GeoHot confirmed on Twitter that BlackRa1n still works on the new 3.1.2 firmware as he successfully jailbroke his iPhone 3GS running the latest OS 3.1.2.

That is a big relief for many of us but that doesn’t mean you should rush to update. As we wrote a few minutes ago, jailbreakers and unlockers should stay away from 3.1.2, at least for the time being.

There is obviously some more work for GeoHot and he notified us that there will be a delay in the release of BlackRa1n, which was initially expected to be available today.

More to come, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: BlackRain has been released. You may want to read my BlackRa1n guide & tutorial to learn how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Bdfoster

    I’ll wait…

  • Jeff


    First there was *GREAT* news, then there was GOOD news, and now there’s just *BULLSHIT*, more fucking waiting involved in this software for jailbreaking your iphone 3GS 3.1 firmware with BB 05.11.07 installed. Delayed? WTF? Just come out with the fucking jailbreak already, JESUS CHRIST! If it’s money that you want, then just let us know. Stop fucking releasing out bits by bits of information just to get us all hyped up and then tell us that we have to wait some more; we’ve been fucking WAITING for the pass 3 months ALREADY! If the jailbreak is not going to be released anytime soon, then just shut the fuck up and stop telling us that it’s happening, until it’s officially released publicly!

    We NEED/WANT the jailbreak for the iphone 3GS with firmware of 3.1 and BB 05.11.07 ASAP!!!

    Anything other than that is BULLSHIT!


  • bob

    Jeff, what you fail to understand is that Apple tries to make this software “unhackable” these guys have to go in there, find what they changed and make a workaround so that it can be unlocked. It is a VERY tedious process and a longer one to make sure people are “bricking” their iphones because they did it wrong or something messed up. I’d rather wait on a program that i KNOW will get the job done than something thats a 50-50 chance of me losing my investment. they are trying to update us with how close they are. if they run into a problem, its not like they planned it.


    Maybe Jeff should learn how to do all the work himself and stop whining. What a sense of entitlement. Whiney little baby.

  • Colten

    What I don’t understand is why does apple care if iPhones are jailbroken? Hell they r a lot cooler when jailbroken u can customize it so much so why is it a big deal???

  • Rob

    Maybe jeff should also realise that A) 3.1 has only being out a few weeks. All prior versions are already JB already B) geohot has only being working on it for 2-3 days C) Most people would rather get reg updates which he is kind enough to do D) He hasn’t asked for any money E) You and everyone else has no right to shout, scream, and swear about stuff your don’t even understand.

    If you have a problem with that then do it yourself.

  • Animal

    Apple doesn’t like Jailbroken Iphones and Ipod Touches, simply because they would lose MONEY from their app stores.

    Jail broken Iphones/Touches can be loaded up with apps, without going through the App store. They get all their revenue on these devices from people downloading from Apple what programmers provide for free, as free Apps on the Internet.

    It’s IBM @ 1984 all over again. IBM sold you DOS 1.0 at a high premium when you could get it or comparable OS’s and Software from other companies.

    Apple should know it’s history lessons – The PC didn’t take off until other companies were producing software for the IBM PC’s, without having to pay IBM prices for it.

    Just my two cents

  • Colten

    Thanks animal, I still think that apple should let iPhone users customize the phone though cuz a normal iPhone is amaizing as is but when jailbroken u can do so much more to it and that is what makes them stand out from other phones so u would think apple would want a phone like that…but oh well!!!

  • Cayman (Attila)

    Very impressive and very good news. This guy is a genius, no exceptions. I can wait to get blackrain in my hands. I wanna jailbreak…could be a good song 😀

  • John

    Jeff is the number one ASS on the planet

  • ~iKING~

    Patience is a virtue… This man could’ve easily JB his apple equipment and sold the secret, as smart as he is I know he has alot more he could be doing with his time. Sit back and wait and if you’re OTB like me already on 3.1, any change to this will be worth the wait…


  • Carol

    Thank you for your jailbreaking work. I just (last week) moved to a locale that does not have AT&T, yet I just bought a new I-Phone 3 months ago and “mistakenly” upgraded to 3.1.2 last night. Yeah, dumb move, but how was I to know! I’m just a regular person with an I-Phone! Now I have to find a new carrier that will support my I-Phone. and I desperately need to unlock my 3.1.2 version. Being out of the area I signed up through, I’m in “violation of agreement” with AT&T, so need to move quickly and would really like to continue using my I-Phone. I greatly appreciate someone out there trying to find the loopholes that Apple should never have included in the first place.

  • Jon

    Seems like Jeff doesn’t know much about the world or JB and UL, get some legit info before you go running your mouth, he will release when it is ready, and it WILL be ready, just hold your wad…I’m thinking tomorrow if no more complications arise, but that’s just what I’m gathering from following everyone’s Twitter.

  • Alan

    tell jeff to get a factory unlocked iphone

  • Jeff


    I’m not as ignorant as everyone says I am. I’m a senior at GMU and is majoring in the field of I.T (information technology). I completely understand how difficult programming can be, however I’m just so *SICK* and *TIRED* of waiting to hear about what *WILL* be released, versus what *HAVE* been released. I don’t know about anyone else in here, but I’m the type of person who believes only when he sees it, and not just hears about it from others. “Seeing is Believing” All of you can go on and *TRY* to belittle me, but it’s alright. In the real world, your boss doesn’t care what progress you have made so far, therefore at the end of the day, he/she *ONLY* cares about the final product, and whether it’s completed successfully or not. Bottom line! I am *WILLING* to *PAY* to whomever comes up with the jailbreak software for the iphone 3GS with firmware 3.1 installed along with 05.11.07 as the BB (base band). I would be the biggest “ASS” according to John, if I was whining about it and didn’t want to pay for it, but I am. I just want to get my iphone jailbroken ASAP, whether I have to pay for it or not, I really don’t care at this point. I guess until someone releases the solution to jailbreak my iphone 3GS, I’ll be *IMPATIENTLY WAITING* til then.


  • Skyler

    Sorry I agree with Jeff. It took months to get your iPhone jailbroken when this phone first came out and everyone knows that but stop saying well it would have come out today BUT! But nothing release the 3.1 jailbreak today and then code for 3.1.2 tomorrow. Why do they use 3.1.2 as an excuse to not bring out the 3.1 jailbreak?….because they don’t flipping have it that’s why. (refering to the 3.1 baseband because I have 3.1 jailbroke using the 3.0 baseband).

  • Host_Killer

    Jeff is a tool and probably always will be… I for one have been patiently waiting for the update… Checking the web on a regular basis, without cursing, whining, and a sense of entitlement (Jeff)… You would think a Senior would have a better appreciation for all the hard work put in and the delays that come with the real world (by the way Jeff, that isn’t a TV Show).


  • eamo

    Yes Jeff is a twat, i am loving the drama and the updates, they are adding to the excitement….cant wait for release but will wait as long as it takes to get JB’d again.
    Jeff just because you go to college does not mean you are not ignorant…there are two kinds of ignorance, intellectual ignorance and social ignorance as in having no manners…you have no manners.

  • haSOON

    Jeff i understand ur pain. I have been waking up every morning considering suicide because my 3gs 3.1 does not have a jail break. U need to understand that these people (dev team, chronic , geo hotz) are trying to out smart a multi billion dollar corporation. It aint that easy. With that said, FOR FUKS SAKE FUKING RELEASE THE GOD DAMN THING ALREADY FUK ME DEAD!!!! I WASTE MY FUKIGN HOURS AT WORK REFRESHING TWITTER IN THE HOPE TO READ “BLACKRA1N RELEASED”

  • haSOON

    At least this Nerd is giving us updates. Unliek the Dev team, hopeless pieces of homosexual shit! fuking hate them. P.s Geo Hotz I am a grown educated man, and i will get down on both knees and give u a blow job in the name of Jailbreaking if blackra1n ends up working on my iphone.

  • iPhone 3GS

    I think Jeff needs to get laid and haSOON is just the man to do it.

  • Hope the Jailbreak comes out soon! But Requriments will FW 3.0 jailbreaked or not?

  • Iphone 3gs is right

    +1 to you sir.

  • Jeff

    Iphone 3GS,

    I don’t know about you cupcake, but for the record, I’m currently involved in a *HETEROSEXUAL* relationship for the pass 2 years. So why don’t you do the math, but if you’re too stupid to count, then used a calculator. Or maybe you can make an attempt to *READ* between the lines, but if your illiterate, then please ask someone else to read if for you. I’m currently happy with dating females at the moment, now if I’d ever decide to change my sex preference and go “HAPPY” like *YOURSELF* along with your fruitcake boyfriend *Iphone 3gs is right*, then I will surely let you two lovers know so that we can all get together and have a menage a trois, but until then please tame your boy-toy *iphone 3gs is right* and keep your filthy, cum swapping mouth to yourself and stop trying to recruit me by enticing me into joining your *FAIRY* club please!

    Still *IMPATIENTLY* waiting for the jailbreak for the iphone 3gs with 3.1 firmware installed along with 05.11.07 as the bb….

  • Scott

    Jeff, you are definately a twat mate. Find a tall building, go to the top then do us all a favor and phucking jump!

    Now, y’all have a nice day.

  • Rob

    Lol, Dunno about anyone else but I can do the maths. (2 year relationship) (his girlfriend not putting out) = A very angry jeff. Makes sense now, almost makes him being a dick ok.

    Seriously though, I and I’m sure most people here do appreciate the work these guys do.

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and in the meantime get on with your life, a few days more without your precious JB iPhone ain’t gonna kill you.

  • Jeff


    Howdy Scottie! Where are you from boy? Is it Alabama, Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin, or any of those *RED-NECK*, hill-billy, states that yells out “hey yall”, “hey mate”. You *MUST* be one of those people that are similar to those people in movies, such as Texas chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, Jeepers Creepers, etc. The ones that have weird, mutated, socially awkward looking families. The ones who’s been molested by their biological parents as a child and who *PROUDLY* practices incest among each other. It’s ok Scottie, that’s something that I won’t *EVER* understand nor do I ever want to understand. I tell you what, I’ll do you and the world a favor and go and jump off that tall building, but under one circumstance; *YOU* must first have to demonstrate to me in-order for me to see how it’s being done. I’m a visual type of learner, and I learn through demonstration *ONLY*. So you let me know, when, and where ok Scott?

    P.S ( By the way Scottie, what are you doing in here? Do you even own or know how to operate an IPHONE? or any type of electronic device for that matter) (scratching head while thinking to myself, “damn! these trailer-trash are getting more and more technology savvy by the day”) Oh no!!! who’s going to slaughter and prepare our meats (pigs, cows, chicken) now?….. :*(

    Once again, I’m still *IMPATIENTLY* waiting for the jailbreak for the iphone 3gs with 3.1 firmware installed along with 05.11.07 as the bb….

  • Rob

    Lol. He really doesn’t know when to give up.

    What a tool.

  • Scott

    LOL. Wrong continent sunshine but that’s exactly what I figured you for… That’s how you were able to describe it so well. Yehaaaaaa!

  • Alan

    Jeff, Do you have AT&T for cell phone service? I have AT&T as well

    The reason why I am into jailbreaking is that my aunt is going to give me an iphone from o2 which, if not jailbroken is locked to o2 which is a British cell phone company

    I can survive without the jailbreak apps and the only reason why i am into jailbreaking is because of the unlock

    For my situation, my aunt has the 3.0.1 Firmware with the 04.26.08 baseband and all I need is a pwnage tool to jailbreak/unlock the iphone

    Even though I dont have a mac, my friends have macs.

    Keep up the work dev team/geohot!

  • Curious

    So if he’s so straight why does he have a pink triangle for an avatar?

  • Sumil

    I m desperately awaitng for this… yesterday was the firs time i tried to learn how to upgrade, and unfortunately since the latest was the 3.1.2 software, i errenously restored my phone on the same.. i have a edge one which is why i used the iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw, now all i see is a usb cable sign pointing to itunes, when i go to itunes it says that my Sim is not supported, i am completeley trapped, now as i understand since my phone is restored on iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw, only blackra1n can help me, please let me know if there are any other work arounds… (this is the first time i tried and i guess i have fallen into trap) any help will be appreciated.. thanks.





    Why do you wanna jailbreak ASAP?? Is it because you like having pink themes with lots of pink triangles or maybe even sunflowers on your iPhone?? Or maybe it’s because you can’t afford buying apps and games from the appstore?

    Oh and you’re not that smart either:

    Exhibit A:

    “So why don’t you do the math, but if you’re too stupid to count, then used a calculator.”

    CLUE: “used” <- DUH

  • Hasoon

    lmaooo You bent him right over and stuck it right in him hahaha

  • Dillweed

    I appreciate George Hots givng updates on twitter. However i have no fukign idea what the fuk he is on about.

    eg. woot! ipt2 support, maybe tomorrow i’ll go for 3

    eg.omg finally something is easy…sending usb_control_msg exploit from itunesmobiledevice

    WTF IS THIS TECHNICAL JARGON GAY SHIT. i would much rather estimated time of release for fuks sake. i know ur workign ur ass off and have layed off jacking off for a couple days , but please ESTIMATED TIME OF RELEASE.

  • jadeo0o

    hahahaha this jeff stuff is funny- dont u all realise there are bigger things out there than a fkn jb!! ahahahaha ur all idiots, go out have some fun…. step away from the computer… lol but ill agree that yes, jeff is a dick…or wants one, so it would seem.

  • Jeff

    Damn! I didn’t know that so many of you “guys” out there adore and fantasize about me so much, to the point where I’ve been mentioned constantly on every other post. Most of you are a bunch of low-life, insecure, band wagon, low self-esteem bastards, that would explain why you can’t *STOP* hating on me. One moron name I_C_DUMB_PEOPLE (stop looking in the mirror, then you won’t see them anymore) made a comment about me, then other idiots decided that it’s time to jump in on the band wagon and hate on me too.

    Curious said:

    So if he’s so straight why does he have a pink triangle for an avatar?

    I feel bad for you Curious, because you’re color blind (your avatar is *ALSO* pink) So you must be really “straight” yourself then huh? By the way, what are you so curious about anyways? Is it getting ass from a female? If so, then don’t be, because that will *NEVER* happen to you guy. Now if you’re curious enough (which i think you are), then open your mouth and I’ll do you a favor, and let you slob all over my knob. you’ll *LOVE* that, you fruit cake! I might even cream all over your face, only if you do a good enough job and not teeth me. Now if you’re *STILL* curious afterwards, I can donate a baseball bat to you so that you can play with by yourself (I’m not talking about baseball neither) So yeah Curious, let me know…


    Yes! you’re right, I can’t afford to purchase *ALL* the apps that I want at the app store, I’m a senior at GMU (meaning that I’m still a student, which was mentioned above) I understand that you’re really ignorant and isn’t detail oriented. It’s ok, stupid people like you haven’t gotten the chance to obtain that kind of skill and never will. If you’re so “rich” and can afford all the apps, so *WHY* are you on this blog for? Your pathetic ass is impatiently waiting for the jailbreak just like I am. I’m just being blunt about it and not try to *SUGARCOAT* like *YOU* and all the other *PANSIES* on this blog that’s all.

    Oh and you’re not that smart either:

    Exhibit A:

    “So why don’t you do the math, but if you’re too stupid to count, then used a calculator.”

    CLUE: “used” <- DUH

    Well then, JeffisAnAss must be really "smart" yourself

    Exhibit B:

    "Why do you wanna jailbreak ASAP??"

    CLUE: "wanna" = <- DUH (wanna = want + banana) lol… Right JeffisAnAss? I know how you *LOVE* bananas!


    hahahaha this jeff stuff is funny- dont u all realise there are bigger things out there than a fkn jb!! ahahahaha ur all idiots (look *WHO'S talking?), go out have some fun (practice what you preach jerkoff!)…. step away from the computer (practice what you preach *AGAIN*)… lol but ill agree that yes, jeff is a dick (And you're a CUNT!)…or wants one (I already have one, thanks), so it would seem (Is anyone reading this???).


    1) Go to school, or go back to school
    2) Get a job or two
    3) Get a girlfriend or a boyfriend
    4) GET A LIFE!

    PLEASE!!! Thank you….

    Again, I’m still *IMPATIENTLY* waiting for the jailbreak for the iphone 3gs with 3.1 firmware installed along with 05.11.07 as the bb….

  • @…all of you….

    First of all, let me start by pointing out that while JEFF might seem like an asshole, he is in fact, a logical asshole. And in his initial posts, he did have some extremely good points. He isnt COMPLAINING about the software coming out…so get that through your heads. He is only stating that he is TIRED of being told “hey blackra1n is on its way!!” or “it should be out tommorrow”, things like that. Basically its like trying to tell someone “hey i have this item for you but im not going to tell you when im going to give it to you. And then every day until they give you this item ( and yes you know you will eventually have it) they say “hey, maybe tommorrow, hey i think ill give it to you tommorrow”, and just being annoying becuase all they are doing is hyping you up…and then putting you down, hyping you up…and then putting you down. I completley understand JEFF’s points of view, and agree with them. It has nothing to do about being PATIENT you dumbasses. I know for a FACT that everyone in this forum is getting tired of constantly hearing all the release dates, and ETA’s and people saying omg..its out, and in reality it isnt. and other bulllllllshit, as JEFF so well puts it. And as for the little icon on the side next to the name….um again dumbasses, it puts a random pic next to your post by default.

    @curious….you tried telling jeff he was gay bc his icon was a pink triangle?? your icon is composed of like…8 pink triangles you idiot. Maybe the people making up bullshit arguements are really the children..get serious and go home..

  • Jeff

    I_C_DUMB_PEOPLE said:

    Maybe Jeff should learn how to do all the work himself and stop whining. What a sense of entitlement. Whiney little baby.

    – Here’s a solution for you buddy, stop looking in the mirror, and you wont see them anymore –

    John said:

    Jeff is the number one ASS on the planet

    – You say that I’m an “ASS” like it’s a *BAD* thing –

    Host_Killer said:

    Jeff is a tool and probably always will be…

    – If I’m a “tool” then what are you? You’re so “smart” and “wise” then what are you *STILL* doing waiting for the jailbreak? Elaborate on how am I being “used” Why don’t you? I speak my mind, but sadly you just don’t have one ( a mind of your own) along with a bunch of other band wagon weed brain idiots in here, all just want to say something, anything for that matter… Get a *REAL* life and *STOP* riding on my cock!

  • Jeff

    JEFFisAnASS said

    Why do you wanna jailbreak ASAP?? Or maybe it’s because you can’t afford buying apps and games from the appstore?

    – Yes! You’re absolutely correct, I can’t afford *ALL* the apps in the appstore – Maybe you can, that explains why YOU’RE waiting for the jailbreak also

    Oh and you’re not that smart either:

    Exhibit A:

    “So why don’t you do the math, but if you’re too stupid to count, then used a calculator.”

    CLUE: “used” <- DUH

    – That was a typo aka an accident, just like how you were conceived by your parents (an accident) –

    Exhibit B:

    Why do you wanna jailbreak ASAP??

    (Wanna = want + banana) I know that you *LOVE* bananas (not talking about the type of fruit either) but damn, you didn't have to *ANNOUNCED* it to the world now. Homos these days, are *WAY* to proud…

  • Mike

    Dear Jeff-

    You do the work if you’re so impatient.

    Anyway! I personally think it’s a good thing. If I put in all this work and already talked about a release date I would want to keep everyone informed on the latest software version. Plus I’m sure he is pretty excited to have something out before the famed dev team. They both do good work. Thanks guys.

  • @mike

    mikeeey, clearly you are one of those people that logs onto forums and doesnt read what is going on and just decides to post whatever he wants regardless of how idiotic he looks. We have already resolved the “issue” about jeff and how people think he is impatient. If you wouldve read the previous posts you would have seen that his mind set was not one of impatience, he only voiced that he was tired of hearing about the jailbreak and all the false ETA’s and speculation.

  • SoftwarEngineer

    I think it is wonderful that a 21 year old can out smart people who have been programming
    for years. Apple would do well to hire Hotz. You know if Apple did not use the most evil programming language in the world (Objective C (ok fine it’s better than Basic)), I would own and program for the IPhone. In fact I signed up as a free developer until I realized I needed a MAC.
    So I said ok let me use my Church’s MAC they ok as long as I gave them part of the profits.
    I said fine. So I learned basic Objective C over the weekend and arrived the next day to start.
    Only to realize that it’s not that easy to program for the IPhone.
    Step 1) Get the SDK with XCode and start a new IPhone project with the viewer.
    Step 2) Well here’s the fun part:
    You need two classes to start your application:
    1) a ControllerView
    2) a Delegate
    But the View is blank and has no GUI components on it:
    So I slapped on a label and wrote Hello World on it.
    So that’s Hello World.
    3) Step 3 – turns out there are like 10 steps to sync up the GUI to self made classes and the View
    So at first, of course, I thought surely Apple would make programming easy like Visual Studio.NET
    or Eclipse or Netbeans but no.
    I put on button the label disappeared. I said okay let me try highlighting the View
    the View came off in separate window and I added GUI stuff and was happy.
    That was until I tried to reference the GUI objects. After a couple hours of messing with it:
    I said surely Youtube will have the answer. Youtube had F-ALL. Yes there were tutorials I had watched but they did not say how XCode maps everything for the IPhone. After a couple more hours of Googling I decided that yeah the Andriod Phone was better if you wanted to develop for it.
    Objective C is not very friendly and XCode is not people who were raised on a PC. I mean you can program for Andriod on any platform because it is in Java with Eclipse, netbeans, or on the command line.
    I have an IPhone 3GS and I as a developer find it hard to program for it: so I can only imagine the
    utter horror of looking at the disassembly of optimized Objective C code. The pain of reading line by line of Arm processor commands.
    As an IT professional and a Software Engineer, “I am the smartest and wisest man in the world because I know one thing, and that is I know nothing.” (Socrates)

  • Mortizz

    Mine work but There are few problems that i noticed in 3.12. Winterboard doesnt work, sbsettings doesnt work. almost all of the jailbreak settings are not working properly. I hope they make a solution for that..

  • Magoo100uk

    Hi Just used BlackRa1n it was so easy only problem i have is i then open iphone browser to change some UI files and it said the iphone was connected but not jailbroken any work arounds cheers

  • J-Man

    BlackRa1n worked well enough for me to jailbreak my 3.1.2 and then unlock it using another app, Dont worry too much about the baseband its just the firmware for the radio chip which can be downgraded or spoofed to allow the unlock to work

  • aya


  • Scott


    WTF are you now? We need unlocking of the 5.11.07 now. Come on mate, keep the bitching going!

  • Jeff

    @ Scott

    I’m right here MATE! I have no reason to “bitch” anymore YANKEE! Thanks to the Infamous, genius iphone hacker George Hotz aka GEO-HOTZ for inventing the blackra1n, my iphone 3gs with firmware 3.1.2 with bb of 05.11.07 is finally JAILBROKEN!!! I’m one happy camper, so therefore there’s no need for me to “bitch” anymore… And as far as the unlocking of the iphone goes, I live in the U.S. and I’m very happy with the AT&T service, so I don’t care two shits about unlocking the device. Another words, I’m good to go…

    Jeff aka (the one most of you *LOVE* to *HATE*)

    Happily owning the iphone 3GS with firmware 3.1.2…