We already knew that GeoHot was up to something but we now have confirmation that he is this close to release a new jailbreaking tool called BlackRa1n.

First, he wrote a short blog post titled “I’m just going to leave this here“. The post has no text besides the title and shows what could be mistaken for an iPhone running a bunch of codes that most of us wouldn’t understand. Well, it’s not an iPhone. It’s an iPod Touch 3G. You can tell by simply looking at the location of the image, which reveals its name: ipt3_jailbroken.JPG. You can also tell by zooming in the image.

What does this mean? Well, this is a teaser to tell us that he has successfully jailbroken the iPod Touch 3G, which could be considered as the hardest device to jailbreak these days. And from what I understand, he’s using the same exploit on both the iTouch 3G and the iPhone 3GS. According to this tweet, he’s pretty much done with these 2 devices and will now get to work on the 4 others, which shouldn’t take too long.

GeoHot also gave us 2 interesting clues about the name of his new jailbreak. First, he said his new website was up, asking who could find it. Then he gave it all away by saying that “black is the new purple”. Have you connected the dots yet? His last jailbreak was called PurpleRa1n. If black is the new purple, then his new jailbreak is BlackRa1n (see BlackRa1n.com).

We still don’t know exactly when to expect BlackRa1n to be available but according to GeoHot’s own ETA, it should be sometimes today. One thing is sure though, I will be refreshing GeoHot’s Twitter page like a maniac for the next 12 hours.

This BlackRa1n jailbreak will be a huge release for many of us jailbreakers, especially those stuck at 3.1. Are you one of them?

UPDATE: BlackRain has been released. Refer to the following tutorials:

  • zEuS

    is it work on ipod touch 2g ???

    please someone give me some information and help me

    anybody want to help me : caner41fb1907@hotmail.com add this address

    • Darren

      U touch yourself at night bitch

  • Tobias

    Same Problem here… Successfull jailbroke 3gs 3.1.2 installed cydia and winterboard but cant access the root folder in every usb app. Iphone Explorer, Disk Aid, Íphone Browser… nothing works Q_Q

    already recovered onetime

  • AMO13

    After i updated to 3.1.2 and jailbroke it with blackra1n, my camera is now slower when looking around in a room. Do somebody else se this problem or is it just for me?

  • buzz

    doesnt work – upgraded to 3.1.2 never ending restore, crap! have read and tried all posts on this and yea its a 3g compatible iphone!! been trying since release – very poor!

  • Robert

    Hi Sebastien,
    If I understand correctly there is no program to re-jailbreak/unlock a 3gs iphone thay has downloaded 3.1 from itunes.
    Thanks Bob

  • Thanks for sharing .

  • Hezha

    This software Sucks i updatet my unlocked iphone to 3.1.2 then when it asks me to activate it i used blackra1in it stucks in Recoverymode.. i think i fucked up my iphone..any Idea?

  • Antoine


  • guys…
    need to ask u something…
    as i go through these posts,
    i noticed that it wont face any problem when jail breaking iphone 3g 8gb 3.1.2 correct???
    but then,
    mine got a little problem <- donno whether it is lil or not.. = =lll
    after i updated to 3.1.2,
    my iphone cant detect my sim card after reboot…
    is that normal???
    can blackrain solve this problem of mine???
    meaning,i straight away jailbreak it using blackrain and the sim card problem will be solved…
    plz reply this post ASAP and to my email: spiker_anime_freak@yahoo.com
    really appreciate your help… (:

  • jack kamp

    do i have to restore everytime i turn off my ipod

  • PunchBug

    @ Jack Kamp;

    This blackra1n is a tethered program meaning if you shut down ipod or if battery dies,you need to redo blackrain again

  • ……ImLost

    um well i think i download the 3.1 on my new ipod touch i just got it for christmas does that mean i cant do the jail break ??????

  • ……ImLost

    um and also when do u think he will make a new jail break for the 3g ??

  • DrinkingRa1n

    ok look i jailbroke my ipdo touch 2nd generation with black rain….. now i have a freind that wants me to jail brake hers hers is a 3rd generation will blackRa1n work on a 3rd gen???

  • Amanda

    OK i didnt this hole thing bc a girl at work has it on her phone and i did it last night now i hve nothing on my phone i cant call cant do anything im pissed what the hell can i do to unistall it or get it off my phone i need to use my phone and im pissed don’t kno what to do she tried talking me tho it but didn’t work

  • problem

    i got problem when using blackra1n. After i make it rain, then after i follow all step, then i restart my iphone, then i have to plug in my iphone tu itunes, then i must restore it, why? is there any problem with my iphone? please help me..

  • problem

    sorry..i forgot to tell u that my iphone is version 3.1.2 (7D11), then my modem firmware is 05.11.07..

  • Lynn

    Hey I have a Problem My iphone Doesn’t Work Anymore !! ,I’ve Been Jailbreaking And My problem is I keep Seeing The Logo With The Itunes and usb cord what i do To jailbreak It won’t Reboot Can someone help me ?

  • Kodaa

    Hey, so have yo guys got the 3.1.3 software figured out yet? cause i jailbroke my ipod touch perviously and then without thinkin did a software up date and was like, crapp! this prolly isnt jailbroke yet and i need my back like that 😛 , lol, so if you’ve got it give me a shout m’kay ? thanks (: if not, please try your best to get it up asap thanks!! ,, all my other older jailbreaks were from you at blackra1n and they worked perfectly.

  • Kodaa

    Hey, has frimware for 3.1.3 been figured out yet ? cause i really need my jailbreak back cause none of my apps from the previously version of my ipod touch will work that i got from installous and blackra1n, please get it (:

  • Michelle

    I don’t seem to be getting GeoHot’s picture. What am I doing wrong? Help please!

  • You people really need lives

  • Steve

    My battery died nd i have to restore my ipod usin black rain.. how do u do this??

  • Guuleet

    I want to jail brake my iPod touch

  • done wait for reboot…………IT NEVER REBOOTS!!!!!! JEEZ!!!

  • Nic

    for some reason blackra1n isn’t working for me it’s all good until i click make it rain then windows says the program has stopped working some thing better fix this because i really want to jailbreak my iPod

  • Nic

    for some reason blackra1n isn’t working for me it’s all good until i click make it rain then windows says the program has stopped working some thing better fix this because i really want to jailbreak my iPod

  • william

    i just tryed to jailbreak my ipod and the make it ra1n keeps saying to reboot and its not doing it properly :s

  • phill mcroin

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