituneshelper.exe, ipodservice.exe, and mDNSResponder.exe

    -put iphone in airplane mode

    -Go to the blackra1n program and run as administrator (I had been running blackra1n under windows xp compatability, but this time, I had gone in and took off any compatibility and just ran with vista)

    -unlock iphone so you see the springboard screen (with airplane mode still on)

    -Click makeitrain

    -(This is the important step) I had read and tried various tricks for this part, but what finally worked for me was to wait until the blackra1n program started loading and let your iphone go black. As soon as this happens, quickly hold both the power and home button. As soon as the apple icon pops up, let go of the power and continue to hold the home button. The usb/itunes icon should come up, but keep holding the home button until you see the blackra1n picture. When this happens, let go of the home button and let it do its work.

    I have seen other methods for holding down the home and power buttons, but this one got it done for me. I don’t know if any of this will help but hope it might finally end some frustration.

  • SaW0013

    Well i´ve tried both windows blackrain and mac pwnagetool and both work just fine at least for me. Actually i tried blackrain in mac and it doesn´t work!

  • Paul

    I’m jailbreak with Pwntool newest version and it’s some problems with Cydia 🙁 i cant start this program 🙁

  • spulj

    found out from apple that if you lose your signal or internet connection go to settings , about , reset , and push rest network settings. It will put your settings to factory which is 5.6 that you upgrade. You will get it back.

    Thanks mate this worked for me.

  • Desi

    So many versions, so many updates, a lot of tools. I’m a bit confused here, so hopefully one of you good folks can help me. I need to unlock/ jailbreak my fone. Here is what I’ve got:

    iPhone 3g, firmware 2.2.1, no sim card, no contract with AT&T, never been jailbroken before

    I have iTunes 9.0 latest version. I have windows xp, no mac

    What I would like to do is upgrade firmware to 3.0 or 3.0.1 and jailbreak and unlock it.

    Please tell me step by step what to do, which firmware to download and what tool to use?

  • Joe

    I just need my iPhone to be jb with the devteam on pc

  • Tom

    Yay ! Finally jailbreak for iphone 3.1 ! Will use it ! Thanks !
    But also check it out new web site with iphone/ipod stuff:

  • shan

    plz let me know how i can update my jailbroken iphone (3.0 version) to the official 3.1.2 version?? will it work if i jus updated it with itunes ??? plzz reply !!

  • faisal

    if you have official unlocked iphone , then don’t worry update to new version 3.1.2 , i just did with my 3gs and its fine,,, i will wait week to feel the difference without jail break 🙂

  • Brad Samson

    After implementing: Jailbreak iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 with BlackRa1n RC3
    (JailBreak and Unlock),
    will I be able to upgrade the OS from iTunes/Apple in the future? or will it lock?

  • badman

    black rain looks to jailbreak iphone, but…. the unlocking patch make carrier support unstable.

    don’t update, stay low and cool with a working phone is my best advise.

    i fucked my 3g 2.2.1 when tried to put it in 3.1.2. no longer phone usage… but all the rest is ok.

    funny, for a phone, that you can, play, watch movies, listen music, but not tophone

  • Peter


    I just jailbreak my iPhone 3Gs and everything went well until I restarted my phone and than it’s says connect to iTunes.And than my iTunes says :your iPhone is in recovery mode,you have to restore it before use…..

    What can I do?????If I restore I can start everything again with the same problem!!!!

    If anyone knows what can I do please help!!!


  • Ben

    I have been having the same problems over and over with blackra1n saying its done but iTunes makes me restore. I eventually got it working though. When itunes was telling me to restore, I closed itunes, closed blackra1n (which still says that it is done) and then run blackra1n again. it came up with geohot’s pic and finally booted up. Hope this helps. BTW I have a 3gs 3.1.2

  • Mike

    I jailbroke and unlocked my wifes phone with blackra1n before updating it to 3.1.2 by accident so it wont let her so shes on 3.1 and it doesnt let her add some apps without updating it. Can I update it via itunes and then jail break and unlock again with blackra1n. Also will it work with a standard data package from tmobile

  • JohnH

    I jailbroke my 3G a week ago with blackra1n, I simply followed the instructions and it worked flawlessly. Be sure to update your OS to 3.1.2 and backup in ITunes before you “let it rain”.
    Since I’m on At&t, I still get the Edge and 3G network not to forget WiFi. I’ve had absolutely no problems with mine, only wish I had done it a year ago !!!

  • Plano CJ

    Finally decided to JB my iPhone the other day. I have 3.1.2 version. I plugged my phone in this evening and iTunes opened up showing that there is an update to 3.1.3 available now. Is this going to mess me up if I download the new version? I used blackra1n (which was easy to use) and have cydia and winterboard on my phone at the moment.

    Do I download the update or wait?

    Your input would be appreciated. Yes I am a newbie and I am not afraid to admit it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • J-Day

    does this work for an itouch with 3.1.2?

  • RockyJoe

    Any stable hints on how to get the carrier back on a JB iphone?

    I used Pwnage Tool. Everrything worked, but now I cannot make calls or surf over the internet
    I am lost.

  • MShader1

    To Whomever Reads and Is as Frustrated as I was………………………………..

    I had issues downloading blackra1n as well, I have iPhone 3G and downloaded the firmware 3.1.2 as well as I’m sure most already have done if youve found this page. What has worked for me, may not always work for others but its worth a shot if you became as F**KIN frustrated as I…….Make sure your iTunes is set to not automatically sync, BTW this is for any OS Windows, Open your iTunes, Restore your iPhone, after doing so you will have the updated firmware 3.1.3, from here hold shift key and left click mouse on update, choose the 3.1.2. firmware you previously downloaded and click open, after the update has done its thing an error notification should pop-up and state something to the effect that the iPhone could not be recognized by iTunes, the iPhone seems to be in recovery mode, your iPhone should show the USB Cable/iTunes logo, at this point close out iTunes ( iTunes should not reopen as it has already stated that it could not be recognized) find your Blackra1n program and double-click to open the program, click on makeitrain and the program will state that it is in recovery mode, the geohot boy icon will appear for about a minute, allow this to work normally, after the reboot of your iphone the blackra1n icon should appear on your iPhone……also upon reopening iTunes your phone should also be recognized as normal…………………..I hope this helps someone else as frustrated as I was……………..

  • MShader1

    Hey Everyone……..its me again…….I remembered in watching a video I googled up, on VideoSurf , that the bloke on the video had stated one of his acquaintances had remarked that you must have an active WiFi connection in order to install Cydia, Rock, or snOw from the Blackra1n JB, I live in a very very rural area where the closest free open WiFi free network is miles upon miles away, after I had completed many many restores, update reverses to firmware 3.1.2., and correctly adjusting iTunes software ( see above post) I was able to correctly JB and the Blackra1n icon appeared on my springboard, well image my ever increasing frustration when I attempted to download and install Cydia and Rock ( at separate intervals..always, always) to no avail, all processes showed as normal and the prompt appeared time and time again alerting me that the iPhone was respringing…however nothing. This is what I hope to save you from if your not aware…………..DO NOT attempt to download and install Cydia, Rock, or snOw from ANY CONNECTION OTHER THAN WiFi…..THIS WILL DO NOTHING BUT CAUSE YOU TO ONCE AGAIN RESTORE YOUR DEVICE. If you attempt to use Edge or 3G it will not work, if you attempt after, even with a WiFi connection, it will not respond with any progressive positive results. Once you have successfully JB your device and have the Blackra1n icon, do not attempt to install at any time without a WiFi connection.

  • Hi!
    Here is a good tutorial for russian people, I was searching so hard 😉

  • Rocco

    Hi All,

    i am trying to get cydia on my iphone. the version is 3.1.2 (7D11). what is the best way to go. a appreciate your comments.