Since the release of BlackRa1n yesterday morning, many people have qualified it as the easiest and quickest jailbreak ever. I have to admit it is very fast and pretty straightforward, that is if you can have it to work of course, as many jailbreakers out there are having issues with this jailbreak (see comments on my tutorial).

This being said, BlackRa1n is NOT the fastest, bestest, quickest, most awesomest jailbreak of all times. If you think so, you probably were not around when iPhone OS 1.1.1 could be jailbroken directly from your iPhone. Those were the good old days of For those of you who don’t know about jailbreakme, let me explain you briefly how it worked.

You had to go to from your iPhone. After reading some type of warning message, you had to agree to run the jailbreak and 30 seconds later, you had Installer (Cydia’s ancestor) on your springboard, ready to install a bunch of jailbreak apps. This, my friends, was the quickest and most simple jailbreak ever made.

Heck, it was so simple that I would go to the Apple Store in San Diego and jailbreak a bunch of iPhones on display, just for the fun of it. I would also install the NES emulator and pretend I didn’t know anything about the iPhone, call up a so-called “Genius” and be like: “OMG, this iPhone thing is awesome, you even have the NES on it”. Needless to say that the Genius didn’t really know what to say about that.

I have nothing against BlackRa1n, except maybe it was released too quickly. GeoHot is a freaking genius and he deserves all the props he’s getting right now, but I just wanted to make things straight. I had wanted to write something in memory of JailbreakMe for a while so I thought this would be the perfect occasion.

Do you remember JailbreakMe? I would love to hear your comments about it.

  • Edgar

    Good old times :’)

  • Ludger

    Seems the ‘app’ got trouble with Apple. Can’t download it anymore 

  • Abdullah

    When will redsnow or any other jailbreaking software be released?

  • Too late, I’ve a good jailbroken iPhone with GeoHot.
    I ever known this service down, I’m not really okay to try it.

  • I am one of many who remembers these times. I also remember ZiPhone being pretty simply too, all you had to do was open the software and hit the jailbreak button.

    Good times

  • Marauder

    Wow. That I’d awesome. Didn’t get an iPhone till the 3g release didnit jailbreak till a littil after that. If kill for that now. 3g and blackra1n DO NOT WORK. I’ve done EVERYTHING on the net. Even different pc’s. It just doesn’t work for every 3g

  • 3G


  • Ludger

    Does somebody know an additional link for the ‘’ webside or did download it ? Blackr1n is NOT working on my iTouch 2G 3.1.1 

  • Solphisticated

    For all who commented and didn’t read the post, jbme dot com was for firmware 1.1.1. That’s it. No 1.1.2 and up can be j/b with that site.

    Maurader, try searching for the processes that need to be killed before running blackra1n. I read somthing earlyer today where you had to kill a couple things in task manager before you let it ra1n. Can’t recall the post, sorry. was wayyy back then. Frag said ZiPhone, I also remember iLiberty. Lol. Remembering just proves your a first adopter and willing to be analy reamed by appl3.

  • Ahh the good old days, I have to say, becides 3.0 I think 1.1.1 is my favorite firmware, I miss all the jailbreak apps and how easy it was to jailbreak :'(

  • pigsy101

    Hey Marauder and others that have been having problems …. I might have some tips as I was having them too but now have my 3G JB’d on 3.1.2 via Blackra1n.

    My 3G previoiusly was running a JB 3.0 via QuickPwn. Blackra1n would NOT however JB my iPhone with 3.1.2. It would go into recovery mode and just sit there … I didn’t see GeoHot’s face appear on my iPhone like the screen shots I’d seen or youtube clips. I tried starting Blackra1n with and without iTunes open…. and I also killed iTune processes too but still no luck.

    To get it working for me ….. (1) backup (2) upgraded to 3.1.2 (3) restore (4) Blackra1n – Geohot appeared this time (5) Sync. – TOOK AGES!!! … not the JB but the restore πŸ™

    So essentially, make sure your iDevice is clean. If wasn’t previously JB’d then it might be easy as pie? For me, because it was previously broken on 3.0 through QuickPwn …. and maybe because I had a lot of tweaks, Blackra1n didn’t work. So I guess just think about when doing your iphone it needs a “re-format” like you would doing Windows if a re-install/repair doesn’t do the job. Hope this helps.

  • W7User

    a bit off topic here but….. I HONESTLY think Geohot is extremely talented, however he is a bit sloppy….. I would love for the him and the DevTeam to resolve their issues and work together again….. The Dev Team usually codes and has the communities interest at heart, but GeoHot is mostly using his talent to show people off and in the process release sloppy work… purplera1n is a very good exploit…. but I’m also keeping in mind that it is an RC1 so George is hopefully not finished yet.

  • Shawn

    I remember and it was the quickest way ever. I have tried every single method there was. I have had all 3 of the iPhones and jailbreak me dot com was the fastest…

  • Brandi

    It didn’t work for me and I can’t tell you how many times I tried on my desktop PC that runs Windows 98 and then on a laptop PC I have that runs VISTA. So now, I’m downgrading to 3.1 firmware and going to try and jailbreak a different way with my Mac. Ugh!!

  • Jacob M

    Um pigsy101 i had previously JB with quickpwn on 3.0 and i just rejailbroke with 3.1.2 wuth blackra1n i have iphone 3G and it worked perfect the first time! So ur reason isnt logical srry! Lol Any questions ppl ask me at

  • Ali

    Blackra1n worked perfectly on my iPhone 3GS with preinstalled OS 3.1 on it. It can also “Make it Ra1n” with 3.1.2. All good for me… i don’t need any UNLUCKER! thanks to the genius!

  • Cayman (Attila)

    I dont understand people what were waiting for in blackrain. We got that so quickly, and mostly for iphone 3GS users, it was important. Who have problems with 3G, there is many other methods that could try. The 3GS users dont had any chance to jailbreak (with 3.1 or 3.1.2), and this problem was solved by blackrain. So, we can jailbreak any iphone now πŸ™‚

    Its good to read about there was a so simply method like, im hacking mostly everything that i can, but dont usually facing with simply things like jailbreakme, or even like blackrain πŸ™‚

    Im happy, except many thing doesnt work for me πŸ˜€ Icy has broken Winterboard. It still works, but not perfectly, i cant change the keyboard skin, and some themes cant be installed correctly. I think i wil make a restore, and start everything from the beggining. πŸ™‚

    But still dont know which apps are the best, i found many thing, except intelliscreen is paid application, but the free alternative statusnotifier doesnt work on 3.x. I found a way on a forum, but doesnt work. Statusnotifier are in the settings, but does nothing. :S

    Sorry for the off-topic, but hope somebody can help me πŸ™‚

  • Mo

    This article is retarded and completely inaccurate and irrelevant. You’re just trying to attract people to visit your site. I like your site, or else I wouldnt be here, but to post such a stupid article and degrade geohot for all his hard work is sick. First of all, jailbreak me wasnt as easy as you’re making it sound. First you had to dial a number that would make your phone ring, than you would have to open your contacts add some kind of ://pref or something like that, click that link that does something else, than you have to add jailbraikme to one of your contacts. It took some time and didnt always work. Blackra1n is literally just ONE button. Thats it. Connect your phone and press a button, so it is STILL the fastest jailbreak ever.

  • Metooo

    I just kills me all the post I’ve read from people saying blackra1n does not work and then they go on saying with ver 3.1 not 3.1.2 da it’s made for the new opp not 3.1 god read or sell you iPhone on eBay lol

  • manofsteel1982

    I had so much trouble with this on my laptop so i downloaded the program again on my girlfriends laptop and it worked first time. I’m on a 16gb iphone 3g.

    It seems to be just ur luck if this works or not. πŸ™‚

  • lucas

    ok for those how got problem with blackra1n with 3g iphone ill give u my method that work for me ok im on win 7 rc1 so i had to put blackra1n .exe on c:/ after that open itune format it to 3,1,2 start as a new one dont sync anything yet go to blackra1n, right clic /compatibility tab/make it run as admin n as vista service pack 1 apply the changes reboot ur pc then make rain da shit but be sure ur iphone is CONNECTED when u reboot n DONT TURN OFF THE IPHONE IN THE WHOLE PROCESS execpt if it crash during running state of blackra1n

    (if you want to keep ur cydia app buy pkgbackup on cydia store n backup them then sync with itune ,after that make a bakup of the windows contact folder to be sure u dont sync the empty contact list from the iphone with the contact in windows folfer ..then only after jailbreak n sync back ur contact to ur phone. u got get back pkgbackup n restore ur app )

  • tom

    I tried every instruction that has been posted. Blackra1n did not work for me. Spent all afternoon on it yesterday. Finally had to downgrade back to 3.0 from 3.1.2. Re-jailbroke my iPhone 3G and will now wait until blackra1n or whatever is more stable and consistent. I presume there will be another RC. No hate for Geohot or the Dev team as they do this without compensation. Anyone hating on them should simply keep quiet.

  • lucas

    tom i know it not fun to try over n over maybe u can try other compatibility mode

  • Swapie

    I had similar problems. If you look at the blackrain text file(log), and you notice the last bit is similar as the following , then try a different usb port. It worked for me. IPHONE 3G.Notice the ERROR lines? Usb!!!!

    INFO: command geohot sent
    ERROR: usb open failed while sending payload
    ERROR: usb open failed while sending payload
    send picture: -1
    INFO: send command started
    INFO: file opened
    ERROR: usb open failed while sending command
    INFO: send command started
    INFO: file opened
    ERROR: usb open failed while sending command
    ERROR: usb open failed while sending payload
    ERROR: usb open failed while sending payload
    send ramdisk: -1
    INFO: send command started
    INFO: file opened
    ERROR: usb open failed while sending command
    WARN: wtf who called this?
    INFO: global callback finished

  • BatFan

    Can someone PLEASE help me out here. I canNOT get any keyboard skin to work, everything else works like a dream EXCEPT this and I really want it. I’ve already restored and started over and it STILL IS NOT WORKING!!!! Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • andre

    the keyboard skin doesnt change for me either, whats up with that?

    to all vistax64 users:
    DONT put blackra1n in compatability mode.
    for some reason it works without it.

  • JD

    Finally got Balackra1n to work on my 3G (non-“S”)

    1. Fresh, clean install of Win XP SP3
    2. Fresh install of iTunes
    3. Download Blackra1n to C:\ (not in a folder)
    4. Reboot Windows
    5. Right click and “Run as…” Administrator” (not a user with Admin privs)
    6. Connect iPhone
    5. Click “Make it Rain”
    6. Press and hold Home & Power buttons till “Restore Mode” comes up
    7. Sit back and wait a minute or 2 πŸ™‚

    Hope this helps others

  • P R B


    Finally got mine to work on a iPhone 3G! Here’s my settings for VistaX64 users. Am using Ultimate, but I’m sure it’ll work for all VistaX64 versions.

    1. Back up/Sync your iPhone 3G
    2. Do a Shift-Restore to 3.1.2. This makes sure the iPhone is totally wiped and upgraded to 3.1.2, so you’ll have a brand new Factory Settings environment after upgrading.
    Upgrade to 3.1.2, then hit Restore to bring the iPhone to Factory Settings.
    3. Close iTunes.
    4. Hit CTRL-ATL-DEL and run Task Manager
    5. Hit Show All Processes
    6. End ALL processes that are connected to Apple.
    eg, mdnsresponder.exe(Bonjour Service), iTunes.exe, iTunesHelper.exe, iPodService.exe, AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe.
    7. Close Task Manager
    8. Unplug iPhone 3G
    8. Save blackra1n in C:\
    9. Right-Click blackra1n and hit Run as Administrator.
    10. Hit make it ra1n
    11. Plug in your iPhone 3G
    12. Magic! Your iPhone 3G is jailbroken!

    No more getting stuck at the “connect to iTunes” screen. Then install Cydia/Rock/Icy as preferred OR run iTunes and restore to your previous backup. Whichever one works for your first. Enjoy!

  • i have an ipod touch 3G, the mc model. will blackra1n work with my ipod touch? if not, looks like i wait for the devteam or buy a jailbroken ipod touch off ebay.

  • Jennifer

    I just ran BR2 Since i was having so many issues on my 3g
    It seems to have fixed my problems and this one seemed easier to do i just went to clicked on the windows version, Opened it, didnt put it in compatibility or anything , plugged in my 3g (im running Vista)
    and let it do its thing nothing to press nothing to hold down and worked

    I also installed the afc2add patch in cydia not sure if i need it , but i guess it cant hurt . Next time Geo pls test things out prior to releasing. I appreciate your work and that it worked this time around but to go through this time and time again after a new update is crazy

  • Brian

    Next time Geo pls test things out prior to releasing. I appreciate your work and that it worked this time around but to go through this time and time again after a new update is crazy

    Very well said!! Frankly, I am a bit peeved. If people do things for free then I guess beggers cant be choosy. But GEO actively asked and solicited for DONATIONS. Many did donate, including me.

    So, technically this was not ‘free’. Geo was PAID!!

    But what did we pay for? I used BR1 and have had nothing but issues. However, I did donate to ‘help the cause’ and to hopefully push GEO in to realizing if he takes money from people he needs to

    A) THOROUGHLY TEST before putting it out

    B) Lend support to those having issues.

    I paid the guy and have asked numerous times a question he SHOULD answer, but refuses to. It’s a question many are wondering about.

    He said if you already used BR1 you do not need to use this new version. However, how many people did use BR1 and now have many issues? Why wont he explain what we need to do? Why no instructions/support? I mean, do we just download the new version and run it or are there steps that need to be taken first?

    BR1 caused many people to stare at their computer screens for a week 24/7 trying every trick known to mankind. Now with this new release, all he says is dont use the new version if you already ran the 1st one. The guy IS AWARE that BR1 caused many issues thatm many still have. Yet he takes money and then refuses to answer such a critical question effecting so many people?

    Heck, BR1 was a disaster. I dont want a repeat with BR2 but his only response has been to not use BR2 if you used the 1st version already. I think the guy needs to earn his money and let people know the proper steps to run BR2 for people who used BR1 and now have a BUGGY device. Do we need to delete BR1? delete the log file? Re download Br2? What must be done to device beforehand. There are many more questions and I really fail to see why this guy takes peoples money, is more intent on putting something out fast then he is in putting out something that is thoroughly tested, and then after he is paid and people have issues, he just ignores them.

    I feel like an idiot for donating to him. I thought I was helping to ‘support the cause’. I had no idea I was paying for his college beer money while I sit here with a device that is more buggy then an insect convention, caused by BR1, and he refuses to even respond. Oh sure, he will and is responding to people he knows or to those who are patting him on his back, but he will not respond to anybody having issues. So, the guy gets paid and then ignores the many issues while shamelessly asking for donations?

    GEO- This is not good by any standard. Karma can be a good thing or a very bad one. How will Karma work for you?

    Wow! I wish I could go out and take peoples money and cause them to have nothing but issues and then just ignore them, but I as a person could never do that. Apparentely, it doesnt bother him a bit. He keeps tweeting about how great his lawyers are.

    Do his lawyers know he is publicly asking for and taking donations and when his buggy software kills a persons device, he ignores them, even though he was paid?

    Wonder what his lawyer charges by the hour? Will all those donations end up in his lawyers pockets due to all this?

    GEO may be a genius but that is not a valid excuse for any of this and nor will being a genius help him in any court of law. It may in fact harm him.

    I’m sure I will be flamed for this post, but I do have a problem when somebody asks for and accepts money and then pooch screws ‘the job’ and then ignores and refuses to help those that paid him and have nothing but problems.

  • Brian

    tom said:
    I tried every instruction that has been posted. Blackra1n did not work for me. Spent all afternoon on it yesterday. Finally had to downgrade back to 3.0 from 3.1.2. Re-jailbroke my iPhone 3G and will now wait until blackra1n or whatever is more stable and consistent. I presume there will be another RC. No hate for Geohot or the Dev team as they do this without compensation. Anyone hating on them should simply keep quiet.

    Reading all the blogs. Looks like we have the same issues with this ‘new version’ as we did with the past one. It works great for some, others have to try many different things with different ‘tricks’ and they may finally get it to work after many tries and those it simply will not work for or those it did work for but now the device is very buggy.

    This is NOT how a proper piece of software is suppsed to work. No ‘tricks’ should be needed and if any are needed, it is up to the DEVELOPER to tell people what to do and how to do it. People should NOT be given instructions from the devloper that claims it is a simple program that requires nothing fancy, leading people to try ‘tricks’ posted by users.

    For the record, The DEV TEAM does not take donations. GEO does and he he actually asked for/solicited people to donate. So as far as your dont hate comment…well, I dont hate…but I assume you did NOT donate to GEO. I did. And so did many others. He SOLICITED these ‘donations’ so technically he was paid! To ask for money, get money and then ignore those that paid him that have issues is simply wrong.

    This new version looks like a 100% repeat of the 1st version. Software was put out way too fast to test it. Lousy instructions. Very buggy. Works for some, doesnt work for others, people trying weird tricks to get it to work…..etc….this is NOT how it is supposed to work.

    I personally feel like I paid to get screwed. There is NO VALID REASON for him to ask for and accept money and then ignore the issues.

    100% unacceptable and my next donation will go to my lawyer not him and he can then give up all the donations he has collected and then some, to his lawyer.

    It’s called KARMA GEO. Expect to be treated as you treat others! You want to take peoples money and then ignore their issues? Your choice to go this route.

    We all make our own beds and have to sleep in them. No differance with this situation.

  • Brian

    SebastienPage @geohot You say the 10k aren’t the reason but yet, you didn’t want to work on 05.11.07 48h ago. Something clearly made you change your mindabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to geohot


    geohot @SebastienPage the fact that i have to wait two days for a new logic analyzerabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to SebastienPage


    Pure HORSE$HIT!!

    The guy was tweeting for days saying he CANT do it…WONT do it..NO NO NO..Cant replicate this or that..NO NO NO..I am not and will not work on unlock…..The guy posted MANY tweets telling people to STOP ASKING HIM IF HE WAS WORKING ON AN UNLOCK!! he made an effort to let EVERYBODY know, NUMEROUS times to STOP ASKING because he is not, can not and will not work on the unlock.

    Most noticed he suddenly changed his mind when he told somebody to make the $10k offer legit and he’ll do the unlock ‘in about a day’.

    BULL$HIT!! Earlier he claimed ‘It’s not the money, I always wanted to do it’……Wow, 2 days ago he tweeted how many times that he CANT do it, WONT do it..NO NO NO..I cant replicate this…and 48 hours later what changed?

    The dollar signs in his eyes!!!

    Anybody that trusts this guy is NUTS, imo. He is a PROVEN LIAR. He has proven he only cares about $$’s and has NEVER put out a non buggy exploit. he has proven he will put out $hit, brick many devices and then ignore every issue and those people having issues due to the use of his BUGGY $HIT.

    But $$’s get his attention!!

    This is going to get very interesting, imo. He already bricked how many devices with BR? Now you can bet your bottom dollar the unlock will be just as bad. Go ahead people, use it when it comes out and when you find out you have bricked device or you go to plug it in to itunes and it turns in to abrick or you suddenly wonder how and why others have hacked all your personal info, dont come whining on these blogs.

    You get what you get!

    Your choice.

    I will never give this juvenile bug-hack liar another penny and would never even consider using ANYTHING this Clown puts out, especially knowing everything we now know.

    Stick with TRUSTED SOURCES or roll your dice with this clown, but dont come a whining when YOU GET BRICKED or WORSE!!!

    If the THOUSANDS of people blogging about their bricked devices are not enough proof and if his own actions are not enough proof, then roll the dice and dont complain when you are screwed royally!

  • Brian,

    I appreciate the comments but please DO NOT post the same comments on different pages. Post it once, and that’s it.

    Thank you

  • Brian

    Sebastien (author) said:

    I appreciate the comments but please DO NOT post the same comments on different pages. Post it once, and that’s it.

    Thank you

    Just saw this Sebastian and no problem. I just made a few more posts before seeing this, but I will not post any longer.

    Figured it was better to post in as many places as possible to possibly help others avoid a likely and potential nightmare.

    Sorry, and I wont post any longer.

    Great blogs btw! You do a great job of ‘staying on top of things’.

  • Tom

    Well I downloaded Blackra1n RC3 and after backing up my Iphone 3G and setting Itunes to NOT allow auto Synch’ing I took the plunge. I restored my phone to 3.1.2 and after it rebooted I did NOT restore any backups to it. I left it alone at that screen but left Itunes open. I placed Blackra1n in the root of my C: drive and ran it. I had tried all of this with RC1 accept I had closed Itunes and used a USB port on my LCD screen. This time I also switch USB ports to use one on the front of my PC. I saw the pic as the jailbreak took and then followed all of the instructions posted for post jailbreak. I waiting until I was completely done before restoring my old data to my iphone.

  • Tom

    re my last post: waiting = waited. Sorry

  • hank

    i used blackra1n and it worked perfectly. I plugged it in, hit “make it ra1n” then waited after about 15 minutes i unplugged it while it said it was still running. then i held the home button and the power button for 20 seconds to manually reboot mu ipod after that it was perfect. took like 20 mins and now it runs like a dream.

  • Jbreak101er

    K Blackra1n will only work if your ipod 1st or 2nd gen is at the firmware 3.1.2. NOT 3.1.1 ! 3rd gen ipods will work on blackra1n but the jailbreak is tethered. This means that it will be jailbroken but the second your turn of the power on it, say hello to recovery (DFU) mode you will be told to sync to itunes then it will restore your ipod then the jailbreak is gone.

  • Alayna

    wow okay so this is not working for me at all . definately not the fastest simpliest jailbreak .
    i have the ipodtouch 3G . and my friend has the exact same thing , 8GB . and it worked perfectly for her ? i did the exact same methods as she did, and it still didnt work for me . i have no idea why its not working ? it keeps going to the ipod connector cable screen , and i tried doing methods that worked for other people . no such luck . also , the thing will say waiting to reboot , and never does. ive been working on this all morning and am really fed up with it .
    starting to realize that its not worth the hassle and wait.

  • Alayna

    acatually , in that last comment i said i had the 3G , i have the 2G

    • Eric

      So did u get it jailbroken?

  • coreey

    well for one, you have to be shur that your ipod is not 3.1.3…. recently my brother accidentally upgraded my ipod and when i went to school the next day i found it unjailbroken, i was so mad because i knew that i would have to wait for a (possibly never…) new way to jail break it without restoring it. i have jailbroken my ipod 3 times and i was fed up at having to restore my ipod every time i needed to jailbreak it, and on my 3rd time when i used black rain i was excited that i dident have to re put all my music, videos , or apps. (sadly i had to re type this whole message so trust me it did sound a whole lot better the first time ^_^ hehe) oh well….


    And now thanks to Comex, is back up to Jailbreak today’s Brand New Device Called the iPhone 4.

  • Don’t drink that racist coffee.

    And now thanks to Comex, is back up to jailbreak devices on iOS 4.3.3, etc.